‘Witchy Names’ have been used for centuries in literature, mythology, and popular culture to evoke a sense of mystery, magic, and allure among us. For example, from powerful sorcerers of ancient mythology to the infamous Witches of Salem—witch names have a rich history and are often associated with supernatural powers and abilities.

So, be inspired and mesmerized by them if you’re creating a character for a game, cosplay, or fictional story and are looking for a witch name that will bring your character to life and give it a unique and memorable identity then you’re at the right place.

We’ve done our best to hand-pick the most amazing witch names for you that can fit in with whatever type of character you fancy! So, let’s not waste time and dive in to see the list—

List of Witchy Names Ideas 2023

Whether you’re looking for something cute, cool, and spooky or evil, wicked, and intimidating, or just want to give a nickname to your girlfriend, this collection of witchy names has everything to meet your needs.

Not only does it include options ranging from classic and modern to popular and well-known, but it also draws inspiration from mythology, literature, folklore, and popular culture to help you find the perfect name for your witch character. Have a look—

Witch Name Ideas

Cool Witch Names

1. Alma41. Charis
2. Amber42. Deirdre
3. Aubrey43. Eris
4. Allisa44. Fae
5. Aria45. Fiera
6. Eula46. Freyja
7. Alwina47. Galadriel
8. Edwina48. Giselle
9. Cassie49. Keira
10. Ramona50. Sidonia
11. Morgana51. Sage
12. Lilith52. Luna
13. Rowan53. Layla
14. Luna54. Tiana
15. Hecate55. Briella
16. Seraphine56. Calliope
17. Circe57. Eleanor
18. Belladonna58. Lolly
19. Gaia59. Isadora
20. Dani60. Ravenna
21. Emma61. Salem
22. Luwanda62. Tabitha
23. Viola63. Blair
24. Maddie64. Raven
25. Faith65. Sabrina
26. Ruby66. Titania
27. Delphine67. Zephyr
28. Cecily68. Ygraine
29. Rhiannon69. Endora
30. Selena70. Eurydice
31. Sibyl71. Hexen
32. Morgath72. Marcella
33. Theodora73. Medusa
34. Thetis74. Niamh
35. Vespera75. Ophelia
36. Zephyrine76. Phaedra
37. Alestra77. Phoenix
38. Andromeda78. Morgwen
39. Astrid79. Serita
40. Cerridwen80. Tricia

Cute Witch Names

1. Arusu38. Aurora
2. Robin39. Crystal
3. Lulu40. Dandelion
4. Peaches41. Patricia
5. Nessa42. Marissa
6. Inga43. Dawn
7. Sujata44. Shannon
8. Denice45. Dewdrop
9. Rebecca46. Lavender
10. Rainy47. Lily
11. Penny48. Magic
12. Holly49. Meadow
13. Pixie50. Mystic
14. Glimmer51. Nettle
15. Star52. Peach
16. Sunny53. Poppy
17. Bubbles54. Primrose
18. Willow55. Radiance
19. Luna56. Rose
20. Hazel57. Serenity
21. Fawn58. Sky
22. Daisy59. Sparkle
23. Flora60. Spice
24. Harmony61. Sprout
25. Joy62. Starlight
26. Elsa63. Ember
27. Gracie64. Fauna
28. Rosy65. Feather
29. Endora66. Gossamer
30. Clarissa67. Iris
31. Minnie68. Jewel
32. Charity69. Melody
33. Summer70. Ocean
34. Sunflower71. Petal
35. Sweetie72. Rainbow
36. Twinkle73. Stardust
37. Blossom74. Willa

Popular Witch Names

1. Abigail44. Sybil
2. Agatha45. Morgan
3. Alice46. Tarsula
4. Amelia47. Gertrude
5. Aurora48. Margaret
6. Celeste49. Katherine
7. Clara50. Celeste
8. Elsie51. Maleficent
9. Maleficent52. Circe
10. Circe53. Hecate
11. Hecate54. Morgan le Fay
12. Morgan le Fay55. Nimue
13. Nimue56. Elphaba
14. Elphaba57. Glinda
15. Glinda58. Blair
16. Blair59. Esmeralda
17. Agatha60. Evelyn
18. Amelia61. Hazel
19. Allegra62. Isadora
20. Andromeda63. Ivy
21. Aurora64. Bronwyn
22. Agnes65. Cordelia
23. Alexis66. Elvira
24. Beatrix67. Isabel
25. Cassandra68. Jezebel
26. Flora69. Josephine
27. Jade70. Edith
28. Jasmine71. Katrina
29. Juniper72. Sally
30. Lila73. Sophia
31. Lilith74. Piper
32. Luna75. Raven
33. Lyra76. Rowan
34. Matilda77. Sage
35. Morgana78. Salem
36. Niamh79. Scarlett
37. Odette80. Seraphina
38. Ophelia81. Stella
39. Persephone82. Tabitha
40. Phoenix83. Thalia
41. Cora84. Violet
42. Gaia85. Willow
43. Selene86. Zara

Famous Witch Names

1. Agatha — Wandavision92. Endora — Bewitched (TV show)
2. Maleficent — Sleeping Beauty93. Morgana — Merlin
3. Ursula — The Little Mermaid94. Bonnie — The Vampire Diaries
4. Alexandra — Witches of Eastwick95. Willow — Buffy the Vampire Slayer
5. Jane — Witches of Eastwick96. Rowena — Supernatural
6. Baba Yoga— Discworld series97. Zoe — American Horror Story
7. Black Annis— English folklore98. Madison — American Horror Story
8. Mombi— The Wonderful Wizard of Oz99. Nan — American Horror Story
9. Queen Jadis— The Magician’s Nephew100. Misty — American Horror Story
10. Cordelia — American Horror Story101. Queenie — American Horror Story
11. Mallory — American Horror Story102. Cordelia — American Horror Story
12. Fiona — American Horror Story103. Mallory — American Horror Story
13. Bellatrix — Harry Potter104. Fiona — American Horror Story
14. Lily — Harry Potter105. Morgause— Merlin
15. Elphaba — Wicked106. Nimueh— Merlin
16. Glinda — Wicked107. Tara Maclay— Buffy the Vampire Slayer
17. Luna — Harry Potter108. Lamia— Stardust
18. Samantha — Bewitched (TV show)109. Queen Ravenna— Snow White and the Huntsman
19. Endora — Bewitched (TV show)110. Willow Rosenberg— Buffy the Vampire Slayer
20. Morgana — Merlin111. Aggie — Halloweentown
21. Bonnie — The Vampire Diaries112. Alexandra — Witches of Eastwick
22. The Witch— Into the Woods113. Nancy — The Craft
23. Madame Mim— The Sword in the Stone114. Rochelle — The Craft
24. Mrs. Which— A Wrinkle in Time115. Dorothea — Shadowhunters
25. Mrs. Whatsit— A Wrinkle in Time116. Helga — The Witches
26. Mrs. Who— A Wrinkle in Time117. Sirius — Harry Potter
27. Elphaba— Wicked— The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West118. Marnie — Halloweentown and True Blood
28. Endora— Bewitched119. Queenie— American Horror Story— Coven
29. Hermione — Harry Potter120. Misty Day— American Horror Story— Coven
30. Ginny — Harry Potter121. The Blair Witch— The Blair Witch Project
31. Lavender — Harry Potter122. Alex Russo— Wizards of Waverly Place
32. Narcissa — Harry Potter123. The Grand High Witch— The Witches
33. Bellatrix — Harry Potter124. Cassandra Nightingale— The Good Witch
34. Lily — Harry Potter125. Mary Poppins— Mary Poppins
35. Elphaba — Wicked126. Bonnie Bennett— The Vampire Diaries
36. Glinda — Wicked127. Dahlia— The Originals
37. Luna — Harry Potter128. Remus — Harry Potter
38. Aggie — Halloweentown129. Seamus — Harry Potter
39. Marnie — Halloweentown and True Blood130. Lucius — Harry Potter
40. Apolla — Twitches Isabel — Bewitched (movie)131. Melisandre — Game of Thrones
41. Iris — Bewitched (movie)132. Piper — Charmed
42. Gillian — Practical Magic133. Phoebe — Charmed
43. Samantha Stephens— Bewitched134. Paige — Charmed
44. Mary Sibley— Salem135. Prue — Charmed
45. Fiona Goode— American Horror Story— Coven136. Draco — Harry Potter
46. Marie Laveau— American Horror Story— Coven137. Sabrina — Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
47. Rowena MacLeod— Supernatural138. Louise — Teen Witch
48. Apolla — Twitches139. Minerva — Harry Potter
49. Isabel — Bewitched (movie)140. Hermione — Harry Potter
50. Iris — Bewitched (movie)141. Ginny — Harry Potter
51. Gillian — Practical Magic142. Lavender — Harry Potter
52. Sarah — Hocus Pocus143. Narcissa — Harry Potter
53. Mary — Hocus Pocus144. Madison — American Horror Story
54. Cassie — Good Witch145. Nan — American Horror Story
55. Ganondorf — Legend of Zelda146. Misty — American Horror Story
56. Behold — American Horror Story147. Queenie — American Horror Story
57. Agatha — Wandavision148. Minerva — Harry Potter
58. Maleficent — Sleeping Beauty149. Sally — Practical Magic
59. Ursula — The Little Mermaid150. Winifred — Hocus Pocus
60. Jane — Witches of Eastwick151. Sarah — Hocus Pocus
61. Sukie — Witches of Eastwick152. Mary — Hocus Pocus
62. Hermione Granger— Harry Potter series153. Cassie — Good Witch
63. Glinda the Good Witch— The Wizard of Oz154. Sukie — Witches of Eastwick
64. Sabrina Spellman— Sabrina, the Teenage Witch155. Nancy — The Craft
65. The Wicked Witch of the West— The Wizard of Oz156. Rochelle — The Craft
66. Winifred Sanderson— Hocus Pocus157. Dorothea — Shadowhunters
67. Malefique— The Story of the Stone158. Helga — The Witches
68. Endor— The Bible159. Alex — Wizards of Waverly Place
69. Sycorax— The Tempest160. Max — Wizards of Waverly Place
70. Prospera— The Tempest Medea— Greek mythology161. Justin — Wizards of Waverly Place
71. Enchantress— Beauty and the Beast162. Kalabar — Halloweentown
72. Morgana— Arthurian legend163. Gandalf — Lord of the Rings
73. Circe— Greek mythology164. Saruman — Lord of the Rings
74. Morgan le Fay— Arthurian legend165. Albus — Harry Potter
75. Maleficent— Sleeping Beauty166. Severus — Harry Potter
76. Ursula— The Little Mermaid167. Draco — Harry Potter
77. Baba Yaga— Russian folklore168. Ganondorf — Legend of Zelda
78. The Witch Queen— The Chronicles of Narnia169. Behold — American Horror Story
79. Jadis, the White Witch— The Chronicles of Narnia170. Willow — Buffy the Vampire Slayer
80. Sirius — Harry Potter171. Rowena — Supernatural
81. Remus — Harry Potter172. Alex — Wizards of Waverly Place
82. Seamus — Harry Potter173. Max — Wizards of Waverly Place
83. Lucius — Harry Potter174. Justin — Wizards of Waverly Place
84. Melisandre — Game of Thrones175. Kalabar — Halloweentown
85. Piper — Charmed176. Gandalf — Lord of the Rings
86. Phoebe — Charmed177. Saruman — Lord of the Rings
87. Paige — Charmed178. Albus — Harry Potter
88. Prue — Charmed179. Severus — Harry Potter
89. Sabrina — Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina180. Sally — Practical Magic
90. Louise — Teen Witch181. Winifred — Hocus Pocus
91. Samantha — Bewitched (TV show)182. Zoe — American Horror Story

Spooky Witches Names

1. Abigail38. Scythe
2. Blair39. Seraphine
3. Alluda40. Shadow
4. Abraxas41. Siren
5. Akeldama42. Sorcha
6. Aradia43. Styx
7. Baba Yaga44. Tenebrae
8. Bathsheba45. Tiamat
9. Belial46. Ulalume
10. Belphegor47. Blair
11. Antonella48. Carmilla
12. Mawu49. Circe
13. Harley50. Crucible
14. Rain51. Damara
15. Enid52. Desdemona
16. Ridley53. Diablo
17. Desdemona54. Druscilla
18. Tabitha55. Eligos
19. Maleficent56. Endora
20. Medusa57. Gorgon
21. Morgath58. Greymalkin
22. Nefaria59. Haggatha
23. Nosferatu60. Hexen
24. Abella61. Inanna
25. Gina62. Kali
26. Madeline63. Kikimora
27. Catalina64. Lamia
28. Morda65. Lilith
29. Esther66. Lucinda
30. Hecate67. Valkyrie
31. Lilith68. Mallory
32. Hagatha69. Malin
33. Nyx70. Samara
34. Persephone71. Wednesday
35. Plague72. Vespera
36. Ravena73. Xanthe
37. Samhain74. Zareena

Last Name for Witches

1. Blackroot21. Newcomb
2. Cutler22. Devereux
3. Cabot23. Sanderson
4. Cayce24. Shipton
5. Hex25. Tovah
6. Cavendish26. Moonstone
7. Swoop27. Nightshade
8. Martins28. Ravenwood
9. Montero29. Shadowmire
10. Carrow30. Spellman
11. Gloom31. Thorne
12. Kipling32. Wychwood
13. Facilier33. Kyteler
14. Blackwood34. Hale
15. Darken35. Sibley
16. Grimshaw36. Palsgrave
17. Synn37. Vander
18. Ballard38. Quinn
19. Carrier39. Winx
20. Hemenway40. Waite

Witch Nicknames

1. Aphrodesia18. Enchantress
2. Bee Witch19. Good Witch
3. Dirt Witch20. Mind Bender
4. Blood Countess21. Poppet (voodoo doll)
5. Old Blood22. Sea Witch
6. Death Mentor23. She-Beast
7. Good Witch of the Ice Lands24. Teen Witch
8. Lady of the Green25. White Witch
9. Sea Witch26. Queen of the Lower Realms
10. Mind Bender27. Mother of Screams
11. Grand High Witch28. Teen Witch
12. Enchantress of the Moors29. Witch of the Wood
13. Mist of the Desert30. Spellbinder
14. Dark Queen31. Succubus of Salem
15. She-Beast of the Black Hills32. Witch Queen of Ohio
16. Broomstick33. White Witch
17. Dark Queen34. Wendigo Rex

Magical Witch Names

1. Ariana15. Tatiana
2. Bella16. Enid
3. Lillian17. Sorin
4. Brita18. Ella
5. Susannah19. Jacinta
6. Dorothy20. Celeste
7. Amelia21. Macy
8. Alexis22. Elspeth
9. Tanner23. Rowena
10. Kasey24. Vanessa
11. Lexi25. Thessaly
12. Nerissa26. Lilly
13. Merriam27. Sarabeth
14. Miranda.

Mystical Witchcraft Names

1. Ally18. Matilda
2. Alexandra19. Lillian
3. Bailey20. Merga
4. Lucinda21. Tilda
5. Hilda22. Patrice
6. Jordana23. Cassandra
7. Melina24. Ophelia
8. Lorna25. Hecate
9. Daria26. Morgana
10. Roberta27. Circe
11. Astrid28. Baba Yaga
12. Aradia29. Lilith
13. Medea30. Sybil
14. Glinda31. Eve
15. Rowena32. Catherine
16. Belladonna33. Valentina
17. Mimi34. Veruca

Wicked and Wacky Witch Names

1. Albus65. Salina
2. Astra66. Cassandra
3. Ambrose67. Sybil
4. Maleficent68. Endora
5. Narcissa69. Hag
6. Glinda70. Cordelia
7. Esmerelda71. Zelda
8. Minerva72. Jasmine
9. Ursula73. Katrina
10. Melisandre74. Desdemona
11. Sansa75. Cruella
12. Moll76. Kat
13. Calypso77. Tabitha
14. Anya78. Ravencroft
15. Brianna79. Lucinda
16. Kendra80. Drusilla
17. Candace81. Priscilla
18. Freya82. Ganon
19. Millicent83. Neville
20. Griselda84. Samantha
21. Shaula85. Matilda
22. Cersei86. Serena
23. Angelique87. Wanda
24. Agnes88. Zara
25. Sabrina89. Edith
26. Bronwyn90. Rowena
27. Genevieve91. Prue
28. Alatar92. Marina
29. Raina93. Enchantra
30. Rand94. Celeste
31. Allegra95. Zinnia
32. Hecate96. Trixie
33. Enid97. Morgana
34. Ommin98. Gertrude
35. Grimhild99. Elspeth
36. Eglantine100. Vega
37. Serefina101. Marnie
38. Phoebe102. Griselda
39. Lucius103. Guldan
40. Gandolf104. Xayide
41. Stella105. Oscar
42. Isobel106. Hexuba
43. Gillian107. Robia
44. Theodora108. Lydia
45. Locasta109. Olivia
46. Evanora110. Clea
47. Freya111. Grace
48. Amara112. Edith
49. Salem113. Nyzette
50. Elvyra114. Lenora
51. Allegra115. Lorraine
52. Deirdra116. Tess
53. Ganondorf117. Henrietta
54. Orenda118. Helena
55. Jadis119. Juniper
56. Greta120. Beatrix
57. Draco121. Hilda
58. Broom Hilda122. Vivienne
59. Sea Hag123. Elsa
60. Malesandre124. Lenora
61. Gwendolyn125. Willow
62. Fabian126. Winifred
63. Merlin127. Zelena
64. Raven.

Witch Names from Popular Culture, Books, Movies, TV Shows

1. Agatha – A name from WandaVision41. Marnie – From Halloweentown
2. Aradia – From Aradia, or the Gospel of Witches42. Maleficent – From Sleeping Beauty
3. Aggie – From Halloweentown43. Marie Laveau – From American Horror Story: Coven
4. Apolla – Character in Twitches, name meaning gift from Apollo (Greek god of healing)44. Madison – From American Horror Story
5. Alexandra – A character from The Witches of Eastwick45. Makoto – Main protagonist in Flying Witch
6. Akko – Anime name for Atsuko Kagari, a character in Little Witch Academia46. Mallory – From American Horror Story
7. Anathema – The last of a long line of witches in Good Omens47. Marina – Powerful hedge witch in The Magicians
8. Bonnie – From The Vampire Diaries48. Marnie – Coven leader in True Blood
9. Bellatrix – From Harry Potter49. Melisandre – Witch in the Game of Thrones
10. Beryl – Queen from Sailor Moon50. Mildred – Character in The Worst Witch
11. Broom Hilda– From Broom-Hilda51. Morgana – Character in Merlin
12. Camryn – Character in Twitches52. Mozelle – Witch in Eve’s Bayou
13. Cassie – Character in Good Witch and The Secret Circle53. Narcissa – From Harry Potter
14. Circe – Enchantress in Greek mythology who turned Odysseus’s crew into pigs54. Nan – Character in American Horror Story
15. Clara – Witch character in Bewitched55. Prue – From Charmed
16. Cordelia – Character in American Horror Story56. Piper – From Charmed
17. Crysta – Fictional fairy from Ferngully57. Phoebe Halliwell – From Charmed
18. Desdemona – Main character in Every Witch Way58. Queenie – Character in American Horror Story
19. Dolores – Witch obsessed with cats in the Harry Potter series59. Rochelle – From The Craft
20. Elphaba– Character from Wicked60. Ravenna – From Snow White and the Huntsman
21. Echidna – The Witch of Greed in the anime Re: Zero61. Sarah – From Hocus Pocus
22. Elzora – Witch in Eve’s Bayou62. Sukie – From The Witches of Eastwick
23. Endora is – Extremely powerful witch in Bewitched63. Sabrina Spellman – From Sabrina the Teenage Witch
24. Evillene -– From The Wiz64. Samantha Stephens – From Bewitched
25. Fiji – Quirky Witch in Midnight, Texas65. The Wicked Witch of the West – From The Wizard of Oz
26. Fiona – Character in American Horror Story: Coven66. The Blair Witch – From The Blair Witch Project
27. Glinda – The Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz67. Tia Dalma – From Pirates of the Caribbean
28. Gayelette – Powerful sorceress in The Wonderful World of Oz68. Tabitha – Character in Bewitched
29. Gigi – Main character in JuJu69. Tilly – Titular character in Tilly Witch
30. Hagar – from Drums O’ Voodoo70. Triss – Sorceress from The Witcher
31. Hilda – from Sabrina the Teenage Witch71. Ursula – From The Little Mermaid
32. Hermione Granger – Character from Harry Potter72. Vivienne – Dragon Age: Inquisition mage and personal enchanter
33. Izetta – Titular character in Izetta the Last Witch73. Winifred – From Hocus Pocus
34. Jane – From The Witches of Eastwick74. Winnie, Mary, and Sarah Sanderson from Hocus Pocus
35. Jadis – The White Witch from The Chronicles of Narnia75. Willow – From Buffy the Vampire Slayer
36. Koume – From the Legend of Zelda76. Wanda – The Scarlet Witch from the Marvel comics
37. Luna – From Harry Potter77. Willow – Character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
38. Louise – From Teen Witch78. Zelena – Wicked witch in Once Upon a Time
39. Mary – From Hocus Pocus79. Zelda – From Sabrina the Teenage Witch
40. Minerva – From Harry Potter80. Zoe – Character in American Horror Story

Boys and Girls Witch Name Ideas

Witch Names for Girls

1. Anjelica29. Marketta
2. Aurora30. Agatha
3. Adina31. Amara
4. Kenzie32. Belladonna
5. Lorelai33. Calantha
6. Lunetta34. Nala
7. Miriam35. Sorana
8. Faye36. Isla
9. Bianca37. Sophie
10. Sharik38. Celeste
11. Hannah39. Circe
12. Darcy40. Dahlia
13. Georgiana41. Elvira
14. Narcissa42. Esmeralda
15. Isadora43. Freya
16. Jinx44. Giselle
17. Lilith45. Hazel
18. Luna46. Hecate
19. Morgana47. Stella
20. Niamh48. Sylphie
21. Ophelia49. Tabitha
22. Piper50. Tamsin
23. Rowena51. Luiza
24. Sabrina52. Yuko
25. Seraphina53. Willow
26. Kesia54. Zephyra
27. Bethany55. Zatanna
28. Margot.

Witch Names for Boys

1. Avery31. Oberon
2. Bodhi32. Orion
3. Cedric33. Phoenix
4. Gabriel34. Morgan
5. Finnian35. Roland
6. Gideon36. Kip
7. Griffin37. Lyle
8. Hex38. Lucas
9. Ignatius39. Royce
10. Jasper40. Jayden
11. Judas41. Petros
12. Kendrick42. Rigby
13. Lysander43. Alaric
14. Magnus44. Prospero
15. Merlin45. Salem
16. Oz46. Soren
17. Draco47. Thorne
18. Ambrose48. Uriah
19. Asa49. Vesper
20. Augustus50. Wolf
21. Azazel51. Cooper
22. Barnabas52. Thurlow
23. Caspian53. Ian
24. Darian54. Thomas
25. Dante55. Magnus
26. Draven56. Elric
27. Emrys57. Wyatt
28. Faust58. Rupert
29. Montague59. Sulo
30. Nero.

Male and Female Witch Name Ideas

Female Witch Names

1. Aradia47. Agnes
2. Amethyst48. Alecto
3. Allegra49. Aurora
4. Beatrix50. Althenea
5. Blaise51. Belladonna
6. Cassandra52. Beatrix
7. Cordelia53. Clara
8. Sukie54. Cordelia
9. Sybil55. Calliope
10. Theodora56. Cassandra
11. Ursula57. Deirdre
12. Iona58. Esmerelda
13. Onora59. Esme
14. Pixie60. Faith
15. Avalon61. Hazel
16. Enid62. Helena
17. Selena63. Harper
18. Agnes64. Juniper
19. Cassandra65. Jade
20. Corinne66. Lydia
21. Circe67. Matilda
22. Clara68. Nyx
23. Evanora69. Olwyn
24. Fiona70. Rowena
25. Gullveig71. Raven
26. Helena72. Sybil
27. Immanuelle73. Sage
28. Celeste74. Samara
29. Fern75. Tabitha
30. Ember76. Willa
31. Stevie77. Zoe
32. Hazel78. Medusa
33. Althea79. Lucinda
34. Lorelei80. Marie
35. Allegra81. Minerva
36. Stella82. Maren
37. Faye83. Margery
38. Luna84. Ophelia
39. Malificent85. Rose
40. Grace86. Rhiamon
41. Abigail87. Vera
42. Elizabeth88. Gwendolyn
43. Tanith89. Andromeda
44. Rowen90. Esmerelda
45. Llewellyn91. Flora
46. Allegra92. Zelda

Male Witch Names

1. Aislinn41. Gideon
2. Bronwen42. Griffin
3. Alastair43. Hamish
4. Ambrose44. Hawthorne
5. Angus45. Heath
6. Archibald46. Hugo
7. Arlo47. Idris
8. Barnabas48. Inigo
9. Benedict49. Jasper
10. Blair50. Julian
11. Bran51. Kendrick
12. Bryn52. Killian
13. Cadmus53. Leif
14. Caspian54. Ronan
15. Cedric55. Rowan
16. Merrick56. Salem
17. Ambrose57. Soren
18. Blaise58. Sterling
19. Damian59. Talon
20. Alatar60. Thorne
21. Arthur61. Titus
22. Emrys62. Tristan
23. Evander63. Uriel
24. Fabian64. Lir
25. Felix65. Lucian
26. Finn66. Magnus
27. Vesper67. Malachy
28. Cian68. Cedric
29. Ciaran69. Merlin
30. Conall70. Nathaniel
31. Cormac71. Niall
32. Darian72. Nikolai
33. Dorian73. Orion
34. Draco74. Osiris
35. Eamon75. Peregrine
36. Edmund76. Phoenix
37. Elric77. Prospero
38. Merlin78. Quillan
39. Galen79. Solomon
40. Gareth80. Wolfgang

A to Z (Some Classic and Some Modern) Witch Names

1. Amethyst104. Hecuba
2. Allegra105. Helena
3. Alice106. Icy
4. Agnes107. Ileana
5. Aradia108. Isabel
6. Amara109. Isla
7. Ambrosia110. Ivory
8. Adalind111. Jade
9. Agatha112. Jadis
10. Aggie113. Jaina
11. Agnes114. Jasmine
12. Aja115. Jasminka
13. Alatar116. Jezebel
14. Alcina117. Jezebelda
15. Alecto118. Katrina
16. Beatrix119. Kikimora
17. Blaise120. Laurie
18. Bastianna121. Lavender
19. Belinda122. Leanne
20. Bell123. LeithLily
21. Binx124. Locasta
22. Bram125. Lucia
23. Bronwyn126. Luna
24. Biris127. Margery
25. Black128. Mabel
26. Blade129. Mable
27. Blair130. Margaret
28. Belladonna131. Margery
29. Bathilda132. Maria
30. Cassandra133. Melina
31. Cordelia134. Melisandre
32. Cadsuane135. Mercy
33. Carmilla136. Mafalda
34. Cecily137. Marie
35. Celeste138. Minerva
36. Cerridwen139. Narcissa
37. Clementianna140. Narissa
38. Crane141. Noemi
39. Crow142. Nora
40. Cruella143. Nymphadora
41. Clementine144. Ommin
42. Cora145. Ondine
43. Corbin146. Opal
44. Cerys147. Ophelia
45. Charity148. Phoebe
46. Christian149. Piper
47. Daemon150. Pleione
48. Dahlia151. Poppy
49. Deino152. Porpentina
50. Deirdre153. Queenie
51. Demelza154. Rhiamon
52. Desdemona155. Ravencroft
53. Dinah156. Ravenna
54. Dorcas157. Rowena
55. Doremi158. Roxanne
56. Draco159. Ruby
57. Dreama160. Raven
58. Drizella161. Sukie
59. Drusilla162. Sage
60. Duvessa163. Samara
61. Dyllis164. Sarafine
62. Edel165. Sarah
63. Edith166. Sarin
64. Eglantine167. Saruman
65. Egwene168. Sybil
66. Elaida169. Tabitha
67. Eliphas170. Tamsin
68. Ellen171. Tanith
69. Elphaba172. Terra
70. Elsa173. Tethys
71. Elsie174. Thabit
72. Elspeth175. Theodora
73. Elvira176. Ursula
74. Elvyra177. Valeena
75. Emily178. Vega
76. Emma179. Vera
77. Emmeline180. Verana
78. Endora181. Violet
79. Enyo182. Virgilia
80. Erichtho183. Vlad
81. Eris184. Walpurgis
82. Esmeralda185. Wanda
83. Evelyn186. Warren
84. Evie187. Wendy
85. Evilene188. Willow
86. Esther189. Winifred
87. Eva190. Winnie
88. Evanora191. Wizadora
89. Gullveig192. Wolfe
90. Fiona193. Wren
91. Florence194. Wuya
92. Freya195. Xanthe
93. Freyja196. Ygraine
94. Galadriel197. Ylva
95. Gandalf198. Yzma
96. Ganondorf199. Ysabel
97. Ganondorg200. Yarrow
98. Garnet201. Zephyr
99. Gatria202. Zelda
100. Genevieve203. Zor
101. Haley204. Zellena
102. Hazel205. Zatanna
103. Hecate.

Cat Witch Name Ideas

Popular Witch Cat Names

1. Angeline21. Clover
2. Clementine22. Wicca
3. Tabitha23. Hallow
4. Cruella24. Coven
5. Eva25. Hex
6. Greta26. Wanda
7. Sadie27. Lucky
8. Loki28. Salem
9. Jade29. Tabatha
10. Mitzi30. Tabit
11. Jinx31. Tamsin
12. Hazel32. Tituba
13. Luna33. Thackery Binx
14. Sage34. Trixie
15. Willow35. Voodoo
16. Zelda36. Willow
17. Trixie37. Warlock
18. Cabot38. Trixie
19. Stormy39. Willow
20. Scarlet40. Zelda

Good Witch Names for Cat 

1. Alita27. Grimalkin
2. Cordelia28. Hex
3. Freya29. Hocus
4. Grimalkin30. Locasta
5. Tabatha31. Jade
6. Tabit32. Jinx
7. Abracadabra33. Esmeralda
8. Heathen34. Binx
9. Hex35. Black
10. Hocus Pocus36. Trickster
11. Jinx37. Biddy
12. Magus38. Black Magic
13. Pagan39. Chant
14. Salem40. Craft
15. Spellbinder41. Crone
16. Spirit42. Crookshanks
17. Taboo43. Glamour
18. Trance44. Halloween
19. Thackery Binx45. Kijo
20. Kijo46. Tamsin
21. Alita47. Tituba
22. Cordelia48. Locasta
23. Clover49. Jade
24. Charm50. Jinx
25. Freya51. Salem
26. Fortune.

Top Witchy Cat Names

1. Bellatrix13. Mystic
2. Crookshanks14. Midnight
3. Hex15. Phantom
4. Hocus Pocus16. Salem
5. Jinx17. Midnight
6. Magic18. Sabrina
7. Maleficent19. Magic
8. Melisandre20. Hocus
9. Salem21. Jinx
10. Luna22. Seer
11. Binx23. Raven
12. Belladonna.

Classic Witchy Cat Names 

1. Abracadabra12. Shadow
2. Charm13. Solstice
3. Coven14. Spirit
4. Crow15. Taboo
5. Hex16. Tarot
6. Hocus Pocus17. Thirteen
7. Jinx18. Trance
8. Medusa19. Wicca
9. Merlin20. Wiccan
10. Rune21. Wizard
11. Seer.

Witchy Cat Names for Black Cats 

1. Black Magic11. Shadow
2. Crow12. Onyx
3. Magic13. Raven
4. Midnight14. Midnight
5. Phantom15. Salem
6. Raven16. Spooky
7. Panther17. Coal
8. Obsidian18. Ink
9. Shadow19. Twilight
10. Thirteen20. Ursula

Witchy Cat Names from Pop Culture, Books, Movies and TV Shows

1. Bellatrix– Bellatrix Lestrange, a powerful evil witch in the Harry Potter series10. Minerva– Beloved Professor Minerva McGonagall in the Harry Potter series, a witch who can turn into a cat
2. Crookshanks– Hermoine the witch’s orange pet cat in the Harry Potter series11. Narcissa– Narcissa Malfoy, Draco Malfoy’s witch mother in the Harry Potter series
3. Dolores– The hated Dolores Umbridge from the Harry Potter series, a witch who is obsessed with cats and whose patronus is a cat12. Paige– One of four witch sisters in the television show Charmed
4. Elsa– Snow queen and good witch of Disney’s Frozen films13. Phoebe– One of four witch sisters in the television show Charmed
5. Fleur– Fleur Delacour, a young French witch from the Harry Potter series14. Piper– One of four witch sisters in the television show Charmed
6. Hermione– Gifted witch and bookworm Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series; Harry and Ron’s best friend15. Prue– One of four witch sisters in the television show Charmed
7. Luna– Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series, Harry’s charming and quirky witch friend16. Rowena– Rowena Ravenclaw from the Harry Potter series, a witch who was one of the four founders of Hogwarts (Ravenclaw House is named for her)
8. Maleficent– Evil witch queen in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty and self-proclaimed “Mistress of All Evil”17. Sabrina– Title character in Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
9. Melisandre– A witch from the Game of Thrones series, also known as the “red woman”18. Tonks– Nymphadora Tonks, a witch in the Harry Potter series; Harry’s trusted friend

Witch Coven Name Ideas

Cool Witch Coven Names

1. Coven of the Fox Woods46. The Crescent Moon Coven
2. The Revolution Coven47. Coven of the Dream
3. Circle of the Trinity48. Coven of the Silver Flame
4. Sisters of the Eclipse49. The Charity Coven
5. The Rowan Tree Coven50. The Mirror Lake Coven
6. The Silver steak Coven51. The Requiem Circle
7. The Guiding Hand Coven52. The Moonlit Circle
8. The Silver Flock Circle53. The Elder Grove Coven
9. Circle of Wisdom54. The Moonlit Coven
10. The Crystal Rose Circle55. The Twilight Grove Circle
11. The Chalice Coven56. Coven of the Crystal Lake
12. Circle of Observation57. Coven of the Crystal Flower
13. The Fortuna Sisters58. Witches of the Moon Thicket
14. The Divine Dream Coven59. Wives of the Forest Path
15. Coven of Patience60. Circle of Wisdom
16. Moon Siren Coven61. The Crystal Rose Circle
17. The Healing Sisters62. The Chalice Coven
18. The Mystic Grove Coven63. Circle of Observation
19. Coven of Community64. The Fortuna Sisters
20. The Goddess Wives65. The Divine Dream Coven
21. The Compassion Coven66. Coven of Patience
22. Circle of the Pentacle67. Moon Siren Coven
23. Circle of the Mystic Grove68. The Healing Sisters
24. Coven of the Elemental69. The Mystic Grove Coven
25. The Requiem Circle70. Coven of Community
26. The Moonlit Circle71. The Goddess Wives
27. The Elder Grove Coven72. The Compassion Coven
28. The Moonlit Coven73. Circle of the Elemental
29. The Twilight Grove Circle74. The Requiem Wives
30. Coven of the Crystal Lake75. Coven of the Silver Boom
31. Coven of the Crystal Flower76. Witches of the Crystal Lake
32. Witches of the Moon Thicket77. The Sacred Sisters
33. Wives of the Forest Path78. Coven of the Silver Reserve
34. The Quiet Meadows Circle79. The Starfall Circle
35. Circle of the White Tree80. The Crescent Moon Coven
36. The Mirror Lake Circle81. Coven of the Dream
37. The Hallowed Sisters82. Coven of the Silver Flame
38. Sisters of the Night Garden83. The Charity Coven
39. Coven of the Revolution84. The Mirror Lake Coven
40. The Faery Tree Circle85. Circle of Infinity
41. Coven of the Silver Boom86. Coven of Compassion
42. Witches of the Crystal Lake87. Wives of the Hallowed
43. The Sacred Sisters88. The Oak Spirit Circle
44. Coven of the Silver Reserve89. The Bramble Root Witches
45. The Starfall Circle.

Awesome Witch Coven Names 

1. Circle of the Beating Heart28. Coven of the Illuminated
2. The Guiding Hand Circle29. The Medicine Coven
3. Coven of the Grove30. The Spirit Drum Sisters
4. Sisters of Twilight31. Coven of Divine Teachings
5. The Eternal Light Sisters32. The Crystal Flower Circle
6. Sisters of the Morning Star33. Witches of the Rowan Tree
7. The Liberty Coven34. Coven of the Sacred Voyage
8. The Silver Circle35. The Night SUN Wives
9. The Blue Moon Coven36. Circle of the Moon
10. The Grove Circle37. Sisters of Starlight
11. Witches of the Crystal Rose38. The Independence Witches
12. Sisters of the Moon Thicket39. Circle of the Radiant Heart
13. The Moon Oasis Wives40. Coven of the Raven’s Nest
14. Sisters of the Light41. Wives of Spirit Energy
15. The Divine Touch Coven42. Coven of the Night Grove
16. Celtic Witch Names43. Circle of Elysium
17. The Moon Thread Wives44. The Crystal Garden Coven
18. Coven of the Dream45. The Starfall Sisters
19. The Ancient Oak Coven46. The World Tree Witches
20. Coven of Fortuna47. The Lady Fortune Coven
21. Wives of the Silver Branch48. Coven of the Lone Star
22. The Lone Star Coven49. Sisters of Phoenix Fire
23. Coven of the Cedar Grove50. Coven of the Mirror
24. Wives of the Night Sky51. The Silver Star Circle
25. The Silver Circle52. Coven of the Full Moon
26. The Moon Oasis Witches53. The Wisdom Circle
27. The Spirit Drum Circle54. Witches of Infinity

Catchy Witch Coven Names

1. The Enlightened Coven26. The Moon Thread Circle
2. Circle of the Night Garden27. The Woods Coven
3. The Silver Coven28. Coven of the Hallowed
4. The Infinity Coven29. Coven of the Lone Star
5. The Crescent Circle30. Coven of Illumination
6. Wives of Moonlight31. The Enchanted Coven
7. Sisters of Ember32. Wives of the Rowan Tree
8. Coven of Requiem33. Circle of the Full Moon
9. Coven of the Mystic34. The Ice Garden Circle
10. Coven of the Sacred Well35. The Ancient Coven
11. Witch ecstasy36. Coven of the Guiding Hand
12. The Silver Coven37. Coven of the Light
13. Hallowed Guide Coven38. The Lunar Wives
14. Coven of the Enchanted39. Coven of the Rising Sun
15. Witches of the Moon Temple40. The Spirit Drum Coven
16. Coven of the Radiant Heart41. Witches of the Sunset
17. The Moonlit Cloud Wives42. Coven of Silver
18. Coven of the Twilight Flame43. Coven of Eternal Teachings
19. Witches of Liberty44. The Enlightened Coven
20. The Eternal Garden Coven45. The Divine Energy Circle
21. Sisters of the Chalice46. The Silver Flame Coven
22. The Moon Oasis Wives47. Equinox Circle
23. Coven of the Silver Flame48. The Earth Spirit Coven
24. Circle of the Sacred Well49. Circle of Twilight
25. The Fire Tree Coven50. Wives of the Raven’s Nest

Best Witch Coven Names

1. Coven of the Spirit Lake24. Wives of Liberty
2. Witches of Liberty25. Coven of Patience
3. Sisters of Night shadow26. Circle of Spirit Energy
4. The moon tree Sisters27. Circle of the World Tree
5. The Moonrise Coven28. The Nighty Circle
6. The Faery Tree Circle29. Almighty goods Coven
7. The Eternal Teachings Sisters30. Witches of Eternity
8. Coven of Requiem31. The Unseen Moon Circle
9. The Spirit Drum Circle32. The Divine Dream Sisters
10. The Spirit Lake Circle33. The Eternal Teachings Witches
11. Witches of the Enchanted Moon34. Coven of Healing
12. The Ancient Coven35. The Eternal Teachings Sisters
13. The Sunset Circle36. Sisters of Phoenix Fire
14. Circle of Sacred Meadows37. The Fairy Woods Coven
15. The Silver Circle38. Coven of the Beating Heart
16. The Crystal Flower Circle39. The Silver Branch Coven
17. Circle of Healing40. The Silver Reserve Witches
18. Circle of Lives41. Witches of the Crescent
19. The Raven’s Nest Coven42. Circle of the Goddess
20. The Goddess Circle43. Witches of the Mystic Grove
21. Circle of Fortuna44. The Silver cloud Circle
22. The Crescent Coven45. Wives of the Spirit Lake
23. The Setting Sun Circle46. The Willow Circle of Adventure

All of these spellbinding witchy names have a spooky, mystical feel to them, which can add to the overall aura, personality, and atmosphere of a witch character from your imagination.

Tips on How to Come up With the Best Witch Name!

Even after getting enough inspiration from the above list of witch name ideas, if you’re still struggling to come up with a good witch name or even an angel name, then not anymore!

Here are some tips to help you come up with a name that sounds absolute magic and best suits your witch character—

  • First things first, you can consider your witch character’s back story or personality like kind and gentle, dark and mysterious, healer or trickster as these elements can help you choose a name that best reflects the nature of your witch character.
  • Secondly, some names sound really cute and sweet, while others sound louder when said out loud. So, try to choose a suitable name for your witch based on the feeling you want to give to your audience.
  • Another thing is that many cultures have stories about witches and magical creatures, so you can look to mythology and folklore to find a wealth of inspiration for names.
  • You can think of names that evoke elements of nature as many witches in fiction are also associated with nature e.g., Meadow, Raven, Fox, Luna, Aurora etc.
  • You might consider using a first and last name starting with the same letter as this can also make a memorable name for a witch (or any character).
  • Since some symbols, such as the moon, stars, or pentagrams, are often associated with witchcraft, you can also play with the symbols to get inspiration for witchy names.
  • You can even consider the sound and rhythm of the name as a pleasant-sounding name can add to the overall feel of your character. This means you need to think about the flow, the syllables, and the way the witch name sounds when spoken aloud.
  • Next, you can experiment with combinations of words or syllables as doing so can create a unique and memorable name. For example, the name Holloway; it combines the words ‘hallow’ (sacred) and ‘way’ to create a name that feels magical and mystical.
  • Above all, the most important thing is that the best name for a witchcraft character depends ultimately on that character’s personality, background and magical abilities. So, choose a name that feels fitting and magical for your character.

Bottom Line

That is all! Hope this list of witchcraft names we have compiled is enough that you can choose what your witchcraft character will be known as to what the name of your motorcycle gang will be. With this list, you can create a vast and enchanting world for your readers or viewers. 

However, remember that in addition to this hand-picked list of witchy name ideas, you can also draw inspiration from mythology, folklore, nature, and symbolism to create unique names that are magical and appropriate for your witch character.

“Finally, we wish you happiness in finding the perfect witchy name (among these 1700+ sorceress names) that strikes your fancy!”


Ans: While there are many famous sorceress names from popular culture, literature, and mythology, some of the most well-known are—

  1. Baba Yaga 
  2. Circe 
  3. Hermione Granger 
  4. Morgan le Fay
  5. Maleficent 
  6. Medea 
  7. The White Witch 
  8. Sabrina Spellman

Ans: Here are listed the top 10 popular names of female witches —

  1. Baba Yaga 
  2. Bellatrix Lestrange 
  3. Glinda the Good Witch 
  4. Hecate 
  5. Hermione Granger 
  6. Morgana Le Fay 
  7. Maleficent 
  8. The Sanderson Sisters 
  9. Ursula 
  10. Willow Rosenberg

Ans: These are the top-10 last names that might work well for a witch character in 2023—

  1. Blackwood
  2. Grimwood
  3. Hexenmeister 
  4. Halloway
  5. Moonstone
  6. Nightshade
  7. Ravenwood
  8. Spellman
  9. Shadowbrook
  10. Witcherly

Ans: Here are the top 5 names of good witches from various works of literature and media—

  1. Granny Weatherwax: A character from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series.
  2. Glinda the Good Witch: A character from L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
  3. Hermione Granger: A character from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series.
  4. Sabrina Spellman: The teenage witch from the comic book and TV series, Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
  5. Samantha Stephens: The lead character from the TV show Bewitched.

Ans: Here are 5 famous witches names that draws inspiration from different works of literature and media—

  1. Baba Yaga: A fearsome witch from Slavic folklore.
  2. Circe: A powerful sorceress in Greek mythology.
  3. Morgan le Fay: A legendary enchantress and antagonist in Arthurian legend.
  4. Maleficent: A villainess from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.
  5. Medea: A sorceress from Greek mythology.

Ans: While there are many of them but here listed the 10 top witchy names for girls—

  1. Belladonna
  2. Freya 
  3. Hecate 
  4. Luna 
  5. Morgana 
  6. Raven 
  7. Seraphina 
  8. Sage 
  9. Salem
  10. Willow

Ans: Listed below are the names of some famous fictional witches, along with who played the character and from which book, movie, and TV show—

Witch NamePlayed byFrom
Fiona GoodeJessica Lange“American Horror Story: Coven” (2013)
Hermione GrangerEmma Watson“Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” (2001) (and the other HP books and films)
Piper HalliwellHolly Marie Combs“Charmed” (1998)
Rochelle ZimmermanRachel True“The Craft” (1996)
Samantha StephensElizabeth Montgomery“Bewitched” (1964)
Winifred SandersonBette Midler“Hocus Pocus” (1993)
Willow RosenbergAlyson Hannigan“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (1997)