We’ve seen the standard, worn-out Instagram themes and post templates over the past few years.
We’re confident you’ve seen them on your screens as well.

Conundrums and colorful and monochrome quotes were additionally famous.

However, can we be honest for a moment? They’re each a little dated at this point.

“Toss a couple of significant substance things at your crowd before snaring them with a deal”. That’s the current formula.

Creating consistency on your Instagram feed will be helpful if you have a structure around your posts and profile. Make content themes and remember to make posts accordant to that template and follow a specific theme.

We’ve aggregated a rundown of 11 of the most smoking Instagram post templates for 2022, alongside guidelines on the best way to copy them for your own business.

Let’s get started!

Puzzle Based Instagram Theme

I feel everyone will find riddle feed interesting; I’m certain visitors will be dazzled.
It will allow you to go above or more to establish an impactful first impression. I don’t think anything will make your story or Instagram post more sizzling than the Puzzle Instagram theme.

Chessboard Instagram Feed

Pick this subject, assuming you’re wild about tricks yet need to sell on the web. This subject permits you to switch between two different topic photos, so your Instagram bio profile seems like a chessboard play; you can tone your images darkly and lightly or choose simple black and white theme to make it look more like a chessboard.

Multicolor Theme

To make feed a banquet for the eyes, splendid and shockingly brimming with variety. You can go for this theme with only one tone or an assortment of shades. I genuinely like how this looks, and it’s a spectacular method for flaunting your character and instinct concerning fashion. To accomplish this impact, I suggest helping the vibrance and saturation.

Toned Theme

Whether you lean toward your photos to be grainy or have more surface, this Instagram theme will work for you. This is incredible for any photograph, yet it’s particularly great for travel. It makes Insta feeds superbly toned. Diminish the whites and contrast, as well as the exposure, to accomplish this delicate stylish.

Bright And Airy

This theme has a smooth and pinkish rosy tone; this Instagram theme is girlish and engaging. This is great for style pictures, flat lays, and showcasing photography’s general way of life.

Filter Theme

Utilizing filters or color correction each time you post is a simple way to construct a lucid Instagram theme. Each time the visitor refreshes, your feed will support the pinks and blues and work on clarity, making a stunning, tasteful, satisfying picture.

Subject Oriented Theme

The subject-related feed is one of my top picks since it’s typically simple to detect and attract. The Instagram theme focuses on the subjects it distributes, usually posted in a constant tone. Before reading the description, the subjects that got the attraction, there were entrances, windows, breakfast niches, and different elements. So, this is a genuinely versatile technique for accomplishing a delightful Instagram appearance. The theme suits you if you make an Instagram account focusing on subjects.

Dark Theme

On Instagram, this exquisite style says something. Those who wish to share their high design, road style, or tomfoolery and grungey photographs would cherish this. To make this theme, increment the photograph’s darks and contrasts. I’d likewise suggest expanding the whites.

Pastel Theme

The Pastel Instagram theme is easy to make and fun to check out. I suggest limiting the contrast and zeroing in comparative colors, like pink and blue. This sugar stream Instagram thought is ladylike and enchanting whatever sort of photographs you take.

Saturated Theme

A bright and cohesive feed is a fantastic method for flaunting your photography abilities or drawing out the tones in a shot to enlighten your profile. The utilization of bold hues says something. To keep away from eye strain, focus on blues and oranges. It very well may be hard to see reds and pinks that have been oversaturated.

Vintage Retro Theme

Playing with the colors and contrast of dull and dark tones is something the audience appreciates. This one is straightforward since it works with countless edits no matter what the Instagram post is about.

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Recommended Apps and Tools

If you’re trying to create a cohesive feed, a few different apps are complete game-changers, but we suggest using Mojo Apps to design Instagram posts and stories.

Why Mojo App For Instagram Theme And Templates?

  • Mojo breaks limitations and makes social stories impossible to skip.
  • The app is free to install. No account is needed.
  • Enjoy endless creative possibilities; choose from hundreds of animated templates explicitly designed to bring your story to life.
  • Allow you to create great content and stand out from the crowd with high-quality layouts and animations.
  • Cover all your needs, find the proper templates to showcase your brand, promote your business, sell more online, etc.
  • Mojo was featured in the “Best of 2019” by Apple.

Download Mojo App and start creating your own animated stories.

Keep in mind that an Instagram theme can change. It’s not the end of the world. Realizes brand themes have changed numerous multiple occasions consistently. That is OKAY! We as a whole change and develop. Do what fulfills you; keep it imaginative and fascinating, and you will have the achievement?


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