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YouTube Is Not Working? Here is a Complete List of Solutions

YouTube is the biggest name in the social media and video streaming market. It is used worldwide by more than 1.5 billion regular users. People watch more than 400 hours of content every minute and billions of hours of the watch takes place every day. 

But it will be quite frustrating when YouTube stops responding, take a minute. See what a non-functional YouTube looks like:

  • Particular buttons not working.
  • Menus are not acting strangely.
  • Video control buttons are not working.
  • White or black screen on clicking the play button.

YouTube is Not Working. What to Do?

There are chances that everything is looking fine but down the line, there are issues that are continuously affecting YouTube’s services, one such issue is “Videos aren’t playing”. This is quite frustrating as there is no way to find the exact cause. Regular users of YouTube will find familiarity with such situations and hence we are here offering you the solutions to “YouTube is not working” for your PC and Android devices.

Check If YouTube Server Is Down?

The inability of YouTube to work can be due to server downtime. This is one potential cause behind non-functional YouTube. 

So, make sure you keep the track of the server and if there is something wrong with YouTube itself, you are supposed to wait till things get normal. To check this, go to Downdetector or Outrage. Report.

Part A: How to Fix “YouTube Not Working or Loading” on Android or iPhone 

Solution 1: Try Restarting your Android Device

Restarting your mobile device can help you get rid of most YouTube-related issues. Restarting has numerous benefits such as it shuts down the apps running in the background, and all other things, which can create an issue while you are playing videos on YouTube. 

It’s very easy for you to restart your device but it has so many benefits that with very little effort you can make your lives easier. When the YouTube app stops working on your mobile device, power off your phone and start it again, or restart with these steps:

Step 1: Press the Power button and hold it for a while.

Step 2: Now the “Restart” option will appear on the screen, click on it.

Step 3: It will take a few seconds, so you need to wait for a while.

Step 4: After restarting, try to play the video again.

Solution 2: Check the Internet Connection

Another reason that is keeping you from playing the YouTube video, is an improper internet connection. So, in case why wont YouTube work, make sure you check the source of your internet. For checking whether your device is connected to the Internet or not, open the settings menu >>Wi-Fi or cellular network.

There is one simpler way to check if the internet connection is working fine, open Google and search for something on the internet, if you can, things are fine but if you can’t, you need to do something with your internet connection. 

Solution 3: Update Your Operating System

A non-functional YouTube can also occur due to an outdated version of your Android device. You need to update it as soon as possible for retaining the normal functioning of the YouTube app. The way of updating the version of your operating system depends upon the build of your phone. Open the “System updates”, and go to “About Phone” and then open the Settings menu.

After downloading the update, click on Install and reboot your device. After that, open YouTube and check if things are now fine.

Instructions to Update Operating System

  1. Open Settings on your device
  2. Now select “System Updates”- it can be inside the “About phone” menu
  3. Download and install the update.

Solution 4: Clear All the App’s Cache

Clearing YouTube’s cache and data is another solution that is best for retrieving YouTube performance. If YouTube is not loading, you can delete all the temporary files by removing the cache and erase the app data including settings. 

For this, go to Settings >> Apps>> YouTube. Then, go to “Storage”, where you will see two options namely Clear data and Clear cache. Start by clearing cache and then clear data. Go back to YouTube and check if it is working fine. 

Solution 5: Fix the Date and Time Settings

Date and time settings play an important role in the proper functioning of the mobile apps and thus it is important to keep the proper time and place settings so that Google servers do not face any difficulty in syncing with the device.

For fixing the settings on your device, click “Date and Time” and then go to “Automatic date and time” and check if the option is turned on. 

Solution 6: Update YouTube App

The next thing you should try is updating your YouTube app. An update includes several improvements, fixes, and repairs. For checking the availability of the update, open the Google PlayStore and go to “My apps & games and see if there is an update available for the YouTube app. If you can find the update, install it right away. Sometimes YouTube prevents you from running the outdated version and thus it stops working, so installing an update is quite necessary.

Part B: How to Fix “YouTube Not Working or Loading” on PC or Chrome

Solution 1: Update Google Chrome

If you are unable to play YouTube videos on Chrome, check if the browser you are using is up to date. Updating your browser is a cake-walk hence one should keep doing this on a regular basis. The process of updating Google Chrome is very simple, and can be resumed by accessing the “Help” section and then “About Google Chrome”. You will be re-directed to a dedicated page, where you will see the updates available for your browser. Click “Install” and follow on-screen prompts for installing the update.

Process in a nutshell:

  1. Click three-vertical dots from the top right corner of the screen
  2. Select “help” and then “About Google Chrome
  3. Choose “Install” and follow the on-screen instructions.

Solution 2: Check Internet Connection

We have already discussed the importance of a stable internet connection. On your computer, open any web browser and make a random search and see if you can pursue it. If the search results in loads without any issue, your internet is working fine, but if you can’t load the website, you need to check the internet connection settings and fix the problems if there are any. Reset the router or contact the ISP if nothing seems to be fixing. 

Solution 3: Enable JavaScript

JavaScript enables you to use YouTube without any hindrance. For checking if JavaScript is on, go to the Settings of Google Chrome, choose “Advanced”, and then go to “Site Settings” under the “Privacy and Security” option. Then, go to the “JavaScript” menu and enable by selecting “Allowed (recommended)”.

After enabling the JavaScript, check if you can now YouTube is working fine. Refresh YouTube’s website and see if you can now play videos seamlessly.

Solution 4: Manage Extensions

We often add too many extensions to our browser or Chrome. Not all extensions are great to use, and therefore it is important to manage the extensions and remove the faulty ones. If you can find the extensions to be blamed for, remove it from the browser, but if you are not able to detect the problematic extension, you can disable all the extensions for incognito mode, and check if you can watch videos now. Then, try to enable extensions one by one, and see which one was creating issues. Now, disable the one which was inducing issues and then try to use YouTube once again. 

Steps to disable or delete extensions

  1. Click on the three vertical dots from the top-right corner of the screen
  2. Select “More Tools” and select “Extensions”.
  3. Now, disable or delete extensions to check if things are now fine.

Solution 5: Clear Cache and Cookies

Clear Cache and Cookies

If disabling the extension is only working for incognito mode and not in the regular mode, you need to clear the cache and cookies from the regular mode of Google Chrome. 

From the top-right corner of the screen, select “More Tools” and then “Clear browsing data”. Select “All Time” from the drop-down menu and clear all the data one by one.

To delete the cache and cookies:

  1. From the top right corner of the screen of your browser.
  2. Select “More Tools” and then “Clear browsing data
  3. Now, choose “All Time” and clear all the browsing data.


So, if YouTube is not working, try all the possible solutions to get rid of the problems you are facing. You can easily fix every sort of issue related to YouTube, on your Android and PC.

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