No wonder, Snapchat has always been a trendsetter ever since its launch in 2021 and has gained immense popularity over the years.

It has tons of features, including creating Snapstreaks and using different filters to take great photos, but one of its most attractive features these days is the ‘Snapchat Story Games.’

They have become increasingly popular among Snapchat users as a fun way to connect with friends and add an extra element of excitement to your Snapchat stories.

So, today in this article, we will be exploring some of the best story games on Snapchat that you should definitely play with your friends in 2023. Not only that, but we’ll also discuss how to play them and give you some tips to make them even more fun!

On that note, grab your phones, decide on your friends, and let the games begin—

Snapchat Story Games: An Introduction

One of the many ways to entertain your followers on Snapchat is through games and challenges.

Playing Snap story games in 2023 is a fun and interactive way to engage with friends on the platform. 

And guess what! There are many types of story games available on Snapchat to choose from, ranging from simple question-and-answer Snap games to more complex games that require your imagination and creativity skills.

To put in numbers, Snapchat has around 50 games to keep you hooked to the platform. Unlike Netflix games, Snapchat games are built on HTML 5 are instantly available, and don’t require you to download an external app. Rather you just need the below-mentioned simple steps to play the Snapchat story game in 2023!

How to Play Snapchat Story Games in 2023?


As there are several different Snapchat Story games to choose from, you’ve first to decide which ‘Game’ you want to play (see the below list) and then come up with questions or hits for your friends.


Once you’ve decided on a game and questions/hints, you need to post them to your Snapchat story. Note that you can use text, images, or video to post your signs this way;

  • Go to Snapchat on your respective Android or iPhone.
  • Then, on the camera screen, Swipe Up.
  • After the swipe, tap on the Camera Roll option on the Snapchat Memories page.
    Tap on the ‘Camera Roll’ option.
  • Next, select the Image of the game you want to play.
    Select the Image of the Game you want to play.
  • Now, tap on it and select Send Summary.
  • Finally, tap Story to post it on your story.
    Tap Story to post the game image on your story.


Next, you can ask your friends to respond to your prompts by sending you a ‘Snap’ or replying through the ‘Poll or Emoji Slider’ feature.


After that, when your friends reply, track their replies. To help you track responses, you can either keep track of your ‘Answers’ or use a ‘Third-party app.’


Once all your friends have replied, you can either share their reaction to your ‘Story’ or reply ‘Privately.’

Now that we have made you aware of Snapchat story games and how you can play them; it’s time to decide which game best suits you to play with your followers! Let’s go—

Compilation of 21 Best Snapchat Story Games You Should Play with Friends in 2023!

While there is a huge list of Snapchat Story games, not all are playable, and not all are engaging and exciting. Thus, it is important to know the best ones in advance as this will help you maintain an edge not only over your friends but also while playing online games.

So, here we have listed 21 Snapchat games that are best for you to engage, have fun and stay cool among your followers, with a short explanation of how to play each one.

Let’s check out them—

This or That

For this Snapchat story game, you need to post a series of two options like ‘Beach vacation or City vacation?’ | ‘Netflix or Hulu?’ | ‘Coffee or tea?’ | ‘iPhone or Android?’ and then ask your friends to choose which one they prefer—this or that! This Snapchat question game can be a great way to know your friends more deeply.

Guess the Emoji

Things to post on Snapchat games like Guess the Emoji are a series of emoji on Snapchat that represent a phrase, song, or movie title. After that, all you have to do is ask your friends to guess what it is! No wonder, this Snapchat questions game is a fun way to test your friends’ pop culture knowledge.

Name that Tune

For music lovers, this is a great Snapchat question game. To try it out, all you have to do is post a short audio clip of a song and ask your friends to guess the name of the song and the artist.

Never Have I Ever

The next popular Snapchat story question game on the list is Never Have I Ever. This is a great way to get to know your friends better. So, to try it out, ask your friends to respond to a prompt with ‘I have’ or ‘I haven’t’ to reveal fun facts about themselves.

Finish the Sentence

This Snapchat story question game requires you to post a sentence fragment and ask your friends to complete it with their own thoughts or ideas. So, it’s not hard to guess that this could lead to some interesting and creative responses.

Caption This

Another great question for Snapchat games to test the creativity of people on Snapchat is to post a funny or interesting photo on your story and ask your friends to come up with a clever caption for the same. Isn’t it amazing to see how creative your friends are?

Trivia Time

This game is perfect for trivia enthusiasts. So, whenever you are bored, just post a fun trivia question on your story and ask your friends to guess the answer.

Rate This

This question-and-answer game is also popular on other platforms as it can lead to some interesting discussions and debates. So, whether you are confused or need a second opinion on something, you can post a picture of it, be it a product, movie, or book, and ask your friends to rate it out of 10.

Show and Tell

Among Snapchat question games, it is a great game to celebrate each other’s achievements. As with this, you can encourage your friends to share something they’ve built or accomplished recently, and explain what it is and why they’re proud of it!

What’s in My Bag

The game, as the name suggests, is to guess what’s in your bag. To try it out, all you need to do is post a picture of the contents of your bag and ask your friends to guess what you use each item for. So, it’s worth noting that this game can be a fun way to get to know each other’s routines.

Throwback Thursday

It’s not hard to guess, this Snapchat story question game is a great game for reminiscing and sharing memories. To try it out, all you need to do is post a photo from your childhood or a past event and ask your friends to guess when and where it was taken!

Most Likely To

Especially if you own a group, to find out how well you know each other, you can ask your friends to vote on who in your group can do a certain task or is most likely to act in a certain way. For example, ‘Who dances better?’

Emoji Translation

This is another fun game to test your friends’ emoji skills. According to this game, all you have to do is post a sentence in emoji and ask your friends to translate it back into words.

Two Truths and a Lie

Next, how about sharing three statements about yourself, two of which are true and one is a lie? This can be a great way to ask your friends to guess which statement is the lie and find out who knows you better!

Throwback Challenge

Similar to Throwback Thursday, this game can be a fun way to reminisce and share memories. So, if you consider playing this story game on Snapchat, know that it is as easy as posting a throwback photo of yourself and asking your friends to share their own throwback photo in response.

Word Association

Next up, how about posting a word and asking your friends to respond with the first word that comes to mind? This game can be a great way to see how different people’s brains work.

Scavenger Hunt

This is one of the most interesting and thrilling story games on Snapchat. To try this Snapchat number game, give your friends a list of items to find around their homes or neighborhoods, and ask them to post pictures of each item they find. How fun it can be to see what your friends find in their surroundings!

Song Lyric Challenge

Are you a music lover? If so, why not consider posting a series of song lyrics and asking your friends to guess the name of the song and artist? Wouldn’t it be nice to play a game that’s all about something you love?

Movie Quote Challenge

For movie buffs, nothing can be more enticing than posting a series of famous movie quotes and asking others on Snapchat to guess the name of the movie and the character who said it. So, if you are one of them, go give this fun Snapchat story game a shot!

Charades Challenge

This is another interesting Snapchat question game for those who are fond of acting. It’s like playing dumb charades but virtually. So, all it takes is to post a video of yourself acting out a word or phrase and ask your friends to guess what it is!

Tell a Story

Last but not least, you might consider posting a sentence or two of a story and asking your friends to continue and complete it in the comments section. Needless to say, it can definitely lead to some creative and fun stories that you enjoy reading.

So, you can use any or all of these above-listed story games on Snapchat to break the ice or strengthen relationships among your Snapchat followers and friends.

Bonus: Tips Regarding Playing Snapchat Story Games in 2023

Before we end, let’s admit that playing games on Snapchat can be a lot of fun, but at the same time, it’s important to keep a few things in mind to ensure a positive experience. So, here are some tips that you should consider for playing the Snapchat story game—

  1. Set Clear Rules

    Be sure to set clear rules and guidelines in advance. When you set clear rules before you start playing the Snapchat Story game, it will ensure that everyone knows what is expected of them and will help prevent any misunderstandings or awkward situations.

  1. Keep it Fair

    It can be tempting to ask provocative or controversial questions when you play the Snapchat Question Games, but it’s important to keep it fair and respectful. Therefore, always avoid anything that could be considered offensive or harmful to ensure that your questions and prompts are appropriate for all ages.

  1. Be Creative

    Try to be creative with your questions and prompts to make the game more fun and engaging. You must think out of the box to come up with unique ideas that will get your friends excited to participate.

  1. Keep It Short and Sweet

    Remember that social media can have short attention spans, so try to keep your Snapchat question games short and to the point. This will increase the likelihood that your friends will participate and enjoy the game.

  1. Have Fun

    Lastly, but most importantly, make sure to have fun! Since the Snapchat story game is just a fun way to engage with your friends, don’t take it too seriously and simply try to enjoy the game.

Bottom Line

Now you know that Snapchat story games such as ‘Truth or Dare,’ ‘Never Have I Ever,’ and ‘Finish the Sentence’ are great ways to break the ice, stay connected, and have fun with friends, even when you can’t be physically together. 

So, what are you waiting for, go and pick your favorite Snapchat story game to play with your friends!

Always remember though, the most important part of playing Snapchat games in 2023 is to have fun and be respectful of others, so set clear boundaries and rules to make sure everyone is comfortable and having great fun.


Ans: Story Games on Snapchat are interactive games that can be played through Snapchat Stories. These games can be played with friends and are a fun way to connect with each other through the app.

Ans: Some of the most popular story games to play on Snapchat with friends are Truth or Dare, Finish the Sentence, Throwback Challenge, and Two Truths and a Lie.

Ans: Playing a Snapchat Story game is as easy as posting a question or prompt on your Snapchat Story and asking your friends to respond with their answers. In addition, you can also consider creating a poll or using the emoji slider to get responses from your friends.

Ans: No, you cannot play games from Snapchat with friends who do not have Snapchat because these games are specific to the Snapchat platform.

Ans: For making Snapchat question games more fun and engaging, you can try setting up challenges or penalties for wrong answers, giving creative hints, or adding a time limit.

Ans: Yes. As with any social media activity, there are risks associated with playing the Snapchat Story games, such as sharing personal information or inappropriate content. Therefore, it’s essential to set clear boundaries and rules when playing these games to make sure everyone stays safe and comfortable.