Picking a name for your baby is a big decision. So, if you’re looking for unique and meaningful options, our extensive collection of emo-inspired names for boys and girls can be a valuable resource for you. 

We have a treasury of over 1300 emo names for those parents who appreciate and admire names for their children that are not traditional or mainstream, just like these Viking warrior names and Tiefling names.

Whether you’re inspired by punk rock, gothic subculture, or simply seeking a name that embraces a touch of darkness,, our carefully curated collection can help you find the ideal emo name for your little one.

Having said that, let’s begin to explore—

List of Emo Name Ideas for Your Little Baby Girl and Boy!

Selecting the perfect name for your baby is a deeply personal and profound journey. But if you’re drawn to the world of alternative culture, individuality, and self-expression, our list of emo-inspired names provides plenty of unique options for you to explore. 

These names carry profound sentiment and meaning, making them a perfect choice for parents seeking a name that sets their child apart.

For instance, if you have a baby girl, you might consider names like Seraphina, which evokes a sense of ‘ethereal beauty,’ or for a baby boy, names such as Asher, signifying ‘introspective and deep,’ might be just what you’re looking for!

However, this was just a speck in the vast expanse. So, go ahead and explore our entire list of emo name ideas to find the perfect fit for your little one–

Note: These emo names can also serve as first names, nicknames, or even middle names for your child. For last names, you can take inspiration from the collection of unique last names for boys and girls.

Emo Names for Baby Girl from A to Z with Meaning and Origin

LetterNames EmoMeaning
AAriaAria is an Italian name that means “air” or “melody.”
ArabellaArabella is of Latin origin and means “beautiful altar” or “prayerful.”
AislinnAislinn is an Irish name meaning “dream” or “vision.”
BBeatriceBeatrice is of Latin origin and means “she who brings happiness” or “blessed.”
BlytheBlythe is an English name that means “free spirit” or “happy.”
BelladonnaBelladonna is of Italian origin and means “beautiful lady.” It is also the name of a toxic plant.
CCelesteCeleste is a French name that means “heavenly” or “celestial.”
CalistaCalista is of Greek origin and means “most beautiful” or “very beautiful.”
CelestiaCelestia is a variant of Celeste and also means “heavenly” or “celestial.”
DDelilahDelilah is of Hebrew origin and means “delicate” or “weak.”
DamarisDamaris is a Greek name that means “calf” or “gentle.”
DahliaDahlia is named after the flower and means “valley.”
EEvangelineEvangeline is of Greek origin and means “bearer of good news” or “messenger of good news.”
ElowenElowen is a Cornish name that means “elm tree.”
ElowynElowyn is a variant of Elowen, also meaning “elm tree.”
FFayeFaye is of French origin and means “fairy” or “faith.”
FiorellaFiorella is an Italian name that means “little flower.”
GGenevieveGenevieve is of French origin and means “woman of the people” or “white wave.”
GiselleGiselle is of German origin and means “pledge” or “hostage.”
HHarperHarper is of English origin and refers to a person who plays the harp or is a musician.
HadleyHadley is an English name that means “heath-covered meadow.”
IIsoldeIsolde is of Welsh origin and means “fair lady” or “beautiful.”
IsalineIsaline is a variant of Isolde and also means “fair lady” or “beautiful.”
IsabeauIsabeau is a French name that is a variant of Isabel and means “pledged to God.”
IsoleneIsolene is a variant of Isolde and means “fair lady” or “beautiful.”
JJocelynJocelyn is of Old German origin and means “a member of the Gauts” or “joyous.”
JoleneJolene is a combination of Jo and the name Eileen, and it means “God is gracious” or “pretty.”
KKalistaKalista is a variant of Calista and means “most beautiful” or “very beautiful.”
KaelithKaelith is a unique name with no widely known meaning.
LLarkLark is an English name that refers to the “songbird.”
LilithLilith is of Hebrew origin and means “night monster” or “storm goddess.”
MMarigoldMarigold is named after the flower and means “golden flower.”
MorriganMorrigan is of Irish origin and is the name of a “Celtic goddess” associated with war and fate.
NNiamhNiamh is of Irish origin and means “bright” or “radiant.”
NeridaNerida is an Australian Aboriginal name meaning “mermaid” or “sea nymph.”
OOpheliaOphelia is of Greek origin and means “help” or “aid.”
OndineOndine is a variant of Undine and means “little wave” or “water spirit.”
PPandoraPandora is of Greek origin and means “all-gifted” or “all-giving.”
PersephonePersephone is of Greek origin and is the name of the “goddess of spring and the underworld.”
QQuinlanQuinlan is of Irish origin and means “graceful” or “well-shaped.”
QuillanQuillan is a variant of Quinlan and has a similar meaning of “graceful” or “well-shaped.”
RRavenRaven is of English origin and refers to the “black bird.”
RosalindRosalind is a combination of Rose and Linda and means “beautiful rose.”
SSeraphinaSeraphina is of Hebrew origin and means “burning ones” or “fiery.” 
SaffronSaffron is named after the spice and means “yellow” or “gold.”
SerafinaSerafina is a variant of Seraphina and has a similar meaning of “burning ones” or “fiery.”
TTamsinTamsin is a variant of Thomasina and means “twin” or “belonging to Thomas.”
TatianaTatiana is of Russian origin and means “fairy queen” or “princess.”
UUlyssiaUlyssia is a unique name and has no widely known meaning.
UndineUndine is of Latin origin and means “little wave” or “water spirit.”
UrsulaUrsula is of Latin origin and means “little bear.”
VVesperVesper is of Latin origin and means “evening star” or “evening prayer.”
VivienneVivienne is of French origin and means “lively” or “full of life.”
ViviannaVivianna is a combination of Vivian and Anna and means “lively” or “full of life.”
WWillowWillow is of English origin and refers to the “willow tree.”
WinonaWinona is of Native American origin and means “firstborn daughter” or “firstborn.”
WisteriaWisteria is named after the “flowering plant.”
XXeniaXenia is of Greek origin and means “hospitality” or “guest-friendship.”
XantheXanthe is of Greek origin and means “golden” or “yellow.”
XandraXandra is a variant of Sandra and means “defender of mankind.”
YYasminYasmin is a variant of Jasmine and refers to the fragrant flower.
YsoldeYsolde is a variant of Isolde and means “fair lady” or “beautiful.”
ZZephyrZephyr is of Greek origin and means “west wind” or “gentle breeze.”
ZaraZara is of Arabic origin and means “blooming flower” or “radiance.”
ZephyraZephyra is a variant of Zephyr and also means “west wind” or “gentle breeze.”

Emo Names for Baby Boy from A to Z with Meaning and Origin

AAsherAsher is of Hebrew origin and means “happy” or “blessed.”
AtticusAtticus is a Latin name meaning “man of Athens” or “man of wisdom.”
AxelAxel is of Scandinavian origin and means “father of peace.”
BBlazeBlaze is a word name, associated with “fire” or “intense brightness.”
BodhiBodhi is a Sanskrit name that means “enlightenment” or “awakening.”
BladeBlade is a word name suggesting “sharpness” or “cutting edge.”
CCaiusCaius is of Latin origin and is related to the name Gaius.
CobainCobain is a surname and may not have a specific meaning as a first name.
DDanteDante is of Italian origin and means “enduring” or “steadfast.”
DracoDraco is a Latin name and may relate to “dragon” or “serpent.”
EEmberEmber is associated with a “glowing, smoldering piece of a fire.”
EvanderEvander is of Greek origin and means “good man” or “strong man.”
ElliottElliott is of English origin and may mean “the Lord is my God.”
FFinnFinn is of Irish origin and means “fair” or “white.”
FaelanFaelan is of Irish origin and means “little wolf.”
FelixFelix is of Latin origin and means “fortunate” or “lucky.”
GGrayGray is a color name, associated with the “color gray.”
GhostGhost is a word name referring to the “spirit of a deceased person.”
HHeathHeath is of English origin and means “heathland” or “untamed land.”
HunterHunter is a word name describing “someone who hunts animals.”
HaydenHayden is of English origin and may mean “valley with hay.”
IIndigoIndigo is a color name associated with the “deep blue-purple dye.”
IcarusIcarus is of Greek mythology and is known for “flying too close to the sun.”
IvanIvan is of Slavic origin and is a variant of John, meaning “God is gracious.”
JJasperJasper is of Persian origin and means “bringer of treasure” or “treasurer.”
JettJett is associated with the black gemstone jet or may signify “fast” like a jet plane.
JonahJonah is of Hebrew origin and means “dove” or “peace.”
KKieranKieran is of Irish origin and means “little dark one” or “black-haired.”
KnoxKnox is of Scottish origin and may mean “round hill” or “small hill.”
LLachlanLachlan is of Scottish origin and means “from the fjord-land” or “war-like.”
LucianLucian is of Latin origin and means “light” or “illumination.”
LennonLennon is of Irish origin and may mean “lover” or “dear one.”
MMalachiMalachi is of Hebrew origin and means “messenger of God” or “my messenger.”
MaelstromMaelstrom is a word name associated with a “powerful whirlpool” or “turmoil.”
MemphisMemphis is a place name, the largest city in Tennessee.
NNicoNico is of Italian origin and is a short form of Nicholas, meaning “victory of the people.”
NathanielNathaniel is of Hebrew origin and means “gift of God.”
OOrionOrion is of Greek origin and is a “hunter” in Greek mythology.
OnyxOnyx is a gemstone name, associated with the “black variety of chalcedony.”
PPaxPax is of Latin origin and means “peace.”
PiercePierce is of English origin and means “rock” or “stone.”
QQuinnQuinn is of Irish origin and means “counsel” or “intelligent.”
QuestQuest is a word name representing a “search” or “adventure.”
RRivenRiven is a word name suggesting being “torn” or “split apart.”
RavenRaven is a bird name, associated with the “black bird” of the same name.
RowanRowan is of Gaelic origin and means “little redhead” or “tree with red berries.”
SSorenSoren is of Danish origin and means “stern” or “severe.”
SiriusSirius is a star name, known as the “Dog Star” in the constellation Canis Major.
TThorneThorne is of English origin and means “thorn bush” or “sharp point.”
TateTate is of English origin and may mean “cheerful” or “pleasant.”
TristanTristan is of Celtic origin and means “sorrowful” or “sad.”
UUriahUriah is of Hebrew origin and means “God is my light.”
UlyssesUlysses is of Greek origin and is the Latinized form of Odysseus, the hero of Homer’s epic poems.
VVesperVesper is of Latin origin and means “evening star” or “evening.”
ValenValen is a modern invented name.
WWraithWraith is a word name associated with a “ghost” or “spirit.”
WolfgangWolfgang is of German origin and means “wolf path” or “wolf way.”
XXanderXander is a short form of Alexander and means “defender of the people.”
XenoXeno is of Greek origin and means “foreign” or “stranger.”
XavierXavier is of Spanish origin and means “new house” or “bright.”
YYarrowYarrow is a “plant name,” known for its herbal uses.
YuriYuri is of Russian origin and is a form of George, meaning “farmer” or “earthworker.”
YorkYork is a “place name,” a historic city in England.
ZZenithZenith is a word name that represents the highest point or culmination.
ZephyrZephyr is of Greek origin and means “west wind” or “gentle breeze.”

Top Emo Names 

10 Top Emo Names for Baby Girl and 10 for Baby Boy in Image
Top Emo Girl NamesTop Emo Boy Names
1. Amara1. Asher
2. Bellatrix2. Finnick
3. Thalia3. Rocco
4. Lilith4. Remington
5. Sable5. Declan
6. Morrigan6. Phoenix
7. Selene7. Orion
8. Nevaeh8. Griffin
9. Winifred9. Ezekiel
10. Nyx10. Gideon
11. Echo11. Atticus
12. Cressida12. Silas
13. Odalys13. Daxton
14. Sybil14. Lucian
15. Sonnet15. Zephyr
16. Zephyr16. Dashiell
17. Eulalia17. Xavier
18. Solstice18. Sterling
19. Echo19. Malachi
20. Ashlyn20. Orion
21. Willow21. Dante
22. Raven22. Thorne
23. Luna23. Evander
24. Violet24. Caius
25. Aurora25. Maddox
26. Autumn26. Damien
27. Mabel27. Sebastian
28. Ophelia28. Orion
29. Persephone29. Jasper
30. Elara30. Atticus
31. Delilah31. Lucien
32. Evangeline32. Silas
33. Morticia33. Caius
34. Wednesday34. Xander
35. Elowen35. Dante
36. Astrid36. Ezekiel
37. Eris37. Axel
38. Caoimhe38. Dorian
39. Serenity39. Thorne
40. Elara40. Damien
41. Mireille41. Lazarus
42. Zephyrine42. Dorian
43. Isolde43. Remington
44. Rhiannon44. Finnick
45. Calista45. Jasper
46. Thalia46. Rocco
47. Tempest47. Asher
48. Onyx48. Zephyr
49. Nocturne49. Declan
50. Calypso50. Lazarus
51. Lyric51. Gideon
52. Morrigan52. Silas
53. Arachne53. Phoenix
54. Artemis54. Axel
55. Stormy55. Daxton
56. Celine56. Lucian
57. Belladonna57. Xavier
58. Selene58. Orion
59. Amethyst59. Atticus
60. Neva60. Lucien
61. Lilura61. Zephyr
62. Whisper62. Damien
63. Sable63. Ezekiel
64. Lirael64. Rocco
65. Lyonesse65. Declan
66. Lysandra66. Gideon
67. Astraia67. Phoenix
68. Tamsin68. Axel
69. Valkyrie69. Malachi
70. Rowan70. Silas
71. October71. Thorne
72. Dahlia72. Zephyr
73. Ondine73. Caius
74. Azura74. Dante
75. Isabeau75. Ezekiel
76. Faelan76. Malachi
77. Nyx77. Griffin
78. Tempest78. Silas
79. Morrigan79. Asher
80. Eurydice80. Dorian
81. Siren81. Remington
82. Aurora82. Xavier
83. Seraphine83. Sebastian
84. Arwen84. Finnick
85. Persephone85. Lazarus
86. Elestren86. Silas
87. Thalassa87. Orion
88. Yseult88. Atticus
89. Salem89. Jasper
90. Lunaria90. Daxton
91. Samara91. Dante
92. Zephyra92. Thorne
93. Maelis93. Caius
94. Seren94. Evander
95. Anwen95. Atticus
96. Apollonia96. Xavier
97. Marcelline97. Dante
98. Seraphina98. Thorne
99. Isolde99. Sebastian
100. Zara100. Zephyr

Best Emo Names

Best Emo Names
Best Emo Girl NamesBest Emo Boy Names 
1. Arwen1. Zephyr
2. Cressida2. Evander
3. Isabeau3. Dorian
4. Marcelline4. Lazarus
5. Saphira5. Orion
6. Thessaly6. Zephyrion
7. Evelina7. Percival
8. Elysian8. Riven
9. Caladrius9. Lucius
10. Iolanthe10. Oberon
11. Nebula11. Morpheus
12. Serenata12. Isidore
13. Esmeralda13. Mercury
14. Lavinia14. Thaddeus
15. Seraphine15. Obsidian
16. Octavia16. Lysander
17. Vespera17. Icarus
18. Lucasta18. Archimedes
19. Morwen19. Torquil
20. Isolde20. Caspian
21. Perdita21. Evadne
22. Rhiannon22. Malachite
23. Nyx23. Ignatius
24. Serendipity24. Zephyrus
25. Elestren25. Seraphim
26. Ondine26. Sorin
27. Lysandra27. Valerian
28. Melisande28. Seraphiel
29. Arista29. Asphodel
30. Marzena30. Helian
31. Calliope31. Lazarus
32. Lirael32. Endymion
33. Tamsin33. Onyx
34. Calista34. Erebus
35. Zephyrine35. Obscura
36. Selenia36. Alaric
37. Lunaria37. Alaric
38. Solstice38. Theron
39. Calypso39. Zephyrion
40. Lyric40. Ignatius
41. Azura41. Daxton
42. Valkyrie42. Balthazar
43. Isabeau43. Elysius
44. Salem44. Oberon
45. Faelan45. Stormbringer
46. Tindra46. Thanatos
47. Astraia47. Seraphiel
48. Nyx48. Eleutherios
49. Seraphina49. Quillon
50. Lethia50. Caelum
51. Ondine51. Serendipity
52. Isolde52. Hesperus
53. Solara53. Seraphiel
54. Eowyn54. Seraphim
55. Eirian55. Eros
56. Tempest56. Hyperion
57. Maelis57. Zephyrus
58. Lunaria58. Arcturus
59. Eulalie59. Seraphiel
60. Sable60. Zephyrian
61. Zephyra61. Aloysius
62. Hespera62. Thalos
63. Morwenna63. Melenchon
64. Aeliana64. Erebos
65. Vespera65. Zephyron
66. Obsidian66. Orpheus
67. Seraphiel67. Seraphon
68. Arachne68. Seriphos
69. Arianwen69. Seraphian
70. Melissande70. Elysion
71. Zephyra71. Elysius
72. Iseult72. Obsidian
73. Seraphina73. Solace
74. Lyonesse74. Malachi
75. Morrigan75. Finnick
76. Asteria76. Jasper
77. Euphemia77. Lucian
78. Belladonna78. Daxton
79. Whisper79. Xavier
80. Calantha80. Caius
81. Sapphira81. Thorne
82. Seraphiel82. Zephyr
83. Lumen83. Dorian
84. Seren84. Asher
85. Zephyria85. Remington
86. Lyrica86. Sterling
87. Zephyrine87. Maddox
88. Rhapsody88. Damien
89. Elestia89. Zephyrian
90. Isolde90. Sterling
91. Thalassa91. Daxton
92. Selene92. Sterling
93. Seraphia93. Rocco
94. Sylvestra94. Zephyrus
95. Wisteria95. Orion
96. Serendipity96. Thorne
97. Zephyria97. Thorne
98. Marcelline98. Sterling
99. Calista99. Lucien
100. Wednesday100. Dante

Gender Neutral Emo Names 

Gender Neutral Emo Names
1. River51. Reese
2. Skylar52. Sawyer
3. Avery53. Jordan
4. Quinn54. Skylar
5. Rowan55. Taylor
6. Jordan56. Morgan
7. Taylor57. Casey
8. Casey58. Rowan
9. Riley59. Jaden
10. Morgan60. Avery
11. Finley61. Finley
12. Emery62. Bailey
13. Bailey63. Emery
14. Parker64. Parker
15. Charlie65. Cameron
16. Hayden66. Riley
17. Dakota67. Hayden
18. Sydney68. Sydney
19. Avery69. Ashton
20. Jamie70. Jamie
21. Cameron71. Kendall
22. Emerson72. Emerson
23. Justice73. Spencer
24. Kendall74. Reese
25. Spencer75. Dakota
26. Sawyer76. Avery
27. Ashton77. Justice
28. Jaden78. Skylar
29. Reese79. Bailey
30. Skylar80. Jordan
31. Morgan81. Morgan
32. Riley82. Quinn
33. Jordan83. Parker
34. Rowan84. Rowan
35. Casey85. Finley
36. Taylor86. Charlie
37. Quinn87. Casey
38. Finley88. Taylor
39. Emery89. Hayden
40. Bailey90. Emery
41. Parker91. Reese
42. Cameron92. Avery
43. Hayden93. Cameron
44. Avery94. Skylar
45. Jamie95. Riley
46. Emerson96. Jamie
47. Dakota97. Morgan
48. Justice98. Parker
49. Kendall99. Jordan
50. Spencer100. Bailey

Popular Emo Names for Baby

Popular Emo Names for Baby
Popular Emo Names for Baby GirlsPopular Emo Names for Baby Boys
1. Amara1. Asher
2. Winifred2. Ezekiel
3. Thalia3. Gideon
4. Lilith4. Atticus
5. Sable5. Silas
6. Morrigan6. Daxton
7. Selene7. Lucian
8. Nevaeh8. Zephyr
9. Bellatrix9. Dashiell
10. Nyx10. Xavier
11. Echo11. Sterling
12. Cressida12. Malachi
13. Odalys13. Dante
14. Sybil14. Thorne
15. Isolde15. Evander
16. Rhiannon16. Caius
17. Calista17. Maddox
18. Thalia18. Damien
19. Tempest19. Sebastian
20. Onyx20. Jasper
21. Nocturne21. Finnick
22. Calypso22. Zephyr
23. Lyric23. Declan
24. Morrigan24. Lazarus
25. Arachne25. Gideon
26. Artemis26. Silas
27. Stormy27. Phoenix
28. Celine28. Axel
29. Belladonna29. Lucian
30. Selene30. Xavier
31. Amethyst31. Orion
32. Neva32. Atticus
33. Lilura33. Lucien
34. Whisper34. Zephyr
35. Lirael35. Damien
36. Lysandra36. Ezekiel
37. Astraia37. Malachi
38. Tamsin38. Silas
39. Valkyrie39. Dorian
40. Rowan40. Remington
41. October41. Finnick
42. Dahlia42. Jasper
43. Ondine43. Rocco
44. Azura44. Asher
45. Isabeau45. Zephyr
46. Faelan46. Declan
47. Nyx47. Lazarus
48. Tempest48. Thorne
49. Morrigan49. Caius
50. Eurydice50. Dante
51. Siren51. Ezekiel
52. Aurora52. Malachi
53. Seraphine53. Griffin
54. Arwen54. Silas
55. Persephone55. Asher
56. Elestren56. Dorian
57. Thalassa57. Remington
58. Yseult58. Xavier
59. Salem59. Sebastian
60. Lunaria60. Finnick
61. Samara61. Lazarus
62. Zephyra62. Silas
63. Maelis63. Zephyr
64. Seren64. Rocco
65. Anwen65. Remington
66. Apollonia66. Declan
67. Marcelline67. Phoenix
68. Seraphina68. Orion
69. Isolde69. Griffin
70. Wednesday70. Lucien
71. Sonnet71. Silas
72. Zephyr72. Caius
73. Eulalia73. Xander
74. Solstice74. Dante
75. Ashlyn75. Ezekiel
76. Willow76. Axel
77. Raven77. Dorian
78. Luna78. Thorne
79. Violet79. Damien
80. Aurora80. Lazarus
81. Autumn81. Dorian
82. Mabel82. Remington
83. Ophelia83. Finnick
84. Persephone84. Jasper
85. Elara85. Rocco
86. Delilah86. Asher
87. Evangeline87. Atticus
88. Morticia88. Dante
89. Zara89. Thorne
90. Elowen90. Daxton
91. Astrid91. Dante
92. Eris92. Thorne
93. Caoimhe93. Caius
94. Serenity94. Evander
95. Mireille95. Atticus
96. Scarlett96. Xavier
97. Evelyn97. Dante
98. Willow98. Thorne
99. Zephyrine99. Sebastian
100. Zephyrine100. Zephyr

Cool Emo Names for Baby

Cool Emo Names for Baby
Cool Emo Girl NamesCool Emo Boy Names
1. Astrid1. Archimedes
2. Velvet2. Torquil
3. Seren3. Caspian
4. Evadne4. Elysius
5. Daelia5. Seraphim
6. Calista6. Endymion
7. Azura7. Sorin
8. Seraphine8. Valerian
9. Elowen9. Asphodel
10. Astraia10. Helian
11. Lilith11. Sorin
12. Ophelia12. Helian
13. Serenity13. Daxton
14. Zephyr14. Balthazar
15. Evangeline15. Elysius
16. Mireille16. Stormbringer
17. Arachne17. Thanatos
18. Luna18. Seraphiel
19. Raven19. Eleutherios
20. Thalia20. Quillon
21. Morrigan21. Caelum
22. Selene22. Serendipity
23. Nyx23. Hesperus
24. Echo24. Orion
25. Sable25. Phoenix
26. Isolde26. Atticus
27. Solstice27. Dorian
28. Ember28. Remington
29. Stormy29. Finnian
30. Seraphina30. Silas
31. Caoimhe31. Zephyr
32. Selina32. Jasper
33. Sylvestra33. Xavier
34. Whisper34. Sterling
35. Zephyrine35. Griffin
36. Calypso36. Maddox
37. Lirael37. Lucian
38. Elara38. Lazarus
39. Calliope39. Zephyrion
40. Onyx40. Riven
41. Nyx41. Percival
42. Elestren42. Oberon
43. Dahlia43. Morpheus
44. Faelan44. Isidore
45. Melisande45. Mercury
46. Tamsin46. Thaddeus
47. Valkyrie47. Obsidian
48. October48. Lysander
49. Rowan49. Icarus
50. Morrigan50. Seraphiel
51. Seraphia51. Seraphim
52. Wisteria52. Eros
53. Marcelline53. Hyperion
54. Zephyria54. Zephyrus
55. Samara55. Arcturus
56. Lethia56. Seraphiel
57. Ondine57. Zephyrian
58. Solara58. Aloysius
59. Lyonesse59. Thalos
60. Seraphine60. Melanchon
61. Isolde61. Erebos
62. Serendipity62. Orpheus
63. Zephyra63. Seraphon
64. Seraphia64. Seraphos
65. Siren65. Seraphian
66. Elestren66. Elysion
67. Seraphine67. Elysius
68. Sylvestra68. Obsidian
69. Wisteria69. Solace
70. Serendipity70. Sebastian
71. Marcelline71. Finnick
72. Calista72. Lazarus
73. Maelis73. Silas
74. Salem74. Zephyr
75. Yseult75. Atticus
76. Thalassa76. Dante
77. Elestia77. Thorne
78. Isabeau78. Daxton
79. Eurydice79. Thorne
80. Seraphia80. Caius
81. Euphemia81. Sterling
82. Seraphiel82. Maddox
83. Apollonia83. Damien
84. Marcelline84. Zephyrian
85. Seren85. Sterling
86. Lumen86. Lucien
87. Zephyria87. Dante
88. Lyrica88. Zephyr
89. Seraphiel89. Malachi
90. Sapphira90. Finnick
91. Calantha91. Jasper
92. Seraphiel92. Rocco
93. Seraphia93. Asher
94. Eirian94. Zephyr
95. Eowyn95. Declan
96. Hespera96. Lazarus
97. Zephyra97. Daxton
98. Aeliana98. Remington
99. Morwenna99. Xavier
100. Zephyrine100. Zephyron

Unique Emo Names for Baby

Unique Emo Names for Baby
Unique Emo Girl NamesUnique Emo Boy Names
1. Aeliana1. Archeron
2. Hespera2. Lucius
3. Seraphia3. Elysius
4. Apollonia4. Seren
5. Melissara5. Asphodel
6. Cressida6. Morwen
7. Sapphira7. Endymion
8. Aurorae8. Erebos
9. Seraphiel9. Caelum
10. Elysium10. Thaddeus
11. Ondine11. Malachite
12. Zephyrine12. Valerian
13. Selenia13. Balthazar
14. Calypso14. Eleutherios
15. Lyric15. Quillon
16. Morrigan16. Aloysius
17. Azalea17. Hyperion
18. Thaleia18. Zephyrian
19. Seraphis19. Seraphian
20. Calista20. Melanie
21. Celestria21. Thorne
22. Melanthe22. Obsidian
23. Serenata23. Rune
24. Serendipity24. Lazarus
25. Isabeau25. Solstice
26. Calista26. Morpheus
27. Elestren27. Zephyrion
28. Azura28. Finlo
29. Arachne29. Varian
30. Sylvestra30. Thalos
31. Eirian31. Seraphon
32. Marzena32. Sorin
33. Sorrel33. Seraphiel
34. Seraphette34. Daxton
35. Elysienne35. Zephyrus
36. Amalith36. Oberon
37. Serelitha37. Daxius
38. Amarande38. Callisto
39. Calysta39. Varro
40. Elestria40. Emorion
41. Seraphira41. Zephyros
42. Amarithe42. Corvinus
43. Elysiana43. Theron
44. Euphemia44. Soranus
45. Seraphina45. Zephyra
46. Elestia46. Devlin
47. Elowen47. Lucianus
48. Vespera48. Desiderio
49. Melissande49. Zephyran
50. Arianwen50. Tybalt
51. Tindra51. Sorrell
52. Solara52. Eolande
53. Marwenna53. Thoreau
54. Zephyria54. Zephyrius
55. Meliantha55. Seraphinus
56. Elysiane56. Demetrius
57. Evaria57. Amadeus
58. Serelith58. Zephyrean
59. Sapphirine59. Ciaran
60. Sylvestria60. Zephyrex
61. Opheliana61. Lorian
62. Amaranda62. Darion
63. Iolanthe63. Zephyrick
64. Seraphette64. Seraphus
65. Zephyrella65. Aemilius
66. Selenith66. Orionus
67. Sapphirina67. Zephyruss
68. Melisande68. Seraphon
69. Calistria69. Theon
70. Zephyretta70. Caelius
71. Elyssandra71. Soren
72. Sylvestrian72. Lysius
73. Amaranda73. Orionos
74. Serelitha74. Aeron
75. Opheliana75. Seraphim
76. Zephyrianna76. Castor
77. Melisabeth77. Orionel
78. Serelithia78. Thales
79. Elysienne79. Icarion
80. Amaralith80. Erion
81. Melissarina81. Thanatos
82. Phyriella82. Lazarion
83. Seraphiette83. Solan
84. Seraphicah84. Arodius
85. Zephyrilia85. Daxtus
86. Sapphirite86. Valorian
87. Amarabella87. Jareth
88. Elysianah88. Eryon
89. Amaravita89. Orionix
90. Calystah90. Zephyruxis
91. Zephyritha91. Orionen
92. Elestriel92. Zephyrald
93. Meliselith93. Thorian
94. Seraphianna94. Solarius
95. Zephyralitha95. Seraphion
96. Elyssarah96. Morian
97. Sereliana97. Torian
98. Amaralia98. Davion
99. Seraphilita99. Seraphis
100. Zephyrithia100. Zephyrux

Powerful Emo Names for Baby

Powerful Emo Names for Baby
Powerful Emo Names for GirlsPowerful Emo Names for Boys
1. Azura1. Asher
2. Sable2. Daxton
3. Selene3. Zephyros
4. Lilith4. Knox
5. Pandora5. Maverick
6. Viper6. Storm
7. Saphira7. Blade
8. Raven8. Viper
9. Jinx9. Talon
10. Calista10. Obsidian
11. Nyssa11. Hunter
12. Serenity12. Stryker
13. Echo13. Raptor
14. Ophelia14. Nyx
15. Sonnet15. Seraphon
16. Rogue16. Azrael
17. Seren17. Riven
18. Vengeance18. Orion
19. Slayer19. Zephyr
20. Valkyrie20. Dante
21. Isolde21. Xander
22. Seraphina22. Chaos
23. Artemis23. Shadow
24. Xena24. Typhoon
25. Elektra25. Thunder
26. Belladonna26. Kaine
27. Thalia27. Striker
28. Vesper28. Blaze
29. Morrigan29. Havoc
30. Onyx30. Raze
31. Storm31. Vandal
32. Tempest32. Draco
33. Ravenna33. Saber
34. Nyx34. Obscura
35. Nyssa35. Wolf
36. Venom36. Vengeance
37. Serpentine37. Zephyrian
38. Blade38. Tempest
39. Rogue39. Maverick
40. Azrael40. Nyx
41. Luna41. Storm
42. Astraia42. Eclipse
43. Phoenix43. Obsidian
44. Caius44. Shadow
45. Noir45. Chaos
46. Malice46. Maverick
47. Mystique47. Nyx
48. Seren48. Ashen
49. Isabeau49. Raze
50. Nightshade50. Vortex
51. Obsidian51. Seraphon
52. Zephyra52. Obscura
53. Seraphiel53. Hecate
54. Valeria54. Maverick
55. Moros55. Hunter
56. Ebon56. Storm
57. Demi57. Blaze
58. Nyx58. Maverick
59. Saber59. Stryker
60. Penelope60. Raptor
61. Sable61. Orchid
62. Riven62. Seraphon
63. Azura63. Seraphim
64. Sylvari64. Bane
65. Blade65. Vortex
66. Obscura66. Blade
67. Seraphina67. Obsidian
68. Sorceress68. Viper
69. Mysteria69. Sable
70. Rhapsody70. Vortex
71. Vixen71. Typhoon
72. Zephyrian72. Reaper
73. Moros73. Ashes
74. Lilith74. Zephyr
75. Riven75. Raze
76. Helix76. Talon
77. Storm77. Blaze
78. Morrigan78. Obscura
79. Nyssa79. Zephyrian
80. Sable80. Reaper
81. Daxton81. Draven
82. Seren82. Sorin
83. Seraphina83. Lucifer
84. Isolde84. Vesper
85. Lysandra85. Caius
86. Eleanor86. Reaper
87. Ravenna87. Hades
88. Thalia88. Riven
89. Serafina89. Azrael
90. Serenity90. Riven
91. Saphira91. Chaos
92. Calista92. Dante
93. Echo93. Kael
94. Jinx94. Sorin
95. Nightshade95. Ashen
96. Mystique96. Vendetta
97. Tempest97. Seraphicus
98. Obsidian98. Shadow
99. Isabeau99. Obsidian
100. Zara100. Zephyros

These powerful emo names for a baby girl and boy are well-suited to or go nicely with the intriguing and mysterious quality of the Dragon names. So, both types of names, the powerful emo ones and the dragon-themed ones, could be suitable options for naming your baby, as they share a certain level of mystique or appeal.

Cute Emo Names for Baby

Cute Emo Names for Baby
Cute Emo Names for GirlsCute Emo Names for Boys
1. Ava1. Atticus
2. Lily2. Silas
3. Mia3. Jasper
4. Zoey4. Otis
5. Bella5. Remy
6. Chloe6. Rufus
7. Ruby7. Theodore
8. Luna8. Oscar
9. Willow9. Atticus
10. Poppy10. Arthur
11. Daisy11. Beckett
12. Rosie12. Ezra
13. Olive13. Ezra
14. Hazel14. Hugo
15. Ivy15. Emmett
16. Ruby16. Leon
17. Luna17. Bennett
18. Bella18. Clement
19. Rosie19. Edison
20. Luna20. Everett
21. Ruby21. Alastair
22. Willow22. Clementine
23. Poppy23. Pearl
24. Daisy24. Poppy
25. Rosie25. Elowen
26. Lily26. Imogen
27. Bella27. Genevieve
28. Chloe28. Isla
29. Mia29. Ophelia
30. Zoey30. Seraphina
31. Mia31. Tessa
32. Ava32. Adelaide
33. Zoey33. Arlo
34. Poppy34. River
35. Lily35. Felix
36. Chloe36. Noah
37. Willow37. Harry
38. Daisy38. Sebastian
39. Hazel39. Archie
40. Olive40. Mason
41. Ivy41. Eli
42. Luna42. Bayo
43. Ruby43. Jude
44. Bella44. Finn
45. Zoey45. Oliver
46. Mia46. Max
47. Daisy47. Liam
48. Poppy48. Theo
49. Rosie49. Henry
50. Chloe50. Charlie
51. Lily51. Oscar
52. Ava52. Milo
53. Hazel53. Luca
54. Willow54. Jack
55. Ivy55. Leo
56. Olive56. Orion
57. Hazel57. Owen
58. Rosie58. Wyatt
59. Zoey59. Maddox
60. Lily60. Bliss
61. Ruby61. Beatrix
62. Poppy62. Cosette
63. Ava63. Delilah
64. Daisy64. Felicity
65. Bella65. Gwendolyn
66. Luna66. Isolde
67. Willow67. Lavinia
68. Ivy68. Matilda
69. Mia69. Persephone
70. Chloe70. Rosalind
71. Olive71. Valentina
72. Rosie72. Zephyr
73. Hazel73. Marigold
74. Zoey74. Juniper
75. Ruby75. Clementine
76. Daisy76. Scout
77. Poppy77. Marlowe
78. Ava78. Winter
79. Willow79. Clementine
80. Luna80. Snow
81. Bella81. Eden
82. Mia82. Daisy
83. Chloe83. Lavender
84. Zoey84. Wren
85. Rosie85. Marigold
86. Hazel86. Blythe
87. Lily87. Ivy
88. Poppy88. Hazel
89. Daisy89. Meadow
90. Bella90. Violet
91. Ruby91. Aurora
92. Luna92. Willow
93. Ava93. Seraphina
94. Willow94. Mabel
95. Ivy95. Clementine
96. Mia96. Faye
97. Chloe97. Seraphina
98. Olive98. Iris
99. Lily99. Evangeline
100. Zelig100. Zara

Classic Emo Names for Baby

Classic Emo Names for Baby
Classic Emo Names for GirlsClassic Emo Names for Boys
1. Agnes1. Agatha
2. Alice2. Alberta
3. Beatrice3. Alma
4. Clara4. Avis
5. Dorothy5. Bernice
6. Edith6. Bessie
7. Eleanor7. Bertha
8. Esther8. Birdie
9. Florence9. Claudine
10. Harriet10. Cornelia
11. Hilda11. Delphine
12. Ida12. Edgar
13. Josephine13. Clarence
14. Mabel14. Mortimer
15. Melvin15. Dorothea
16. Morris16. Elnora
17. Norman17. Elva
18. Oswald18. Eudora
19. Perry19. Eunice
20. Roland20. Evangeline
21. Roy21. Geneva
22. Stanley22. Hilda
23. Vernon23. Hortense
24. Agatha24. Inez
25. Bertha25. Jocelyn
26. Blanche26. Leona
27. Constance27. Leta
28. Effie28. Lorraine
29. Elsie29. Maud
30. Ethel30. Merle
31. Gladys31. Myrtle
32. Hattie32. Odessa
33. Inez33. Rosamund
34. Lillian34. Rosella
35. Lois35. Thelma
36. Muriel36. Ambrose
37. Martha37. Eugene
38. Matilda38. Floyd
39. Maude39. Sylvester
40. Mildred40. Elmer
41. Myrtle41. Irving
42. Prudence42. Arnold
43. Winifred43. Theodora
44. Amos44. Verna
45. Arthur45. Vernice
46. Bernard46. Winnifred
47. Chester47. Ambrose
48. Clarence48. Archibald
49. Clyde49. Cecil
50. Donald50. Clement
51. Earl51. Cornelius
52. Elmer52. Edwin
53. Ernest53. Elwood
54. Eugene54. Enoch
55. Floyd55. Ephraim
56. Grover56. Horace
57. Harold57. Jedediah
58. Herman58. Lemuel
59. Irving59. Linwood
60. Lester60. Mervyn
61. Lloyd61. Mordecai
62. Marion62. Moses
63. Marvin63. Percival
64. Nellie64. Silas
65. Opal65. Ulysses
66. Pauline66. Wilfred
67. Pearl67. Zebulon
68. Ruth68. Eldora
69. Sybil69. Hester
70. Velma70. Odelia
71. Adolph71. Rosetta
72. Alvin72. Sybil
73. Calvin73. Vesta
74. Clarence74. Winona
75. Claude75. Clarence
76. Clifford76. Edgar
77. Cornelius77. Eugene
78. Eben78. Floyd
79. Edgar79. Harvey
80. Edwin80. Herbert
81. Elbert81. Howard
82. Elwood82. Ira
83. Emmett83. Leroy
84. Enos84. Lowell
85. Erwin85. Melvin
86. Garfield86. Merle
87. Grover87. Milford
88. Hubert88. Murray
89. Irving89. Norris
90. Lemuel90. Orville
91. Linwood91. Otis
92. Lorenzo92. Perry
93. Milford93. Philip
94. Osborn94. Rufus
95. Percy95. Russell
96. Rufus96. Sherman
97. Sherman97. Theodore
98. Solon98. Virgil
99. Thurman99. Wilbur
100. Wilmer100. Zephyrine

Contemporary Emo Names for Baby

Contemporary Emo Names for Baby
Contemporary Emo Names for GirlsContemporary Emo Names for Boys
1. Aria1. Atticus
2. Aurora2. Silas
3. Lyric3. Daxton
4. Hazel4. Lucian
5. Mira5. Zephyr
6. Dahlia6. Dashiell
7. Ophelia7. Xavier
8. Wren8. Sterling
9. Phoenix9. Malachi
10. Zara10. Dante
11. Storm11. Thorne
12. Everly12. Evander
13. Elara13. Caius
14. Sylas14. Maddox
15. Echo15. Orion
16. Isla16. Asher
17. Ember17. Finnick
18. Skye18. Rocco
19. Nova19. Remington
20. Luna20. Declan
21. Willow21. Phoenix
22. Raven22. Griffin
23. Seraphina23. Ezekiel
24. Winter24. Gideon
25. Marlowe25. Damien
26. Elysia26. Sebastian
27. Morrigan27. Jasper
28. Faelan28. Lucien
29. Calista29. Xander
30. Quinn30. Axel
31. Isolde31. Dorian
32. Isabeau32. Lazarus
33. Eris33. Finnian
34. Astrid34. Kael
35. Seraphina35. Vesper
36. Evadne36. Zephyr
37. Elowen37. Thelonius
38. Astraia38. Yarrow
39. Arwen39. Zephyrion
40. Kalista40. Cyprian
41. Calliope41. Xeno
42. Zephyr42. Everson
43. Seren43. Zarek
44. Mireille44. Lucius
45. Lilith45. Zephyrus
46. Lenore46. Oberon
47. Lysandra47. Alistair
48. Caoimhe48. Thaddeus
49. Thalia49. Peregrine
50. Persephone50. Leopold
51. Solstice51. Ulric
52. Azura52. Maximus
53. Rain53. Deveraux
54. Celeste54. Casimir
55. Amara55. Valerian
56. Nyx56. Isidore
57. Serenity57. Arsenio
58. Lennox58. Callahan
59. Lux59. Percival
60. Faye60. Xerxes
61. Valencia61. Rowan
62. Lark62. Leo
63. Maelis63. Jonah
64. Seraphine64. Elwood
65. Sable65. Rory
66. Nyssa66. Caelum
67. Odalys67. Everard
68. Seraphia68. Aric
69. Lyonesse69. Evadne
70. Melisande70. Lysander
71. Sylvestra71. Alaric
72. Melusine72. Eamon
73. Yseult73. Corwin
74. Kaelith74. Lirael
75. Nyx75. Malachai
76. Samara76. Zephyrian
77. Elestren77. Calix
78. Thalassa78. Galen
79. Undine79. Amadeus
80. Persephone80. Caius
81. Seraphina81. Castor
82. Celestia82. Lysias
83. Arachne83. Eleutherios
84. Lennox84. Morpheus
85. Salem85. Leandros
86. Pandemonium86. Osiris
87. Wednesday87. Thaddeus
88. Evangeline88. Castiel
89. Zephyrine89. Peregrine
90. Seraphiel90. Llewellyn
91. Ysolde91. Asriel
92. Ondine92. Azrael
93. Lirael93. Tybalt
94. Isolde94. Wolfgang
95. Rhiannon95. Ignatius
96. Azura96. Ragnar
97. Isabeau97. Alaric
98. Salem98. Alaric
99. Lunaria99. Daxten
100. Zephyra100. Zephyrian

Famous Emo Character Emo Names for Baby from Books and Movies

Emo characters often have unique and memorable names in books and movies. So, here are famous emo character names for a baby girl and baby boy—

Character Emo Names
Famous Names of Emo Character for GirlFamous Names of Emo Character for Boy
1. Abby Sciuto (NCIS)1. Aragorn (The Lord of the Rings)
2. Ziva David (NCIS)2. Gollum (The Lord of the Rings)
3. Aeryn Sun (Farscape)3. Samwise Gamgee (The Lord of the Rings)
4. Kaylee Frye (Firefly)4. Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)
5. River Tam (Firefly)5. Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games)
6. Inara Serra (Firefly)6. Gale Hawthorne (The Hunger Games)
7. Mal Reynolds (Firefly)7. Jon Snow (Game of Thrones)
8. Lyra Belacqua (His Dark Materials)8. Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones)
9. Arya Dröttningu (His Dark Materials)9. Joffrey Baratheon (Game of Thrones)
10. Lyra Silvertongue (His Dark Materials)10. Severus Snape (Harry Potter series)
11. Lirael (Old Kingdom series)11. Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter series)
12. Sabriel (Old Kingdom series)12. Remus Lupin (Harry Potter series)
13. Ellimere (Old Kingdom series)13. Sirius Black (Harry Potter series)
14. Teneniel Djo (Star Wars Expanded Universe)14. Frodo Baggins (The Lord of the Rings)
15. Jaina Solo (Star Wars Expanded Universe)15. Theon Greyjoy (Game of Thrones)
16. Asajj Ventress (Star Wars Expanded Universe)16. Merlin (Merlin)
17. Isolde (Tristan and Isolde)17. Morgana (Merlin)
18. Eponine (Les Misérables)18. Gaius (Merlin)
19. Cosette (Les Misérables)19. Morgarath (Ranger’s Apprentice)
20. Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter series)20. Alyss Mainwaring (Ranger’s Apprentice)
21. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter series)21. Will Treaty (Ranger’s Apprentice)
22. Bellatrix Lestrange (Harry Potter series)22. Eric (True Blood)
23. Arwen Evenstar (The Lord of the Rings)23. Bill Compton (True Blood)
24. Eowyn (The Lord of the Rings)24. Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood)
25. Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)25. Jason Stackhouse (True Blood)
26. Sansa Stark (Game of Thrones)26. Jace Wayland (The Mortal Instruments)
27. Arya Stark (Game of Thrones)27. Magnus Bane (The Mortal Instruments)
28. Lyanna Mormont (Game of Thrones)28. Puck (Iron Fey series)
29. Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones)29. Seth (Wicked Lovely series)
30. Morgana Pendragon (Merlin)30. Keenan (Wicked Lovely series)
31. Guinevere (Merlin)31. Irial (Wicked Lovely series)
32. Nimueh (Merlin)32. Asher (Anita Blake series)
33. Sookie Stackhouse (The Southern Vampire Mysteries)33. Jean-Claude (Anita Blake series)
34. Luna Mothews (Monster High)34. Lestat (The Vampire Chronicles)
35. Fantine (Les Misérables)35. Louis de Pointe du Lac (The Vampire Chronicles)
36. Viola Cesario (Twelfth Night)36. Marius de Romanus (The Vampire Chronicles)
37. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter series)37. R (Warm Bodies)
38. Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter series)38. M (Warm Bodies)
39. Tonks (Harry Potter series)39. Perry (Under the Never Sky series)
40. Bellatrix Lestrange (Harry Potter series)40. Roar (Under the Never Sky series)
41. Luna Mothews (Monster High)41. Soren (Guardians of Ga’Hoole)
42. Abby Sciuto (NCIS)42. Gylfie (Guardians of Ga’Hoole)
43. Ziva David (NCIS)43. Dobby (Harry Potter series)
44. Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones)44. Kreacher (Harry Potter series)
45. Arya Stark (Game of Thrones)45. Barty Crouch Jr. (Harry Potter series)
46. Sansa Stark (Game of Thrones)46. Jem Carstairs (The Infernal Devices)
47. Lyanna Mormont (Game of Thrones)47. Will Herondale (The Infernal Devices)
48. Morgana Pendragon (Merlin)48. Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson & the Olympians)
49. Guinevere (Merlin)49. Nico di Angelo (Percy Jackson & the Olympians)
50. Nimueh (Merlin)50. Leo Valdez (Percy Jackson & the Olympians)
51. Lyra Belacqua (His Dark Materials)51. Grover Underwood (Percy Jackson & the Olympians)
52. Teneniel Djo (Star Wars Expanded Universe)52. Morpheus (Splintered series)
53. Jaina Solo (Star Wars Expanded Universe)53. Jeb (Splintered series)
54. Asajj Ventress (Star Wars Expanded Universe)54. Ash (Iron Fey series)
55. Lirael (Old Kingdom series)55. Regulus Black (Harry Potter series)
56. Sabriel (Old Kingdom series)56. Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood)
57. Arya Dröttningu (His Dark Materials)57. Jason Stackhouse (True Blood)
58. Lyra Silvertongue (His Dark Materials)58. Jace Wayland (The Mortal Instruments)
59. Eponine (Les Misérables)59. Magnus Bane (The Mortal Instruments)
60. Cosette (Les Misérables)60. Eric Northman (True Blood)
61. Titania (A Midsummer Night’s Dream)61. Bill Compton (True Blood)
62. Beatrice (Much Ado About Nothing)62. Nico di Angelo (Percy Jackson & the Olympians)
63. Hero (Much Ado About Nothing)63. Leo Valdez (Percy Jackson & the Olympians)
64. Electra (Greek mythology)64. Grover Underwood (Percy Jackson & the Olympians)
65. Medea (Greek mythology)65. Morpheus (Splintered series)
66. Antigone (Greek mythology)66. Jeb (Splintered series)
67. Echo (Greek mythology)67. Ash (Iron Fey series)
68. Pandora (Greek mythology)68. Puck (Iron Fey series)
69. Persephone (Greek mythology)69. Seth Morgan (Wicked Lovely series)
70. Andromeda (Greek mythology)70. Keenan (Wicked Lovely series)
71. Eurydice (Greek mythology)71. Irial (Wicked Lovely series)
72. Isolde (Tristan and Isolde)72. Asher (Anita Blake series)
73. Juliet Capulet (Romeo and Juliet)73. Jean-Claude (Anita Blake series)
74. Ophelia (Hamlet)74. Lestat de Lioncourt (The Vampire Chronicles)
75. Cordelia (King Lear)75. Louis de Pointe du Lac (The Vampire Chronicles)
76. Desdemona (Othello)76. Marius de Romanus (The Vampire Chronicles)
77. Rosalind (As You Like It)77. R (Warm Bodies)
78. Portia (The Merchant of Venice)78. M (Warm Bodies)
79. Andromeda (Greek mythology)79. Perry (Under the Never Sky series)
80. Eurydice (Greek mythology)80. Roar (Under the Never Sky series)
81. Isolde (Tristan and Isolde)81. Soren (Guardians of Ga’Hoole)
82. Pandora (Greek mythology)82. Gylfie (Guardians of Ga’Hoole)
83. Electra (Greek mythology)83. Dobby (Harry Potter series)
84. Medea (Greek mythology)84. Jem Carstairs (The Infernal Devices)
85. Antigone (Greek mythology)85. Will Herondale (The Infernal Devices)
86. Echo (Greek mythology)86. Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson & the Olympians)
87. Persephone (Greek mythology)87. Frodo Baggins (The Lord of the Rings)
88. Arwen Evenstar (The Lord of the Rings)88. Aragorn (The Lord of the Rings)
89. Eowyn (The Lord of the Rings)89. Gollum (The Lord of the Rings)
90. Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)90. Samwise Gamgee (The Lord of the Rings)
91. Sookie Stackhouse (The Southern Vampire Mysteries)91. Jon Snow (Game of Thrones)
92. Inara Serra (Firefly)92. Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones)
93. Fantine (Les Misérables)93. Joffrey Baratheon (Game of Thrones)
94. Ophelia (Hamlet)94. Theon Greyjoy (Game of Thrones)
95. Cordelia (King Lear)95. Merlin (Merlin)
96. Desdemona (Othello)96. Morgana (Merlin)
97. Juliet (Romeo and Juliet)97. Gaius (Merlin)
98. Rosalind (As You Like It)98. Morgarath (Ranger’s Apprentice)
99. Portia (The Merchant of Venice)99. Alyss Mainwaring (Ranger’s Apprentice)
100. Viola (Twelfth Night)100. Will Treaty (Ranger’s Apprentice)

Bonus: What Are the Key Considerations When Choosing Emo Names?

When choosing emo names for your baby girl or boy, you should keep the following key factors in mind—

  • Firstly, you need to think about your personal preferences and what the name means to you. Since emo names often reflect deep emotions and individuality, you should choose a name that resonates with your feelings and identity.
  • Secondly, think about the emo name’s history and cultural significance, as it can add depth through its symbolism.
  • Thirdly, practicality is essential. You have to make sure that the name is both easy to pronounce and spell, even though it may have a unique, vintage style.
  • Next, it’s important to research the meanings of baby names. Some baby names may have unexpected meanings, which could lead to unintentional embarrassment or offense.
  • Finally, make sure it fits your style and emotions. The chosen name should connect with your feelings and the emo culture.

That’s all! Don’t forget to consider the key factors outlined above as you decide upon an emo name for your little one. Moreover, if you consider yourself a true music enthusiast, you might also be interested in exploring ‘band name ideas’ for your future musical endeavors.