Are you also bothered by the question of what does OPS mean on Snapchat?

Acronyms and slang use are common in Snapchat texting. Common slang words like BBF and WTM are very popular and frequently used. In case you have weak internet lingo and struggle with finding the meaning of modern slang, we’ve got you covered. 

In today’s article, we’ll decode the OPS meaning on Snapchat, so follow through to crack this complicated internet lingo and learn when and how it is used. 

What Does OPS Mean on Snapchat?

The texting slang ‘OPS’ means opinion. It is used to ask for an opinion online. It can also be used in chatting, texting, or in stories posted on Snapchat. You may also notice some similar acronyms or slang being used on the app, but they are used in different contexts and their meanings differ too.

One of them is ‘Opps’. We have discussed all the alternative meanings and homophones of the OPS slang later in the article, so stay with us! 

For now, let’s see what OPS means in general usage. 

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Other Possible Meanings of the Acronym OPS

The ‘OPS’ you usually come across is a well-known slang on Snapchat that means opinion, but it has some other meanings too. This acronym is used in different contexts, below, we have decoded the diverse meanings and context of OPS to save you from the dilemma of what does OPS mean on Snapchat. 

Meaning/Full FormContext
OppsAcronyms for Opposition or Opponents.
Opportunities Chances of doing something.
OptionsOften used to inquire about the plans and other choices. 
OperationsRefers to day-to-day activities and is mostly used in a business context but isn’t limited to it.
OOPSUsed to express a mistake or mishap.
Outpatient surgeryHealth professionals use it for medical situations. 
Operating systemIn the context of computers, OPS refers to operating systems. 
Office of Public SafetyUsed in the context of Government work or services. 

How to Start Using OPS on Snapchat? 

OPS is frequently used on Snapchat. You can use it in your Snap story to ask about the opinions of your friends on a particular issue. For example, you can text a friend and ask them about their opinion on an outfit you bought. 

In other instances, you can simply put your picture in a story, and ask ops on me to gain public opinions on you. So that now you know what does OPS mean on Snapchat, let’s look at some of the tips that will help you reply to this text.

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How to Reply to OPS Text on Snapchat?

When you receive a text containing Ops, you must take a few things into consideration while replying to this text. To make it easy for you, we have explored how you can reply to them:

  • Wait and think for a while about your opinion.
  • Focus on the positive aspects first.
  • The most important thing, before you answer their Ops on me, is your bond with the other person. 
  • Have negative ops? Share it constructively, and use the trick of constructive criticism to politely tell the negative traits.
  • Be honest but don’t be brutally honest, be polite and tell how they can improve the flawed areas. It should be honest but don’t forget to choose kind words to communicate it.

Reasons to Use OPS on Snapchat 

There are many reasons why people use typical acronyms like OPS on the internet, here are the top ones! 

  • Quick conversation – It is a quick way to interact and learn about the honest opinions of others. You can start a quick conversation with your crush by sending a snap with your dog, asking – Any OPS on this furry angel?
  • Knowing opinion – You can get to know about the opinions and thoughts of people on your posts and stories. It can be about anything. Suppose you want to buy a phone, you can ask a friend about his OPS on any brand of phone. 

These opinions or honest feedback can be used in self-development but don’t let them affect your mental health. If you think someone’s opinion is way too brutal or negative, you can talk about it with other people. Never take online opinions to your heart and destroy your mental peace. 

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Other Common Slangs to Use on Snapchat

Knowing what does OPS mean on Snapchat doesn’t mean you have mastered the skill, before that you need to know a few more slangs to be a pro in internet acronyms.

Here are some other slang that are popular and frequently used by Snapchat users. 

TTMTalk To MeLeave a text of ‘TTM’ to your friends and let them know you want to chat.
SRSlow ReplyUse it when someone is replying to your text with much delay. 
ISTGI Swear To GodWhen you share something surprising or something hard to believe. 
WYOWhat You OnAsk your friend about his plans using this slang
MBMy BadPlace it in chat when you were wrong about something done or said before.
BBFBest Bitmoji FriendIf you are saying something in reference to your Best Bitmoji Friend on Snapchat.
SUSwipe UpYou can use it to tell others to swipe up on a post. 
LMRLike My RecentIt refers to a person’s recent post on Snapchat. You can also use it when you want to say something about your recent post. 
WYLLWhat You Look LikeUsed to ask for a photo or describe your appearance.
SFSShoutout For ShoutoutIt can alternatively be used for snaps. 
NRSNo RepliesYou can use it in a group or to text an individual friend as well.
SMHShake My HeadUsed to express disapproval at times. 
OTPOn The PhoneIt means you are attending a call. 

Concluding it, slangs are amazing to use on social media for chatting purposes. It can save you time in writing full sentences or words. It transforms texting into fun and makes it more quick to cater to the needs of the fast-paced world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: OPS is a slang that is not exclusive to Snapchat, it is widely used on other social media platforms like Instagram, X, and YouTube.

Ans: No, other than the difference in spellings, they are different in meaning and context, Opps means opponent whereas OPS refers to opinion.  

Ans: OPS has different meanings depending on the context, in a company OPS refers to their day-to-day tasks, meanwhile, on social media it means opinions. 

Ans: No, it is not similar, however, people use it interchangeably. OOPS, is used for a mishap, whereas OPS is slang or acronym for asking opinions on social media apps. 

Ans: Don’t rush, and think it through. You can reply to them by giving your honest thoughts about them with kind words.    


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