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If you’re a ‘Cocomelon’ enthusiast, discover the captivating world of Cocomelon characters in this comprehensive guide. 

From their names and unique attributes to fun naming inspiration for your child, we’ve covered it all.

So, without wasting time, let’s delve into the vibrant ‘Cocomelon’ universe to gain a comprehensive understanding and discover the perfect name that your child will adore—

Cocomelon: Overview!

Cocomelon, formerly ‘ABCkidTV,’ is a popular YouTube channel loved by kids and parents alike. 

It creates engaging and colorful nursery rhymes, educational videos, and features a variety of animated characters such as J.J., TomTom, YoYo, and more.

The channel started in 2018 with the goal of making learning letters, numbers, animal sounds, colors and more – entertaining and enjoyable for preschoolers.

This concept of Cocomelon videos, which blend education and entertainment, has helped parents teach essential concepts to their kids easily. 

Soon, this shift in approach made the channel a more cohesive brand and as the show gained immense popularity following its YouTube debut, even Netflix began streaming it in 2020.

Now, it’s loved by families worldwide, with millions of subscribers and lots of views. It’s the top choice for quality digital learning and entertainment for parents and young kids.

Cocomelon Characters Names [ALL]

Here is a comprehensive list of all the beloved Cocomelon character names that have been featured on the channel—

1. JJ (Johny)16. Mia
2. TomTom17. Simon
3. YoYo18. Titi
4. Bingo19. Bonny
5. Mom20. Timmy
6. Dad21. Momo
7. Teddy22. TimTom
8. Jack23. Nina
9. Jill24. Robbie
10. Grandpa25. Joey
11. Grandma26. Kenny
12. Cody27. Mr. Rooster
13. Nina28. Miss Molly
14. Lulu29. Mr. Sun
15. Daisy30. Mr. Turtle

Cocomelon Characters Names [Animals]

As Cocomelon also includes a variety of animal characters in its videos, we have separately listed some of the Cocomelon animal characters’ names below—

1. Mr. Rooster
2. Mr. Sun
3. Mr. Turtle
4. Quacky (the duck)
5. Elly (the elephant)
6. Tommy (the cat)
7. Leo (the lion)
8. Timmy (the tiger)
9. Danny (the dog)
10. Terry (the pterodactyl)

Cocomelon Characters Names [Main]

Now, let us list the main Cocomelon characters names so you can get to know the important ones—

1. JJ
2. YoYo
3. TomTom
4. Mom
5. Dad 
6. Grandma
7. Grandpa
8. Nina
9. Miss Appleberry 
10. Bella 
11. Cece 
12. Nico 
13. Cody

Cocomelon Top 13: Meet the Main Characters!

Meet the Main Cocomelon Characters

Now it’s time to become acquainted with the top 13 charming personalities of the main characters (along with their respective Cocomelon characters images), which have made Cocomelon a household favorite! So, here you go—


JJ Character Image

JJ’s Role: JJ is the youngest and most curious member of the family, who’s always eager to learn and explore.

JJ is the central character of Cocomelon, who you always see with a big smile. He is a cheerful and curious child who loves exploring and learning through songs and adventures. He never gives up and is always eager to learn new things. He keeps figuring things out even when faced with initial failures. His adorable antics are what mostly attract young viewers and often take center stage in the show’s educational adventures.


YoYo Character Image

Yoyo’s Role: Yoyo is JJ’s caring older sister, who often guides him on his adventures.

Yoyo is another character from the show and is often seen playing and interacting with JJ and TomTom. As a caring and responsible elder sister to JJ, Yoyo plays a protective role in the family. Whenever in need, she is always ready to guide her brother JJ in his adventures and along the way, you’ll find her imparting valuable lessons. Her nurturing nature and love for her younger brother make her a beloved character of the show.



TomTom’s Role: TomTom being the baby of the family, brings joy with his adorable giggles and playfulness.

TomTom often appears in episodes with JJ. Being the youngest brother in the Cocomelon family, TomTom is a symbol of innocence and playfulness. His cheerful behavior and laughter bring happiness to the house. In short, the character of TomTom is a reminder of the wonder and joy found in simple, everyday moments.



Mom’s Role: Mom is fun loving and patient, who teaches her children important life lessons.

JJ, YoYo and TomTom’s mother plays a major role in several episodes. She’s the heart of the Cocomelon family, who provides love, care, and guidance to her children. She plays a pivotal role in teaching them essential life lessons through the family’s adventures and songs. So, no wonder her patience and nurturing nature make her a source of comfort and support.



Dad’s Role: Dad is supportive and loves to spend quality time with his kids.

JJ, Yoyo and TomTom’s father is also a recurring character in the series. He is caring and a devoted father who enjoys quality time with his children. He often participates in their educational activities and playful adventures for teaching them important values ​​and fostering family togetherness.



Grandma’s Role: Grandma shares knowledge and stories, connecting the family to tradition.

Grandma may not always be present, but her love for her grandchildren is undeniable. Not just that, she also adds a touch of tradition and wisdom to the family. She is a warm and gentle character who shares stories and life lessons with the children. Grandma in short, is known for connecting everyone with heritage and teaching moral values.



Grandpa’s Role: Grandpa is fond of fun and imparts valuable life lessons during the playtime.

Grandpa is like a fun and playful grandparent who joins in on the kids’ adventures. He is also quite keen to be a responsible father to his children by teaching them valuable lessons. Drawing on his experience and knowledge, he guides children, imparts important life lessons, and nurtures a lasting bond through memorable memories.



Nina’s Role: Nina is JJ’s close friend who joins him on his educational trips.

Nina is one of the children from the preschool group but what differentiates her from others is that she’s JJ’s curious friend who often accompanies him on his learning journeys. Nina seems to be carefree and playful, especially with her friends. She is known to prefer the color yellow because that matches her sunny and cheerful personality. With her friendly and curious nature, she helps the group explore and discover.

Miss Appleberry 

Miss Appleberry

Miss Appleberry’s Role: Miss Appleberry is a cheerful teacher who makes learning fun.

Miss Appleberry is the preschool teacher for JJ and the rest of Cocomelon’s young children. She is known as the patient and knowledgeable teacher who remains calm even in challenging situations and encourages the children’s love for learning. Her engaging lessons and cheerful demeanor make her a beloved figure in the educational world of Cocomelon.



Bella’s Role: Bella loves to sing and dance which adds a musical flavor to their adventures.

Bella is another friend of JJ, who is known for her love of singing and dancing. Although she is a bit shy and not as energetic as her peers, she is a sweet young girl with a passion for the arts. She is the one who adds a musical dimension to the group’s adventures, and makes learning even more fun through her lively and lovable personality.



Cece’s Role: Cece is an energetic friend who brings enthusiasm to the group.

Unlike Bella, Cece is an energetic and enthusiastic friend of JJ who brings excitement to the group’s activities. She is an excellent dancer and loves music. Cece is particularly fond of ballet and often sees in videos dancing whenever she gets the chance. With her boundless energy and positivity, she’s often seen encouraging her friends to embrace new challenges and experiences.



Nico’s Role: Nico is creative and uses his talents to enhance their learning experiences.

Nico brings laughter to JJ’s preschool with his goofy antics. He is a lively and fun-loving child who is the center of attention due to his playful and loud personality. This makes him a creative and artistic member of the gang, who often uses his talents to enhance their learning experiences. His imaginative approach adds a unique perspective to their adventures.



Cody’s Role: Cody is a friendly companion who loves exploring and hanging out with JJ and other friends.

Last but not least, Cody is a friendly and outgoing character from Cocomelon who loves to play and learn with JJ and the other Cocomelon kids. Like JJ, you’ll find him full of energy and curiosity, but what makes him different is that he has a keen scientific mind. Like many science enthusiasts, he is obsessed with dinosaurs and among them, Tyrannosaurus rex was his absolute favourite. Overall, his friendly nature and desire to explore the world make him an integral part of the preschool group.

Cocomelon Characters Unique Attributes: Age, Height, Weight & Ethnicity

In this section, we explore the ages, heights, weights, and ethnic backgrounds of main Cocomelon characters to provide you with a comprehensive view of their diverse world.

1. JJ3 years old3’4”26 lbsCaucasian American
2. YoYo7 years old4’60 lbsCaucasian American
3. TomTom8 years old  4’5”78 lbsCaucasian American
4. Mom35 years old5’5”196.9 lbsCaucasian American
5. Dad 35 years old6’167.6 lbsCaucasian American
6. Grandma60 years old5’4”194.7 lbsCaucasian American
7. Grandpa60 years old5’8”166.5 lbsCaucasian American
8. Nina3 years old3’3”167.6 lbsHispanic
9. Miss Appleberry 25 years old5’4”26 lbsCaucasian American
10. Bella 3 years old3’3”26 lbsCaucasian American
11. Cece 3 years old3’3”26 lbsAsian
12. Nico 3 years old3’4”26 lbsCaucasian American
13. Cody3 years old3’4”26 lbsAfrican American

Cocomelon Kids Names, Your Child Will Cherish

If you find yourself captivated and inspired by the ‘Cocomelon’ characters and are considering naming your baby after them, just as many people seek inspiration from Dwarf names and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles names character, then this ‘Cocomelon Kids Names’ section is added with you in mind.

Here, we have curated a delightful collection of Cocomelon kids names— inspired by the beloved characters and themes from the show, each of which has been thoughtfully selected to bring joy and charm to your child’s identity.

Whether you prefer trendy, cute, or creative names, you’ll find inspiration here to choose names for your kid(s) that resonate with your family and bring warmth to your child’s heart!

So, let’s explore this collection of endearing names, and embark on a journey of finding the perfect name that your baby will love and remember for a lifetime—

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Unique and Creative Cocomelon Kids Names Inspired by Cocomelon Characters

Here are some creative and unique name suggestions inspired by Cocomelon characters—

1. Elara (inspired by Lulu)11. Azura (inspired by YoYo)
2. Koda (inspired by Cody)12. Jaxon (inspired by Jack)
3. Mila (inspired by Mia)13. Delilah (inspired by Daisy)
4. Josie (inspired by Joey)14. Arlo (inspired by the Arlo the Alligator character)
5. Talon (inspired by TomTom)15. Cassia (inspired by Cody and Cassie)
6. Tatum (inspired by Titi)16. Quinn (inspired by the quacking duck character)
7. Rory (inspired by Robbie)17. Sunny (inspired by Mr. Sun)
8. Mira (inspired by Momo)18. Zephyr (inspired by one of the songs, ‘The Zephyr Song’)
9. Linnea (inspired by Lulu)19. Sonnet (inspired by the song ‘The Alphabet Song’)
10. Nova (inspired by Nina)20. Luna (inspired by the moon character)

Girl Names Inspired by Cocomelon Characters

For a charming and heartfelt choice for your baby daughter’s name, you can consider these Cocomelon-inspired girl names—

1. Mia11. Rosie
2. Lulu12. Lily
3. Daisy13. Rosie
4. Nina14. Lucy
5. Jill15. Lilly
6. Bella16. Annie
7. Cece17. Sophie
8. Titi18. Ellie
9. Bonny19. Ruby
10. Mimi20. Zoe

You can also find name inspiration from flower-inspired girl names, as well as explore Angelic name ideas and mythological names for girls.

Cute Cocomelon Kids Names Inspired by Cocomelon Characters

If you’re looking for cute names for kids inspired by the Cocomelon characters, here are some adorable options that you can choose from as these names have a cute and playful charm that makes them perfect for little ones.

1. Benny11. Jellybean
2. Rosie12. Toodle
3. Pippin13. Bubbles
4. Sunny14. Squiggles
5. Teddy15. Wiggles
6. Daisy16. Sparky
7. TomTom17. Twinkie
8. Lulu18. Giggles
9. Mimi19. Snickers
10. Pixie20. Ziggy

Female Names Inspired by Cocomelon Characters

To provide an exceptional and distinctive option for your baby girl’s name, you can consider giving her one of these Cocomelon-inspired female names as well—

1. Ava11. Charlotte
2. Chloe12. Madison
3. Emmy13. Leah
4. Grace14. Lily
5. Harper15. Hannah
6. Isabella16. Sophia
7. Emma17. Mia
8. Olivia18. Amelia
9. Abigail19. Scarlett
10. Emily20. Zoey

Boy Names Inspired by Cocomelon Characters

Here’s a selection of boy names that draw inspiration from Cocomelon characters to offer a touch of charm and nostalgia to your baby boy name—

1. Cody11. Samuel
2. Jack12. Mason
3. Timmy13. Logan
4. Joey14. Simon
5. Kenny15. Nico
6. Robbie16. Jaxon
7. Daniel17. Max
8. Henry18. Owen
9. Oliver19. Leo
10. Caleb20. Tommy

However, if these names aren’t what you’re looking for, you can also explore our other collection of 4200+ Baby Boy Names for newborns or soon to be born in 2023!

Trending and Popular Cocomelon Kids Names Inspired by Cocomelon Characters

If you’re in search of different names inspired by Cocomelon characters that are trending and popular then, here are some Cocomelon kids names suggestions that have a modern and trendy feel—

1. Aria (inspired by Daisy)14. Milo (inspired by Momo)
2. Adeline (inspired by Lulu)15. Zara (inspired by YoYo)
3. Ezra (inspired by Cody)16. Eli (inspired by Mr. Sun)
4. Luna (inspired by Mr. Sun)17. Maxton (inspired by Max the train character)
5. Eliana (inspired by Mia)18. Zayden (inspired by one of the characters)
6. Silas (inspired by Simon)19. Leona (inspired by Lulu)
7. Jasper (inspired by Jack)20. Rowan (inspired by Robbie)
8. Thalia (inspired by Titi)21. Nolan (inspired by the song ‘No No’ with the No No wordplay)
9. Theo (inspired by TomTom)22. Ivy (inspired by the song ‘I Love You’ and the Ivy character)
10. Cora (inspired by Cody and Cassie)23. Alina (inspired by Nina)
11. Emery (inspired by Emma)24. Sawyer (inspired by one of the characters)
12. Arlo (inspired by Arlo the Alligator character)25. Zephyr (inspired by the song ‘The Zephyr Song’)
13. Kira (inspired by one of the characters)

Male Names Inspired by Cocomelon Characters

You can also check out these Cocomelon-inspired male names to add a dash of whimsy and fond nostalgia to your baby’s moniker—

1. Alex11. Hudson
2. Charlie12. Liam
3. Benjamin13. Wyatt
4. Eli14. Ethan
5. Caleb15. Noah
6. Evan16. Gavin
7. Luke17. Lucas
8. Mason18. Jackson
9. Elijah19. Liam
10. William20. Zachary

Powerful Names Inspired by Cocomelon Characters

These are some powerful names that are inspired by different aspects of the show and can be meaningful choices for your baby’s name—

1. Titan (inspired by the strong and powerful theme of the show)11. Thunder (symbol of strength and power)
2. Athena (inspired by strong female characters)12. Orion (inspired by celestial elements)
3. Apollo (inspired by celestial themes)13. Valor (represents courage and strength)
4. Leo (inspired by Leo the Lion character)14. Nova (representing the explosive power of a star)
5. Maximus (Inspired by Max)15. Mars (Inspired by celestial bodies)
6. Phoenix (symbol of strength and renewal)16. Hercules (inspired by mythological power)
7. Luna (Inspired by the Moon character)17. Atheena (inspired by wisdom and strength)
8. Athina (inspired by strong and intelligent characters)18. Atlas (symbol of immense power)
9. Jwala (Inspired by the fiery elements)19. Solstice (represents power and change)
10. Aurora (Inspired by Surya character)20. Zeus (inspired by powerful figures)

Note: These Cocomelon kids names are inspired by the ‘Cocomelon’ characters and can be used as a source of inspiration not just for the first name but also for the middle name for boys and middle name for girls.

Bottom Line

That’s all you’ll find in this guide that offers a delightful journey into the beloved world of ‘Cocomelon.’

Whether you’re looking for Cocomelon character names, naming inspiration for your kid, or curious about the ages, heights, weights, and ethnicities of the characters— this comprehensive guide has you covered. 

So, step into the magical realm of ‘Cocomelon,’ to enjoy and/or to discover the perfect name inspired by Cocomelon characters that will bring joy and nostalgia to your family.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for more character names, don’t forget to explore our other naming guides like:

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Ans: The age range of characters in Cocomelon spans from 3 years old to 60 years old.

Ans: The height of Cocomelon characters falls within a range of approximately 3 feet to 4 feet and 8 inches.

Ans: Cocomelon is an American children’s YouTube channel where the characters often come from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities.

Ans: The first name of the Cocomelon channel is ‘ABCkidTV’ which was later changed to Cocomelon to better reflect its content and branding.

Ans: The 5 main characters in Cocomelon are—

  1. JJ (Johny)
  2. TomTom
  3. YoYo
  4. JJ and TomTom’s mother
  5. JJ and TomTom’s father

Ans: JJ is the main character and face of the show. His real name is Jay Jeon.

Ans: Kids love Cocomelon because of its catchy songs, colorful animation, relatable stories, familiar characters, educational content, interactivity, and age-appropriateness.


About Cocomelon,