Have you too rolled yourself in the game of social media for popularity or some real fun? Also, have the multiple features there tangled you in sorting your simplest queries? Well, let me help you in the case of Snapchat.

Snapchat is a popular multimedia application that grabbed the world by its hand to dance and roll with music. Not just the music but the life of people are portrayed through their tempting boomerangs and soothing self-discovering journey.

Posting stories with the best jamming music have become an important part of the lifestyle of this era.

You will agree with the fact that Snapchat stories without music seem like a cake without the cherry. You yourself might have played someone’s story multiple times after finding the music sync in it awesome.

Are you keen to add your own self-carved music to your stories or interested in sharing your favourite Youtubers vlog in Snap stories? If yes, then scrolling can help.

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Snapchat and Its Rolling Musical Stories

musical stories

A plethora of social media applications became a part of people’s lives by connecting through their reels, stories, posts, and whatnot.

There is no lie to the fact that sometimes we too find scrolling stories and reels time-worthy. Snapchat stories too lure the user to stay pinned through back-to-back interesting sights.

Watching celebrities and common people gain likes and thus appreciation makes us too join the lane and why not?

An immaculate picture of how to add music to your Snapchat has been painted below for your Snap gallery. So create your own music or crop your favourite song and mingle it to create a looping view for viewers.

Snapchat memories – In the year 2016, Snapchat added the feature “Memories”, where people can save their snaps and stories in their personal storage units alongside the normal Gallery pictures one has. 
An interesting link is that they can be used anytime in the future to the stories, snaps, or as a message to friends to live the old memories again.

How to Add Music to Our Stories?

Adding music to Snapchat was easy until we had the right map. A roadmap of the same has been shown to you in the right direction. Follow them and gain numerous followers with the right music.

Quick fact: “My Story” feature was added to Snapchat in the year 2013 allowing users to add the Snaps in chronological order.

Simple Trendy Songs

When it comes to trending music, it always stays at the top in any social media to be used. From ongoing popular reels to simply nature-posted pictures, there is barely any foot that doesn’t dance to its beat.

If you too are considering adding trendy music then let’s walk through the steps together.

  1.  Open the Snapchat application and on the right corner click on the music icon.
Music icon in Snapchat
  1. A search bar on the top and numerous songs below will appear.
  1. Type the song you desire in the search option or explore the options already existing below.
  1. Once you tap the song. Adjust the part of the song that you want. Do add it to your old videos or recently clicked images or pictures.

Note: After selecting the music, the Song and its details will appear in a box. You can drag it to whatever corner pleases you.

snapchat story

So now you are ready for the new post.

Own-Created Music

Are you webbed in the maths of adding your own created music to your stories? The path is not easy but also not impossible. 

Let’s climb the way to add our designed altered song to posting videos and images on Snapchat. Below is the guide for the same.

  1. In your Snapchat application click on the music icon present in the top right corner.
  1. Below the search bar, you will find many options like Featured, My Favourite, Recent, and My Sounds
songs to Snapchat
  1. Tap on My sounds.
  1. The gadget will ask you to choose from the “Upload from Camera roll” or “Record Sound”
Creating personal music for Snapchat story

Note: while recording sound through any of the options given above stay cautious that you don’t record the original song from any source. Snapchat policies don’t allow this.

  1. Tap on any of the options above and record as per your will.
Creating music on Snapchat
  1.  Save the music with a name.
Altering own music for Snapchat stories
  1. Below the Sound name bar, you will find the Make this sound public? Toggle. 
public sound on snapchat

Note: If you wanted to make your created music public then drag the toggle in the right direction. Your music can be used by anyone across Snapchat

  1. Click on Save Sound.

Now you can use your sound as many times as you desire. Your blended music has been saved in the My Sounds option with the same name as you kept it.

Spotify Music

Sometimes while listening to our music list on Spotify we may want to share the same song then and there to our Snapchat stories or friends.

Well, Spotify and Snapchat are actually linked to make interlinking convenient for the audience. If you are gauging the letter “How”? then flow with the steps below.

Steps to add Spotify music to our Snap stories.

  1. Open the Spotify application. Open your favorite song that you want to use.
  1. On the top right corner, click on the three-dot icon.
Spotify stories
  1. Next, a screen with multiple options will come. On the bottom, you will find Share. Tap on Share.
Sharing Spotify songs on Snapchat
  1. Among numerous apps select Snapchat.
Sharing Spotify with Snapchat music
  1. Now you will be redirected to Snapchat. Either send the music to your story or share it with your friends.
  Do you know Snapchat had 293 million users daily    In the year 2021?
: adding Spotify songs in Snap stories
Sharing Spotify songs with Snap friends

Youtube Vlogs and Stuff

You might also feel a need to add YouTube music to your stories to share them with your friends and following.

Crispy fact: Three students of Stanford University Raggy, Evan, and Bobby brought the idea of people’s attraction through stickers and real objects. Through this, Snapchat came into the world.

Here are the steps through which you can add Youtube vlogs, and songs, to your Snapchat story. Below is the route to it.

  1. Search the Youtube vlog or song that you want to add.
Youtube stories
  1. On the right corner of the video tap on the three-dot icon. Among many options, you will find Share. Tap on it.
vlog to Snap
  1. Numerous applications will appear. Tap on Snapchat.
video in Snap stories
  1. Now add music to it and place it with an image or video. You can also share it in your story.
Quick Fact: Do you know Snapchat’s story feature was called “My Story” earlier? Later it changed over several years with several names like “Our stories”, “live stories”, “Custom stories”, “Official stories”, and the list goes on.
stories to share

Note: Once you post your Snapchat stories they will be visible to your friends and followers for 24 hours from the time of posting only. 


Wrapping Up


With Snapchat came the era of numerous filters, selfies, songs, and people’s lifestyles. Users mingle and share with the world some slice of their life with their favorite music. Music has saved and changed much through its rhythm and beats and thus has the capability to change the aura of a place or situation.

Splendid is the idea that people through these applications now share their favorite part of the song, dance to it, share their moments and live their life through it.


Ans: No, one cannot add internal storage music to Insta stories. A Plethora of songs are already present in the music gallery of Snapchat. Your own gadget music must have been on the music list on Snapchat.

So, find your song in the music icon of Snapchat itself or create your blended music in the moment itself.

Ans: Snapchat allows only 10 seconds of video story which is 32MB. Snapchat won’t allow you to add longer video stories though one can always add numerous stories.

Ans: 1080×1920 is the accepted size with a ratio of 9:16.

Ans: As per Snapchat policies, In total one can share only 20 stories at a time.

Ans: Yes, before one hit sends button, through the music Icon one can add music to the Snapchat stories. After posting you cannot add so, try posting the Story again.

Ans: No, It is not possible. The “Adding lyrics to the stories” feature is not present in Snapchat. Well, you can absolutely share your taste in music by sharing music from Spotify and Youtube or adding music to your stories.