Recently a lot of users started complaining about YouTube comments not showing on the video they are watching. 

We all love reading insightful comments on YouTube while watching a video, however, this annoying error has recently started troubling everyone. While some are getting a totally blank comment section, others are seeing the loading icon that keeps spinning. 

Although no particular reason has been found regarding the ‘YouTube comments not loading’ error, there are several fixes that you can try mentioned in this guide further.

Let’s start with some basic quick-fixes:

Basic Troubleshooting

Before you call it a technical error or a major glitch, make sure to do a basic check-up:

1. Check your Network

Start by switching off and on your network and make sure you are getting adequate signal strength. Oftentimes, due to not getting a strong network, YouTube may face some issues in loading all the comments for you; so a strong internet is a must.

2. Try Reloading the YouTube Page

Another quick fix is to reload the YouTube website as a simple reload sometimes fix the minor glitches and you may be able to see the comments again.

3. YouTube App is Not Updated

If comments are not loading on the YouTube app, make sure you are using the latest version of the app or else get the update from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. After installing the update, check if you are able to see comments on any video.

4. Browser is not Outdated

Using an outdated browser can also lead to the ‘YouTube comments not showing’ error. So, check if any update is available for the browser you are using and if yes, install it and then play any video to see if the error got resolved.

5. YouTube is Facing Issues

It is also possible that YouTube is facing some issues with the comment section and is trying to fix that, hence you cannot see any comments. So just wait for some time and see if the issue got fixed.

If you are still seeing a blank comment section, try the solutions listed further.

Sign in to YouTube

Some users have claimed to see the comments only when they have signed in to the YouTube account. So, this could be your case and if you are playing YouTube videos without signing in, first log in using your Google account and then see if you are able to see the comments or not.

Click on the ‘Sign in’ button in the top-right corner of YouTube and log in using your Google account credentials.

Sign In

Play a Different Video

YouTube gives an option to the content creators to disable their comment section for any video they want. So, if the comment section is off for a particular video, you will not see any comments. To ensure this is an error or just the comment section is turned off, play a few more videos and see if you are facing the error with all of them. 

Sort the Comments

If in the comment section, you are only able to see a rotating circle and not the comments, you can sort the comments from Top Comments to Newest first or vice-versa. Doing this has successfully fixed the issue for most of the users as this will refresh the comment section of the video and YouTube will start loading comments as usual.

Sort the comment

Use the Incognito Window

Another method to apply when YouTube comments are not showing is to use the incognito window as this will check if the issue is due to cache, cookies, or extensions on your browser. Play YouTube videos in incognito mode and then see if you 

To Go Incognito on Google Chrome:

Click on the three-dots menu icon and then click on the option ‘New incognito window’ or use the shortcut keys ‘Ctrl+Shift+N’.

Go Incognito on Google Chrome

To Go Incognito on Microsoft Edge:

Click on the three-dots menu and then select ‘New InPrivate Window’ or use the shortcut keys ‘Ctrl+Shift+N’

New InPrivate Window

To Go Incognito on Youtube App on Your Android Or Iphone

Launch the YouTube app, tap Google account on the top-right; select ‘Turn on Incognito’.

Turn on Incognito

After opening the incognito window, play any YouTube video and see if you are able to see any comments or not.

Get Rid of Cache and Cookies

Clearing the cache and cookies from your browser and the YouTube app can also fix if comments are not showing. 

To Clear The Cache On Google Chrome:

  • Click on the menu icon in the top-right and then select the ‘History’ option.
  • Click on ‘Clear Browsing Data’
Clear Browsing Data
  • Select the ‘All Time’ range in the ‘Advanced’ tab; finally click on ‘Clear data’.
Clear Data

To Clear The Cache On Microsoft Edge:

  • Click on the menu and then go to ‘History’ section
  • Again click on the three-dots menu at the top and then select the ‘Clear browsing data’ option.
Clear Browsing Data
  • After deciding the time range, click on ‘Clear now’.
Clear now

To Clear The Cache of The Youtube App:

  • Select the ‘i’ button or ‘app info’ option after long-pressing the YouTube app 
App info
  • Select the ‘Storage’ option
  • Tap the ‘Clear Data’ or ‘Clear Storage’ option
Clear data or clear storage
  • This will clear all the cache of the YouTube app and most probably will fix the ‘comments not loading’ error.

Reset the Browser to Defaults

Resetting the browser you are using to play YouTube video can also fix the minor glitches and you will again start seeing the comments. After resetting the browser, you can check if comments on YouTube are showing or not.

To Reset Google Chrome

Click the menu icon and then go to Settings> Advanced> Reset and clean up> Restore settings to their original defaults> Reset Settings

Reset Settings

To Reset Microsoft Edge

After clicking on the menu, go to Settings> Reset Settings> Restore settings to their default values> Reset


Disable Ad Blockers

Having ad blockers can also create issues and that could be the reason no comments are showing on YouTube. You can try to disable the ad blocker and then see if this fixes the issue or not.


If no comments are shown on YouTube, there can be several reasons for that including a weak internet, YouTube is down, the browser is outdated, and so on. Whenever YouTube comments are not loading, you can try any of the solutions listed above as that has worked in fixing this issue for most of the users.

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