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Just like we girls get mad when our boyfriends call us by our first name and not the cute nickname they’ve given us, guys can feel sad about it too. Because, who doesn’t love being treated like a kid? I know I do. But have you considered giving your boyfriend a nickname? If you have, I have something for you; here are a bunch of nicknames for boyfriends from where you can pick one for your loved one. 

We all have given an interesting contact name to our friends, and now it’s time for contact names for boyfriends; let’s have a look. 

Nicknames Can Be a Way to Show How Well You Know Them.

Usually, you give someone a nickname based on their personality or their favorite fictional character, and that is done after a while of dating. However, some of them might also come quickly based on their very first impression. 

Sometimes, these pet names can also come from an inside joke, the one that’s between you guys. A nickname is one of the numerous ways to express your love for your partner, to honor your love and the history you share with each other. This is why no matter what pet name for boyfriend you choose, they will definitely love it and will be impressed by how you pay attention to the little details they tell you. 

Here’s a list of various names to call your boyfriend, have a look and decide which one goes with your boo, ooh, did I just give one to you? 

Cute Nicknames for Boyfriend

Muffin Daddy Cutie patoodie 
Chief Big guy Handsome 
Boo Beau Hear-throb 
Heart stealer Honeybun Sugar plum 
Darling Hunk Hot stuff 
My man Him Sailor 
Mr. Boyfie Lover 
Rockstar Mister Mine 
Husband My boy Sweets 
Jeff Billy Cordie 
Dumpling Captain Tater tot 
Naughty boy Dude Mr. Perfect 
Sugar Bae Baby 

Unique Nicknames for Boyfriend

Pablo Jellybean Foxy 
Stud Buddy Cowboy 
His girl Cupcake Eye candy 
Hubba bubba Bub Love 
Snickers Honey Hon 
Sweetie Babe Tarzan 
Popsicle Cool Flirty 
Boo Fluffy Freckles 
Teddy Panda Blue eyes
Snuggles Cuddler Baby boy 

Good Nicknames for Boys

Pumpkin Binky Casanova 
Favorite boy Charming Daredevil 
Duck Button Baby boy 
Hero Master Mr. Right 
The one Cute butt Lamb 
Wolf Major Tiger 
Chandler Mustache man Muscle boy 
Gym boy Sunshine Pickle 
Iron man MJ Peter parker 
Stallion Pink boy Shorty 

Best Nicknames for Boyfriend

Shawty Romeo Lover boy 
Viking Sprinkler Flower boy 
Soda pop Robin hood Adonis 
Wonder man Zorro Shrek 
Butter Biscuit Potato 
Cheesecake Jock Bear 
Bello Charmy Hunk 
Mr. Sexy Ace Ace of spade 
Num num Yummy boy Notorious 
Fly gly Mr. Big Sheriff 

Flirty Nicknames for Boyfriend

Bebo Nemo Papito 
Honey bunny Loco Pop 
Soda pop Num num Dove 
Live Dovey Pumpkin pie Heart 
Dorito Pudding Melon 
Coco Pogo Snowflake 
Teddy Gummy bear Peach 
Cop pop Scruffy Teddy bear 
Scruffy Poo Boo 
Silly billy Princess Sunshine 

Romantic Nicknames Boyfriend

Slim jim Samba Silly 
Prince Precious Munchie 
Amor Angel Bibbles 
Choco pop Babykins Cuddler 
Cherub Bumpa Atom 
Buzz Baby bear Chubby 
Sweetie Booga bear Pretty face 
Creamie Brownie Butter 
Bunny love Muffin Berrylicious 
Caramel Dreamy Hotmess 

Funny Nicknames Boyfriend

Shimmer Piggy Cool cat 
Mitten  Tweety Pie 
Naughty boy Woo bear Panda 
Lobo Nona Partner 
Unicorn Bebs Tim tam 
Valentine Blob Popper 
Jerry Giggles Hunter 
Chaps Jubbles Barney 
Goodies Pom pom Yummers 
Bobbles Birdie Kisses 

Sweet Nicknames Boyfriend

Sweetums Honeybuns Plum 
Cookie monster  Dumpling Eye candy 
Smarties Sugary Daddy 
Jon snow Joey Pookie 
Yanklet Boogie Noni 
Apple Squirrel Yummy 
Yumsie Juju Korean boy 
Apple pie Poochie Gucci 
Mr man The man By boy 
Bae Babiieee Booo 

Food- Related Nicknames Boyfriend

Pumpkin Tater tot Kelly bean 
Chicken butt Honey pot Sweet pea 
Bagele  Peanut Mapple 
Dumpling Butter cup Pie 
Chocolate cake Muffin Eye candy 
Marshmallow Sugar Soft candy 
Honey Pudding Soda pop 
Kit kat Milky boy Potato 
Cake Mini muffin Munchkin 
Gummy bear Peach Sweetie pie 

Sexy Nicknames Boyfriend

Lover Hot pants Hottie 
Pantsy Fine wineBoy toy 
Stallion Sexy boy Big daddy 
Daddy yankiee Panther Lover boy 
Boogie man Muscles Fire crackers 
Hot shot Sir Mister 
Heartbreaker Foxier Hot lips 
Hot pants Handsome Boss 
sailor Tiger Cowboy 
Romeo Tarzan Casanova 

Goofy Nicknames Boyfriend

Picasso Zorro Playboy 
Old man He man Hot shot 
My man Super guy Muscle man 
Foodie guy Macho man Big guy 
Always busy Chief Dream lover 
Hulk Captain Boo bear 
Hubba Handy man Mr nice 
Curly Petal Batman 
Oreo Baby boy Blue eyes 
Always right Fiance The man 

So these were some romantic, flirty, and cute pet names for boyfriend that you can use to name your boyfriend. But did you notice that these were all English names? You must have heard of some names in Spanish like Mi Amor or in French like Mon Amor, so how about we have some options here as well? Let’s have a look. 

Cute Names for Boyfriends in Different Languages 

Here’s a list of some romantic names for boyfriends in various languages:

Spanish Nicknames for Boyfriends 

  • Ese- man 
  • Jefe- boss
  • Vato- dude 
  • Conejito- little bunny 
  • Papi chulo- attractive many 
  • Mi alma- my soul 
  • Mi amor- my love
  • Principe- the prince 
  • Mi vida my life 
  • Guapo- good looking
  • Papi- daddy 
  • Carino- darling 
  • My rey- my king 
  • Mi sol- my sunshine 
  • Osito- teddy 
  • Amigo- friend
  • Mi amigo- my friend 
  • Novio- sweetheart 
  • Patito- duckling 

French Nicknames for Boyfriends 

  • Mon chou- my cabbage
  • Mon amour- my love
  • Mon cheri my dear 
  • Mon tresor- my treasure

Italian Nicknames for Boyfriends 

  • Amore mio- my love
  • Bello- handsome 
  • Caro- dear 
  • Amore-love 
  • Ciccino- sweetheart 
  • Tesero- treasure 
  • Cuore mio- my heart 
  • Dolcezza- sweetness 
  • Pasticcino- cake
  • Cucciolo- puppy
  • Caro- dear
  • Dolcezza- sweetness
  • Zucchero- sugar 
  • Miele- honey 

Arabic Nicknames for Boyfriends 

  • Habib albi- love of my heart 
  • Hayati- my life 
  • Ya helo- my beautiful 
  • Ya amar- my most beautiful 

Korean Nicknames for Boyfriends 

  • Jagi- honey 
  • Aein- lover
  • Nae sarang- my love
  • Wangjanim- prince
  • Yeobo- hasband 
  • Naekkeo- my sweetheart 
  • Namjachingu- boyfriend 

Russian Nicknames for Boyfriends 

  • Solntsye- sunshine 
  • Zhizn moya- my life
  • Dusha moya- my soul 
  • Kotyonok- kitten 

Danish Nicknames for Boyfriends 

  • Skat- treasure 
  • Yndling- favorite 
  • Iskede- my beloved 
  • Puttegoj- little cute mouse 

Turkish Nicknames for Boyfriends 

  • Askim- my love
  • Canim- my life/ my soul 
  • Nefesim- my breathe 
  • Gozlerim- my eyes 

So this was quite all about interesting pet names for my boyfriend. I hope you found the one that suits your boyfriend the most, so what are you waiting for? Go share it with him and change his contact name too.