Here with privacy policy, we at Onlinegeeks website spares no effort to apprise you about Onlinegeeks firm commitment to privacy. We will also inform you how much we respect the online privacy of all our readers and at the same time help you to make sound decisions. So, for that reason, we strongly make a request in front of you all to read our privacy policy practices thoroughly!

First and foremost, let us inform you that we have the rights to modify, convert, change, or delete our website or any of its portions either temporarily or permanently with or without any prior notice. 

Secondly, due to privacy concerns our site may or may not be available for access to a particular person or location. So, in order to avoid or resolve such cases of non-accessibility, you may need to have the consent of the local laws, rules & regulations. 

Thirdly, the overall use of the Onlinegeeks website is subjected to the following below-mentioned ‘Terms of Use:’

  • Onlinegeeks and its authorized team reserve all the rights to make any kind of change effective on the site at any given point of time. So, you should make sure to check our ‘terms of use’ regularly. 
  • When you visit, access or use our site, it suggests that you’ve offered your full consent to Onlinegeeks T&Cs as per its ‘terms of use.’
  • If you continue using Onlinegeeks without any irregularity then, this helps us to make out that you’re agreeing with our site’s terms and conditions.

With all that said, have a further detailed look at our Privacy Policy Practices:

  • The only way we can collect information from you is through your own consent. Basically, when you decide to continuously use our site and agree to subscribe to us using the prescribed domain, then only we can collect personal information details from you.  This means, when you choose to sign-up for our newsletters, participate in contests, forums, and other similar activities; you’re giving your content for automatically providing your details like name, address, email ID, date of birth, contact number, IP address, login credentials, your browser details, system settings and other relevant information with your own consent.
  • All the listed data, information and details that we collect from you using tools like Cookies (they’re small strings of text files that are created to store bits of your information during your visit to a website) and Web Beacons (they’re files that connect web pages to a particular web server and their cookies) will be accessible to read and record by everyone online. 
  • In regard to the same, though we undertake all sorts of administrative, physical, and technical measures to protect the data of our users from any ‘loss, alteration, use and destruction,’ we possess no guarantee of the security of information that you transmit online. So, we recommend you to take extra precaution while sharing any of your personal or sensitive information on our site such as you can stop the cookies’ functionality right from your browser.
  • Moreover, we at Onlinegeeks may also provide some third-party website links on our platform that we’ve no control over. In respect to the same, if you click to use those websites then, we strongly suggest you with all your attention to properly check their respective terms of use, privacy policies and security strategies. It’s because we possess no liabilities, no warranties, and also assume no responsibilities of any such third-party websites that are absolutely not in our regulation.

Data Retention Policy

All sort of personal data and information of our valuable readers that we retain will obey both our Privacy Policy and the following purposes for which it was retained—

  • For carrying out data analytics with respect to the usage of our site 
  • For responding to user’s comments, queries and requests in an effective manner 
  • For improving our website and learning how we can conduct ourselves against our close competitors.
  • And, for offering users the opportunities to participate in online events, programs, & contests activities, etc. 

Ethics Policy

We paid our contributors—‘who focus to generate not just practical but also the trustworthy information and content to publish on our Onlinegeeks website’ as per their efforts such as the number of articles they have created and contributed for our website.  

How to get informed about our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Ethics Policy updates?

Onlinegeeks occasionally update the Privacy Policy and in order to get informed about the same, all our users can visit here at regular time intervals. By visiting this policy page of Onlinegeeks, you can keep yourself informed about all the recent modifications and changes that we made to our Privacy Policy statement and practices. 

In regard to the same, if we separately make any material change on your site, we’ll inform you regarding the same by sending a personal notification or posting a general notice.