YouTube has become a daily driver of all internet users. The reason behind its success that it provides all sorts of video content under one umbrella. The internet has developed enough that now everyone has data on their mobile. But still, the cellular data company charges a lot of money to provide unlimited data. Many people rely on economic data packages with limited GBS. People usually download YouTube videos using their home internet (WIFI) and enjoy the videos offline outside their home without risking limited data. YouTube has taken over the old way of watching television shows and movies at a particular time and place . YouTube is considered to be moveable television with millions of hours of content all around the world. YouTube provides problem-solving solutions to television viewers. Traditionally, the viewer has to watch 15 minutes of ads for 15 minutes of the show. The shows are supposed to be aired at predefined times and sometimes do not have the repeated show. Once you missed the show, you won’t be able to watch it again. Importantly the television option does not provide the forward, rewind, and stop possibility which, has become the major drawback of television. The new Era YouTube is the solution to all television problems. YouTube is also equipped with advanced options like it allows individual content creators to create content. There is no country barrier. Videos from all around the world are available on YouTube. Anyone can have access to that content without any restriction. The content creator of YouTube is known as “YouTubers”. The content creator doesn’t need to be a celebrity. But YouTube has made many “YOUTUBERS” celebrities from scratch.

Reasons Behind Downloading YouTube Videos.

People prefer to watch YouTube offline by downloading its content to their devices. It is helpful to watch downloaded YouTube videos when you’re flying or traveling by train/car, or doing your daily work. When you have the internet, you have some social media and other apps to pass your time. Most people prefer to watch downloaded YouTube Tv shows when they have slowed or no internet connection. It helps them keep entertained during unavailability of internet and in queues. YouTube allows its users to download YouTube content  download purchased youtube videos. But that’s downloaded content has many restrictions, i.e., Every video on YouTube cannot be downloaded. Only selected videos are allowed to be downloaded. The downloaded YouTube video will remain in the YouTube app in offline YouTube mode. To watch the offline YouTube video, you have to open its app and switch to Offline mode. The important thing is, YouTube offline modes need a refresh after two or three days to watch the offline downloaded YouTube videos. YouTube offline mode is not a reliable option.

People download YouTube videos because sometimes they got deleted. Deleting the video is a strict policy of YouTube that does not allow people to use already published content, including audio. If they do so, YouTube penalizes such users. Most of the time, people download videos to have the video with them even if it is deleted on YouTube. People use to download YouTube videos for sharing purposes. Instead of sending the YouTube video link to people, they share the actual videos on WhatsApp and Facebook. The sharing of video is one of the most useable tools by many internet users. The sharing makes the views compound, and finally, the video becomes viral. People like sharing good content with their loved ones. It is a source of entertainment for many people.

The Best Solution to Download YouTube Videos.

After explaining the importance of YouTube videos, we will not leave you without giving you the best solution. You can still enjoy the YouTube videos on your device with external software. There are several paid and free websites available to download YouTube videos. I have used many YouTube Download software. The best software that I would like to recommend is “BTCLOD”. The software is all in one with all the necessary tools for downloading online YouTube videos. The BTCLOD has a simple and basic theme that responds very quickly and fast. BTCLOD allows its user to download YouTube videos for free. The website is easy to use and easy to load. The best thing about BTCLOD is, it provides all services free. The downloading and conversion process is fast compared to other downloading software. BTCLOD also offers different formats to download the converted YouTube video. Following Formats are available.



This format helps in converting YouTube MP4 videos into MP3 format. Many old songs are not available on the internet but can only be seen on YouTube. The MP3 format allows users to convert those evergreen songs into MP3 format and enjoy anywhere without turning on the screen.


Audio format is better to format than MP3. It is uncompressed audio that allows files to convert with their original size in its original quality. In contrast, an MP3 format is compressed audio with a smaller size. The MP3 format compressed the audio by deleting information from the original file to make its size smaller; smaller size helps upload all over the internet and takes small space for storage. Audio format is used by Studios that focus on quality over the size of the file.

BTCLOD allows its users to convert YouTube videos into an audio format which is a popular format among studios and high-quality content creators. BTCLOD provides solutions to all its users.


Everyone commonly uses the format. The format helps in downloading the YouTube videos in MP4 format. People prefer to download the tv shows available on YouTube to watch during flying or traveling. The form allows them to download the YouTube content in a variety of forms and sizes. The sizes start from 144p and end to higher quality depending upon the video. It allows users to download a video in different sizes according to their needs.

Steps To Download YouTube Video.

Step 1: Open your browser, select the URL and type, and press enter.

Step2: The website will be open then, copy your desired YouTube video link and paste it into the space given “YouTube video download.”

Step 3: Press the “Start Over” button. The available formats will be displayed. Select your desired format and desired size, and then press the button convert.

Step 4: In a few seconds, your desired video will be available for download. Click the button download. The video will sprightly go to your desired device. Enjoy the offline YouTube video.

The Bottom Line

After learning this much, it is preferable to utilize the online downloading service, which is simple, safe, and secure. It’s a dream come true for people who wondered if they’d be able to download their files or keep watching online slow videos on YouTube. So, now is the time to enjoy offline videos without any hassle.

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