Emojis have brought an evolution in the way we communicate online, specifically for the newer generation i.e., Gen-Z and Millennials. And Snapchat is mostly consumed by people ranging from age 13 to 34, a number that includes both of the mentioned generations, which is the reason why Snapchat has used a lot of emojis throughout the app as it helps users keep track of their friends and friendship based on their interactions. 


The emojis that appear next to your friend’s name in chats, Snapchat has named it Friend Emojis. These emojis will continue to change on a regular basis based on how much you and your friend interact with each other on Snapchat. You can check detailed explanations of Snapchat emojis here

What Do the Snapchat Emojis Mean?

For instance, if you and your friend chat and snap at each other a lot throughout the day daily then Snapchat will add special Friend Emoji next to your friend’s name, which is denoted by 😊 (BFs) emoji. At any given moment, you can have up to eight best friends and these are updated automatically. 

The benefit of having any friend as a best friend is that their name will always be featured in the “Send To” screen whenever you are sending a snap and in the “Chat” section too. Also, rest assured, none of your friends can see who is on your best friend list. 

Now, to achieve the second level, if you and your best friend continue to maintain the relationship by exchanging snaps and sending chats then Snapchat will show a 💛 (Besties) emoji next to their name, which means you two are now each other’s number one best friend. 

For the third level, if you two managed to keep your friendships at the same pace for about two weeks straight, then Snapchat will replace the emoji with ❤️ (BFF) emoji. But it is important to make sure both of you are each other’s best friend forever. 

The next level, which is the fourth level, can be achieved if both of you have been each other’s number-one best friend for two months in a row. You will see the 💕 (Super BFF) emoji appear next to your best friend’s name. Now, you both need to maintain that by staying active on Snapchat and communicating with each other via chats and snapstreaks at the same pace. 

Talking about Snapstreaks, if you and your friend continue to snap at each other every day without missing a day then you will see a 🔥 (Snapstreak) emoji along with a number, which is the number of days. This signifies how long you and your friend have snapped at each other. 

And if in case you two haven’t snapped each other and it has been more than 24 hours then you may even see a ⌛️ (Snapstreak is ending) emoji next to their name. This works as a reminder that you two need to send a snap to each other otherwise you will lose your snapstreak. 

Moving forward, if any of your friends have added their birthday details into the app and their birthday arrives then you will see a 🎂 (Birthday Cake) emoji appear next to their name as a reminder so you can wish him/her on their special day. And to help you make your friend’s birthday special, Snapchat will give you a birthday lens as well. 

As you may have already figured out, the constantly changing emojis that are dependent on your interactions with friends show Snapchat is like a reward-based social media platform where you need to put in a constant effort to maintain a friendship status, which is denoted by emojis. Considering how the newer generation has started using emojis in everyday non-verbal communications and the way this adaptation has unlocked an enhanced form of text-based communicative skills, the developers behind Snapchat have embraced the usage of emojis based on its targeted audience to ensure they feel connected and have interactive experience on the app.

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