If you have come to read this post, it means that you are quite new to Snapchat and must be exploring different options to have a blast on this most interactive and interesting messaging platform around, right!

Well, in that case, let us tell you that you have reached the right place. Here we’ve discussed everything you need to know about one of Snapchat’s great built-in mechanisms, called “Snapchat streak.” In regard to this, we will also reveal how you can begin streaks on Snapchat and maintain them for long.

So, that being said, let’s just dive into the details without any further ado—

Unlike other services, Snapchat remains extremely popular even after 10 years due to its unique messaging feature that whatever you send will disappear after a short period of time of viewing (unless you decide otherwise). 

Not only this, another intriguing feature which made Snapchat popular among millions of individuals across the globe is its “Snapstreak.” 

Streaks make Snapchat a lot more fun to use because once you have a streak going on, you hardly want to stop!

What Does Streak Mean On Snapchat? 

A streak means when two people snap each other on Snapchat for 3 consecutive days or more. So, a Streak or “Snapstreak” represents the number of consecutive days that users have sent snaps to each other.

To be precise, Streaks counts how many days in a row you’ve managed to send and receive photo or video snaps with a specific friend.

The more the number of days ‘snaps’ are exchanged, the longer the ‘streak’ will become. 

Let’s understand it this way—

If you and your friend have sent each other a Snap for 10 days then, there will be a “Fire/Flame emoji” with the number 10 next to your friend’s name in your conversations tab. So, as your Snap Streaks grow, so does the number.

This means, the number next to the fire/flame emoji shows how many days you and your friend have maintained a streak. 

[Note: It will change to “red 100 points emoji” when you’ll be able to achieve the next milestone of keeping a Snap streak going for 100 days. Beyond that, there are no other unique emojis available by default.]

Conversely, if you forget to send the Snap to the other person within 24 hours, it will disappear, indicating that your streak is broken, and you’ll have to start all over again.

[Note: As each streak will only happen between you and your one friend, you can maintain more than one streak at a time with your other friends.]

Why Does Snap Streak Get Introduced?

“To keep users interested!”

Snapchat has come under pressure in recent years as Instagram continues to grow the company’s user-base through its Snapchat-inspired Stories feature; therefore, Snapstreaks came up as a way to keep as many users as possible on its app and within its ecosystem.

So, the reason Snapchat introduced Snapstreaks is simply to keep its user-base intact. 

How Does Snapchat Streak Work & How to Keep Up With Your Snap Streaks?

Streaks are a great way to develop a strong bond and friendship between two people on the Snapchat platform. However, a strong commitment is needed from both sides to keep a streak going.

It simply means, you and your friend you are snapping with must be committed enough to send each other photo and/or video snaps every day (within 24 hours frame) to not lose your snap streaks. Otherwise, they’ll end and once it happens, you’ll have to start all over again by sending snaps to your friends for three days in a row.

So, Snapstreaks basically works in a team effort. If your friend keeps snapping within that 24-hour period, and you forget to continue the chain (or vice-versa) then, unfortunately your Snapstreak will disappear, and you’re left with no choice but to restart the streak.

However, to help you keep up with your snap streaks, Snapchat holds the responsibility of reminding you how your 24-hour period ends, and you need to snap each other. 

Wonder how it accomplishes this? Well, you don’t have to keep track of when the 24-hour period ends because an hour emoji appears next to your friend’s name on the conversation tab when there are four hours left to snap each other.

What Sorts of Interactions on Snapchat Are NOT Countable as Streaks?

In addition to sending photo and video snaps, Snapchat also has several other interaction methods which users get engaged to! However, not all are counted in a streak.

So, to avoid this mistake of treating all as countable interactions for Snap streaks, you should take a look at the interactions listed below as they are not counted as streaks—

Text Messaging

Albeit, you can send text messages on Snapchat that disappear after some time, but they are not considered part of maintaining streaks.

Posting Stories

Stories on Snapchat are basically videos that show what happened throughout the day and though, your followers can always see them, but that doesn’t add anything to your Snapstreak chain. So, if you’ve posted a story, it doesn’t add to your Snap Streak’s score with any of your friends who have viewed your story.

Sending Memories Snap

Sometimes, you see on Snapchat that old events re-emerge after a year or on other anniversaries. So, while it’s possible that you might be able to share these again, they are also not going to up your streak game.

Sending Snaps in Group Chats

Since streaks start between two people, communicating in groups will not contribute to anything, even if you are both in the same group chat. Instead, only those Snaps that you sent directly to the person (in personal chat) will be counted.

Using Snapchat Spectacles for Sharing Snaps 

Having a pair of Snapchat Spectacles can make you feel like a super Snapchatter. But unfortunately, videos you record and share through them to your friends you’re snapping with won’t count towards any of your Snap Streaks.

What Sorts of Interactions on Snapchat Are Countable as Streaks?

Now, you may be wondering about the interactions that are countable for your Snapstreaks. Thus, let us tell you that there are only “TWO” interactions that can be counted towards your Snap Streaks, and they include—

  • Sending photo snaps to an individual friend/Snapchat user.
  • Sending video snaps to an individual friend/Snapchat user.

So, it doesn’t matter how short the video is or how random your pictures are! These are the only two things you need to do to make your Snap Streaks last as long as possible. 

To be specific, if you can remember to send a photo or video Snap to any individual friend in personal chat and within a 24-hour window of your last Snap interaction then, you shouldn’t face any problem maintaining your Snap Streaks!

How to Start a Streak on Snapchat?

Now, if you’re adamant to follow this trend of maintaining streaks with friends and other users on Snapchat, it’s time to learn the process for doing so because you’ve already known enough about the Snapchat’s center of attention “Streaks.”

More or less, the process of starting a streak on Snapchat is as simple as following this step-by-step procedure—

Step 1: Download | Update Snapchat App

First, be sure to download and update Snapchat from the official App Store if you’re on iOS or, from the Google Play Store if you’re on Android.

Step 2: Launch Snapchat App on your Device

Once this is done, open the Snapchat app and to do so, tap on the icon that looks like a white ghost on a yellow background.

Step 3: Add | Find Friends

Then, add one or more friends to Snapchat by tapping the ‘Add Friend’ button (plus icon) and selecting ‘Add’ next to one or more usernames, which you will see in the list of recommended users.

In this regard, it is worth mentioning that if this is the first time you launch the Snapchat app on your device, Snapchat will ask for permission to scan your phone’s contact list to add friends. So, be sure to allow it to do so first!

However, if it is not your first time, you’ve already added friends on your Snapchat account then; you just need to find your friends using their username, or their QR code.

Tap the ‘Add Friend’ button (plus icon) and select ‘Add’ next to one or more usernames to add friends on Snapchat.

Step 4: Ask to Start a Streak

Now to start a streak on Snapchat, you have to ask for it first. Otherwise, the other person you want to start a Snap with may not know whether you want to initiate it or not. For that, you can go for any of these 3 ways—

  1. Text the user: You can directly send a text message to a user like ‘Would you like to start a streak?’ And, if you’re asking that person directly, chances are they’ll be more committed to the streak once they agree to it. However, they can also decline the offer and in that case, you have other users to ask for it.
  1. Add it as a story: Next, you can put something like ‘Want to start a streak’ in your story, which is a less forceful and more effective way to ask all users (that are your Snapchat friends) if someone wants to start a streak with you. So, those who are not interested can ignore your story and those who are interested can directly respond to your story. This way, you don’t need to put any extra effort.
  1. Let it happen naturally: You can also choose to start a streak naturally. For that, you’ll either have to send a picture first or wait for one of your friends to send it to you. Once it happens, do the same thing the next day and make sure it continues. However, if the other person didn’t snap you back the next day, it indicates they aren’t interested in starting a streak, or they don’t know whether you want it. So, this method is most difficult as both the users who start sending snaps to each other need to do it on a daily basis without actually expecting it.

Step 5: Create a Photo/Video Snap

Once you luckily find someone who wants to start a streak with you, you either need to send them a photo or a video snap.

For that, tap the big “o” (camera icon) to take a picture or tap and hold the same to record a video. That way you’ll be able to create a Snap that you can send to a friend.

Tap the big “o” (camera icon) to take a picture or tap and hold the same to record a video.

Step 6: Select Friends to Whom You Want to Send the Snap

Next, what you’ve to do is tap on the ‘Send to button to select the person name to which you want to send the snap to! 

Tap on ‘Send to’ button to select the person name you want to send the snap.

[Note: You can also select multiple (more than one user) friends to send the photo or video snap that you create.]

[Tip: Here you should choose someone who you believe will respond to you within the next 24 hours.]

After that, to send the photo or video Snap you’ve created, tap the blue ‘Send’ arrow which is in the lower right corner of the screen.

As soon as you do this to let Snapchat send your Snap, you’ll see a red arrow with the status, “Delivered.” 

When you send a snap, you’ll see a red arrow with the status, “Delivered.” 

Once it’s delivered, a blue checkmark will appear next to the name of the person you’ve chosen to start the streak. This happens when that person opens a Snap.

However, that’s not it! After you see the status “Opened” chances are that if the person replays the Snap-you’ll also see the message “x (name of the person) replayed your Snap” because it’s possible to replay a Snap.

If a person opens a snap you see the status “Opened” and you’ll also see the message “x (name of the person) replayed your Snap” when a person ‘press & hold’ to replay a Snap.

Step 7: Wait for Them to Snap Back

Once done with sending snap, just wait to receive a photo or video snap within 24 hours from those you have sent to.

Now, if your friend replies to you, within the next 24 hours, a Snapstreak will be created, and you will see a ‘fire’ emoji right next to their name in the contact list after you continue sending snaps to each other for 3 consecutive days.

Step 8: Repeat the Process Daily

That is all. When you know that you have successfully started a streak, you can regularly repeat the above steps once daily for as many days as possible to increase the length of your snap streak.

Well because the more days you snap each other, the higher your number of streaks will be!

And, whether you know it or not, some people have been on Snapstreak for hundreds of days – which definitely requires a lot of commitment.

How to Share Snap Streaks Using Filters and Stickers? Get Creative….

Now, it’s worth noting that Snapchat has some fun features that you can use in your Snaps so that creating Snap streaks doesn’t feel like a dull task, and you keep your snap streaks going.

In other words, to make sure there should be an element of excitement for the users maintaining streaks, Snapchat offers several filters and stickers to share a streak on Snapchat and you have to look nowhere for them as we’ve mentioned those right here. Have a look—

Snap streak Filters

You can enhance your Snaps look using snap streak filters. For that, what all you’ve to do is double-tap on a friend’s name in your conversations tab, take a photo or video snap, and then to select a Snapstreak filter, start swiping left or right through these available filters—

  • Caption (T icon)
  • Crop (two right angles icon)
  • Doodle (pencil icon).
  • Link (paperclip icon)
  • Music (music note icon)
  • Stickers
  • Scissors (scissors icon)
  • Timer (stopwatch icon)

  [Note: If you have the Snapstreak filter running with a particular friend, you’ll see that along with the flame emoji, a filter featuring your Snapstreak with a big white number.]

Snapstreak Bitmoji Stickers 

Similar to filters, Snapstreak Bitmoji Stickers also have fun to use with your Snap streaks. So, if you’ve connected Snapchat to your Bitmoji account, you can double-tap a friend’s name in your Conversations tab and then, tap the sticker icon to select Snapstreak stickers featuring yours and your friend’s Bitmoji (if they also have made one). 

However, if it happens that the Snapstreak stickers don’t show up at the top, what you might consider doing is to type “Streak” or “Snap Streak” into the search field at the top to see what all are available and then, tap on any one of them to apply it to your Snap.

Some Tips for Maintaining Snapchat Streaks and to Get the Best Snapstreak Experience

Last but not least, as you have understood quite well how to create and use Snap Streak on Snapchat, here are a few ideas that should keep in mind if you want to enjoy maintaining your Snap Streaks for long

Find Someone Who’s Willing to Have a Streak

As it must have become clear by now that you should go for someone who is ready to send you snaps every day to keep the streak alive and for a long time.

Change Your Friend’s Name to Stay on Top

It is to mention that, Snapchat lists streaks alphabetically. So, if you want you can edit the name of your friend with whom you started Snapstreaks, to make sure your streaks stay at the top of the list. This way, you will be able to remember your spots easily.

Can Send Blank Photos or Videos

You don’t need to send high-quality Snaps to keep the Streak going; instead you can send blank photos and videos with a caption that says “Streak.” Take a guess! No one is judging you for this. Also, note that you can use the same video or picture every day as this will boost up your score only.

Stick to a Specific Time of Day

Another great idea is to start your Snap Streaks later in the day. Well, because if you send a picture early in the morning, the hourglass emoji will appear somewhere during the middle of the night and what if you won’t be using the app at that time? So, the former option is ideal if you plan to send only one snap per day. As you will see the ‘hour emoji’ next day late in the morning (when you probably have more chance of using the Snapchat app) before your time runs out. 

Timely Check the Snapchat Streak Filter

If you have to deal with multiple streaks, you may forget to snap, or you may even forget who you’re maintaining a snap streak with. Don’t worry though! There’s a way to see your streaks without going to your friends list as per which whenever you’re about to send a new snap, check out the special Snapchat streak filter. This will help you show how many days in a row you’ve featured in big white numbers alongside the flame emoji.

FAQs Related to Snap Streaks

Q:1 Can you start a streak with just texting?

Ans: The answer to this is simply No. You cannot start a streak just by texting on Snapchat instead you must have read above that it can only be started if both parties send a photo or video snap to each other for at least 3 consecutive days. Therefore, sending a text message will not extend Snapstreak, only photo/video snaps help you do so.

Q:2 How do you know when a streak is about to end?

Ans: If you want to know when a streak is about to end, look next to the username of the person with whom you have streaks for the ‘hourglass emoji’. There, if you see an ‘hour emoji,’ it means you have 4 hours left to snap them back otherwise your Snapstreak will break, and you’ll have to start all over again.

So, whenever you see an hourglass emoji, it’s best to send that person a photo or video as soon as possible because it indicates that your Snapstreak is about to expire.

Q3: How do you get your Snap score up to 1000?

Ans: What you can do to increase your snap score up by 1000 is “add multiple snap stars” and send them multiple snaps. For doing that, you can follow this step-by-step process—

  • Tap on the Snapchat icon to open it.
  • Inside Snapchat, tap on the chat icon located on the bottom navigation bar.
  • Then, tap on the search icon which you’ll find on the top navigation bar.
  • Next, you’ve to scroll down to find ‘Popular Snap Stars.’
  • After that, just add as many Snap Stars as you can.
  • Once done, tap on the camera icon located on the bottom navigation bar.
  • Following that, you need to take a photo or record a video to send it to all the Snap Stars that you’ve added recently.
  • Now, you can simply repeat the second-last step until your snap score is increased by 1000.

Since, when you send a Snap to someone your Snap Score will go up, so sending a Snap to the popular Snap Star will do the trick.

Q4: How to switch or change Streak emojis?

Ans: Albeit, the default streak emoji is the fire emoji, but if you’re not keen on seeing the flame every time, you can also change it to whatever is available on your Snapchat emoji keyboards.

That said, here’s how you can switch or change streak emojis on Snapchat—

  • First of all to do so, launch Snapchat on your respective mobile device.
  • Then, simply tap on your profile picture icon which is located in the top-left corner of the Snapchat app screen.
  • After doing so, what you’ve to do is look for the cog icon and select it.
  • Inside the cog items list that appears, you’ve to scroll down to find and tap on ‘Customize Emojis.’
  • Once you’ve done that, just go down again in the new menu and make sure to select the “Snapstreak” option.
  • Now, as plenty of emojis will appear, you can pick any of them for your streak emoji.

However, do note that, changing the emoji neither adds nor resets the streak, as it’s just an aesthetic adjustment you can make on a daily basis to maintain your interest in the Snapchat app. It all depends on personal preference.

Q5: What to do if I lost my streak by mistake? Or, 

How to Restore Lost Snapchat Streaks?

Ans: If you think your streak ended by mistake (i.e., without being your fault), you can contact Snapchat to get it back. Basically, when you visit the Snapchat support page, you’ll see myriad problems to report, but out of these, “I’ve Lost My Snapstreak” is the one you’ll have to choose. After that, a representative checks your Snaps, and they’ll respond to you via email. That way, hopefully, they’ll help you restore your streak, so you can continue with it.

Q6: Is there a benefit of keeping a Snapchat streak going?

Ans: Yes. Keeping Snapchat streaks running will help you stay connected to your friends’ busy lives and keep you up to date with what your friends are up to! In addition, you will be increasing your Snapchat score by keeping these streaks up. However, do note that this will not benefit you monetarily.

Bottom Line

That’s all! Hope you are no longer under any confusion about Snapchat Streaks which is without a doubt the most prominent social feature on Snapchat to make it unique and popular among teenagers as no other social media platform offers such a feature yet. So, what are you waiting for, go and start your streak to share a moment of your life with your friends or close ones on a daily basis.

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