If you’re starting a band or considering starting one, you probably already know that coming up with a band name is one of the hardest parts. Well, because you need to come up with something that is meaningful, catchy, and sets you apart from the crowd, just like coming up with the Best Fantasy Football Name Ideas.

Basically, there’s a lot to consider when you’re looking for the right name for your band. For example— ‘Is it important for your band name to convey a certain feeling or let people know what kind of style you play?’ And when all that is done, there is the whole copyright thing to think about!

So, it’s clear that naming your band can be a daunting process because of the pressure to create something cool, unique, and memorable that won’t embarrass you five years later. But don’t you worry; we’re here to help. 

We’ve compiled these amazing band name suggestions for you to take inspiration from.

Of course, we couldn’t possibly cover every band type – but we did our best and tried to cover all bases. So, you will likely find something here for almost all your preferences.

That being said, let’s dive in—

List of 3000+ Band Name Ideas

You may have noticed that many of the best bands throughout history, from rock and roll legends like ‘The Rolling Stones and The Beatles to pop heroes like the Spice Girls and One Direction’ have had amazing names.

But how do you come up with iconic and inventive band name ideas like those? Well, it can be a challenge but it is also necessary because having a band name, similar to having a Stripper Name, means you’re giving your audience something to talk about.

So, without further ado, let’s check out this band names ideas list to find a perfect name for your band because the beauty of naming a band is that there are endless possibilities!

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Rock Band Names

1Armageddon Day25The Undead Astronauts49The Groove Merchants
2Perpetual Sorrow26The Cardboard Box Guitarists50Goldilocks and the Three Beers
3Kinetic Street27The Insane Pants51The Brokeback Mountain Climbers
4Greatest Day28Bitter Orange52The Four Tops
5Tokyo Lights29The Dolly Popsicles53The Fur Buskers
6Ghost Town30The Hungry Thumbs54Foul Play
7Ultraviolet31Stage Revolution55The Alpacas
8Titan Walk32Majestic Minstrels56Velvet Concord
9Pretty Ugly33Thunderstruck Thundercats57Ecstasy
10Boys of Creation34The Fuzzy Fluffies58Afternoon Daydream
11Lies and Lullabies35Crimson Clovers59Turning Jane
12The Backwards Band36Hot Cocoa Hooligans60Elaborate Constellations
13The Low Rollerz37The Singing Slippers61Double Helix
14The No Show38The Uplifting Unicorns62Zombie Hoax
15The Electric Monkeys39The Hopeful Harmonies63Hero of Refusal
16The Rockin’ Donuts40The Confident Comets64The Disagreeable Grapes
17The Smoky Cats41The Powerful Peacocks65Blustery Thunderstorm
18The Blinding Bats42The Runaway Stoats66Jolly Rainbows
19The Cold-Hearted Chickens43The Sonic Tampons67Spicy Lemons
20The Fiery Wheels44The Gnarled Wombats68The Chowder Chuggers
21The Lovely Thunderbolts45The Vomiting Eagles69The Coincidental Bathers
22The Shiny Ladies46The Unhappy Handsets70The Burning Turtles
23The Brilliant Bunnies47The Groaning Gourders71The Ugly Wolves
24The Teeny Boppers48Everything Is Awesome!72Soundproofed Stompers

Metal Band Names

1Agents of Insanity29Phantom56Silver Bullet
2Drumstick Junkies30Shadow Warriors57Radical Ideas
3Ash of the Kings31Deathly Hounds58Betrayal
4Illusions of Pain32Overdose59Death’s Reign
5The Cursed Ones33The Cold God60Silhouette of Shadows
6The Storm Riders34With the Darkest Angel61Desperate Screams
7Cold Fury Rising35Façade62The Tenders
8Dynasties of Darkness36Inside the Dying Warrior63Identity Breakdown
9Power Rangers37Life Souls64Serving Justice
10Agents of Insanity38Warriors to Dust65Corrupt
11Jupiter Moons39Radical Ideas66Extinction
12Attica40Raging Demons67Aftermath
13Drumstick Junkies41Hungry Wolves from Hell68All That Remains
14Rage Nation42Chaos69Bleeding Through
15Rivals of Tomorrow43Voodoo70Darkest Hour Records
16Ash of the Kings44Self-Destruction71Plasma Welder
17Phantom45Devastation72Throbbing Gristle
18Death of the Dawn46Insanity73The Spoken Fist
19Throne Crusher47Black Death74Grunting Rooster
20Ironbound48Extinction of Mankind75Screaming Meat
21Silver Bullet49Embers & Ashes76Enchanted Rage
22Rivals of Tomorrow50Hell’s Spawn77Wreck the System
23Throne Crusher51The Shadows78Maid of Metal
24Attica52The Young Blood79Upstart Underdogs
25Overdose53The Dirty Secrets80Never Come Back
26Rage Nation54Inside the Dying Warrior81Blood in the Water
27Life Souls55The Cold God82Voyager
28Jupiter Moon

Country Band Names

1Artistic dissenters55Step by Step107Buster Buddies
2Cloud Cuckoo Land56Unseen Messages108The Candlelight
3Month of Sundays57The Burning Lid109Dusty Storm
4Undying blues58Hills Faraway110Sugar Sweet
5Old Teens59Brown Skin111Old Sold Town
6Loud Silencer60Loaded with love112White Paper
7Uncle John61Good for nothing113The Stopwatch
8The Queen Bee62Warm Ice114Uncle Rascals
9Elements of Substance63Dumb Town115The Abandoned
10Country House64Never-Never Country116Lukewarm
11Before Dawn65Back in the ’90s117The Country Girls
12The bottom line66The parallel circles118The Ole Fiddler and His Merrymen
13Gun Slip67Sourdine119The Whiskey River Rats
14Country Chicks68Belly Whopper120Montana Sunrise
15Between The Break69Negative Optimist ABC’s121Cowboys & Heartbreaks
16The Newcomer70Late Night Brunch122Dirt Circles
17Country Nation71Fade to Unknown123Bootleggers
18Glowing Barbies72Gold Plated124Tennesse Dreamin’
19Lost Cinderella73Sons of a Sinner125Big Fish
20Golden Rays74Hometown Halls126Blue Waves
21The Peers75The Good Ones127True blue
22Fancy lies76Cowgirl Revolution128Carte Blanche
23Guy with Groove77Small Town Heroes129Town Frame
24Home Language78Boot Knockers130Mustang Dreams
25The Trillions79Crickets and Crawdads131Double Barrel
26Young and Worried80Off the beaten path132Mudslide
27The Temperamental81The boundless133The Highway 50 Band
28ill At Ease82Monica Modish134Two Bit Horse
29Cocklight83In Country135Grass Roots
30Heavy Tranquilizer84The Quintessence136Stop one dead
31A’Shians85Faithful betrayal137The Old Times
32Lay back Lull86Rowdydowdy138The Compatriot
33Flush of the Evening87A Long Drive139Shelter under the roof
34Country Paralyze88Moon Flower140Grey knot
35Tiny Basterds89The Rich Family141Dyed-in-the-wool
36Out of Danger90Lonesomeness142Damn Brothers
37Clever Capricorn91Sweet Heartache143The Contagious
38Three strings broken92The Twenty-First Century144Strong Friction
39Rain by the Lake93Country Men145Silly Sunday
40Golden Era94Sweet Lancinations146Hometown Halls
41The Whiskey River Rats95The Unsung Heroes147Tennesse Dreamin’
42Cowgirl Revolution962 Steppin’ Cowboys148The Saltwater Cowboys
43Crickets and Crawdads97Country Thunder149The Big Bend Wranglers
44The Drifters98Country Rockers150The Biscuit Burners
45Grainy Country99Cowgirls and Cowboys151Down to Earth Folks
46Country Glory100The Southern Soulmates152Down Home Sweethearts
47Country Grinds101The Cowboy Way153The Little Yeller Dogs
48The Country Lineup102The Lonely Heartbreakers154The Lonesome Howler Wolfs
49Country Chronicles103Two Bit Horse155Ole Fiddler
50The Country Horizon104The Good Ones
51Candy Corn105Just Beautiful
52Better Than Us106Knight’s Darkness
53Crimson Carnation107Sons of a Sinner

Jazz Band Names

1Any 341Southern Vibes81To9
2Floor Shakers42Old Gold82U NEED
3Tapping Aloud43The Middles83Flashing Lights
4Move Below44Run Them 384Trembling Chills
5Southern People45The Naughty Band85Loungers
6The Dancers46Open Doors86Open Houses
7Seeing the Sun47Saints and Cinnamons87Doorways Unleashed
8Everyone Grab48Powerful Fields88The High Tees
9Party Everyone49Be Stronger89The Crazies
10Listen See50Undercover90Vamp and the Fake Books
11Century of Jazz51Undoable91Bossa Fitzgerald
12Torn 3Part52Seeing Your Face92Crooners
13Here We Are53Unforgettable Basics93Scratch and the Horns
14Space and Music54U AND I CRAZY94Runway Rocks
153 Ways55Ooh Yeah 395Stage
16Unrecordables56In the Glowing Lights96Tonight We Can
17Sleeping Into 3575 Wicks97Talking Cats
18All Night58The Waxing Men98Doing Tonight
19Reading Bodies59Looking for Chills Tonight99Spirit Sounds
20Appetitez60The One Last Times100Fall
21Jazzy People61And Again X101Sound Truth
22Some Way Say62Blue Keyz102Swayers
23Exit No Entry63Free Caged103The Washers
24In It Forever64New Dawn104TikTak
25Big Leash65The Snappingtons105Young Jazzers
26Swingers66Fantastic Stripe106The Matured
27Modern Art67King Kai107Young Crystals
28Killer Sounds68The Other 5108Sax on the Beach
29Hurricane69Low Tide109Red and White
30Blow You Down70Polyphonic Lounge110Wine Lounge
31Make It Rain71Paper Cut111Jazz in the Air
32The Cyclones72Blue Condition112Airy
33Feel the Heat73North Side Bound113Hot Sounds
34The Bang Bang Bang74Swinging Syncopation114The Jazz Stars
35The 3 Bangs75Shout Chorus115Happy Lofis
36Force of Nature76Trading Fours116The Emphasis
37The Ensemble Run77Losing Ambition117Peach Tree Growers
38Red Wine78The Freedoms118Barrelhouse
39Worldwide Wind79Do What 4 Do119Soul Salad
40From The World80Saying It

Pop Band Names 

1Angry Humans51Bubblicious100Mac N Cheese
2Creative Cupcakes52Feminine Complex101Popular Parents
3Never Mind53Step Siblings102Flight to France
4Explotars54The Teasers103Yellow Blueberries
5Simple as ABC55Tiny Tadpoles104Last and Least
6Uneven Emotions56Nuclear Nation105Clean Slate
7Red Dips57Born British106Big Beginners
8Hot Mess58A For AfterShocks107Last Track
9Gassy Clouds59Maximum Minimum108Non Emotionals
10Ego Hunters60Lovely Secretary109QueensLand
11Concentrated Elements61Clean Sweep1103 Days Later
12Dead Plants62Costly Queens111Flame Flambeau
13Flower Gifts63The Shoutout112Concert in Cattle Farm
14Little Lamps64Pirates in Plane113Until then
15Damage Control65Silly Swingers114City of Bricks
16Rushlights66SpeedBalls115Crystal Code
17Public Matters67Sad Impressions116Slay Chic
18Scary Pumpkins68Golden Butterfly117Matriarchy
19The Shadows69Matriarchy118Bold Letters
20Gold Letters70Flower Pot119SuperSonics
21Clever Countess71Eden’s Crush120Number 90
22The Trailers72Elemental121Stage Crawlers
23Similar Faces73The Killed Magic122Green Olives
24Vital Songs74Uncanny Paradigm123Bold Boyz
25S Sharp75Elemental124Ugly Animals
26The Flirts76Pink Slip125Trouble Makers
27Faster Faster77Alices from Tomorrowland126Forever However
28Over Top78Flower Pot127Bitter Chocolates
29Tornado Discharge79Dreamers Beamers128Musique F Pop
30Later Daze80The Emotions129Hips on Hop
31Ashen Eyes81Easy Eleven130Joy Junction
32Frisky Bears82Show Off131Talking Minds
33Double Move83Secret Keepers132The Middlemen
34Laser Date84Bubblicious133Besties For Life
35Fair Worry85Sour Candy134Troubleshooting
36Structural Remedy86Dreamers Beamers135Country Girls
37Earthbound87Pipettes136US Against the Sounds
38Type 288Pink Slip137Green Chillies
39Subtle Notions89Lazy Losers138Pop Knack
40Rich Penny90Loopholes139Wisdom Winners
41Soft Skin915 Variations140Fancy Folks
422 Much Fun92Butter Butts141Flawless Fanatics
43Sour Candy93Shy Shooters142Lucky Lions
44Golden Butterfly94Pumpkin Pie143The Savagery
45Secret Keepers95Exotic Secrets144Chaotic Captains
46Honeydew96Sarcastic Smiley145Deadly Sand Spouts
47GRRL97Nasty Neighbourhood146Butter N Cheese
48Xscape98Musical Genetics147Smashing Pop
49Pipettes99Tigers in Tin
50Eden’s Crush

Electronic Dance Music Band Names

1Abandoned Baby35Black Belts68Wow whoopees
2Cheerful Chants36Daniel in Dark69February 14th
3Crawling Fish37Latest Rules70The Chromer
4Flash Lights38Low Battery71Time Keepers
5Nerdy Nervous39Butt Busters72Colourful marshmallows
6Stuff Toys40Business Graduates73Groovy Moovy
7Green Olives41Red Radius74Electro Sparks
8The Money Men42Electric Bullets75The Astronomers
9Crazy Bombardment43The Final Vows76Exposed
10Freaky Fragiles44Beat Balls77Cheat Confessions
11Swaying Swaggers45Pink Pastries78Mighty Apes
12Electric shock Therapy46Tiny Tutorials79Signal Green Light
13Redemption47To the East80Golden Gold Diggers
14Blue Streaks48Flying Turtles81Baldachins
15Swift Cheetahs49Hornier than Ever82Dancing Jeeps
16Terminal Velocity50Heavy Raid83Hopping Shadows
17Toy Shop Girls51Power Hitters84Blue Ticks
18Electric Beats52Seed Money85Thunder storms
19The Voltaics53Sugar Daddies86Winds from the West
20180 Degree Turn54The Explorers87Electric Roars
21Beautiful Bears55Leather Jackets88Thorny Roses
22East Medows56Yellow N Red89Cinderella in City
23LOL57E For Electricals90The ToolBox
24Ten Persons58Hypnotherapies91Musical Sunglasses
25Jim & Jack59Scary Clowns92Sparkling Vibes
26Cheap Crystals60Sand Castles93The Icy Icons
27Flaming Lips61Electric Hourglass94Red Riding Hood
28The Flamboyanes62Band Hypnotic95Layzee Kingdom
29Cold Fires63Broken DrumSticks96Nail Hammers
30The Hitler’s64The Money Makers97The Haunted Band
31Electric Kisses65Electric Storm98Fire Sparks
32DC Charged66Loud Horn99Thugs of thugs
33Bat Eyes67Dollar Bags100Strong Opposers
34The Watch Dogs

Hip-Hop Band Names

1Addition Addicted35Drug Dealers68City of Sins
2Boss mastermind36Hip hop by nature69Primrose Path
3Rich Rappers37Five Vowels70A clan called absentminded
4Brown Sugar38Hip Hop Crawlers71Dirty Essence
5Operation-Exit39Caramel, Honey and Sugar72A-TwentyFive
6Fire Drum40The VIP’s73How-do-you-do
7KastAway41Hook Hop74Colourful mirror
8Three Vagabonds42Bond-Bulletproof75Two Tablespoons
9Polo chap43Pro Principals76Mini skirts
10Whippersnapper44High Noon77Tequila Shots
11The ashtray45Hopping Stones78The black Graduates
12Chic Bombastic46Big Pack79Shocking Pink
13Funky Tunes47Chewing Gun80Pop-Boom-Boom-Pop
14Babble beat48Gas Halogen81DJ Jokester
15Holy rappers49The Prodigies82The Gangstas
16Flying carpet50Robotick Humans83Jay-Zee
17DJ Offbeat51Wolf Gangsta84The peanut butter
18Fall from grace52Outtashape85Breaking Rap-Newz
19Dr.Psychotic53Pop Ekonomik86Rotten Tomatoes
20Spoonerism54EverAge Boyz87One Dime
21Spy-See HotDog55Police Gang88X-Linked
22Highschool Crush56FotoElektrik895 Wheels
23Happy Halloween57Burger Queens90Lilly in Italy
24Rare Birds58TipTop Topper91Country on Fire
25The Orchestrina59The Iconics92Off-Broadway
26Copy Paste60Lapsus Linguae93Triple 8
27Melon-Ella61Sekret Gambit94Weak Promises
28The Middle Finger62Group Spy-C95The Countermove
29Dirty Gray63Blooming bloopers96Die Hard
3010 Dollar Note64Red Signal97Sleepy horse
31Icey-Spicy65Rough Gentlemen98Troublemakers
32The Eiffel Tower66Smashed Window99500 Wattz
33Square Squad67Silver Jubilee100X-tra fueled
34Ice Sliders

Gospel Band Names

1Angry Saints34The Ethicals67Hopef in Christ
2Old Abacus35The Underrated Band68Roman Candles
3White Cantaloupe36Free Doves69Candy Flies
4Rebellious Movement37Passive Resisters70The Carolers
5Lost Clan38Clouds of Rain71New Dreamers
6Sequence of Stars39Blind Eagle72Minds of Wasteland
7Starlight in the Dark40Self-Salvation73High Tides
8Rose Coloured41Christ’s Champions74The Lullabies
9The Troops42Path Finders75Red Velvet
10Front Liners43Fairy Tales76Underground Treasure
11Project Impossible44The Fingerprints77Twilight Zone
12Nature Lovers45Golden Hands78The London Boys
13Brave Spirits46The Doves79Susan’s Sun
14Eagle Eyes47Troop Egoistic80Bond Breakers
15Graceful Bodies48The Sunflowers81Loved Ones
16Wasted souls49Minus Murmur82Fair-haired Boyz
17Silly Sensual50Pretty Purples83Seven days a week
18The Revolutionists51White Shirts84The Springwater
19Blind vision52Bold Spirits85High Heads
20Panic Place53Gentle Diabolics86Red Lotus
21Frozen Lake54Free Birds87Blue Island
22Way to NoWhere55Battle Succeeders886 Big Fish
23Eyes of Future56Red Spot89Max Strength
24Peaceful Ones57The Premiums90Truth Chasers
25Faithful Youth58Star Gazers91Loved Forever
26Rescue Army59Group A-One92Lazy Daisies
27The milky way60Cool Paradise93Bold Brains
28In the name of Christ61Band Expired94Camel Trains
29Poem of Angels62Imperials95Clever Cats
30Public Eye63Popular Generation96High Heads
31Dark Laser64Holy ForEver97Star Galaxy
32Barefoot Brothers65Chirping Birds98Under the Spotlight
33Good-for-Nothing66Re Generation99Walter Mitty

Indie Band Names

1A Pumpkin Looming21The Leafy Sea Dragons41Lighthouses
2The Hunter and His Arrow22The Belligerent Peacocks42Unmarked Roads
3Giving Sunday23The Soft Drifters43Revolutionary
4The Finders24The Blue Grassers44Tumbleweeds
5The Haunting25The Groove Makers45Pamplemousse
6Plant Matter26The Easy Movers46The Variables
7The Sassy Seals27The Southern Ramblers47The Hunter and His Arrow
8The Cantankerous Cows28The Country Cookin’ Band48Woodsmoke
9The Tumbleweeds29Coffee Stain49Electric Colors
10Pamplemousse30The Succulents50The Monsteras
11The Variables31Plant Matter51Coffee Stain
12Zodiac Groove32Electric Colors52Brewing Backs
13Dark Matter33The Haunting53The Jar of Marbles
14Imminent Release34Survival Stories54The Hanging Chads
15The Bored Buttons35Laminated Daydreams55The Slippery Eels
16The Stray Beagles36The Finders56The Wily Weasels
17The Urchin Unicorns37Rusty Trinkets57Lighthouses
18The Lazy Llamas38Lonely City Kids58Rusty Trinkets
19The Napping Narwhals39Giving Sunday59Woodsmoke
20The Country Clubbers40Unnamed Problems

Punk Band Names

1Amusing Pattern36How to Live70Mutiny of Myth
2Mutiny of Myth37Tonight We Dance71Rotten Lies
3Drilled Spikes38Trophy Case Kids72Abused Pattern
4Abacus39Black Tie Optional73American Thieves
5Basement Gig40Left to Riot74Drilled Spikes
6London Jackets41Not to be Consumed75Suddenly Found
7Expired Days42Fact or Fiction76The Driving Crew
8Iron or Steel43Lawn Flamingos77Hazard
9Bad Decisions44Suddenly Found78Sequence of Grace
10Sequence of Grace45The Bearded Dragons79Rotten Lies
11Evasive Maneuvers46The Wet Otters80American Thieves
12Pizza Platoon47The Desolation81The Cold Wind
13Minor Inconvenience48The Scourge82Wildly Baron
14Small Town Heroes49The Gutter Punks83Rewind
15Silver Spoon50Dazzling Dummies84The Spatters
16Fall in Line51The Crusties85The Fuzzy Pandas
17Take a chant52The Littlest Punks86The Green Pigeons
18Oversight53The Spiky Haircuts87The Sneaky Meanies
19Minor Prophets54The Artistic Fights88The Hungry Unicorns
20Mix Princess55Outrageous Flavors89Popunkers
21Cutie Pies56Expired Days90My Friends Are My Friends
22Shirk Sharks57Bad Decision91My Sophomore Year
23Lateral Move58Lawn Flamingos92Killer Barbies
24Untapped59Basement Gig93Rinse The Song
25Edge60Together With Johnny94Bottoms Up
26Humble Love61Distorted Maniacs95Insane Sardines
27Demon Scarecrow62Iron or Steel96Blood In The Water
28The Groupie Dolls63Abacus97Hip Hauteur
29The Revisited Ferguson64London Jackets98Where Are Murmurs
30The Duties65Sequence of Grace99Astronauts
31Your Worst Dream66Elaborate Six100Strikers
322 Combustion67Rebel Life101Allophones
33Devil In The Hallway68Hazard102Songs Divine
34The Sleep Overs69The Cold Wind Rileys103Shiny Guitar
35Burritos and Best Friends

Kid Band Names

1Beet Red8Princess Cupcake and the Sprinkles15Eggs and Pancakes
2Infinity and Beyond9Jack’s Beanstalk16Jams and Jellys
3The Rocket Chips10The Golden Egg Band17Fish on Sticks
4Olive Juice11The Messy Mildreds18Game of Songs
5Duck, Duck, Goose!12Leftovers19The Chickens and the Road
6Old McDonald and his Farm13Mash the Potatoes20Ready Spaghetti
7The Fairytale Villagers14Oh, Crepes!

Funk Band Names

1Breaking News8Quarterly Loss15High-End Rif Raf
2Euphoric9Top of the Hour16Rug Cutter
3The Badlands10Midnight Buzz17Goldmine
4Echo of the Groove11If And When18Loophole
5Soul Fun12Sass19Seller’s Market
6Rough Sketch13New Rule20Savage Groove
7Curbside Prisoner14Well Well Well

Famous Band Names

1ABBA11Mumford ; Sons20Guns N’ Roses
2The Police12Nine Inch Nails21Rascal Flatts
3The Ramones13Pearl Jam22Led Zepplin
4Pixies14Pink Floyd23The Rolling Stones
5Smashing Pumpkins15The Moody Blues24The Monkees
6Green Day16Metallica25The Velvet Underground
7Red Hot Chili Peppers17The Eagles26U2
8Jonas Brothers18Aerosmith27Coldplay
9Queen19Def Leppard28Spice Girls
10The Beatles

Random Band Names

1At Random14Hero of Refusal26Zombie Hoax
2Boys of Creation15Paulo The Shelley27Elaborate Constellations
3Afternoon Daydream16Diva Harmonized28Stage Revolution
4Double Helix17Happy Connection29Ecstasy
5Lies and Lullabies18Acriharmony30Tokyo Lights
6Greatest Day19Voyage To The Sun31Human Torso
7Kinetic Street20All My Chimes32Advance On London
8Ghost Town21Smiling Puppies33Surge
9Pretty Ugly22Flower Power34Red Brazil
10Perpetual Sorrow23Curated For You35Soda Preachers
11Armageddon Day24Bit The Bros36The Abandoned Souls
12Turning Jane25Velvet Concord37Small Holes

Creative Band Names      

1Action Jacksons25Zenith48Junket Monks
2Tough Time26Sideline49Fly Away
3The Prisoners Of Toronto27Distortion50Yoga Cart
4Earthbound28New Band On The Block51The Villains Of Nevada
5Mix Princess29Dark Spot52The Big Claws
6The Eagles30Trademark53Sanitarium
7Grey Fairies31Over Top54The Black Nothing
8Clockwork32Reborn Nuevo55Leftovers
9Never Break33Flushing56Dearth Planet
10Compelling Space34Lucid Angels57Ump Yours
11Repercussions35Heading For Two58More Time
12Low Level36Groovy59WD-41
13Untapped37The Four Calves60The Locked Doors
14Dragonflies38Where We Are Today61Decades of Experience
15Gung-Ho39Kryptonite62Minimum Commitment
16Pulsar Luck40Space Hunters63Bubblilicious
17Clear Photo41Jolly Lads64Totally Frothy
18Dark Spot42Aces65Tigers
19Beefy Flavor43Crushers66Fact Of The Matter
20Red Square44Abandoned Dreams67Oblivion
21On and On45The Everythings68Serious Party
22Double B46PseudoSounds69The Paw Prints
23Sworn To Secrecy47Gremlins70Volcanic Blast
24Dead Hands

Unused & Catchy Band Names

1Ash Wednesday11Middle Income21Fort Pass
2Faster Faster12Billion Dollar Buyer22Darwin’s Best
3One Party13Classic Film / flickr23Skinny Bundle
4Holy Grail14Judgement Call24Bullish Change
5Decree15Too Far For Gracie25The Animals
6Zodiac Groove16Part Time26Knockabout Girls
7Seven Days Past17October Light27Steve Miller Band
8Tech Giants18Roll Over28Fleetwood Mac
9Fairly Measured19Where We Are Today29Vapid Thoughts
10Smart Aces20Crimson Crypt30Showrunner

Best Band Names

1Burden of Proof9Naughty Nevada17Stumble
2Better Shot10Front Seven18Giant Palms
3Fallen Flame11Soul Fun19Slug Go
4Vermillion12Engine Creep20Replacements
5Epicenter13Half a Percent21Loophole
6Meat Puppets14Plasmatic22The Badlands
7Crimson Crypt15Poetry Falling23Second Hour
8Figure Out16Dead Hands24Wicked Lollipops

Good Band Names

1Awesome Angels9Red Challenge17Oxymoron
2Strawberry Lumps10Cyber Patriots18Scarlet Oblivion
3New Rule11Goldmine19Part Time
4Payroll12Breaking News20If And When
5Intrepid13Justice is Served21Vortex
63 Day Rain14Top of the Hour22Skinny Bundle
7Midnight Buzz15Rug Cutter23Sideline
8The Wolves of Yesterday16Bullish Change

Cute Band Names

1Angels and Apples10Sweet Stars18The Kittens
2Cool Capybaras11Lullaby Flutterfly19Dog Day Dawn
3Castles in the Clouds12Strawberry Mushroom20Buttercup Kisses
4Lucky Cinders13The Teddy Bears’ Picnic21White Lace Hearts
5The Pink Puppies14Pine Tree22Cupcake Dreams
6Rowan Tree Avenue15Candy Cane Clique23Banana Gator
7The Red Turtle16Spells Falling24Monkey Business
8Green Beetles17Green Gems25Squirrel Darts
9The Stick Insects

Funny Band Names

1Angry Salad25Paranormal Activity48A Box of Fish with Tartar Sauce
2Curl Up And Die26Adequate Rain49The Dairy Queens
3Afraid Of Figs27The Sticky Bandits50Box Spring Bongo
4Baloney Pony28The Creeping Crud51Fabulous Amputators
5Concrete Grass29The Ruminant Misfits52The Arrogant Worms
6Beatnik Termites30The Chilling Lizards53Chocolate Teapot
7Big Dead Fish31The Clattering Radiators54The Dead Plants
8Dirt Clod Fight32The Super Duper Monkeys55Black Moth Super Rainbow
9The Band Formerly Known As Piglet33The Silly French Waiters56Concrete Octopus
10Armed and Hammered34The Evil Space Llamas57The Black Eyed Peas
11Bawdy Tacos35The Curious Mice Butlers58Funky Boogerman
12The Beaten Down Loafers36The Misunderstood Sharks59BBQ Platypus
13The Carpet Burners37The Ramble Banders60Unhappy Mushroom
14The Decrepit Old Farts38The Invisible Man Band61Inflatable Dates
15The Dopey Dorks39The Cissy Puffs62Rolling Donut
16The Horny Toads40The Lickerish Quartet63Hamster Sandwich
17Poisonous Kangaroos41The Blue Oyster Cult64Halo of Flies
18The Bored Vampire Cheerleaders42Chocolate Bunnies From Hell65Individual Fruit Pie
19The Hamsters43Ball Point Banana66The Most Sordid Pies
20The Stinky Kids44A Band Named Bob67Mr. T-Rex
21Hungry Like the Wolf45Chia Pet68Iron Liver
22Why Are We Whispering?46Crazy Taco Cafeteria69Men Among Poodles
23The Tofu Crispies47The Alien Puppets70Waffles Against Apples
24The Chicken Nugget Conspiracy

Unique Band Names

1Astro Cat21Dubious Devils40PARADIGM The Brazil
2Ready Made Success22Right Most Of The Time41The Murdered
3Humble Love23Road to Nowhere42The Rocking Germany
4Data Market24American Grit43Lonely Servants
5Bonesaw25Incendiary44Tidal Waves
6Run First Wonders26Plasmatic45Espresso Jones
7Fact Of The Matter27Curson The Sein46Object Lesson
8Customer Service28Lockdown47One-Eyed Flammers
9Red Alert29Misplaced48City On Fire
10Treble Tones30South Street Irregulars49Screamer
11One Dolphy31Benevolent Dreamers50Broadway Fevers
12Sanguine Saturnine32Aerobarn51Going Minnesota
13Totally Generic33L’il Angels52Isley Brothers
14The Shirelles34Pioneer Duo53Uncertain Outcome
15Relative Success35Wise Yanks54International Hayes
16To Hell and Beyond36Joyous Treats55Three Little Bones
17Moaning Dreamers37Skeleton King56Cream
18Paddling Start38The Bayonets57Sense Of Freedom
19Savage Groove39Daddy58Variation 5
20Blood In The Water

Cool Band Names

1Anti-Competitive47Generation D93Maximum Value
2Clockwork48Wicked Lollipops94Faster Faster
3Old English49Broadway Fevers95Skinny Bundle
4Red Bison50Bermuda Dreamers96Chaos In Control
5Way of the Pole51Rewind97100 Days 5 Nights
6Mix Princess52Awesome Angels98Got Hot Not
7Justice Is Served53Low Level99Dead Hands
8Hot Mess54One Party100Front Seven
9Figure Out55The Other Fish101The Resistance
10New Rule56Justified102Simple Love
11Breaking News57Plasmatic103Best In Class
12Strawberry Lumps58Scarlet Oblivion104Intrepid
13Grey Fairies59Scars For David105Wildly Baron
14Often Wrong60Vortex106Zenith
15Hazmat61On The Job107Wonderand
16Fallen Flame62Western Front108Vermillion
17Draconian Galactic Empire (DGE)63Agatha Is Dead!109Uncanny Paradigm
18Late Stage Negotiation64Stitcher110Oxymoron
19Tech Giants65Last Days Of December111Incendiary
20Freemium66Better Shot112Crimson Crypt
21Too Far For Gracie67Half A Percent113Decades of Experience
22The Badlands68Moving Into Tucson114Incite
23Loophole69Bullish Change115Crazy Daze
243 Day Rain70Faster Than The Boys116High Frequency
25Savage Groove71American Hustlers117No Explanation
26Rug Cutter72Flushing118Monarch
27Burden of Proof73Peace of Mind119Red Square
28Not Only Adversaries74Soul Fun120Lucid Angels
29Corruption75Identity Matters121Ratoon
30Top Of The Hour76Million Dollar Daze122Incredibly Upset
32Real Challenge78Fort Pass124Moxie
33If And When79Easter Brook125Dreamers Three
34Repercussions80Bumps126Eastern Sons
35Advance On London81One Foot Deep127Fight or Kill
36Pacific Comeback82Tiny Maneuvers128Galapagos
37Naughty Nevada83Monarch129True Taffy
38Part Time84Darwin’s Best130Bounceback
39Cyber Patriots85Slug Go131Wise Yanks
40Blood In The Water86Sub Now132Bloodline
41Epicenter87Goldmine133Celestial Beings
42The Wolves Of Yesterday88Giant Palms134Left Behind
43Humble Love89Over Top135Visitation
44Seller’s Market90Second Hour136Engine Creep
45Midnight Buzz91Compelling Space137Sideline
46High End Rif Raf92Quarterly Loss138Stumble

Badass Names for A Band

1Action Jacksons43Justified85Wise Yanks
2Butterfly Surprise44Type 286Sense Of Freedom
3Carolina Cherry45Billion Dollar Buyer87The Villains Of Nevada
4Old English46Ready Made Success88Dawn For Daybreak
52nd Half47New Band On The Block89Deep Six
6Toxic Pony48Shadows On High90Attack of the 50 ft Women
7High Frequency49Guilty Ladies91Ash Wednesday
8The Curve50Household Lovers92Without Explanation
9Mouse on Venus51Trademark93Spirited Away
10Red Bison52Decades of Experience94Roll Over
11Alabama Kings (or Queens)53Minimum Commitment95Guard Dog
12Zodiac Groove54Untapped96Cloud 9
13Laces Out55Smart Aces97Classic Class
14Mix Princess56Trillion98Buzz Off
15In Troy57Clockwork99Rich Penny
16Stuck In Time58Bonesaw100Thrill Ride
17Totally Frothy59Navarro101Way of the Pole
18Rules Broken60Soundbite102Facial Fracture
19The Ticks61Five On The Backhand Side1032 Much Fun
20Fair Worry62Modern Romance104Wounded Robot
21Stimulus63Bottoms Up105Roar
23Structural Remedy65Tree Of Knowledge107Right About
24Decree66Earthbound108Public Safety
25Digital Leader67Fink109Soft Skin
26Immune68Incite110V Character
27Corruption Crackdown69Wounded Robot111Odd Bend
28Technical Breakout70Roar112Civilian Control
29The Other Fish71Thrill Ride113Bleeding Stone
30Distortion72Ice Age114Necessarily Bad
3114 Ticks73The Curve115Wonderful Wonder
32One Party74Laces Out116Macro
33Congress In Session75Bleeding Stone117On and On
34Odd Week76Smart Aces118Ice Age
35Going Back To Baltimore77Corruption Crackdown119Life Remote
36Trash Challenge78Fang Domination120Never Break
37Some Identity79Fractured121Showrunner
38Run First Wonders80Unlucky!122Red Alert
39Low Level81Seven Days Past123Career Military
40Money Goes82Fang Domination124Around
41Organic83The Prisoners Of Toronto125Demons To Some
42Totally Generic84Screams Of Youth126Subtle Notions

Name Ideas for Rock & Metal Bands

1Awful Spell70United Singers143The Red-Zone
2Sorry but not Sorry71Freedom Fighters144Ultimate Anthem
3Wet MatchBox72A For Apple Pie.145Battle nightmare
4Rascal Rats73Deadly Heatstroke146White Roses
5Sad Stories74Sparking Wires147Final Bloodlust
6Filthy Fingerprints75Azure148Brown creatures
7Damp Floor76The smashing doors149Green Eye
8Deleted Songs77Roaring Drums150Rocking Brute
9Bolt from the blue78Chained151Creepy freaks
10Thunderstokes79The Aid152Dirty algorithm.
11Scorching Supplements80The youngsters153Loading…
12The hotchpotch81Escaped Spirit154Birds in the Jar
13Rated Reckless82Dead Kings155Wine glass
14Off the Hook83Zombie Stroll156Chain of Events
15The Liberals84Short circuit157Rocket Rockers
16Bloody Nightmare851000 heartbeats158Maybe Yes Maybe No
17Chaotic Narcosis86Blazing platform159Oh Crap!
18Black Bloodline87Pink palette160Chain Gang Member
19Blazing Ecstasy88Reinvention-X161Loaded Weapons
20The Commanders89The Curve162Strange Murder
21Gray Jackets90Hot-Compass163Zombie Bamboozle
22Scuzzy delights91Ten feet ahead164Heavy Missiles
23Nerd Neptune92Black Python165Green Condition
24Horny Honey93Twinkle wink166Leg Pullers
25Freaky Fantasies94The Jumbo-Jet167Fretful Natives
26Rock-59095Sweet 16168Technical Giants
27Sugar Dip Sauce96Fire Alarm169D For Dirty
28Hot Rods97Newborn Adults170The Hot Guns
29The Mercury98Warm Bloodlines171Brown Cowboys
30Bold Balds99Thank Us Later172Nasty Generation
31Hot Gamblers100Heavy Duty173Trash Triangle
32Holy Rollers101The Black Dots174Stupefying Stupefaction
33Wild Beasts102Uneven Roads175Intense blue
34Twelve o’clock103Disco Dreams176Mad Matchbox
35Dead devils104Pink Valentine177Team Expired
36Deep Flames105The Fraudsters178Machine guns
37Burning Winds106SuperWomen179Red Handkerchief
38Pitchpole107Angry FireWorms180Spikey forks
39Dirty Deeds108Self Defence181Roaring Foxes
40Polite Ghosts109The Agitations182Up in smoke
41The Marchers110Rock Up-to-date183Giant Bombs
42Freaky Friends111Lights in Columbus184Bad Reds
43Hot Bombs112YardBirds185The junk truck
44Sparkling Stars113Descent Devils186Red Moon
45Dirty Starship114The wobblers187Dark planet
46Pink Skirts115Pink bleeders188Freaky Friction
47High Pitch116Twice Tease189Rock-20
48Peaches and cream117Mental-lunatic190Blue veins
49Spicy Gingerbread118Spice sprinkled191Blazing rocks
50Road Racers119Metalhead192Floating clouds
51Pair Naked120Radio Strokes193Fiery jolt
52Dirty Fives121Area-65194Dusky ray
53Thunder Bay122Animal house195Savage hands
54Sweet Crows123Summer in September196The Fumes
55Way Too Big124Dragons on the ramp197The scratch
56Got a Rock Song125Fiery Darling198Wounded sparrow
57Flying Feets126Salvo199Orange Flames
58Politics of Demons127Honed Crown200Old Gun
59Wholly Molly128Sizzling Sizzlers201Warm Elements
60Tiny Toes129The Wheeling Pebbles
61Groovy Groove130The coil
62Mad Concert131Smokey Matrix
63Coconut Affair132The Hot Spot
64Released into the Wild133Dead-End
65Zero Gravity134Adult insects
66Forces of Attraction135Quake breathless
67Sunny Saturn1362 Sunflowers
68queens137Crowded pipeline
69Bonfire138Untold Secrets
139Exotic Tunes
140The nameless
141Blue Aliens

One Word Band Name Ideas

4Nomad22Zenith40The Nostrils
5Obelisk23Wonderland41Middle Income
6Decree24Stitcher42Second Run
7Bounceback25Bumps43Ice Angels
9Mudslide27Pacific45Ultimate Nerds
11Secrets29Union47Lynyrd Skynyrd
13Pulse31Speed49Astronaut Dogs
14Zion32Unisex50Pony Tails
15Unmarked33Tempus51New Dawn

Duo/Two Words Band Name Ideas

1American Hustlers25Guns n’ Roses49Hollow Tree
2Not Only Adversaries26A Pumpkin Looming50The Mirrors
3Engine Creep27Going Forward51Greek Infection
4True Taffy28Lamprophony52Her-ricanes
5Dawn For Daybreak29The White Stripes53Wise Yanks
6Ministry Of Defense30The Badlands54Tax Cut
7Wonderful Wonder31Fallen Flame552nd Half
8Under Invested32Totally Frothy56City On Fire
9Leverage Point33Demons To Some57Cosmic Mines
10Sub Now34Guilty Ladies58Ted BBC
11Totally Generic35Bleeding Stone59Random Dancing
12Case By Case36Deep Six60Flipped Psychedelic
13Red Bison37Easter Brook61Burned Alive
14Rug Cutter38Main Event623rd Planet
15Faster Than The Boys39If And When63Hard Times
16Scars For David40Second Hour64Dangerous Divas
17The Beatles41Soul Fun65Last Whisper
18Technical Breakout42The Resistance66Midnight Madness
19Uncanny Paradigm43Who’s Smart67Birds Bones
20Replacements44Trade Off68Soft Girls
21Down By 1445Fault Makers69The Butchers
22Necessarily Bad46Greedy Gawkers70Rip Girls
23Task At Hand47Soul & Friends71Wonder Gir
24Carolina Cherry48Letter Sequence

Girls Band Names Ideas

1Avalanche28Lover’s Smile541000 Frames
2Best In Class29Funeral for a Queen55The Geese
3Mike Doesn’t Sing30Dominators56Fred Don
4The Buttons31The Stalkers57The Shaking BBC
5Return of the King32Killing David58Velvet Vixens
6Lost Hope33Odious Melodium59The Sparkle Squad
7Cozy Sunday34The Wolves Of Yesterday60The Bombshells
8Demon Girls35Deft Denizen61The Spicy Foodies
9Smooth Play36Area 5262The Hot Tamales
10Giddy Up Girls37The Cinnamon Chasers63The Jalapenos
11The Bleach Blondes38The Ants in My Pants64The Gouda Girls
12The Shady Ladies39The Ladybugs65The Mona Lisas
13The Royal Hotness40The Bellybuttons66Re-dress
14The Pink Pantherz41The Flower Girls67The Digital Punks
15We Eat Baby Food42Funk Soul Sisters68Guilty Ladies
16The Hard Day’s Nightingales43The Uptempo Temptations69The Crises
17Oopsy Daisy44Joyful Claps70Seeking Open Minds
18Goosebumps & Giggles45The Recorded Lullaby71Selling for Free
19The Lemon Meringues46Naughty Nevada72Complete Chamber
20The Bumblebees47The Circle73The Snouts
21The Velvet Heartbeats48Pulsar Dream74Generous Boys
22The Strawberry Shortcakes49The Space Tigers75Zenith
23Women in Jeopardy50Blood Sucker76GI Janes
24Girl Talkin’ Dirty51Never Apart77Rivers
25The Fuzzy Pink Bunnies52Musical Divas78Quicken
26Hungry Dogs53Laces Out79Waterproof Hands
27Sweetest Vol

Real Names of Bands for Inspiration

1Alice Cooper10The Andrews Sisters19The Mekons
2Blur11The Clash20Ladysmith Black Mambazo
3Joy Division12Roxy Music21Toots and the Maytals
4The Kinks13Rage Against the Machine22The Weavers
5The Judds14Puffy AmiYumi23Steely Dan
6Genesis15Poco24Sonic Youth
7The Ink Spots16The Platters25Smashing Pumpkins
8Dire Straits17New Order26Santana
9The Doors18OutKast

A to Z Band Names

1Afraid of Music9Auto Club Defectors16Adios Amoeba
2Agitated State10Always a Dull Moment17Antidisestablishmentarianism
3Air Pillow11Always Something18Another Band
4All Day to Throw12A Bunch of Clowns19Any Requests
5Allergen13A Bunch of Vegetables20Apple Pie Disorder
6Aria Code14Absolutely Relative21Are You Serious
7Armed with Teeth15Acu Puncher
8At the End of the Day
1Backsplash14Body Art27Beanie Baby Assassins
2Bad Bad Matador15Bogus Craft28Benelux Next Time
3Bad Hair Week16Brain Cramp29Benevolent Malware
4Bad Parallel Parkers17Bratwurst30Beyond Meatballs
5Bad Split18Bread Line31Bland Faith
6Bad Trip Motel19Brezhnev’s Eyebrows32Blandishment
7Bag Phone20Brick Meets Window33Blatantly Subtle
8Balding Heads21Broken Pretzels34Blown Coverage
9Ballu Tundu22Boots Galore35Buffalo Knuckle
10Bonsai Strip Mall23Bored of Smorgas36Bulbous Noses
11Boor War24Boring Adventure37Butterfly Gulch
12Boats of Notes25Botox PerfectionBark Like a Monkey38By the By
13Bodily Dysfunction26Basis Weight
1Crazy Guggenheim19Colonoscopy37Circular Sawdust
2Cream Rinse20Complex Carbs38Clam Happy
3Creative Math21Concave Igloo39Clap Now
4Critical Grapefruit22Condensed Version40Clash of Egos
5Crowning Achievement23Catahooty41Conformer
6Cult of Hold Music24Caveat Beware42Constructive Feedback
7Cure for Insomnia25Chalk Outline Erasers43Contract Riders in the Sky
8Curling Iron Maiden26Change Remedy44Cool Factory
9Cut the Cards27Charges Pending45Coolant Leak
10Canceled Appearance28Cheap Theatrics46Corn Boil
11Carriage Return29Check the Noodles47Corner of Your Ear
12Case Dismissed30Cheese Drinkers48Corporals of Industry
13Clashing Notes31Cheese Tray49Corporate Culture
14Clear the Area32Chess Club Hooligans50Cough Syrup Symphony
15Clinically Sane33Chess Wound51Counting Escrows
16Closets Without Pants34China Cabinet Conspiracy52Cranky
17Clown Show35Chinny Chin Chilla
18Code Crackers36Choose Wisely
1Doubtful Outcome15Dancing Mopeds28Don’t Throw Tomatoes
2Downspout16Dangerously Unbalanced Budget29Doodie Do
3Drachma Queen17Dare We Do30Dee Dee Ductible
4Draconian Measures18Day Old Coffee31Deep Discount
5Drama Duchess19Debacle32Deep Fleas
6Drained Energy20Decent Lie33Deflector Dish
7Drinks Are on You21Dietetic Materialism34Delete All
8Drip Campaign22Disambiguation35Diabolical Kittens
9Dripping with Sarcasm23Dislocated Finger36Diction Addiction
10Drool Bucket24Dr. Buzz37Doomsday Soufflé
11Drumming Up Business25Do You See What I See38Double Pepperoni
12Duodenum River26Dogs Eating Donuts39Double Reverse
13Dupuytren’s Contracture27Domesticated Fish
14Dwindling Fortunes
1Embarrassing Sounds7Every Other Finger12Ear Popper
2Empty Seats8Everybody’s Happy13Eddie Bus Wrecks
3End of Regulation9Everything Makes Us Mad14Effects of the Sun
4Enough’s Enough10Evil IQ15Electric Zipper
5Ephemeral Stone11Eyes to Heaven
1Found Faces13Flock of Egos25Further Adventures
2Free Admission14Fly-by Drivers26Future Value
3Friend and Foe15Fondue Explosion27Face the Music
4Friends Like Yesterday16Foolish Consistencies28Faces in Love
5Fringe of Contention17Forced Resignation29Fairly Often
6Fronds Liszt18Forensic Evidence30Finger Sandwich
7Fudge Balls and Brownies19Forgotten Motives31Fingertip Pushups
8Fantasy Sold Here20Felix Meddlesome32Fire in the House
9Feeble Effort21Fez33Fiscally Impaired
10Fish School Dropouts22Fugue Horn34Fish in the Barrel
11Flab Fighters23Fugue You35Formerly Famous
12Floating Ideas24Fungal Rainbow36Fortune Crackers
1Gimme That Chicken10Goose Farm18Gas Station Bathroom
2Gin Dandy11Gracility19Gasping at Straws
3Global Morning12Gravy Boat Armada20Gee Wally
4Global Mourning13Greta Garbanzo21Gene Puddle
5Gloomy Roomie14Gross Profit22Get Civilized
6Good But Ugly15Gabby da Gamba23Ghost Bars
7Good for Now16Garbled Message24Gig Line
8Good Point17Gas Pain
9Good Stuff Maynard
1Half Hog8Hopelessly Inept15Hedonistic Workaholics
2Half of Zero9Horridly Florid16High Density
3Ham It Up10Hospital Socks17Hipper than Aunt Ethel
4Hamster Cramps11Hand Buzzer18Hocus Focus
5Honeymoon Hotel12Hashtag Brownies19Hold the Tonic
6Hairy Like You13Headbanger String Quartet
7Half a Shebang14Heart Chamber Music
1Implausible11It’s Really Us21In the Red
2Instrumental Midgets12I Lost My Train Of22In Therapy
3Insufferable Succotash13I Need Unguent23Inauthenticity
4Intangible Assets14Ice Chest24Incessantly Silent
5Intolerant Lactose15Identity Mine25Inelegant Brandy
6Invisible Tip Jar16Idioso26Inoperative
7Invisibly Upset17If and When27Inorganic Food
8Irrational Numbers18Imaginary Figments28Inside Sweater
9Isolated Pawns19Imperfect Pitch29Instrumental Defectives
10It Figures20Implausible Walkway
1Juicy Tidbits4Jack in Jail6Johnny and the One Notes
2Just in Case5Jaywalking Fugitives
3Just Perfect
1Knights in Shining Satin4Kumquat Connection6Kiss My Ants
2Knuckle Pickle5King Pow7Kiss Cut
1Linear Low Density11Love Portion20Least Likely
2Lint Factory12Lovers of Love21Left-handed Catchers
3Listen to This13Low Man Low22Leftover Leftovers
4Living Lard14Lutefisk Shampoo23Leonardi DaVinco
5Logged Out15Lack of Decorum24Less Than Noise
6Login Credentials16Land of the Freebie25Let’s Brush Grandma’s Teeth
7Look at the Grouse17Laughing Ants26Let’s Party
8Lopsided Deadlock18Laundry Chute27Lifetime Subscription
9Lost Composure19Learn Your Onions
10Lost in Triangulation
1Misarranged16Mall Hair31Mackenzie’s Pond
2Miserable Company Lovers17Man Made Men32Madison’s Forehead
3Mismanaged18Material Weakness33Meatless Meat
4Misplaced Mental Energy19Max Buzz34Mechanical Melody
5Missing Inaction20Mayo Daily35Melody Bomb
6Missionary Petition21Me to Me36Men About Town
7Mister Green Beans22Mean Oil37Messy Breakup
8More Is Not Less23Meatless Taco Buffet38Metaphysical Detergent
9More Stuff24Muscle Toe39Midriff Bulge
10More to Come25Musically Inclined40Mind Game Cheaters
11Mortally Wounded26Muttering Magpies41Minimum Order
12Mount Zebulon27Mutton Chops Are Back42Ministry of Bling
13Major Hassle28My Imaginary Hernia43Minivan Beethoven
14Make It Snappy29Miny Moe44Minsky Pinsky
15Malachi Throne30Mystery Solved45Mirror Test
1Negative Energy10Now We’re Talking19Not Even Odd
2No Time Like Later11Nursing Home Rollers20Not Particularly
3Non-existing Condition12Nuthin Cookin21New Lords of Accounting
4None In a Row13Nacho Rally22Nice Shoes
5Not Very Good14Neither Nor23Nickel Seats
6Not Your Fault15New Coal Furnace24No Argument
7Notes from Home16New Dork City25No Can Tata
8Nothing Skunky17Normalization
9Now Playing18Nose Hair
1One Song Set10Overly Dramatic19Oil Slick
2One Two Tango11Overrated20OK Now
3Oodles of Poodles12Oversized Flask21Olfactory Maneuvers in the Park
4Organic Results13Oxygen Tank22On the Bubble
5Otto Von Brunswick14Oboe Robo23On the Schneid
6Out of Napkins15Obsequious Curmudgeons24On the Verge of Life
7Out of Odor16Octagonal Squares25One for the Price of Two
8Out of Round17Of Chorus26One of Each
9Overhead Storage18Off the Bat
1Pinball Gizzards13Pretty Good24Peanut Garnish
2Pizza Tartare14Protest Button25Pearly Gaze
3Playing on Eggshells15Psychedelic Polka Experiment26Pencil Moustache
4Plethora Saurus16Purple Herring27Persistent Itch
5Plop Plop Fizz Fizz17Pacifist Army28Pet Rash
6Podiatry for Snakes18Pancakes House29Petri Dish Surprise
7Pork Pie Hat19Pants in the Family30Pew Congestion
8Possibly Moronic20Pappy Rika31Phlegmatic Fanatic
9Potentially Lethal21Parasox32Pickled Drumsticks
10Poultry Farm22Participle on Rye33Pimiento Loaf
11Power Grab23Pasty Complexion
12Pre Wash
1Quantumless Pit2Quit Like You Mean It3Quaterly
1Retained Yearnings10Robes Pierre19Red Car Rudy
2Revenue Stream11Rocker Panel20Referred Pain
3Rich Snippets12Rocking Chair Rockers21Regardless
4Right Wing Left13Romantically Inclined22Regional Action
5Rigors of Lassitude14Rotten to the Encore23Repeat Defenders
6Roast Beef Connection15Randomly Planned24Repetitive Emotion
7Rough Around the Edges16Rash of Bogeys25Rest Your Case
8Rough Around the Hedges17Ready Aim Run
9Roundhouse Punch18Recycled Bags
1Sentence Fragment30Seemingly Sophisticated59Stupidification
2Setlist31Senior Bingo Conspiracy60Sub Dural and the Hematomas
3Settled Hash32Stale Peanuts61Suite Gesture
4Seven-sided Snowflakes33Stand Up and Be Seated62Sumba Yacho
5Shake Off Your Bogey34Starting to Crack63Sunscreen Shorts and Chardonnay
6Shamelessly Derivative35Steal Guitars64Super Mega Jumbo Giants
7Shave Your Ridiculous Beard36Stinking of Gin65Superficially Yours
8Shift Command37Stock Market Nosedive66Surely We Jest
9Shifting Fortunes38Stone Casters67Swat the Fly
10Shocking Disclosure39Sound It Out68Symmetrical Potatoes
11Shuffleboard Subterfuge40Sound of Body69Synthetic Cell Phone
12Sick Doggy41Soup in My Fly70Smashed Guitars
13Side Effects42Sour Helmet71Smell Test
14Simulated Fantasy43Spam Hackers72Smooth and Chunky
15Sing Between the Strings44Spamadelic73Smothered in Onions
16Sinister Tulips45Spicy Meatballs74Snake Shoes
17Sister Synergy46Spinner and Paddlefoot75Snow White and the Leg Breakers
18Slimy Chives47Sponge Cake Reservoir76Sobvious
19Slow Roasted Turkey48Spontaneous Robots77Sock Drawer
20Saucer Section49Spot Doctor78Soft Boiled Eggs
21Save the Bacon50Sprained Legs79Someone Said
22Say What51Squeaky Hotel80Someone Was Here
23Scrambled Toast52Squelch the Rumor81Something Smells
24Screaming Harpsichords53Stool Sample82Somewhere Slowly
25Sea of Happiness54Stop Interrupting83Son of Month Days
26Search Engine Addicts55Stop Listening84Sound Beating
27Searching for Questions56Stop the Music85Sound Ideas
28Secrets of the Soul57Streaming Live
29Sedimentary Rock58Stuffed Olives
1Tempo of Doom35The Nabobs69The Gnu Gnormal
210,000 PowerPoint Slides36The Obsolete Men70The Great
3Testing Testing37This Won’t Do71The Honest Politicians
4That Hurts38Those of Us72The House of Ossified Gremlins
5That Thing on Your Face39Those Ones73The Ice Cube Trays
6That’s Great40Three Bean Quartet74The Ideal Rich
7That’s That41Time Delay75The Improper Nouns
8The Addled Wits42Time for a Nap76The Incredible Liver Spots
9The All Piano Marching Band43Tokens of Affection77200 Cucumbers
10The Babbling Blobs44Tolstoy’s Bicycle78Two Tens for a Five
11The Badly Named Band45Tonsillectomy79Typical Worm
12The Big Whammy46Too Much Sushi80The Opposite of Music
13The Blahs47Tootsie81The Perfect Rangers
14The Bloated Egos48Top Cheese82The Pseudo Intellectuals
15The Boo-boos49Totally Anecdotally83The Schmos
16The Car Trashers50Touch of the Flu84The Schnooks
17The Chalkboard Scratchers51Touch My Warts85The Shebang
18The Cribbage Pegs52Tough Sledding86The Shoe Horns
19The Cross Hares53Trapezoidal Maniacs87The Stained Reputations
20The Cruncheros54Traveling with Bananas88The Surge Protectors
21The Die Cutters55Trending89The Synonyms
22The Fabulous Muscle Tones56Trial by Liar90The That
23The Fiscal Conservatives57Trick Question91The Tie Clips
24The Foaming Heads58Tune Carriers92The Trees Are People
25Tabbouleh Bankhead59Tuning Fork93The We
26Table Stakes60Turpentine Fantasy94The Wrinkled Shirts
27Table Steaks61Tutu to You95The Wrong Goose
28Tad Bit Tipsy62Twist Then Pull96The Zone
29The Indubitables63Tainted Meat97They Might Be Gnats
30The Lunkers64Tax Deduction98This Fine Old Tree
31The Lymph Notes65Tax Relief99This Is Nonsense
32The Magnificent Lint Rollers66The Foggy Bottoms100This Little Piggy
33The Milliards67The Gastroenterologists101This Needs Work
34The Mysterious Nonagons68The Giggles
1Uncle Segue7Unusual Lipid Panel13Umlauts Without Dots
2Underwater Underground8URL King14Unattractive People in Bikinis Playing Ping Pong
3Undue Diligence9Username15Unchained Tires
4Unintentionally Funny10Ubiquitous Hats16Uncle Asbestos
5Unexposed Lies11Udon Etc.17Uncle Drunk
6Unsettled Hash12Ultra Sour Lip Balm
1Very Loud3Variable Interest4Venus de Marshmallow
2Vitamin Proficiency
1We Could Be Worse12Waxed Beans22What The
2We Miss the Beat13Would We Ever23Where’s My Shorts
3We Object14Wow Just Wow24Whipped Scream
4We Work Cheap15What Else Is New25Willy McNilly
5Weird Haircut16What Goes Where26Wind Is in the Air
6Well Off17What Happened to What27Wish Bag
7What18What Have We Here28Wood Paneling Aesthetic
8What a Drag19What in the World29Words Can Describe Us
9Warts Are Weird20What Is Truth30Warmup Act
10Wascally Wabbit21What’s the Meaning of This
11Washing Instruction Rebels
1Yarn Ball3Yacht Club Ruffians5You in a Fat Suit
2Yellow Snowmen4Yodeling Tax Attorneys6Yo Blah
1Zero Piece Orchestra2Zeno’s Pair of Socks3Zany Lady

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Tips on How to Come Up with Band Name Ideas to Name a Band!

In addition to the above collection, we’ll walk you through some useful tips to help you find a catchy name for your band that not only sounds cool but also stands out from the crowd. Those tips include the following—

  • Take Your Time

    The first and best piece of advice we can impart to young, aspiring musicians is that you should take your time when coming up with band name ideas.

    Never be too quick to grab the first name you think of. Rather, it’s better to spend some time together as a band, discuss ideas and allow everyone to have some input.

    After that, when you come up with a range of band name ideas, compare them, test them on your friends and family to get feedback, and then, finally choose the one you’re really proud of!

  • Make Sure It Is Easy to Spell, Pronounce and Remember

    The next tip is that you need to make sure to choose something that is easy for your audience to remember. For example, some simple words or phrases like ‘arctic monkeys’ or ‘radiohead.’ Even so, if you choose something that is more unusual or obscure, make sure it’s easy to spell, pronounce and remember.

  • Keep It Short and Catchy

    Another thing is, if you don’t want to be one of those bands whose name is so long you have to abbreviate it on your merchandise, try for a short and catchy name.

  • Think of Music-Related Keywords.

    When coming up with a name for your band, think about music and then, whatever comes to your mind, be it your favourite band, song or instrument— note that it’s all worth writing down.

  • Be Creative with Your Band Name

    Since musicians, singers and songwriters are naturally creative and artistic people, creating a really great band name will require you to also use your sense of creativity.

    After all, some of the best band names in history like ‘King Gizzard, Third Eye Blind, Queens of the Stone Age, Panic! Lizard Wizard and At the Disco’ have that random factor which really sets them apart from the crowd for their creativity and unusual nature.

    So, there is no doubt that coming up with such creative names can help attract an audience and make your band stand out.

  • Invent A New Word

    To come up with your own band name and make it attractive and catchy, you can next consider breaking two words to form a new and creative name. For example, you can try adding the name of yourself or your city to your brand name because if you come up with a new name from your own name, it will be the best thing for your band.

  • Add Some Uniqueness to Your Band Name

    It is worth noting that the uniqueness of your band name is the only thing that sets you apart from the rest. It is this aspect that enables you to stand out among your competitors and has the never-ending power to attract an audience.

    So, if you have planned to use your name, prepare yourself to add some uniqueness to it because the more your band is unique, the more it will be easy to remember. Otherwise, if you pick something that sounds too much like another band, or something that’s already been trademarked by another party, how and in what sense does that help you? 

  • Don’t Use a Generic Band Name

    When naming your band, it’s also important to consider what kind of imagery comes to mind when someone says your name out loud. So, think about the genre of music you play – for example, if you’re an indie rock band, you might want to name yourself something quirky and offbeat. Similarly, for a metal band, you should stay away from names that sound generic, like ‘Rock City’ or ‘The Band.’

  • Make It Personal, Meaningful, and Purposeful

    It should be mentioned that the length or randomness of your band name is not what makes it great, as what really matters is that your name has meaning and purpose. So, try to pick something that all of your band members can really relate to!

    Alternatively, you can try to find a way to summarize your band’s musical style or vibe in a few simple words because if you can do that, you’re already off to a good start. By a good start, we mean that people will begin to associate the name with your band’s performance and style, which will go a long way toward building a fan base.

  • Use the Band Name Generator

    Last but not least, if you need some ideas and inspiration to get you started with band name ideas for your new group, try a band name generator. 

    They can take any word/keyword you type in and use it to create hundreds of custom band names for you to use. 

    However, the question arises where to find them? Well, you need to know that while searching for band name ideas on the internet, you will automatically stumble upon many band name generator websites.

    Band name generators can help you find the perfect band name, or they can at least give you some inspiration to help you in the process.

For example, we also came across a band name generator website which helped generate so many band names. Among them, here are some that stand out—

1Aardvark Country Club29The Dead Men
2Scooby-Doo and the Gang30The Cuckoos
3The Pink Flamingos31The Boars’ Tusk Banditos
4The Sandmen32The Purple Gnomes
5Unconditional Lovers33The Great Dance
6The Wistful Dreamers34The Sharpened Pencils
7The Unrelenting Dreamers35The Writing on the Wall
8The Drunken Butterflies36The Jealous Turkeys
9The White Dragons37The Uprising Orchestra
10Strange Little Creatures38Red Hot Chili Peppers
11Banned from the Band39Black-eyed Peas
12Midnight Symphony40Snickerdoodle Banditos
13Foxes With Socks41Mango Waffles
14Elephants With Tents42The Lonely Lamppost
15Mice On Ice43The Dudes
16Lizards in Gizzards44The Screaming Squirrels
17Pigs in Wigs45The Band With No Name
18Ducks in Trucks46Shadows of Sherbet
19Beans In Jeans47The Jazz Bandits
20Squirrels with Pearls48The Fuzzy Mittens
21The Fuzzy Monkeys49The Starling Shredders
22The Chronic Benders50The Elusive Beavers
23The Electric Eels51Weeds and Wigs
24The Grey Ducks52Bunnies With Horns
25The Legless Lizards53The Intersection
26Little Penguins54The Monocled Snails
27The Unfortunate Spacemen55Stereo Blastoff
28Band of the Dead56Sharks In Sparkles

Bottom Line

That is all! Starting your own band can be an exciting experience, but first you have to decide on a name, just like you name your car and other things. So, no matter whether you were looking for something cute, something badass, or something creative that sounds catchy, this list will definitely help you find a name that will lead your band to greatness. 

Basically, whatever your musical genre, you can either find plenty of great band names to choose from in our collection or you can follow your heart on what feels right to come up with a band name yourself.


Ans: The naming process is the first important step you need to take! The reason is simple that your band name is the first thing that draws people to you. It’s what makes them hear your music, and if they like it, it’s what sticks with them.

Ans: A good band name needs to meet at least these four criteria—

  • Easy to spell
  • Easy to pronounce 
  • Easy to find on the Internet &
  • Not already being used by someone else.

Ans: You can consider these 5 essential tips for coming up with a band name—

  • Take your time to think about the best.
  • Make sure it is easy to spell and pronounce.
  • Try combining multiple words.
  • Make sure it fits the genre.
  • See if your name is already taken.
  • Google It – for rival brands, not just bands.

Ans: Some top band names include Goldmine, Chocolate Bunnies from Hell, Epicenter, The Badlands, and more.

Ans: These are some fun band names for boy bands and girl bands –

  1. Brothers United   
  2. The Queen Bees   
  3. The Bad Dogs   
  4. Variation X    
  5. The Poppies 
  6. The Smoking Guns    
  7. The Yes No   
  8. Fallen Angels     
  9. Fireflies   
  10. Love’s Lost  
  11. True Love   
  12. The Real  
  13. The Renegades   
  14. Soul Sisters   
  15. Silva Sisters

Ans: To use the band name generator, go to the respective ‘Website’ of the band name generator, simply type a ‘Word’ in the box provided, and click on the ‘Generate’ button.