You may want a last name for yourself, fictional characters of your novel, or usernames for your social media handles and gaming. You may be looking for something that is either not common or not too different, making it sound fake. 

If you are tired of finding an appropriate last name, then don’t worry. I have compiled a list of beautiful and unique last names from various sources. As you read this write-up, you will discover many uncommon last names you can use after your official name, any fantasy character’s name, and much more.

Helpful Tips to Select A Last Name

Helpful tips to select a last name

Before you start exploring the list of last names, let’s first understand how a last name should be chosen. Let’s start by going through such useful tips:

Understand Its Meaning

Every name has a specific meaning attached to it. Once you choose a name, its meaning directly influences your character, and thus your personality is built that way. To attain the right personality, you should do extensive research regarding the meaning of any last name.

Try to analyze how that meaning can affect your character. Think if it can have a positive or negative influence on you. Doing so can help you improve your present personality.

Check the Equation Between Your First Name And Last Name

This tip may be known to you already but still, it’s worth mentioning here also because it’s the most significant one. Many people think about how their first name will sound with their last name. The more it sounds better while saying, the more will be the chances that you will be selecting it as your real name.

To make a better decision, it’s suggested that you say the full name aloud 3-4 times in different scenarios. This will give you a clear understanding of whether to opt for that last name or not.

Analyze How A Last Name Can Match Your Character’s Persona.

Let’s assume you are choosing the last names for the novel’s illusionary characters. You know your characters perfectly, but your readers don’t. To make it easy for them to understand the persona of every character well, you need to make a wise decision in terms of choosing the last name of the characters. 

Try to think about what feeling it can generate when the last name is added to the characters’ first name. Hence, how readers will feel is an important factor to take into consideration while choosing the last name for your imaginary characters.

Observe the Uniqueness

The type of character decides the uniqueness of the last name you choose. Besides, you must observe to what extent your readers will feel connected with the name. Either it may engage the readers or distract them from the story completely. 

Unique Last Names for Girls

Unique Last Names For Girls

Let’s have a look at some of the unique last names for girls: 

1. Abella

The word is derived from Galician, Abella, which means a bee. Those who are beekeepers are given this name mostly. Sometimes, it’s also given to someone who is small and active, just like a bee. 

2. Amana 

This female surname, Amana, has been discovered in Hebrew origin, which means faithful, loyal, or trustworthy.

3. Ashley/Ashleigh

The word Ashley is from two words aesoc or ash and Leah. The combination of these words means the “one who lives in a field of grass near the ash tree.” Ashleigh is the feminine form of the surname of Ashley.

4. Bardot

This is a very prestigious type of surname. This royal last name is traced back to the French town of Perigord in the Middle Ages period. Besides, you will be amazed to know that Brigitte Anne-Marie, who was a singer and actress earlier, has now become a famous French animal rights activist.

5. Barlowe

Barlowe is a surname that is based on a geographical region. The surname has a relation to a town in Derbyshire, Barlowe. This last name means the one who inhibits on a bare bill.  You must be aware of  Emilie-Claire Barlow, who is a well-known jazz singer and Canadian voice artist.

6. Tuffin

After the Norman Conquest in 1066, this surname was brought to England also. Though the word is derived from the Greek name Theophania. The meaning is as follows:

  • Theos: God
  • Phainein: to appear

Hence, the meaning of Tuffin comes out to be,” for God to appear.”

7. Wolf

This ancient surname is derived from the old English word, Wulf. It also has multiple variations, such as Woolf and Woolfe. An important fact to be noted about this surname is that Virginia Woolf was a famous British writer who had this last name.

8. Nadir,

This last name has a beautiful meaning attached, and that adds a positive influence to your character. The word, Nadir, means “rare” and can be used as both first name and last name.

The other important thing worth knowing is that it is a variation of the Arabic word “Nader,” which means rare, scarce, or precious. Kerime Nadir Azrak was a famous example. She is a well-known Turkish novelist and author.

9. Keller

The surname, “Keller” has several philosophies. The word Keller means cellar or basement.  Let’s take the example of Helen Adams Keller.

He was an American author who was blind and deaf. Later on, he also became a successful lecturer, political activist, and disability rights lawyer.

10. Solace

You all know solace means comfort. In the same sense, the word can be used as a last name. This English word is derived from the Latin word “Solari”, which means “to console”.

The word came through Anglo-French in the 14th century. This surname was used to be given to a child after the death of his/her sibling during the medieval period.

11. Madden

A famous Irish last name, Madden, has its roots in the times before the 10th century. It is said that females who have this surname are loyal and enduring. 

12. Jenkins

This surname was discovered in Cornwall, but it gained popularity in Southern Wales. The word Jenkins means “John’s son” or”small John”.

The part of the word “Kin” was derived from a Dutch word, Kijn. You must know Kathryn Jenkins, who was a famous hymn writer and Welsh scholar.

13. Thatcher 

Margaret Thatcher, the former Prime Minister of the UK, has a huge contribution to making this surname extremely famous. Initially, this surname was specifically known as an occupational last name also, and thus this last name also refers to someone who thatches a roof.

14. Raven

Raven has its roots in Middle English from England and Scotland. The surname, Raven was initially used as a nickname for someone who is addicted to stealing activity. Besides, it is also used to refer to a person who has dark hair like that of a raven bird. 

15. Hope

The meaning is very obvious and must be known to all of you: “desire”. This is an English-Scottish surname that usually refers to a person who is living in an enclosed area.

In the medieval period, it became a habitational surname that was extremely common in Scotland, Ireland, and Northern England.

Some Other Unique Last Names

Now, let’s just have a look at some other unique last names that can add strength to the personality of your character. Following is the list of such surnames: 

  1. Abreo
  2. Agnor
  3. Alvin
  4. Auclair
  5. Anouilh
  6. Bain
  7. Barrere
  8. Bassett
  9. Blaine
  10. Brassard
  11. Brierman
  12. Caparasso
  13. Cassidy
  14. Cellier
  15. Cienfuegos
  16. Dardar
  17. De la Croix
  18. Dracula
  19. Ebersol
  20. Ekker
  21. Escarra
  22. Escoffier
  23. Etter
  24. Falaguerra
  25. Fawzi
  26. Fisk
  27. Flammia
  28. Floquet
  29. Fonua
  30. Fukushima
  31. Furyk
  32. Freed
  33. Fontana
  34. Gaumond
  35. Gow
  36. Gushiken
  37. Hanlon
  38. Heroux
  39. Homa
  40. Houde
  41. Hubert
  42. Igarashi
  43. Jessup
  44. Joubert
  45. Jurado
  46. La Cour
  47. Lafitte
  48. Lenoir
  49. Machal
  50. Madigan
  51. Malfatto
  52. Mangiarotti
  53. Martel
  54. Methadonna
  55. Ozanne
  56. Palomer
  57. Paquet
  58. Pelagatti
  59. Prevost
  60. Proulx
  61. Rossingol
  62. Seisdedos
  63. Tasse
  64. Varon
  65. Varville
  66. Voland
  67. Villalobos
  68. Webster

Cool Last Names for Boys

Cool last names for boys

Let’s go through many different types of cool last names for boys: 

1. Abraham

The surname, Abraham, may have several origins. The word, Abraham, is derived from the Hebrew name, Avraham.

Avraham denotes the biblical patriarch that is worshiped as the father of the Jews. Hence, the surname Abraham used as the last name means the “Father of nations.”

2. Agassi

This surname is also considered an anglicized version of the Armenian surname “Aghassian”.This last name is exceedingly common among ethnic groups in few Persian Muslims, Persian Jews, and Iran. You must have heard about Andre Kirk who is a famous American tennis player.

3. Arden

This surname hails from English origin. It is mainly famous as a local surname that means,” valley of eagles”. You can find three places in the United Kingdom by this name.  

4. Ashford

You will discover that many places in England are known as Ashford. It can also be called a habitational surname. It is made by combining two words, “ash” and “ford” and combining the word means, “edge of a sword”.

5. Benjamin

The word, Benjamin, is derived from a Hebrew blend of words. The meaning is as follows:

“Ben” means son and “yemin” means right hand.

6. Bond

The word, as depicting itself, means bindings or better it means “tied up with the soil or land”. Due to the association of this surname with the famous movie character, this English name has become widely popular almost everywhere.

7. Boone

The word Boone is derived from the old French nickname, “Bon”, which means good.  It has its roots in Norman origin. Though the word Boone means “a blessing”.This last name is also geographical as it refers to the Bohon in La Manche, France.

8. Bexley

The surname, Bexley, is based on English origin. It is an amalgamation of two words, “byxe” meaning a box tree, and “leah” meaning a clearing in the woods.

9. Channing

This is again a popular English family name that means, “a young wolf”. The word has its roots in England.

10. Castellan

This is a famous English surname for boys that means,” keeper of a castle”.

11. Collymore

An English location named, Collymore, has its roots in the Colleymore Farm in Oxfordshire. It is also believed that the name has its origin in a village called Colmore in Dorset. The name, Collymore, is derived from the old English word, “col-mera”, which means clear or cool lake.

12. Damaris

Damaris is a Greek last name that means, “gentle”. It, sometimes, also refers to a calf.

13. Diggory

A French name, Diggory is a derivation of the word, “egare”.  The word refers to, “astray”.

14. Disney

You all know Walt Disney. This exceedingly famous English surname was originally taken from a French word, “D’Isigny”, which refers to “belonging to Isigny”. Isigny is a place in France.

15. Donahue

An American style, Donahue is a form of the Irish name, Donoheo. The word refers to a man with brown hair or a chieftain. This last name is an anglicized form of the Gaelic name, O’ Donnchadha which means Donnchadh’s descendant.

16. Fernandez

This is a Spanish surname that is world widely famous among the list of renowned last names. The word, Fernandez refers to, “Fernando’s son”.

17. Ferro

This last name has multiple origins which include Portugal, Spain, and Italy. This surname is an occupational surname and hence, it is usually given to someone who has worked with iron or produced iron. The Latin name of Ferro is, “Ferrum”.

18. Granger

Granger is a French and English occupational last name that is usually referred to as a farm bailiff. If you are a huge fan of the Harry Potter Series, then you must be aware of the famous fictional character in the series with the same last name, “Hermoine Granger”.

19. Hendrix

Hendrix was known as the son of Hendrik. This Dutch-origin last name became famous from the popular musician Jimi Hendrix. This famous name is used by many people living in Western countries.

20. Holmes

A notable surname, “Holmes” hails from England and denotes an islet. You must be aware of the popular fictional character, Sherlock Holmes. This famous character alone made this surname widely famous.

Cool Last Names for Girls

If you are looking for some cool last names for girls, then underneath list will help you:

  1. Amana
  2. Barlowe
  3. Caddel
  4. Fox
  5. Francis
  6. Hart
  7. Katz
  8. Laurier
  9. Madden
  10. Sai
  11. Villarreal
  12. Viotto

Adventurous Mysterious antasy Sci-Fi Characters Names for Boys & Girls

For adventurous characters

  1. Amos
  2. Beam
  3. Dash
  4. Duke
  5. Fleet
  6. Jian (jee-uhn)
  7. Moses
  8. Pierce
  9. Remington
  10. Sharp
  11. Singh (seeng)
  12. Stallard
  13. West

For Mysterious Characters

  1. Abernathy
  2. Cornelius
  3. Crawford
  4. Cunningham
  5. Driscoll
  6. Ellis
  7. Finch
  8. Menken
  9. Ninomae (nee-noh-may)
  10. Simmons
  11. Undergrove
  12. Vandenberg
  13. Webb

For Fantasy Characters

  1. Abednego
  2. Cyprus
  3. Einar
  4. Festus
  5. Gallio
  6. Griffin
  7. Kami
  8. Lightfoot
  9. Luna
  10. Priestley
  11. Sierra

For Romantic Characters

  1. Aberra
  2. Agapov
  3. Albertine
  4. Angelo
  5. Cherith
  6. Desai
  7. Godfrey
  8. Greathouse
  9. Knight
  10. Lozano (loh-zah-noh)
  11. Luz (loos)
  12. Prince
  13. Rossi (rah-see)

For Sci-Fi Characters

If you don’t know about Sci-fi, then it is a type of genre that features people as well as creatures from unknown galaxies. Hence, sci-fi includes characters that involve space, futuristic societies, and much more. Appropriate last names for these characters are as follows: 

  1. Alastair (al-ah-stair)
  2. Aphelion (uh-FEE-lee-uhn)
  3. Callisto (cuh-lihs-tow)
  4. Chrysalis (KRIS-ah-lihs)
  5. Furi (foor-ee)
  6. Gibbethon (jih-beh-thahn)
  7. Gregorios  (greg-OR-ee-ohs)
  8. Nadir (NAY-deer)
  9. Omega
  10. Sapphirus (saff-EYE-ruhs)
  11. Silvius  (SIL-vee-us)
  12. Umbra  (UHM-bruh)
  13. Zibia (ZIH-bee-uh)

Interesting Fantasy Last Names

Interesting fantasy last names

After discussing fancy last names for girls and boys, now let’s have a look at the unique fantasy last names (for fictional characters): 

1. Abbington

You must be remembering a famous actress, Amanda Abbington who uses the same surname. This unique last name means an estate that is occupied or owned by a person who is called “Abba”.

2. Agnello

This fantasy surname is derived from the Italian word, “Agnello” which again is an extract of the word, “Agnus” meaning “lamb”. The reason behind its popularity is its reference to a lamb that is taken to a slaughterhouse. This act denotes Jesus Christ’s suffering and pain at the cross.

3. Asteria

This fantasy surname has a beautiful meaning which raises its significance furthermore. Generally, it is referred to as the Goddess of justice and innocence.

4. Baggins

The last name, “Baggins”, is used for a person who travels with bags or backpacks. This surname has its roots in Anglo-Saxon history. You will be surprised to know that this unique fantasy name became extremely popular after a fictitious character in the Harry Potter series.

5. Belloc

A Catalan surname, Belloc is spoken as Bey-yoc which makes this fantasy name quite interesting. This last name is a blend of two words, “bell” meaning lovely, and “lloc” meaning a place. This cool fantasy name is most popular among female fictional characters.

6. Covenbreath

Covenbreath is known as the Goddess of darkness in the air. This fictional surname is mostly used for female antagonists who oppose rigorously in the darkness.

7. Dagon

The fictional surname, “Dagon” can be used for both male and female characters. The term Dagon means,” being cut open”. It has its origin in Hebrew. Dagon is a specific name used for “God of fertility. The character of God Dagon is shown as half man and half fish.

8. Gallio

Selena Gallio, the black warrior queen is one of the strongest female characters in the famous Marvel comics of the fantasy world. The word, Gallio, means someone who lives on milk.

9. Gloryweaver

The word is an innovative blend of two words, glory and weaver. This fantasy last name is used for a person who is an exceptional weaver.

10. Havenglow

Combining two words, “haven” which means home, and “glow” which means shiny, we get a beautiful fictional surname, “Havenglow”. This unique fictional last name is used for a ruler who has a luminous appeal and who provides shelter and security to his people as well as place.

Furthermore, some other new and weird surnames that help make unique last names as funny last names also are as follows: 

  1. Bellagamba
  2. Biggerstaff
  3. Clampitt
  4. Clutterbuck
  5. Greedy
  6. Hartshorn
  7. Fumagalli
  8. Nutter
  9. Onions
  10. Pappalardo
  11. Popplewell
  12. Rymer
  13. Scrapetrough
  14. Shellaberger
  15. Shufflebottom
  16. Swetinbedde
  17. Walker

Till now, you have gone through different types of surnames with explanations about the major type individually. Moving ahead, you shall see lists of surnames or last names sorted according to specific categories. It will help you gain a lot of new ideas about different types of last names according to set personalities. Let’s go over each one of these lists.

Rich Last Names

To make your full name sound like a royal one, you have to choose a rich last name. A rich last name helps your full name sound wealthy and thus this can raise your social image gradually. Take the reference from the below list of rich last names: 

  1. Albrecht
  2. Allen
  3. Armani
  4. Anschutz
  5. Astor
  6. Almas
  7. Arnoult
  8. Alodia
  9. Arison
  10. Audhild
  11. Aurea
  12. Barbey
  13. Buffet
  14. Baldwin
  15. Butt
  16. Bass
  17. Barbey
  18. Benson
  19. Bechtel
  20. Byron
  21. Cox
  22. Cathy
  23. Crown
  24. Caesar
  25. Chryses
  26. Chambers
  27. Cargill
  28. Cartier
  29. Chanel
  30. Dell
  31. Dumas
  32. Dorrance
  33. Du Pont
  34. Duncan
  35. Durst
  36. Dara
  37. Dyson
  38. Eadberht
  39. Ecclestone
  40. Ellison
  41. Eurig
  42. Ecclestone
  43. Eurwen
  44. Fridman
  45. Ferdinand
  46. Ferrari
  47. Forbes
  48. Ford
  49. Fu
  50. Goldman
  51. Gates
  52. Gallo
  53. Gore
  54. Givenchy
  55. Graff
  56. Gucci
  57. Hildebrand
  58. Hoffman
  59. Hudson
  60. Hodan
  61. Hearst
  62. Hunt
  63. Hadid
  64. Hughes
  65. Hendrix
  66. Isray
  67. Inyene
  68. Jae
  69. Jackson
  70. Jae
  71. Johnson
  72. Ji-Yeong
  73. Jenkins
  74. Kimiko
  75. Kirk
  76. Kingston
  77. Koch
  78. Kohler
  79. Ka-Shing
  80. King
  81. Klein
  82. Lewis
  83. Luksa
  84. Lucertia
  85. Lacoste
  86. Luceria
  87. Lauren
  88. Lauder
  89. Laurent
  90. Lehman
  91. Lloyd
  92. Lucas
  93. Mars
  94. Mc Gregor
  95. Merck
  96. Moore
  97. Miller
  98. Mellon
  99. Mountbatten
  100. Morgan
  101. Newhouse
  102. Nubia
  103. Och
  104. Oppenheimer
  105. Orleans
  106. Otto
  107. Ortega
  108. Peterffy
  109. Persson
  110. Peugeot
  111. Phipps
  112. Prada
  113. Plutarch
  114. Pulitzer
  115. Paz
  116. Plutarch
  117. Quandt
  118. Robertz
  119. Reichmann
  120. Rockfeller
  121. Revaz
  122. Rollins
  123. Reuben
  124. Rich
  125. Romanov
  126. Roosevelts
  127. Revas
  128. Reyes
  129. Rothschild
  130. Sovanna
  131. Schaeffler
  132. Schermerhorn
  133. Schindler
  134. Schroder
  135. Seinfeld
  136. Siemens
  137. Soros
  138. Spielberg
  139. Swarovski
  140. Smith
  141. Spencer
  142. Sackler
  143. Taylor
  144. Tepper
  145. Wang
  146. Walton
  147. Wertheimer
  148. Viola
  149. Ziff

Cute Last Names for Girls and Boys

Cute last names can beautify your first name as well. When combining both names together, you will get an exceptionally beautiful name that is pleasing to say and hear. To know the cute last names, refer to the following list: 

For girls 

  1. Addison
  2. Bailey
  3. Blaine
  4. Cassidy
  5. Cohen
  6. Ellison
  7. Emerson
  8. Everly
  9. Hayden
  10. Harlow
  11. Jensen
  12. Kennedy
  13. Langley
  14. Marley
  15. Monroe
  16. Quinn
  17. Riley
  18. Wyatt

For boys 

  1. Anderson
  2. Beckett
  3. Brady
  4. Cooper
  5. Carter
  6. Cole
  7. Dawson
  8. Davis
  9. Dixon
  10. Finley
  11. Harrison
  12. Lennox
  13. Lincoln
  14. Miller
  15. Nash
  16. Parker
  17. Sullivan
  18. Tyler
  19. Wiley

Short Last Names

There is also a trend of using short last names after the first names. Generally, most of the short last names hail from China or Korea as they have the tradition of using so, however, other people belonging to different countries can also use it.

There exists a lot of variety in short last names such as 2 alphabet short last names, 3 alphabet short surnames, 4 alphabet short surnames, and many more. Let’s have a look at these different categories one by one: 

2 Alphabet Short Last Names

  1. LI
  2. LE 
  3. WU
  4. YU 
  5. HO
  6. VO 
  7. VU
  8. LU

3 Alphabet Short Surnames

  1. LEE
  2. KIM
  3. COX
  4. FOX
  5. RAY
  6. DAY
  7. MAY
  8. LIN
  9. LIU
  10. LAM
  11. ROY 
  12. ORR 
  13. FRY

4 Alphabet Short Last Names

  1. HALL
  2. KING
  3. DIAZ
  4. CRUZ
  5. CHEF
  6. REED
  7. WARD
  8. WOOD
  9. GRAY
  10. RUIZ
  11. LONG
  12. BELL
  13. WEST
  14. COLE
  15. TRAN
  16. FORD
  17. CHEN
  18. WEBB
  19. SHAW
  20. BEST
  21. LUGO
  22. PHAN
  23. LYNN
  24. BEAN
  25. CANO
  26. LEVY

5 Alphabet Short Last Names

  1. HANNA
  2. AYERS
  3. AVERY
  4. MAYER
  5. MOSES
  6. GOULD
  7. DUFFY
  8. McKAY
  9. POTTS
  10. COSTA
  11. NIXON
  12. CRANE
  13. HALEY
  14. HORNE
  15. XIONG
  16. HUBER
  17. MOYER
  18. PARRA
  19. ESTES
  20. BURCH
  21. NOVAK
  22. ROJAS
  23. BANKS
  24. WALSH
  25. AYALA
  26. WATTS
  27. MORAN
  28. PARKS
  29. LYONS
  30. SOLIS
  31. KLEIN
  32. SIMON
  33. HARDY
  34. SHARP

Powerful Last Names

strengthful last names will add boldness to your personality. Adding them to your first name gives a new meaning to your name. It is believed that if someone adds powerful last names, then nobody can mess with the person. Refer to the following list of powerful last names:  

  1. Almond
  2. Bardin
  3. Allard
  4. Barrett
  5. Brando
  6. Barrett
  7. Caddel
  8. Carnell
  9. Chevalier
  10. Curran
  11. Ectorious
  12. Hassan
  13. Finley
  14. Heroux
  15. Landry
  16. Merrick
  17. Nwadike
  18. Valor
  19. Varon
  20. Xander

Aesthetic Last Names

Following is the list of Aesthetic last names which includes creative and artistry surnames:

  1. Abara
  2. Flammia
  3. Amaryllis
  4. Haku
  5. Harper
  6. Luna
  7. Nisim
  8. Paisley
  9. Piper
  10. Hemingway
  11. Fulgencio

Rare Last Names From History

If you want to add rare last names from history, then get fabulous ideas first from the list given below: 

  1. Ajax
  2. Berrycloth
  3. Birdwhistle
  4. Bread
  5. Bythesea
  6. Dankworth
  7. Edevane
  8. Fensby
  9. Gastrell
  10. Loughty
  11. MacQuoid
  12. Miracle
  13. Pussmaid
  14. Relish
  15. Sallow
  16. Slora
  17. Spinster
  18. Villin

Some Random Last Names

Following is the list of some random last names: 

  1. Alfaro
  2. Blanchard
  3. Costello
  4. Diamond
  5. Elkins
  6. Franks
  7. Grey
  8. Honeycutt
  9. Ivory
  10. Johnson
  11. Kohler
  12. Loera
  13. Macon
  14. Niles
  15. Olivares
  16. Penny
  17. Quezada
  18. Romano
  19. Saldana
  20. Traylor
  21. Utley
  22. Villa
  23. Wester
  24. White
  25. Xiong
  26. Yazzie
  27. Yoder
  28. Zielinski
  29. Zimmer



I hope that you found this article helpful and got new ideas to choose surnames for both girls and boys. Depending upon the outer and inner qualities, you can choose any last name. 

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