Facebook is ruling the realm of social media with 2.6 billion monthly active users. But the harsh reality is that Facebook has become the epicenter of virtual stalking; some do this for fun, while others have cruel intentions. this has lead to many people deactivating Facebook and leaving the platform to stay away from virtual stalkers. 

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Therefore, there has been a huge debate on the topic of whether you can you see who views your Facebook or whether it is practically impossible. 

If you have questions in your mind like, “Can I know who viewed my Facebook profile recently?“ Is it even possible? Is there any official way for doing this? 

You are in the right place. Seize this opportunity to know whether you can legally check viewers of the Facebook profile, or if there is any trick for that, by reading this blog till the end.

Want to See Who Viewed My Facebook Profile? Try These Methods

Facebook has always been the target of its users for sharing their data with third-party in return for monetary benefits, and thus Facebook is trying its best to annul these allegations by taking strict action on privacy breaches.

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In all this chaos, Facebook also faced a lot of backlash for providing a rumored feature to check who visited the Facebook profile. Although Facebook did not introduce such a feature, third-party applications were luring users with the promise of seeing who had viewed their Facebook profile. 

Well, we understand the curiosity of users to get an idea of the people who visit their profile, so we have created a guide with a few feasible methods that might help you with this. So, before we talk more, let’s just get straight into the methods. 

Method 1: Check out who viewed your Facebook profile using Facebook on Andriod/iOS:

You can easily find out who viewed your Facebook profile by just following some simple steps on android/iOS:

  1. Log in to your Facebook Account
    Facebook Login Page
  1. Click on the Drop Menu:
    Facebook Drop Menu
  1. Go to Privacy Shortcuts 
    Facebook Privacy Shortcuts
  1. Tap on Who Viewed My Profile
    Who Viewed My Profile

By following the above steps, you can see who views your Facebook profile. Unfortunately, to date, this is the only authentic way for Android and iOS users. There are also some Facebook spy apps for iPhone users on the internet that can help you spy on someone’s FB profile secretly.

Method 2: See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile from Page Source (On Desktop)

People often consider this method lengthy and overly strenuous, but it has proven its worth by providing several positive results. To use this method:

  • Sign in to your Facebook account and open your Facebook timeline page. 
  • Wait until the page loads, and do not interrupt in between loadings.
  • When the page is loaded carefully, you need to right-click anywhere on the page and choose View Page Source. Alternatively, you can simply press and hold the keys Ctrl+U.  
  • Next, a new window will open that will include all the codes that you might not understand, but this page has all the information you need. So, press “Ctrl+F” to open the search box and enter this BUDDY_ID
    Facebook Profile Page Source Code
  • The profile IDs for people who visited your profile would open on your screen. The profile ID is basically a 15 digit code. Go to Facebook and paste the ID there (e.g., facebook.com/100010542976550). 

The first ID that will appear is the person who viewed your profile or does this most of the time.

How to See Who Views Your Facebook By Mobile Applications

Fortunately, there are some mobile applications named who viewed my Facebook profile recently. However, some of these apps are definitely not safe to use.

Some apps may exist solely to collect people’s personal information for the purpose of selling it to marketing companies or even attempting to steal their identity. We recommend reading the reviews on these apps before downloading them. 

We have discovered a few apps that appear to have pretty good reviews, indicating that they are reliable and serve their intended purpose. 

Here are a few we believe you should investigate:

  1. Who Viewed My Facebook Profile (Android)
    Who Viewed My Facebook Profile Application Logo

    You can view a variety of information about your Facebook profile, such as who has viewed it, who has liked your posts the most, and so on. The app will not request personal information from you and may not send your data to another server or company. 

  1. Who Cares Profile for Facebook (iOS)
    Profile for Facebook Application Logo

    You can see who is the most interested in your profile. If you are interested in seeing more people on the list, you can pay a fee of $2.79 to see up to 35 profile visitors, $3.99 to see 50 visitors, or $5.49 to see a massive list of the top 100 visitors.

    If you are not satisfied with the apps that we mentioned above, you can try out some more spy apps and see how effective they are.

What Can You Check in Your Facebook Profile?

Facebook allows you to check a variety of other things associated with your account. So, let’s see what they are:

See Friendship

If you are in the mood to recall your memories with your friend/friends, you can get a glimpse of what all you guys shared on Facebook. All your interactions can be tracked by clicking on the See Friendship option that is available for each Facebook friend of yours. 

Facebook See Friendship Option

Just go to the profile of the person and click on the horizontal three-dot icon.  You can view mutual friends, photos you both are tagged in, and your posts.

View Activity Log

The activity log is a collection of all the things done by a person on Facebook. You can get complete details of all interactions done so far. To view the activity log, open your own Facebook profile, click on the three-dot icon on the profile page, and select “Activity Log” from the drop-down menu. 

Facebook Activity Log Option

You will get every detail of the activities you have done so far on Facebook. You can check your interactions, searches, friends, likes, comments, and reactions. You also get two filters to narrow down your search:

  • Review posts you are tagged in.
  • Review the tags on your posts.

Check Who Viewed Your Facebook Page

If you own a Facebook page, you have the authority to view who has viewed it, but you can’t do this for your Facebook profile. Well, if you want to know who viewed my Facebook profile, open your Facebook page, and from the left, click on Insights.

Facebook Insights Option

Using the Insights section, you can get various details in the Overview Section, such as:

  1. Actions on Page
  2. Page Views
  3. Page Likes
  4. Post Reach
  5. Story Reach
  6. Recommendations
  7. Post Engagement
  8. Videos
  9. Page Followers
Facebook Insights1

Though the names of the viewers can’t be tracked, you can get to know the number of visitors who are coming back and forth on your page.

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Can You See Who Views Your Facebook Profile Recently?

Answering this question is a cumbersome task as there is no definitive answer available. If you have thoroughly read the posts in the Facebook Help Center, it says:

Note: No, Facebook doesn’t let people track who views their profile. Third-party apps also can’t provide this functionality. If you come across an app that claims to offer this ability, please report the app.

People often complain that Facebook doesn’t let them see who has viewed their profile. The short answer is that IT DOES NOT MATTER

Facebook Hiring Meme

Facebook hasn’t introduced this feature to maintain the privacy of its users; otherwise, Facebook must have introduced something like what you get with the LinkedIn Premium subscription.

So, straightforwardly, “NO!” Is the simple answer to the repetitively asked query, “Can I See Who Viewed My Facebook Profile?

Facebook knows stalking is the most popular activity on its platform, even a normal person stalks so many profiles every day, but no one wants to face the embarrassment that will come to them when the person they are stalking gets to know about it. 

Therefore, there is no such feature available for regular users to know who is visiting their Facebook profile. Undoubtedly, the masses use Facebook to dig into the lives of others, and Facebook feeds on this curiosity. 

Therefore, giving its users the ability to know who viewed their Facebook profile would directly affect the economic conditions of Facebook.

Nevertheless, it is not like Facebook doesn’t let you know anything. You can track most of the activities that take place around your Facebook profile. 


In a nutshell, Facebook does not have an inbuilt feature that can be used to check who has viewed your Facebook profile, and using an unconventional method to find out the same would put your account at risk. So, avoid using any fake or fraudulent third-party application or extension that claims to reveal the names of people who viewed your Facebook profile.


Ans: You can download this application from the Google Play Store. Also, you can download the apk for this app.

Ans: You can see who views your Facebook profile. First, go to the profile extension page and add it to Chrome. There are numerous extensions available on the market; you can choose the one that best suits you.

Following the addition of the extensions, Facebook will provide visitors with the option. By clicking this, you will see the names of those who have visited your profile so far.

Ans: Unfortunately, there is no official way to find out who is watching your Facebook video.


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