If you’re expecting a daughter, let’s first acknowledge that one of the most exciting parts of becoming a parent is choosing a name for your baby!

You can find inspiration from various sources, including Mythological & Goddess Names for Girls. The world of flora also offers a delightful array of inspiration when it comes to naming baby girls, making flower names a great choice. So, if you are on a hunt for flower names for girls, you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ve compiled a list of flower names for girls, including popular, classical, cool, and unique ones.

Flower names for baby girls gained popularity in the 18th century. Then, over the years, the trend took off so much that even today celebrities like Meg Ryan, Ben Affleck, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Jude Law have embraced this trend by naming their children after flowers — and it shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

In fact, recently, flower names such as Iris, Daisy, Lily, Rose, Violet, Briar, Holly, Ivy, Delphine, Dahlia, Magnolia, and Poppy have topped the popularity lists in the US and many other countries as well. This is somewhat connected to the multiple Disney cartoon characters that are popular among kids including many fairies and princesses. 

So, considering that flower baby names are here to stay, pick one of the flower girl names from the list below and give your baby girl a flower-name to embrace the beauty of floral symbolism!

List of Baby Girls Flower Names

Inspired by many things like vibrant colors, fragrant scents, and symbolic meaning- this collection of flower names for girls, offers a blooming bouquet of options for parents-to-be to choose from! It also connects to both Baby Boy and Girl Names Starting with Letter ‘M’ and Baby Names Starting with Letter ‘S’ in a way, as some flower names can start with these letters. So, let’s finally check out our carefully curated collection of flower names perfect for girls—

Whether you’re looking for middle names for girls or you’re looking for a first name that just sounds right, these floral names are sure to inspire your imagination because not only do they evoke a sense of natural elegance but also include the qualities associated with the flower itself.

Top Flower Names for Girls

Flower girl name
1. Azalea51. Genovefa
2. Magnolia52. Nerola
3. Orchid53. Nerolia
4. Primrose54. Nerolie
5. Calla55. Neroly
6. Heather56. Niina
7. Lotus57. Ninosca
8. Tulip58. Noll
9. Bluebell59. Oliff
10. Daisy60. Olley
11. Lily61. Rusanne
12. Genoveffa62. Florynce
13. Genshian63. Flossey
14. Gentian64. Forsythia
15. Lily65. Fuchsia
16. Rose66. Geneesta
17. Daisy67. Genevre
18. Violet68. Genista
19. Jasmine69. Salvia
20. Lily-of-the-valley70. Snowdrop
21. Iris71. Stockwell
22. Poppy72. Stockley
23. Dahlia73. Tamarack
24. Marigold74. Trowbridge
25. Camellia75. Udale
26. Holly76. Udall
27. Geranium77. Udel
28. Ginevre78. Violante
29. Ginista79. Violanthe
30. Helodea80. Willda
31. Helodia81. Yalinda
32. Helodie82. Yolie
33. Ianthina83. Yudell
34. Idra84. Zahoor
35. Ilane85. Zahour
36. Ilania86. Zahur
37. Ilanit87. Zinara
38. Ilon88. Zinnya
39. Jassmaine89. Zinya
40. Jolanthe90. Ashbie
41. Joneva91. Holliss
42. Klianthe92. Bloom
43. Krysanthe93. Blossom
44. Lantana94. Rastk
45. Lauralle95. Rayen
46. Lindleigh96. Wildflower
47. Lurette97. Xochitl
48. Ninny98. Zariah

Unique Flower Names for Girl

Unique flowers name for girl
1. Abelia51. Zara
2. Amapola52. Althea
3. Araluen53. Aster
4. Aster54. Bluebell
5. Azami55. Cassia
6. Belladonna56. Clover
7. Briallen57. Daphne
8. Calanthe58. Evening Primrose
9. Calix59. Fern
10. Calytrix60. Giselle
11. Camellia61. Heather
12. Canna62. Indigo
13. Capucine63. Jasmine
14. Celandine64. Celandine
15. Cleome65. Dahlia
16. Clemensia66. Delphine
17. Delphine67. Elowen
18. Dianella68. Fleur
19. Embelia69. Freesia
20. Forsythia70. Gaia
21. Hana71. Gardenia
22. Kalina72. Hana
23. Larkspur73. Isolde
24. Laylani or Leilani74. Jacinda
25. Nanala75. Kalina
26. Nardos76. Lilac
27. Amara77. Magnolia
28. Blossom78. Marigold
29. Camellia79. Nolana
30. Dandelion80. Orchid
31. Floriana81. Peony
32. Ione82. Persephone
33. Jessamine83. Posy
34. Liliana84. Quince
35. Marisol85. Kestrel
36. Nolita86. Lotus
37. Orla87. Meadow
38. Primrose88. Nigella
39. Saffron89. Oleander
40. Azalea90. Petunia
41. Calantha91. Quilliana
42. Calliope92. Raina
43. Rhoswen93. Senna
44. Sabrina94. Thalia
45. Selene95. Ulyssa
46. Sorrel96. Vireo
47. Tansy97. Wisteria
48. Verbena98. Xyris
49. Xanthe99. Yarrow
50. Yara100. Zinnia

Pretty Flower Names for Girls

Pretty flower name
1. Azalea51. Rose
2. Magnolia52. Iris
3. Orchid53. Poppy
4. Primrose54. Azalea
5. Calla55. Zinnia
6. Heather56. Lily-of-the-valley
7. Lotus57. Marigold
8. Tulip58. Primrose
9. Bluebell59. Camellia
10. Peony60. Magnolia
11. Daffodil61. Orchid
12. Hyacinth62. Hollyhock
13. Anemone63. Lotus
14. Sunflower64. Tulip
15. Delphine65. Bluebell
16. Fleur66. Daisy
17. Clover67. Violet
18. Jasmine68. Jasmine
19. Neeja69. Lily
20. Oleana70. Iris
21. Papatya71. Poppy
22. Pema72. Dahlia
23. Picotee73. Zinnia
24. Ren74. Primrose
25. Rue75. Camellia
26. Senna76. Marigold
27. Zainab or Zaynab77. Azalea
28. Rose78. Lily-of-the-valley
29. Lily79. Magnolia
30. Daisy80. Orchid
31. Violet81. Willow
32. Jasmine82. Heather
33. Iris83. Sunflower
34. Poppy84. Pansy
35. Lily-of-the-valley85. Daffodil
36. Dahlia86. Hyacinth
37. Marigold87. Anemone
38. Zinnia88. Clover
39. Camellia89. Jasmine
40. Hollyhock90. Lavender
41. Lavender91. Lilac
42. Lilac92. Fleur
43. Blossom93. Meadow
44. Pansy94. Ivy
45. Flora95. Flora
46. Daisy96. Petunia
47. Lily97. Camellia
48. Dahlia98. Meadow
49. Violet99. Ivy
50. Jasmine100. Willow

Best Floral Names for Girls

1. Acacia51. Narcissa
2. Ambrosia52. Oleander
3. Asha53. Orla
4. Aster54. Peppermint
5. Aveline55. Periwinkle
6. Belladonna56. Posey
7. Blossom57. Prairie
8. Buttercup58. Rosalind
9. Calendula59. Rowan
10. Calla60. Saffron
11. Carnation61. Senna
12. Clover62. Sorrel
13. Coral63. Sunflower
14. Holly64. Thistle
15. Azalea65. Trillium
16. Primrose66. Wisteria
17. Magnolia67. Yarrow
18. Camellia68. Delphine
19. Lotus69. Jonquil
20. Petunia70. Liliana
21. Peony71. Maribel
22. Flora72. Mauve
23. Lavender73. Melantha
24. Bluebell74. Elara
25. Orchid75. Fawn
26. Amaryllis76. Forsythia
27. Willow77. Garland
28. Daphne78. Gemma
29. Heather79. Honeysuckle
30. Cosmo80. Indigo
31. Violet81. Jade
32. Lilyana82. Narcissa
33. Marigold83. Olive
34. Dahlia84. Orlena
35. Pansy85. Petal
36. Blossom86. Posy
37. Fern87. Raina
38. Calla88. Tulip
39. Anemone89. Sage
40. Briar90. Sakura
41. Chrysanthemum91. Senna
42. Fleur92. Starla
43. Freesia93. Tansy
44. Gardenia94. Vega
45. Hyacinth95. Vervain
46. Juniper96. Viola
47. Laurel97. Willow
48. Lilac98. Yara
49. Meadow99. Zara
50. Myrtle100. Zinnia

Cute Flower Names for Girls

Cute flower namess
1. Aurora Lily51. Lily Luna
2. Blossom Belle52. Poppy Luna
3. Rosie June53. Rosie Luna
4. Daisy June54. Daisy Ruby
5. Lily June55. Lily Ruby
6. Poppy June56. Poppy Ruby
7. Rosie Rose57. Rosie Ruby
8. Daisy Belle58. Rosie Maeve
9. Lily Mae59. Daisy Maeve
10. Poppy Rose60. Lily Belle
11. Daisy Rose61. Poppy Grace
12. Lily Maeve62. Rosie Grace
13. Poppy Grace63. Rosie Mae
14. Rosie Faith64. Daisy Grace
15. Daisy Hope65. Lily Jane
16. Lily Joy66. Poppy Belle
17. Poppy Joy67. Daisy Skye
18. Rosie Joy68. Lily Skye
19. Daisy Joy69. Poppy Skye
20. Lily Faith70. Rosie Skye
21. Poppy Hope71. Daisy Ivy
22. Rosie Hope72. Lily Ivy
23. Blossom Grace73. Poppy Ivy
24. Poppy74. Rosie Ivy
25. Rosie75. Daisy Willow
26. Petal76. Lily Willow
27. Blossom77. Poppy Willow
28. Daisy Mae78. Rosie Willow
29. Lily Grace79. Daisy Violet
30. Poppy Jane80. Lily Violet
31. Rosie Belle81. Poppy Violet
32. Posie82. Rosie Violet
33. Flora83. Daisy Aurora
34. Buttercup84. Poppy Aurora
35. Primrose85. Daisy Willow
36. Marigold86. Lily Willow
37. Violet87. Poppy Willow
38. Daisy May88. Rosie Willow
39. Lily Rose89. Daisy Harper
40. Poppy Mae90. Lily Harper
41. Rosie Aurora91. Poppy Harper
42. Daisy Hazel92. Rosie Harper
43. Lily Hazel93. Daisy Autumn
44. Poppy Hazel94. Lily Autumn
45. Rosie Hazel95. Poppy Autumn
46. Daisy Ember96. Rosie Autumn
47. Lily Ember97. Daisy Meadow
48. Poppy Ember98. Lily Meadow
49. Rosie Ember99. Poppy Meadow
50. Daisy Luna100. Rosie Meadow

Classical Flower Names for Girls

classical flower name
1. Arabella51. Aveline
2. Erica52. Rosalina
3. Lavinia53. Seraphita
4. Camellia54. Serenata
5. Celia55. Seraphima
6. Aurora56. Eudora
7. Persephone57. Floriana
8. Juliet58. Amaryllis
9. Penelope59. Seraphica
10. Lilliana60. Camellia
11. Cassandra61. Rosamaria
12. Mirabella62. Seraphine
13. Calliope63. Eulalie
14. Marguerite64. Philomena
15. Eleanora65. Marcellina
16. Mariana66. Coralie
17. Arabelle67. Lavinia
18. Theodora68. Serenata
19. Philomena69. Isabella
20. Rosamund70. Clementina
21. Eleonora71. Seraphine
22. Seraphia72. Rosaline
23. Clarissa73. Seraphita
24. Augusta74. Dahlia
25. Leontine75. Helena
26. Vivienne76. Isolde
27. Ophelia77. Calla
28. Rosalina78. Marcella
29. Amaryllis79. Seraphina
30. Anastasia80. Calantha
31. Melisande81. Euphemia
32. Clementine82. Narcissa
33. Serenella83. Juniper
34. Arabella84. Cecilia
35. Amaranta85. Evangeline
36. Gwendolyn86. Primrose
37. Penelope87. Genevieve
38. Cordelia88. Emmeline
39. Cressida89. Lysandra
40. Elodie90. Lucinda
41. Melisande91. Magnolia
42. Serenella92. Daphne
43. Elysia93. Seraphine
44. Aurelia94. Susan
45. Octavia95. Veronica
46. Rosabella96. Rosalind
47. Caledonia97. Flora
48. Eulalia98. Violetta
49. Elysium99. Serenade
50. Isadora100. Zephyrine

Trending Flower Names for Girls

1. Ayonna51. Cotton
2. Oli52. Laren
3. Birch53. Elrey
4. Kasi54. Velora
5. Lauralee55. Hanako
6. Janeva56. Flory
7. Fleur57. Florentina
8. Daphnie58. Anise
9. Arvid59. Althaea
10. Linnaea60. Birkley
11. Loriann61. Aloe
12. Kaeya62. Lindell
13. Catriona63. Oliverio
14. Cally64. Lyndell
15. Tannon65. Lendell
16. Linwood66. Berk
17. Olivine67. Petunia
18. Olivette68. Ilima
19. Lorianne69. Flossie
20. Jeneva70. Laryn
21. Fiora71. Juhi
22. Egor72. Lauri
23. Yarrow73. Laureen
24. Hollee74. Ketzia
25. Perrie75. Karyna
26. Gardenia76. Mansi
27. Eilon77. Lorine
28. Peony78. Laurin
29. Lilias79. Hebe
30. Lory80. Bartley
31. Lolly81. Myrtle
32. Linzy82. Petal
33. Jola83. Pansy
34. Kiri84. Lorrie
35. Ileanna85. Lorenna
36. Genoveva86. Linna
37. Nalin87. Laurelle
38. Lynae88. Kizzie
39. Loralee89. Loralyn
40. Livvie90. Aciano
41. Laurynn91. Barkley
42. Lauretta92. Barclay
43. Hyacinth93. Loranna
44. Hazal94. Ornella
45. Bryony95. Olevia
46. Arlowe96. Absalom
47. Orren97. Palmyra
48. Florentino98. Lynnae
49. Destry99. Sala
50. Crisanto100. Yasamin

Beautiful Flower Girl Names

These beautiful flower names for girls encapsulate the grace, charm, and vibrancy found in nature’s floral wonders.

1. Azalea51. Thistle
2. Hollyhock52. Uva
3. Tulip53. Veronica
4. Petunia54. Willow
5. Daffodil55. Xyla
6. Hyacinth56. Yolanda
7. Aster57. Zinnia
8. Pansy58. Amaryllis
9. Buttercup59. Begonia
10. Snapdragon60. Celandine
11. Anemone61. Dandelion
12. Magnolia62. Fuchsia
13. Nasturtium63. Gentiana
14. Olive64. Hibiscus
15. Acacia65. Isabella
16. Belladonna66. Jonquil
17. Carnation67. Kalani
18. Blossom68. Lavender
19. Calla69. Maribel
20. Clover70. Nigella
21. Delphine71. Orla
22. Freesia72. Peony
23. Iris73. Quiana
24. Poppy74. Gardenia
25. Lily-of-the-valley75. Honeysuckle
26. Sunflower76. Indigo
27. Dahlia77. Jasmine
28. Marigold78. Kalina
29. Primrose79. Liliana
30. Zinnia80. Morning Glory
31. Camellia81. Narcissa
32. Orchid82. Orchid
33. Rose83. Peony
34. Lily84. Quince
35. Daisy85. Rosabelle
36. Jasmine86. Saffron
37. Violet87. Rosalina
38. Magnolia88. Sunflower
39. Bluebell89. Tansy
40. Peony90. Violetta
41. Lotus91. Peppermint
42. Geranium92. Queen Anne’s Lace
43. Heather93. Rosalind
44. Jonquil94. Sage
45. Kalea95. Tansy
46. Larkspur96. Verbena
47. Lilac97. Wisteria
48. Daphne98. Xanthe
49. Evening Primrose99. Yarrow
50. Fleur100. Zara

Good Flower Girl Names

good flower names
1. Acacio51. Olivya
2. Accacio52. Loris
3. Aneese53. Jolaine
4. Arrlo54. Kalene
5. Ashbea55. Jacilynn
6. Ashbey56. Allona
7. Asshe57. Fiore
8. Acton58. Briony
9. Aivana59. Cassy
10. Aivanna60. Flower
11. Alaqua61. Holleigh
12. Avania62. Florrie
13. Avannia63. Lorelle
14. Lil64. Lollie
15. Lindel65. Jacilyn
16. Udell66. Lenae
17. Ianna67. Elodia
18. Eleanna68. Laurene
19. Yasenia69. Lakeisha
20. Lorry70. Laurell
21. Fiori71. Laure
22. Kessie72. Laurana
23. Lorah73. Karinna
24. Lindbergh74. Cacie
25. Lorrina75. Lorilee
26. Allonia76. Elanah
27. Althaia77. Livya
28. Assheton78. Liva
29. Floellen79. Kaleen
30. Kassy80. Floriana
31. Casia81. Hollyann
32. Ketziah82. Ginebra
33. Hazle83. Calley
34. Barcley84. Berklie
35. Barklay85. Savyon
36. Barklie86. Lynford
37. Iantha87. Jacek
38. Lauraine88. Linford
39. Oliva89. Bracken
40. Lorilynn90. Cheney
41. Tamarisk91. Sadira
42. Loryn92. Wilda
43. Ianthe93. Sadra
44. Lorey94. Lauriel
45. Hollye95. Yasmeena
46. Olivet96. Lynzie
47. Olivea97. Lorren
48. Minta98. Loreta
49. Jasamine99. Yolette
50. Lorinda100. Yulanda

Cool Flower Girl Names

1. Azalea51. Jasma
2. Ashtin52. Jolanta
3. Amaryllis53. Lynnea
4. Calla54. Irit
5. Columbine55. Lorree
6. Callaia56. Lurline
7. Daisy57. Jazmen
8. Daffodil58. Illa
9. Dahlia59. Dekel
10. Gardenia60. Ninja
11. Geranium61. Lorilyn
12. Iolanda62. Kezzie
13. Jessenia63. Laurita
14. Lindley64. Lilac
15. Giacinta65. Hollister
16. Hyacinth66. Laurena
17. Jasmine67. Ellary
18. Jessamine68. Eilah
19. Jacinda69. Lorenia
20. Lilias70. Jacin
21. Lilium71. Yolaine
22. Lilly72. Ashby
23. Lili73. Kissie
24. Liliane74. Zehra
25. Marilla75. Nurit
26. Magnolia76. Ilianna
27. Zinnia77. Yesemia
28. Zalie78. Melantha
29. Florie79. Zahrah
30. Lindo80. Laralyn
31. Alon81. Jasmon
32. Lorrae82. Daphna
33. Yollanda83. L’Wren
34. Gelsomina84. Florian
35. Flo85. Jasman
36. Orchid or Orquidea86. Althia
37. Pansy87. Larea
38. Peony88. Dafna
39. Petunia89. Yasminda
40. Snapdragon90. Leina
41. Tulip91. Hazelle
42. Floretta92. Ylonda
43. Zein93. Yola
44. Lyndall94. Berke
45. Olliver95. Lynzi
46. Dianthe96. Lawra
47. Rozann97. Laurette
48. Orna98. Eilan
49. Loreene99. Yalonda
50. Florencia100. Zohra

Popular Flower Girl Names

1. Ashtun51. Lindly
2. Dafnee52. Lindon
3. Saffron53. Lauriane
4. Brioni54. Allon
5. Roanne55. Daphney
6. Lorie56. Jacaranda
7. Laurine57. Laretta
8. Elah58. Yoland
9. Flori59. Casha
10. Laurice60. Genevia
11. Loree61. Jassmyn
12. Yasmene62. Laurenne
13. Yon63. Ione
14. Bromley64. Loria
15. Jassmine65. Lorretta
16. Kazia66. Lorene
17. Lorel67. Crisanta
18. Lynea68. Genevra
19. Olia69. Palma
20. Palmira70. Ashburn
21. Pualani71. Rozena
22. Floria72. Yulonda
23. Alonia73. Fiorenza
24. Jazman74. Jazminn
25. Mikio75. Jassmin
26. Cacia76. Linnae
27. Calantha77. Olivija
28. Florance78. Kaleena
29. Laurianne79. Iana
30. Laurina80. Linsie
31. Laurnea81. Lyndale
32. Florita82. Phyllis
33. Florine83. Loriana
34. Lavra84. Tansy
35. Yolando85. Kiki
36. Puanani86. Lynzy
37. Lorita87. Laurinda
38. Herb88. Anisette
39. Linzi89. Mayo
40. Yocasta90. Orenthal
41. Hazell91. Elona
42. Cynara92. Livija
43. Laural93. Florinda
44. Lorette94. Kamelia
45. Linea95. Holli
46. Lorenn96. Callee
47. Fleurette97. Jolan
48. Lorri98. Jasmene
49. Lorra99. Yalanda
50. Youlanda100. Yolonda

Winter Flower Names for Girl

These winter flower names for girls reflect the enchanting and serene spirit of the winter season.

1. Aspen51. Winterlyn
2. Elsa52. Frostiana
3. Glacier53. Sereia
4. Wren54. Snowlyn
5. Hollyn55. Eirlys
6. Frostine56. Ivy Winter
7. Seraphina57. Snowbell
8. December58. Crystalyn
9. Noelle59. Avalon
10. Amaryllis60. Novalie
11. North61. Holly Winter
12. Snow62. Nevaeh
13. Tundra63. Frostine
14. Icelyn64. Serenity
15. Frostina65. Winter Blossom
16. Storm66. Luna
17. Eve67. Aria Snow
18. Silverbell68. Persephone
19. Frostine69. Everleigh
20. Yule70. Snowbell
21. Snowflake71. Winter Skye
22. Winter Rose72. Isla
23. Ivy Snow73. Crystalyn
24. Aria74. Eira Snow
25. Emberly75. Frostina
26. Frostlyn76. Seraphine
27. Giselle77. Zara
28. Holly78. Juniper Snow
29. Ivy79. Winter Ivy
30. Poinsettia80. Frostlyn
31. Snowdrop81. Celeste
32. Winter Jasmine82. Luna Snow
33. Camellia83. Winter Wren
34. Frost84. Emberlyn
35. Crystal85. Snow Rose
36. Aurora86. Arctic
37. Eira87. Evergreen
38. Flurry88. Seraphina Snow
39. Gwendolyn89. Ivy Frost
40. Bianca90. Crystaline
41. Juniper91. Wintertide
42. Lumi92. Nevara
43. Meadow Frost93. Frostine
44. Neve94. Skye
45. Robin95. Seren
46. Winterberry96. Frostara
47. Ember97. Everlynn
48. Everly98. Pine
49. Marisol99. Stella
50. Amaryllis Snow100. Winter Lily

Flower Girl Middle Names

1. Acacia51. Orla
2. Belladonna52. Peppermint
3. Carnation53. Quince
4. Dahlia54. Rhea
5. Evergreen55. Salvia
6. Sunflower56. Thistle
7. Dahlia57. Uva
8. Marigold58. Veronica
9. Primrose59. Willow
10. Camellia60. Xyla
11. Orchid61. Yolanda
12. Magnolia62. Zara
13. Bluebell63. Amaryllis
14. Peony64. Blossom
15. Lavender65. Celandine
16. Azalea66. Dandelion
17. Hollyhock67. Evening Primrose
18. Fleur68. Forget-me-not
19. Gardenia69. Gerbera
20. Hibiscus70. Honeysuckle
21. Iolanthe71. Impatiens
22. Daisy72. Jacinta
23. Jasmine73. Kalina
24. Violet74. Lilac
25. Iris75. Moonflower
26. Poppy76. Nasturtium
27. Lily-of-the-valley77. Orchid
28. Tulip78. Pansy
29. Petunia79. Queen Anne’s Lace
30. Daffodil80. Rosemary
31. Hyacinth81. Snapdragon
32. Aster82. Tiger Lily
33. Pansy83. Wildflower
34. Buttercup84. Rose
35. Snapdragon85. Lily
36. Anemone86. Lotus
37. Blossom87. Meadow
38. Calla88. Narcissa
39. Clover89. Olive
40. Delphine90. Peppermint
41. Freesia91. Queen Anne’s Lace
42. Geranium92. Rosalind
43. Heather93. Saffron
44. Jasmine94. Tansy
45. Kaleidoscope95. Verbena
46. Jonquil96. Wisteria
47. Kalmia97. Xanthe
48. Lantana98. Yarrow
49. Mimosa99. Zara
50. Nigella.

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Gender-Neutral Flower Names

These are those names that can be used for baby boys and baby girls, both.

1. Ashton76. Eltha
2. Rose77. Acacia
3. Arlo78. Olivier
4. Magnolia79. Avana
5. Olive80. Flore
6. Aspen81. Berklee
7. Jasmine82. Kezia
8. Ariella83. Arlow
9. Nash84. Mulan
10. Malia85. Lindburg
11. Daphne86. Chany
12. Alyssa87. Yolanda
13. Alivia88. Laurentina
14. Lauren89. Olida
15. Poppy90. Olva
16. Laura91. Fiorella
17. Olivia92. Florien
18. Oliver93. Livvy
19. Scarlett94. Lynden
20. Violet95. Blodwen
21. Hazel96. Florent
22. Lily97. Florenz
23. Willow98. Laurie
24. Rowan99. Lourence
25. Ivy100. Sakura
26. Hunter101. Genever
27. Autumn102. Delphine
28. Iris103. Ianthia
29. Rosemary104. Daffie
30. Sally Anne105. Pansie
31. Stockton106. Wister
32. Lendall107. Flora
33. Kalena108. Berkley
34. Ashe109. Linda
35. Tirzah110. Hollis
36. Lina111. Marigold
37. Zahra112. Ollie
38. Hadassah113. Yasmin
39. Jazmin114. Zainab
40. Elodie115. Lauryn
41. Laurel116. Ayana
42. Lilliana117. Demetrius
43. Holly118. Keziah
44. Olivio119. Ash
45. Blodwyn120. Kalia
46. Kalei121. Ashtyn
47. Flossy122. Ellery
48. Livy123. Sharon
49. Florella124. Rue
50. Floryan125. Ayanna
51. Sayge126. Dimitri
52. Elthea127. Elon
53. Laurentine128. Floss
54. Calanthe129. Kaleah
55. Alona130. Dara
56. Elanie131. Linden
57. Altheda132. Heather
58. Kacey133. Xochitl
59. Hana134. Althea
60. Ilan135. Zinnia
61. Sequoia136. Kalea
62. Ela137. Dafne
63. Flor138. Fern
64. Orin139. Yasmine
65. Berkeley140. Oren
66. Yasmeen141. Geneva
67. Elan142. Eila
68. Ivie143. Linnea
69. Primrose144. Aston
70. Ilana145. Kalina
71. Blossom146. Lotus
72. Matsuko147. Yazmin
73. Elam148. Elana
74. Loralei149. Lyndon
75. Hollie150. Zaynab

Flower Name for Girls with Meaning

1. Ambretta: This name takes after an evergreen plant that blooms yellow flowers.51. Leilani: Having Hawaiian origins, this flower girl’s name means a heavenly flower.
2. Azalea: This flower name has English origins and means a flower.52. Lavender: This flower name means a sweet- smelling blooms that usually promote sleep and relaxation.
3. Acacia: In Greek, this word means thorny.53. Lillian: This girl’s name means a flower.
4. Abelia: This pretty flower name is an alternative for the girl’s name Abigail.54. Lotus: This lotus flower symbolises purity, grace, and spiritual growth.
5. Arbor: This name is tree-related to flowery trees like the Juniper and Hazel.55. Myrtle: This flower girl’s name comes from a plant that has pink or white aromatic berries and is generally associated with love, peace, fertility, and youth.
6. Bloom: This flowery name is also the name of the main character of TV’s Winx Club.56. Magnolia: This name for a girl means Magnol’s flower in Latin.
7. Bellerose: In England and France, this name means beautiful rose.57. Marguerite: This girl’s name means daisy in French.
8. Blossom: Blossom has English origins and means to bloom.58. Marigold: In English origins, this name means golden flower.
9. Bluebell: With deep purple and blue hues, this flower often symbolises gratitude and humility.59. Narcissa: This girl’s name means daffodil in Greek.
10. Buttercup: This flower name comes from a yellow wildflower.60. Nanala: It’s a Hawaiian name which means sunflower.
11. Calla: This lily name comes from Greek roots and means beautiful.61. Neerja: In Hindi origins, this name means lily.
12. Chamomile: A relaxing flowery herb that is commonly used in relaxing teas.62. Nasrin: This Persian flower name for girls means wild rose.
13. Crisanta: This is the Spanish word for chrysanthemum.63. Ornella: This name means flowering ash tree in Italian.
14. Celandine: This English botanical name comes from a small yellow flower that belongs in the poppy family.64. Orchid: This flower name has Greek roots and symbolises love, beauty, and sophistication.
15. Camellia: In Czech, this name means Kamel’s flower.65. Poppy: This flower is named after the red-hued flower and is perfectly suitable for a girl with a lot of spunk and sass.
16. Chrysanthe: A sweet reddish which means brown spice.66. Pansy: It symbolises free thought.
17. Canna: This name comes from the Canna Lily, a tropical plant that has large leaves and beautiful flowers.67. Peony: This flower name means healing in Latin.
18. Danica: In Slavic, this flowery exotic name means morning star.68. Picotee: This girl’s name in French comes from the flowers that have a second colour around the edges like tulips or carnations
19. Daisy: With English origins, this name means day’s eye.69. Posy: In English origins, this name means a bunch of flowers.
20. Delphine: This French name comes from the delphinium, a bluebell-like flower.70. Primrose: This English flower name means first rose.
21. Dahlia: This flower name means Dahl’s flower.71. Petunia: It is named after the trumpet and means shaped flower.
22. Embelia: This is a cluster of tropical shrubs that sprout white and pink flowers.72. Patchouli: This flower name comes from the fragrant plant that grows in Southeast Asia.
23. Erica: This name comes from the winter, meaning flowering heather.73. Prunella: This Latin girl’s flower name means small plum.
24. Eliza: The delightful flower seller in My Fair Lady.74. Rue: This girl’s name of flower has Greek and English roots and means herb.
25. Edelweiss: This German name comes from a small white mountain flower that is usually found in herbal remedies.75. Rosa: This pretty flower name for girls has Spanish, Italian, Latin roots and means rose.
26. Fuchsia: This flower name comes from the red and purple blooms.76. Roisin: This Irish name of flower means little rose.
27. Forsythia: This yellow spring flower is named after botanist William Forsyth.77. Rada: This name means rose and happy in Yiddish.
28. Fleur: This name means flower in French.78. Raisa: With Russian roots, this flower name means rose and easygoing.
29. Fflur: This name is named after the Welsh word for flower.79. Rayen: This Chilean flower name means flower.
30. Florentina: Having Latin roots, this name means blooming.80. Rhoda: This name means rose in Greek.
31. Fern: This flower name comes from the delightful plant that enjoys the shade.81. Rosanna: This flower name is simply a combination of Rose and Anna.
32. Flora: After the Roman goddess of flowers and spring.82. Saffron: This exotic girl’s flower name comes from the spice that has a reddish- orange hue.
33. Gardenia: Gardenia means garden’s flower and it has English origins.83. Sharon: It is named after an area of ancient Palestine where roses grew.
34. Holly: This popular name comes from the shrub with dark green leaves and red berries and is popular among Christmas babies.84. Susana: This flower’s name for a girl means lily.
35. Hana: This flower girl’s name has Hebrew, Slavic, Czech origins and it means flower or blossom.85. Soma: This Hungarian name flower comes from the flowering Dogwood tree.
36. Hyacinth: This girl’s flower name means blue larkspur or precious stone in Greek.86. Susannah: It means lily in Hebrew.
37. Hibiscus: This girl’s name comes after the tropical flower in the mallow family.87. Thistle: It is named after Scotland’s national flower.
38. Heather: It is a flower name for girls and has Scottish roots.88. Tulip: This flower name for girls has Turkish roots and means turban.
39. Hazel: This name is a perfect botanical name for parents that are looking for a girl’s name that’s not too flowery.89. Tansy: This beautiful flower name has Greek origins and means immortality.
40. Ivy: In the language of flowers, ivy usually symbolises faithfulness.90. Violet: In Latin origins, this girl’s flower name means purple.
41. Iris: This girl’s name comes from a purple- blue flower, and means rainbow in Greek.91. Veronica: This flower name is also the name of an herb with small and bright blue flowers.
42. Jessamine: This flower name comes from the Persian word for the jasmine flower.92. Varda: This name means rose or pink in Hebrew.
43. Kassia: This flower name comes from the plant that produces a cinnamon-like spice.93. Viola: This name means violet in Latin.
44. Jasmine: It is named after the small white flower that is known for its delightful aromatic scent.94. Willow: In German roots, this botanical name means resolute or peaceful.
45. Kalina: Kalina has Polish, Hawaiian, Bulgarian roots and it means viburnum which is a flowering shrub.95. Wildflower: This name of flower usually symbolizes happiness.
46. Linnea: This flower name means twinflower in Sweden.96. Yolanda: This name means violet flower in Greek.
47. Liana: In French origins this name means to climb like a vine.97. Yasmin: It is a Persian name that means jasmine flower.
48. Lilac: This girl’s flower name usually symbolises first love.98. Zainab: It is an Arabic girl’s name that comes from a flowering tree.
49. Liliosa: This name means lily in Spanish.99. Zahara: In Swahili origins, this girl’s flower name means flowering.
50. Lita: This floral name for girls means garden.100. Zaria: This flower name for girls means rose in Arabic.

From exotic names like Amaryllis and Zinnia to everyday flower names like Daisy, Clover, and Marigold— the entire list of baby girl flower names above, encompasses a wide range of names that embody the grace and charm found in nature’s botanical treasures. 

So, to all the parents out there, we wish you the best of luck in finding the perfect name for your baby angel inspired by one of the most beautiful things in nature.

Tip: While we hope you’ve found the perfect name among these options, if you’re still seeking more baby name inspiration, feel free to explore our other collections of baby girl names.

Bottom Line

These given flower names for girls offer a variety of options for naming your little one. Hence, it is expected that this collection of flower names will emerge as a popular choice for parents seeking unique and appealing names for their new-born or soon-to-be-born daughter(s).

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