No matter how much we talk to someone, the side that our best friend has seen of ours is the one that only they have seen. I guess that’s why they are our ‘Best’ friends, and finding one is like winning the lottery. Now that those best friends are so special, we treat them in a way that no one else treats them like that, like giving them a notable nickname. 

So if you are also here looking for some funny contact names for your best friends, you are at the right stop. Let’s have a look and help you through picking some good contact names for your best friends. 

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How to Come Up With a Funny Nickname for Your Friends?

Coming up with some perfect contact names for your friends is not as easy as it may sound or look; you need to consider some aspects before hopping on to the decision. Here’s how you can get help with it:

  • Keep their personality traits and characteristics in your mind- Obviously, you wouldn’t want to come up with anything that isn’t even related to your friend. While thinking of a funny contact name for them, keep their personality traits in your mind. Plus, try to focus on their positive characteristics to make it funny, not dank. For example, if your friend is good with numbers and is intelligent, you may come up with something like Dexter (a funny cartoon) in place of something nerd or bookworm
  • Try some fictional characters- Just like mentioned above, to keep your best friend’s name actually funny and not dank, try the names of some fictional characters that match their personality. You can also pick one from their favorite TV show like Tori from Victoria, or Arya, a famous character from the show Lord of the Rings. 
  • Make a cool combination- If you think that your friends represent a combination of two characters or one doesn’t seem right, you can make a cool and funny combination for their contact name. Like in the famous show ‘Friends’, people gave Monica and Chandler a combined name; Mondler, isn’t it cool? So if you think your friend has character traits of both Monica and Chandler, then there you go; you already got a nickname for them. 
  • Make it rhythmic- For this, you just have to be good at rhyming and combining something like that. Most of the time, your friend’s name will do 50 percent of the work, and then all you have to do is find something that rhymes with that. For example, f your friend’s name is Molly, then you can make Holly Molly; it’s fun, isn’t it? 
  • Use some inside jokes- Inside jokes are something that stays between you and your best friends. The best part about them is that they always stay funny and only your friend group can understand them. This way, it can be a little easier for you to set up a nickname for your friend, girlfriend, or boyfriend. 

Now that you are well aware of what to look for while picking up cute contact names for your friends for their contact, let’s have a look at some suggestions for the same. 

Cute Contact Names For Friends

Buddy It is often referred to as a friend then. Why not use it as a nickname for one? 
BFFBFF stands for Best Friends Forever, so if they are your BFF, then you have a nickname. 
Coco For someone who is tough from the outside but quite very sensitive from the inside. 
Minion For someone who is cute and a little like a Minion. 
Tickly BooThis ones for someone who is quite ticklish. 
Techie For a technical geek and the one who loves anything related to technology and gadgets. 
Munchkin Another one of the very cute contact names that are usually used by girls. 
Dimples If your friend has beautiful dimples when they smile or talk, then this is the perfect name for them. 
Kiddo For friends who always keep their inner child alive and have the most childlike personality (in a cute way).
Hulk We all have that one friend who looks like one and has physical strength like a Hulk. 
Couch Potato For the one who loves to binge-watch and stays on their couch all weekend, actually, that’s me 😛
Rolly Molly Another cute nickname for someone named Molly. 
Champ For the one who always gives the best advice and has a solution for literally everything. 
Nemo Another funny one, the one friend who keeps on getting lost in a group, just like Nemo. 
Sleeping beautyI don’t think that needs any explanation, it’s for the one who’s always sleepy. 
Kitty For the ones who love or own a cat. 
Cool For the one who’s always cool and chill about every situation. 
The DJ For the one who’s always the DJ at a party or a trip. 
Slow-mo For the sluggish friend. 
Charmer Another one of the perfect creative contact names for a friend who can charm anyone. 
Joker The one friend who cracks some silly jokes. 
Smiley For the one who’s always smiling and joyous. 

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Funny Nicknames for Contacts

Chunky For the friend who has a cite goofball energy all the time. 
Love Bug For your guy/girl best friend who is also very close to you. 
Charmy Another cute nickname for the one who can charm anyone. 
Rocky For the one who is enthusiastic like a rock star always. 
Inky Do you have a friend who has a knack for writing? If yes, then this is the perfect nickname for them. 
Sugary For the ones who are sweet as sugar. 
Mickey Another cute nickname for your best friend. 
Angel For the ones who are always there for you like an angel. 
Pumpkin pie For the sweet ones. 
Pixie This one’s the perfect nickname for the ones who believe in always helping others no matter what. 
Dora For someone who loves to explore and is always ready for a new adventure. 
Rainbow  We all have someone who brings positivity into our lives, so this one’s for them. 
Queen beeFor someone who acts like a queen and is a queen. 
Panda For someone who is as cute as a panda. 
Bambi It’s from a cartoon, for someone who is shy and quiet like Bambi.