Mobile phones were introduced as a way for us to communicate with each other without having to wait. However, nowadays, our mobile devices have become a hub for everything we do, which includes taking photos, managing business, watching movies, shopping, among other things.  

There is nothing we cannot do with our mobile devices, which has created an issue where parents find it hard to give their children mobile phones. They are worried that their kids will find ways to access the wrong side of the internet. 

When it comes to utilizing cell phones, today’s children are more knowledgeable than some adults. As a result, children have begun to spend time online on the best bitcoin sports betting sites, which is a harmful habit for any youngster.

What if we told you that there was a way to monitor what your kid watches and sees online? The answer is spy applications. With spy software for iPhone and Android devices, you can monitor any mobile device. 

Here is a list of the best spy apps available to users right now:

  • mSpy: Best Overall Spy Software 
  • Spyera: Best Undetectable Monitoring Software
  • ClevGuard: Best AntiSpy App
  • SentryPC: Best Live Control Panel Feature
  • uMobix: Best for Social Media Tracking
  • iKeyMonitor: Best for Parental Control
  • Mobile Spy: Best For Application Blocking 
  • TheOneSpy: Best for Recording Live Calls 

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However, parents are not the only ones who can benefit from the best spyware. Business owners also use spyware to monitor employees. The word “spy” in spy applications draws attention right away. We live in a world where hackers often gain access to people’s personal information and even the cameras on their phones. So it’s no wonder that we frequently feel insecure when it comes to digital surveillance. Spying on someone has never been more straightforward than it is right now. The good news is that “spying” does not always imply something negative.

What Are the Qualifying Criteria for the Best Spying App?

If you have spent any time searching for spy apps on the internet, you would realize there is a lot to choose from. However, we have gone through a lot of spy applications to bring the best of the best. So, what criteria did we use to measure each of them? 

Well, when creating this list of the best spying apps, we used the following criteria: 


When looking at a spying app, you want to ensure that it provides all of the features you need. All the apps on our list pack several valuable features which set them apart from other spyware alternatives. Some of those features include social media tracking( Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp), the ability to track and record live phone calls, and surrounding sounds. 

Security & Interface

Security is one of the most important criteria that we check when curating this list. Making sure that an app won’t leak or give a third-party access to target devices is something only the best spy apps provide. A consumer-friendly interface is advantageous for transferring data logs to your cloud account. You use the remote control to lock the target device, block and remove it, and modify its primary settings.

Customer Support

Even the best apps may not work as intended by the developing team. Dedicated customer support is crucial when your tool gives out a bug or compromises on performance. The apps featured in this list offer 24/7 support.

User Reviews

Most importantly, we looked through reviews left by current users of the spying app. Online reviews will tell you how the software serves its customers and what kinds of experiences they’ve had with it. Overall, user ratings online will improve our understanding of spying software selection. Trustpilot, Sitejabber, Reddit, Capterra, and TechRadar all provide genuine user comments on spy software.


We double-checked that the spying applications in our list work with a variety of mobile devices. The majority of the cell phone spy software is compatible with all major operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Blackberry. However, keep in mind that not all spyware is designed to work with your specific phone model.

SiteWhy Best?Key FeaturesBonus 
mSpymSpy is indispensable because of its easy-to-navigate interface, modern design, an extensive set of features.Location trackingSMS and call monitoringOnline activity trackingMultimedia monitoringFree demo version
SpyeraSPYERA accomplishes practically all of the features that intelligent spy software should. Track the GPS location, read text messages, and gain access to the browsing history.View and track all bookmarks on a target device,Remote access to camera, Surroundings listening and recordingMoney-back guarantee for the first ten days
ClevGuardWith ClevGuard, you have access to a plethora of programs that allow you to regulate the time and content of usage. Data export optionAbility to install the program to multiple devices at once6 types of productLong-term memberships are discounted by 30%
SentryPCSentryPC is excellent spy software for both household and corporate usage. Because the software is cloud-based, it is simpler to deploy and operate.Comprehensive web filterWebsite and application monitoringTime and activity trackingKeystroke loggingFree demo account
uMobixThe uMobix spy application helps customers monitor Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social networking sites.Photo/Video Gallery MonitoringBrowsing History MonitoringKeyloggingContact Book MonitoringMessaging Apps TrackingFree trial
iKeyMonitoriKeyMonitor features a comprehensive tracking package of messages, calls, messengers, dating apps, and more!Chat MonitoringGeo-fencingEmail AlertsRemotely Take PhotosFree basic plan
Mobile SpyMobile Spy allows you to monitor text messages secretly, GPS positions, call information, photographs, and social media activities.Monitoring of Social MediaLogs from MessengerControl Panel in Real-TimePurchase 12 months and get 3 months SniperSpy free of charge
TheOneSpyOneSpy offers  360 live camera and surrounds streaming, tracking for video apps, G-mail tracking, and more!Spy 360 Live RecordingCall Recording & RestrictionsSocial Media Chats MonitoringSave 50% on any of the yearly plans

If you want the latest information about the best spy apps, check out BestSpyApps for spy software news updated in real-time.

mSpy –  Best Overall Spy Software

mSpy is a mobile phone spying program that can enable you to monitor the activity of a target mobile phone from a distant place. When you use this app, you will receive information on the following actions: locations visited, instant messages, social media activity, phone calls, and more. What’s more, this program operates entirely in the background on the target device, making it nearly hard for the user to detect its presence.

mspy grp 1

mSpy was created more than a decade ago, in 2010, and has steadily enhanced its capabilities to become one of the most trustworthy and widely used mobile phone spying applications in the world. Though it is primarily aimed at parents who want to maintain a continual eye on their children’s online activities, the software is also popular among corporates, spouses, and anyone who wants to utilize it for their unique requirements. In fact, over 1.5 million parents worldwide use this software monthly to protect their children’s internet safety.

Users Talk…

Trustpilot: The spy software has a rating of 3.9 with over 2,700 reviews, with many users complimenting its discreteness and accuracy in which the app works. 

On Sitejabber, the software has racked up over 700 reviews, and one user by the name Carolina T. could stop raving about being able to GPS track her teenage daughter who just got her driver’s license, effectively keeping her mind at peace.


The software offers a free demo version where you can test some of the features and see for yourself before opting to buy the software outright.

Spyera – Best Undetectable Monitoring Software

SPYERA is a parental control software, which allows parents to monitor the online activity of their kids remotely. The customers can keep an eye on their children’s calls, emails, media files, SMS, browser history, social media accounts, among other things. The app works in stealth mode and allows you to view advanced analytics about a target user’s activity.

SPYERA is available for most Android and iOS devices, and personal computers as well. For device compatibility, log in to and check it. 

Users Talk….

Spyera has garnered several positive reviews from users on Reddit and Trustpilot. The software has an average rating on Trustpilot, with users pointing out its compatibility and advanced analytics as reasons they enjoy using the app.


Users can get the app and test it out. If a user feels like the software is not for them, the company offers a ten-day money-back guarantee.

ClevGuard – Best AntiSpy App

KidsGuard Pro, one of the best-hidden surveillance apps for the iPhone, is available from ClevGuard. You can monitor discussions and current actions on several social networking platforms with this spy phone software. Examine media exchange and settings on applications such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Kik, etc. Is your child being harassed by an online sexual predator? You will be aware if you use KidsGuard Pro.

The spy app grants you access to a number of built-in phone programs and files. It begins with phone call monitoring, which includes tracking incoming and outgoing calls. Examine the saved photographs in the gallery, videos in the video player, and notes on the device. KidsGuard Pro, one of the finest spy applications, makes it simple to monitor text conversations. Even deleted text messages can be recovered.

There are several spyware options on the internet. However, ClevGuard offers the best spy application known for security. KidsGuard Pro doesn’t root or jailbreak, thereby maintaining the phone’s integrity. And most importantly, data from the target device is synced into your web account constantly.

You can block your child from being able to access websites that you deem inappropriate. Also, you can block out specific keywords such as pornography, bitcoin casino, and many more.

Users Talk…

Many customers have taken to reviewing sites like Trustpilot to rate ClevGuard positively. One reviewer on Trustpilot by the name of TTerence says, “With Clevguard, you don’t have to worry about spyware intrusion and theft of personal information while surfing the Internet.”


ClevGuard offers its users a very lucrative 30% on every long-term subscription. 

SentryPC – Best Employee Monitoring App

SentryPC is the ideal employee monitoring software for small firms on a budget since it is inexpensive, readily expandable, and does not require a minimum number of users. It provides six cloud-based programs with yearly subscription fees that are affordable for many small enterprises. Content filtering and blocking, website and application monitoring, time and activity tracking, and keystroke recording are all aspects of the program.

SentryPC is the best spy app for iOS and Android in terms of UI and UX. Get access to user reports, activity logs, and detailed information about numerous functions. The program runs in the background and consumes very little CPU power, and these features divert the user’s focus away from the software.

SentryPC allows you to access the target device from anywhere in the globe remotely. The app will enable you to operate several devices at the same time. The data collected from the target device is uploaded to your cloud-based account and is always accessible. SentryPC is safeguarded by high-level security, including 2FA login and TOTP authentication.

User Talk…

Users have voiced very positive reviews about the software on Capterra and TechRadar. Customers have pointed out the convenience of the app, remote screenshot, and user friendly as some of the reasons the app is the best. 


Users can access a free demo account provided by Sentry PC. However, not all of the features will be available. To get full access, users must pay for a membership.

uMobix: Best for Application Blocking

uMobix falls in the category of top-selling spy applications. Comparatively, it is the latest spy app with state-of-the-art mobile tracking and monitoring features. You can use the uMobix app as a mobile tracker or utilize its features for kids’ monitoring. It is designed for parents who stay curious about the digital well-being of their teens. The uMobix helps you spy on Android and iOS devices in real-time and social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, and more. It means that you can record whatever your child does on their mobile phone or tablet.

Other features of uMobix include: 

  • Call History Monitoring
  • Text Message Tracking
  • Social Apps Monitoring
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Photo/Video Gallery Monitoring
  • Browsing History Monitoring
  • Keylogging
  • Contact Book Monitoring
  • Messaging Apps Tracking
  • Notification Alerts

iKeyMonitor – Best for Parental Control

iKeyMonitor is a monitoring app that offers many features for iOS/Android users. It allows you to monitor SMS text messages, call history logs, keystrokes, screenshots, GPS locations, website visits, social chat messages on WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Instagram, and more. It supports sending monitoring logs via email remotely so that you can view the records without logging into the online account.

Parents might be worried about their kids visiting illegal websites or gambling online at the best crypto casino. iKeymonitor can help you figure out if your child is using the internet safely.

Other iKeyMonitor features include: 

  • Geo-fencing
  • Call Recording
  • Set Screen Time Limit
  • Discreet & Tamper Proof
  • Multiple Users & Admins
  • Remote Access

Mobile Spy: Best for Application Blocking 

Mobile Spy is a well-known mobile phone tracking application, and it comes in third place in our assessment of the best cell phone parental control software. Mobile Spy offers extensive logging capabilities and stores all communications, including deleted ones. As your remote mobile tracking program, Mobile Spy captures text messages, phone details, browser history, and GPS positions.

Other Features of Mobile Spy include: 

  • Logs received and sent emails.
  • Also, log the saved contacts in your child and employee’s Mobile.
  • Provides extra features by recording activities in the messaging services of Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.
  • Sends alerts for profanities or any keywords that you have set as an alarm.
  • Blocks applications that you have blacklisted.
  • Logs watched YouTube videos.
  • Records the messenger logs from Black Messenger, Gtalk, and other messenger services.
  • Able to uninstall Mobile Spy remotely.
  • Capture the GPS location of your children and employees. You can see the actual coordinates where they are with a map.

TheOneSpy – Best for Recording Live Calls 

TheOneSpy is a mobile eavesdropping program used for parental control, company administration, and personal device tracking. The program has comprehensive mobile phone and computer tracking tools to assist you in keeping track of the ongoing digital activity of your target device. You can remotely monitor your children, manage work computers, and follow personal gadgets with TheOneSpy.

Other features of TheOneSpy include: 

  • Spy 360 Live Recording
  • Call Recording & Restrictions
  • Social Media Chats Monitoring
  • Live Screen Recording
  • Password Chaser & Keylogger
  • SMS Tracking

Frequently Asked Question

Ans: Yes, it is legal to snoop if you purchase software to monitor your children or workers. However, if you still want to spy on someone else’s phone, you must first obtain the person’s permission.

Ans: Phone spy applications are pretty compelling. They are a practical approach to invisibly monitor someone else’s smartphone, and some apps even don’t require physical access to the target device.

Ans: Yes, most spying software enterprises offer customer service. However, before purchasing a particular spying program, be sure to validate it by visiting the website.

Ans: Yes. Physical access to the mobile is necessary for the majority of Android and iPhone versions. To use sophisticated spying tools, you may also need to root the phone.

Ans: Yes. Any customer has the option to unsubscribe from the package and remove the application. Please contact your developer for additional details.

Final Thoughts

Smartphone Spyware may be highly beneficial for parents who want to safeguard their children from the evil things the internet can unleash on them and business owners who wish to protect their interests. These are the only valid reasons for using such programs.

Spyera or SentryPC are our recommendations for an advanced and economic spying experience. You can choose mSpy instead for a more minimalist user experience, primarily for parental concerns.

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