Have you ever wondered what that ‘Snap Score’ of yours present right at the bottom of your username does? Well, it’s the number of times you have sent a snap plus the number of times you have received one. But is there any benefit from all this? Of course, there is, you must have heard of Snapchat trophies. Consider them as your rewards only. 

Snap trophies are basically emoticon-shaped trophies that a user unlocks after achieving a certain activity milestone. Unlocking some of them is like peanuts while some of them can unleash the competitive user inside you. 

Do you want to hear a secret? There’s a way you can unlock all of them altogether. Interesting, Right? Let’s find out how that works. 

Where to Find the Snapchat Trophies?

To find the trophies on your Snapchat account, simply launch your app and visit your profile from your Bitmoji. There, click on the ‘view trophies’ option and you’ll find all the Snapchat trophies there. You can see all the unlocked as well as locked trophies. 

The ones that are unlocked will be shown in the form of emoticons and the locked ones will have a lock icon on them.

What are all the trophies for Snapchat? To be pretty straightforward with you, Snapchat trophies are just for fun. As of now, there’s no real use for these trophies.

Note 1: Snapchat doesn’t notify you whenever you unlock a trophy. To see your progress, you will have to visit the ‘view trophies’ section every time. 

Note 2: The Snapchat trophy feature is no longer in use as the app has disabled this feature. Hence, users can no longer locate the Snapchat trophies. 

Now that you are quite aware of what Snap trophies are and where to find them, let’s move on to our main topic, which is “attaining all of Snapchat trophies”. 

How to Unlock All the Snapchat Trophies?

Trophy case

Snapchat might not tell you this, but there are actually some smart and simple ways to unlock all the Snapchat trophies. There are in total 40 trophies present on the app. Let’s have a look at Snapchat awards unlock and find out how to get more Snapchat trophies:

Email Trophy

To unlock the email trophy on your Snapchat, all you have to do is verify your email address with the Snapchat account you are currently using. 

Tap on the gear icon to visit the settings section of your Snapchat app and tap in the email option, there verify your email address and you will have your email trophy unlocked. 

Telephone Trophy

To unlock the telephone trophy, you will have to verify your phone number with your Snapchat account just like you verified your email address. 

Follow the same steps you did for verifying your email address, just this time, click on the phone number option and verify it. 

One Finger Trophy

This can be unlocked just by applying your very first filter on your Snapchat. 

Two Fingers Trophy 

This can be achieved by applying two filters to one snap. This can be done by simply holding your finger onto the snap while it already has one filter on it. After that, just swipe left or right and you will have other filter options. 

Baby Trophy 

This is simple. Get your Snap score to 10. Do this by sending continuous snaps back and forth to your friends. 

Gold Star Trophy 

Just like you take your score to 10, make it to 100 to unlock this trophy. 

Sparkle Trophy

Get your snap score till 1000 to unlock this snap trophy. 

Circle with Star Trophy

Get your Snapchat score to 10,000 to unlock this trophy. 

Explosion Trophy

Get your Snapchat score to 50,000 by continuing snaps back and forth to your friends on Snapchat. 

Rocket Trophy

Get your score to 1,000,000 by sending continuous snaps to your friends.

Ghost Trophy

Get your snap score to 5,00,000 by sending continuous snaps to your friends on Snapchat. 

Frying Pan with Egg Trophy

To unlock this Snapchat trophy you need to send a snap between 4:00 and 5:00 AM.

Sun Face Trophy 

For this, you just have to add the temperature sticker that is above 100 degrees Fahrenheit to your snap and send it to a friend. 

Snowflake Trophy

Add a temperature sticker to your Snap that is below the freezing temperature. 

Flashlight Trophy 

This is simple too, to unlock this trophy, send 10 consecutive snaps using the front camera to your friends. 

Ogre Trophy 

For this, you need to send 1000 snaps using your front camera to your friends. 

Devil Trophy 

For this, simply take a screenshot when viewing a friend’s snap. 

Angry Devil Trophy 

Take 10 screenshots while viewing your friend’s snaps. 

Red Devil Mask Trophy

Take 50 screenshots of your friend’s snaps to unlock this trophy. 

ABCD Trophy

Send 100 snaps with large texts on them to unlock this trophy. 

Panda Trophy

Send 50 snaps with black and white filters applied to them. 

Moon Trophy 

For this, you need to send 50 snaps with night mode. This can be done by tapping on the moon icon on your screen with the snap. 

Lollipop Trophy

Send a snap having five or more pen colors on it. 

Rainbow Trophy 

Send ten snaps having five or more pen colors on them.

Paint Palette Trophy 

Send 50 snaps to your friends that have more than five pen colors on them. 

Magnifying Glass Trophy 

Send 10 snaps to your friends with the camera zoomed in all the way. 

Microscope Trophy

Send 10 video snaps to your friends with the camera zoomed all the way. 

Video Cassette Tape Trophy

This is simple again, send your first video snap and unlock this trophy. 

Movie Player Camera Trophy 

Send 50 video snaps to unlock this trophy. 

Video Recorder Trophy

Send over 500 snaps to unlock this trophy. 

One Loop Trophy

Make a video snap and flip the camera from front to back to achieve this trophy. 

Loop Trophy

Flip the camera between the front and back five times in a video snap. 

Rotate Trophy 

Flip the camera 10 times from front to back while making a video snap. 

Hear No Evil Monkey Trophy

For this, simply send a video snap and mute its sound. 

Radio Trophy

Submit a snap to the ‘Our Story’ feature on Snapchat. 

Clapboard Trophy

Submit 10 snaps to the ‘Our Story’ feature on Snapchat. 

TV Trophy

Get your snap posted to the ‘Our Story’ feature. 

Fax Machine Trophy 

Scan five codes to add friends. 

Eyes Trophy 

Set up the ‘My Eyes Only’ feature in the memories section on Snapchat. 

Floppy Disk Trophy 

Just save a snap to your memories.

Silver CD Trophy 

Save 10 snaps to your memories. 

Golden CD Trophy 

Save 100 snaps to your memories. 

Detective Trophy 

Search for snap in the memories section on your snap. 

Microphone Trophy 

Shazam a song from Snapchat to unlock it.

Note: Shazam is another app that you can use to search for a song’s name by playing it on the app from another device. 

Chain Trophy 

Link your Bitmoji to your Snapchat account. 

So these are all the trophies available on Snapchat and how Snapchat awards unlock works. While this may sound and look a little intimidating as there are tons of trophies on Snapchat and unlocking them all one by one can be a little too exhausting. However, I have some tips for you for unlocking these trophies without having to try too hard. 

Tips for Unlocking Snapchat Trophies With Zero Hassle

You might be too excited to unlock all the Snap trophies in the beginning, but soon it will get too tedious as you’ll feel it like a burden. This is why here are some tips you can use to make it easier to unlock all the trophies:

  • Send more snaps- Keep on sending more and more snaps to your friends and encourage them to do the same. The more snaps you send and receive, the faster you will increase your snap score. You can even start to maintain streaks on it with your friends. You can even take screenshots, switch to night mode, send them video snaps, and so much more. 
  • Be Creative- When it comes to snaps, you can do anything with its countless features. You can draw something on your snaps, zoom in or out the camera, use more and more filters, use multiple filters on a single snap, add music to your snaps, and whatnot. 

Stay active on stories- Stories are one of the most helpful ways to increase your Snapchat activities. You can earn more trophies by reaching a certain level via Snapchat stories or submitting them and getting them posted in public stories like ‘Our Story’.