Indisputably, Instagram is now the most trending social app and also the fastest growing social media platform available across the world! Not only is Instagram an amazing-place for professional and amateur photographers alike; it is also a fantastic source of entertainment, news, and inspiration for millions like you. 

Thus, as millennials, we are mere slaves to Instagram; where one of our main goals is to gain the attention of other users and have them engage with our profile by following our account, liking our posts, and viewing our stories, right! 

To achieve this, one of the easiest ways, or you can say the road to Instagram fame in the current year 2021 starts with choosing an eye-catching username for Instagram that is certain to make your account-profile stand out against the crowd!

Well, because just one glimpse of the username gives people (who come across your profile) a quick briefing of what they can expect from your Instagram handle. Furthermore, a username also conveys to people what your content is about and above all, it reflects your personality, basically who you are! Thus, it is considered important that you have a perfect username for your Instagram profile page.

However, let’s face it- the struggle of finding/creating and deciding the perfect Instagram username is real! 

Though, you can go online and find dozens of name generator tools but, most of them don’t do much wonder in generating meaningful and catchy names that make you say, “That’s the one for my profile!”

While it can be a challenging task, we’ve in this write-up decided to compile an extensive list of the greatest usernames that we have found on Instagram. Not only that, we’ve also provided some tips on how you can add your own spin to it and make your unique Instagram username ready!

To be precise, if you need unique plus good Instagram usernames ideas then, check out the below list—consisting of the cool, interesting, cute, best and more Instagram names that inspire you and most importantly help you come up with your own unique one that can do wonders for your Instagram profile.

That said, let’s get started without further ado—

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4-Step Process to Go-Through to Find Username for Instagram Handle

In the first place, it hardly matters if you’re starting an account or if you’re looking to change your name on Instagram; you must go through this four-steps process to find something that is unique, available, and worthy of attention.

Step 1:

Your first step would be to lock down a good Instagram name that starts with your decision regarding what you want your content to portray. By this, we simply mean what your plan for your profile is whether it is going to be a personal Instagram account where you can just upload photos of your day-to-day life or it is going to be a business account.

Step 2:

Now, your step 1 can lead you in three directions, and they’re as follows;

  • If you decide to dedicate your Instagram account to a lot of personal posts for family and friends then, it’s pretty much clear that you should simply consider using either your name or your nickname for your profile.
  • On the contrary, if you desire to keep your Instagram private and want to just post your personal content for your close family members and best friends then, give a thought of using a code word, personal joke or nickname that no one outside your group knows about.
  • And, if you’re sure your Instagram account is going to be a business, it goes without saying that you can consider incorporating elements like the name of your business, the type of your business, and the locality/area where your business is located. Similarly, if your account is for professional use like music, activism, journalism & more then, consider using some industry buzz words in your username.

Step 3: 

Next, when you’re done knowing the elements of your username, concentrate on creative ways that you can use to organize your information. 

For instance, if you decide to use your nickname for your personal Instagram profile, you can use it with a certain number or play around with all the distinct options. 

Similarly, for your business account, if you decide to use your company name only then, ensure that the name is clear and easy to remember to not make it difficult for people to find you. However, here, refrain yourself from playing with too many numbers and using such (personal) information that others wouldn’t know about you. In short, focus on keeping things simple, and catchy enough.

Step 4:

Once you’ve found the way, how you want to organize the elements you’ve decided to include in your username, you can finally check the availability of the name you just decided through this 4-step procedure. 

Upon doing so, if you encounter difficulty in finding available usernames matching your criteria then, try making a good use of punctuation as Instagram allows punctuations to improve an Instagram handle and to make it more legible. 

So, basically, if you play with different variations, chances are high that you will come across a good username that is available to use.

Tips to Follow for Choosing the Best Instagram Username

Before we proceed further, let us introduce you to some of the ‘must follow tips’ for choosing the best usernames for your Instagram profile page—

Tip 1: Relevant: The name you select should be synonym to the content you add to your Instagram account. For instance, @bookworm won’t make any sense if you mainly post food photos in your Instagram profile page. 

Tip 2: Reflects You: If you want other people to remember your name, you should choose something that reflects you. Instead of going for basic or common names, consider that it’s catchy enough to grab more and more eyeballs.

Tip 3: Appealing: You can think of your interests and hobbies, physical features, personality, habits and other such elements for deciding an Instagram username that is appealing and catchy enough for your followers.

Tip 4: Easy to Search: While deciding a catchy and unique Instagram username, make sure not to consider a name that has lots of random characters or letters involved in it—as it can be challenging for people to find and remember you.

850+ Examples of Cute, Elegant, Cool, Classy and Unique Usernames that Pop on Instagram

Now, for engaging a number of people to your account, be ready to choose your username from “Best, Unique, Cool, Classy, Cute and More Name” ideas for your Instagram Profile Page—

Best Instagram Names 


Unique Usernames for Instagram 


Cool Instagram Names 


Naughty Instagram Names 

@Little Texas@Winning Ex@American Ape
@Lovely Devil@Drama Gram@Extra Loud
@Ninja Nun@Imported Sense@Slipping Gold
@Capital Punch@Clever California@Hi Bye
@Wish a Fish@Center of Mental@Best in Bad
@Bald Saloon@Day Owl@Pick a Sick
@Balloon Face@Biggie Small@Helping Max
@Gorgeous Junk@Serious Fart@Furiously Famous
@Wow How@Bounty Banana@Freedom Belly
@Brainy Clicks@Silent Jazz@Blessed Bang
@Disco Cop@Fly Like a Rat

Classy Instagram Names 

@King Eyeball@King Mammering@King Elf
@Valiant Prince@Prince Heaven@Swag Prince
@Stalwart King@Famelicose@Malagrugrous
@Soothsayer Princess@Lanspresado@Sanguinolency
@Gowpenful@King of Those Who Know@Queen of Diamond Eyes

Clever Instagram Names 

@Super Face@Telling Big@President Punch
@Past Eraser@Dare to Face@Silent Singer
@Life Racer@Irritating Love@Peace Fighter
@Drama Creator@Mindset Player@Obvious Dump
@Bachelor Teacher@Crazy Leader@Freak of Instagram
@Baby Face Killer@Ludacris @Lunacy@Double Trouble
@Problem Repeater@Foolish Admin@Boring Nose
@Mistake Manager@Love Donor@Famous Cat Planet
@Tree Walker@Laughing Bird@Teasing Puppy
@Firewinds@Waiting Room Man@The Sentinel

Cute Instagram Names 

Instagram Names for Girls 

@Garden Heart@Doll Face@Awesome Honey@Love Insta
@Gold Grace@Elegant Point@Awesome Dreamer@Instant Insta
@Gold Unseen@Elegant Pin-up@Awesome Beauty@Top to Follow
@Grace Shower@Elegant Splendor@Awesome Whisper@Follow Me Well
@Honey Hug@Elegant Friendship@Awesome American@Follow Back or Out
@Honey Maker@Elegant Jump@Awesome Me@Leave or Left
@Honey Pot@Ego Ever@Baby Dream@Crazy Snow Rider
@I Best@Ever Next@Baby Base@Balance of Beauty
@I Wisher@Fresh Foam@Best Peace@Can’t Handle Cuteness
@I Hope@Fresh Face@Born Hyper@Bite Glory
@I World@Fresh Lime@Bold Touch@Cute Pixel
@Jellyfish@Fairy Fresh@Bold Style@Cute Circle
@Jelly Hub@Fruity Touch@Swift Teller@Cute Magic
@Jig Summer@Flower Fine@Team Up Girls@Cute Energy
@Kitty Cute@Garden Rose@Token for Gals@Cute Light
@Kitty Dance@Naughty Miss@Hearts for Sale@Cute Sky
@Kitty Bloom@Naughty Gamer@Mention My Eyes@Cute Eyes
@Love Speeder@Nice Touch@Never in New Land@Dolly Dolphin
@Love Graphic@Nice Breeze@Crappy and Greedy@Dolly Dangerous
@Lovely Dove@Oprah Clear@Greasy and Grassy@Dell Diamond
@Lovely Dear@Open Heart@Smiling Face@Doll Ex
@Lovely Passion@Oops Lady@Smile Everywhere@White Sand
@Lovely Poison@Pink Style@Smile Somewhat@White Energy
@Lovely Lights@Pink Page@Say Love@White Power
@Moon Up@Pink Prank@Say Cute@White Storm
@Moon Down@Panic Point@Say Something@Xoom Lady
@Moon Killer@Princess Rule@Sweet Weapon@Xoxo Fun
@Moon Maker@Princess Point@Sweet Sparrow@Yeah Me
@Shadow of Love@Princess Punch@Sweet Quail@Yes Time
@Silent Eyes@Princess Taste@Star Belt@Zenith Lead
@Twinkle Night@@PrincessKingdom@Star Shadow@Zoom Fire
@Tiny Heart@Top Command@Red Cream@Princess Army
@Tulip Bed@Teen Smile@Red Dairy@Princess Weapon
@Tulip Wind@Teen Rose@RedKingdom@PrincessLand
@Tweety Sweetie@Teen Touch@Red Queen@Right Choice Baby
@Tight Sight@Teen Hug@Rose Lady@RedOcean
@Teen Punch@Teen Graph@Rose Rain@Teen Boo
@Teen Ground@Sleepy World@Rose Catcher@Cute Teen Peach

Instagram Names for Boys 

@Silver Shades@Floating Heart@Beacon Bin@Bad Captain
@Tonight Gamer@Deal Anneal@Dead Deal@Deal Cereal
@Crazy Anyone@Bad Chatty@Bad Captain@Deal Cereal
@Nucking Futz@Compact Racer@Deal Looser@Fear Swag
@Facer Racer@Gamer Simmer@Feature Swag@Gamer Slayer
@Far Racer@Jade Bad@Interior Bad@Looney Looser
@Virgin Vanilla@Racer Party@Racer Hell@Swag Football
@Looser Bad@Baby Bold@List Mist@Show Runner
@Lowercase Guy@Super Sandy@Planet Zoom@Candy Cough
@News Deal@Swag Swamped@Hello Hell@Women Vine
@Plot Racer@Veal Deal@Smart Swag@Bean Never Seen
@Tiny Hunter@Snake Super@Jump in Jaw@Girls of Neptune
@Pasta Pins@Broken Paws@Helicopter Number 12@Instant Charger
@Board on Road@Dim Tim@Surfing Scooter@Eye Lover
@Lucky Lad@Will of Washington@Manhattan Man@Creepy Camp
@Ninty Nun@New Jersey Jack@London Lions@Claudio Clouds
@Beacon Boss@Mouth of Mexico@Freak Treat@David The Dancer
@Caption Master@Texas Tiger@Nature Nut@Beijing Band
@Billy Hills@Big Bites@Busy San@Million Mack
@Fifty Shades of Love@Mollen Mist@Jupiter Fest@Micky Mack
@Junior Jumper@Rolodex Propaganda@Jawbreaker 13@Janus Rising
@Yoyo Guitarist@Polly Crest@Various Eye@Girls Cake
@Dead Guru@Anonymous Girl@Swag Grant@Team of Tangs
@Deadline Dork@Windy Orbits@Blade Woman@Global Tummy
@Freak Bad@Gamer Tales@Heart Ticker@Training Tent
@Rice Wife@Lovely Lads@Misty Moles@Well Checked

New Instagram Names 

@Muffins n cupcakes@PrincessZenith@megan eve
@Sorties Sorry@Shy Doll@Handy Man
@Single – tone@Slow Trot@Shadow of Love
@Tattoo Puncher@LeadBest@GouGou
@Innocent- heart@MyAnacondaDoes@Fresh Foam
@Kitty Melody@JesusHentaiChrist@Tricky Mind
@takenbyWine@Smoking_Krills@Looney Looser
@Cyka_Bylat@Grammar_Jew@lets run away to yesterday
@Teamleaderisme@FedoraTheExplora@Pink prank
@Iloveyouyesterday@BackStabbath@Kitty Bloom
@Garden Heart@squishypoo@White_Energy
@devil’ dude@Ninja@Magic Peach
@johny sins@king of universe@Cool dora
@cyber warrier@RedOcean@betches
@Oops Lady@fragmentation@Angel Girl

Music-Themed Instagram Names 

@Ashes In Your Mouth@Modest Elephants@Floating on a Sea of Salty Cheese
@Lifesaving Slave@Ghosts of the Capital@White Sabbath
@Pieces of Minds@Masters of Disasters@Houses of the Holy Water
@Motionless in Red@The Shape of Insta to Come@Arc Arsenal
@Ivory Tickler@Soprano Sensation@Basement Jammer
@Keeper of the Gates of Dawn@Patterns Against Users@A Hard Day’s Weekend
@Epitaphy@Evening Serenade@Machine Rage

Attitude Instagram Names 


Sad Instagram Names for Girls & Boys

@Unluckywandered@Don’t _allow@Dejective_heart
@Extinctlesspain@Little secret@Shy_Princess
@FallingLimits@CryingHeadThoughts@Not Originxlly@101

Foodies Instagram Names 


Funny Instagram Names 

@shortbusgangster@l newsdeal@l naughtyslay
@MicrowavedGerbil@l reddairy@l digitalf33ls
@SheWalksInMoonlight@l biancachandon@l Gunhawk
@WellEndowedPenguin@l checkoutmybookshelf@l AttractTrain
@RichardTheTurd@l satiregram@l QuarterNote
@IwasReloading@l hereinthegarden@l Born-confused
@cuteTeen@l missielucky@l Jeyesweet
@TouchStrange@l petiue@l winninglooser
@EvilInternet@l guybesstfriend@l firestixnatural
@PeaceXoom@l alwaysaugst@l seekingthelight
@BachelorTeacher@l wearelivingart@l havelesstravelmore
@ProblemRepeater@l theperfecthideaway@l Earth_King
@MistakeManager@l lovehunter@l bigsecret
@FoolishAdmin@l pinexapple@l tinyheart
@RoseLife@l MissThing@TestNamePleaseIgnore
@RacerDoomVegetarian@l theloversanddriftersclub@BadAss
@Alien@l FriedBeingSocial@l meN_citY
@Eye Roller@Dry Fisher@Tricky Mind
@Mind Freezer@Daily Punch@Seven Shots
@Lol Fool@Disco Psycho@Lover Dropper
@Mental World@Baking Brain@Tiny Wrestler
@Mean Beauty@Madam Maid@Miss Kick
@Last Min Stand on the Earth@Little Gorilla@Tattoo Puncher
@Instant Genius@Winning Loser@Mad Boxer
@Blue Bus@Breakup Master@Little Fingers
@Serious Haha@Sober Slap@Still Dancer
@No Rules@No Limits@Walking Statue
@Frustrated Monk@Angry Eagle@Stilt Walker
@Legal Heartbreaker@Zombie Edge@Darling Dragon
@Planted Brain@Wrong Advisor@Big Thumb

So, now that you have all the inspiration you need, it’s time to recapitulate to decide your Instagram username, or create a new one for yourself.  Once you do that, you need to change your Instagram name and for that, here’s its procedure to follow—

How to Change Your Instagram Name?

Step 1: In order to change your Instagram name, first open the ‘Instagram App’ on your respective mobile device.

Step 2: Then, navigate to your ‘Profile.’

Step 3: There, you’ve to simply tap on the ‘Edit Profile’ option.

Step 4: Following that, type your username in the ‘Name’ text-field.

Step 5: Once you’ve done that, tap on ‘Done’ to finally save the made changes. 

In addition to this, you can also update your Instagram username via using these similar instructions—

How to Change Your Instagram Username?

Step 1: Open ‘Instagram App.’

Step 2: Go to your ‘Profile.’

Step 3: There, tap on ‘Edit Profile’ option.

Step 4:  In that, type a new name in the ‘Username’ text-field.

Step 5: Once done, tap on the ‘Done’ button. That’s it! 

This is how you can change your Instagram name and update the username of your Instagram handle whenever you feel like.

What’s the Difference between Instagram Username and Name?

After reading the above section, you must be wondering now about the difference between Instagram Username and Instagram Name, right! If yes then, let us enlighten you regarding the same. So, have your attention here—

Instagram Username

Instagram “Username is also known as your Instagram handle. Basically, it is the string of characters that appears after the “@” symbol at the top of your Instagram profile and because of it, you’ll be recognized on Instagram. 

UniqueCharacter LimitAllowed CharactersExample
Instagram Usernames are unique, and one username can’t be allotted to two persons.Instagram Username can be created using up to 30 characters.For creating Instagram Username; letters, underscores, periods and numbers are allowed to use but remember ‘Spaces’ aren’t allowed.Rainbow_salt

Instagram Name

Instagram “Name” is simply what appears underneath your Instagram Profile Photo.

UniqueCharacter LimitAllowed CharactersExample
Instagram Names are not unique and more than one person can have the same name.Instagram Name can be created with very few character limitations. For creating Instagram Name, you are allowed to use spaces and special characters including emojis as well.Rainbowsalt!

What to Do If the Name I Selected Is Already Taken?

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning that the numbers of Instagram users are growing at a rapid pace and that’s why this question “What to do if the name I selected is already taken” is worth considering!

So, if that’s the case you encounter, you can apply these simple yet effective tricks —

  • Mashup: Combine two words or ideas you like.
  • Add a Verb: Play with other variations like adding a relevant verb.
  • Add a Period, Underscore in between words, or Number: Add more than one special character to come up with a unique-sounding pairing. 

In short, you should consider this advice not to miss a great Instagram username just for the sake of ‘it is not available.’

Bottom Line

That’s all! Hope you enjoy and are inspired by the above-mentioned Instagram names compilation that has something for everyone ranging from playful and funny Instagram usernames, to cute and catchy ones.