For the past few years, TikTok has been one of the most used social media apps worldwide. 

In 2021, Asia Pacific recorded the most TikTok users, with more than 313 million active users daily, followed by Latin America with 188 million and Europe with 158 million. 

So when a platform is this big, you have to pick the right name for it so that when users from around the world visit your profile, they find something unique. This is why I’m here with the best TikTok usernames. Well, not just the best, but also a funny, cool username for TikTok for girls, for boys, and so much more. 

Let’s dive in!

Since the name on your profile or the app is your identity, the one from which your friends will find you. This is why it is quite mandatory to get good TikTok usernames. The name will also appear right in the front when someone shares your video on any other platform or app. 

So let’s learn what you should remember before picking a username for TikTok. 

How to Choose the Right TikTok Username?

You can’t just go ahead and pick a name as your username on TikTok; there are certain aspects that you need to take care of. Let’s see what those are:

Make it short and memorable- Shorter usernames are easier to find and they are quite easy for people to remember as well. 

Make it unique- Obviously, you don’t want a copy or a common username for your TikTok profile. Plus, with billions of TikTok users, it is quite essential that you pick a username that is unique that makes you stand out. 

It should be easy to spell- Make sure that you pick something that is easy to spell. Otherwise, it will be harder for your friends or other users to locate your TikTok account. 

It should be appropriate- Each platform or app has its community guidelines that the users have to abide by. The same goes for TikTok; you can’t create a username that goes against its community guidelines, so make sure that you pick something appropriate, something that won’t offend anyone.

Don’t include too many numbers or characters- Until and unless these numbers and characters are a part of a brand name or a big name, it is better not to use any numbers or special characters in your username. Adding characters or numbers to your username may make it difficult for your audience to locate your username or ID. 

Avoid using underscore (_)- Underscores can make your account even more difficult to locate on TikTok, they might seem a little too cool, but with an underscore, it can be tough to locate an account. 

Now that you are aware of the aspects that you need to keep in mind before picking a username for your TikTok account, let’s move ahead and have a look at some good TikTok names. 

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Popular TikTok Usernames

Loner boy Doctor who Soldier of fortune 
Doll face Always up Agent X 
Pimp daddy Jungle boy Mr amazing 
Bad boy Mad boy Rocky 
Great breaker troublemaker Lucky charm 
Smooth criminal The nasty one The geezer 
Prince charming King of kings Castle king 
Playboy Casanova Picasso 
Boss lady Black widow Great machine 
Hustler Hot mama Chick 
Hot chocolate Queen bee Pretty woman 
Cutie Sexy bi*ch Greek god 
Lady luck Your daddy Miss sunshine 

TikTok Usernames for Girls

Girl boss Fashionista Lady bee 
Pretty pink Lady Gaga Little miss sunshine 
Queen bee Pretty pink Sassy piece 
Swaggy Miss swagger Sweet as honey 
Fine as sugar Snow-white Princess 
Cinderella Dandelion Windflower 
Dancer Tiny girl Star 
Princess peach Vintage vixen Sparkle girl 
Lipstick lover Siren song Miss Ariana 
Razor dolls Stylish Fashion icon 
Tropical dreamer Beach babe Scarlet 
Wonder woman Victoria’s secret Blonde beauty 
Sweet as sugar Dream girl Velvet rope 

Username for TikTok for Boys

Perfect chaos King of the world Code breaker 
Supreme leader Father time Your daddy 
Start smart Hunk Mr. Beast 
Mr cool Final destination All your dreams 
Mr fantastic Danger zone The final countdown 
Mr nice guy Innocent boy Lone wolf 
Golden boy Mr charming Nebula 
Thanos One life Thor 
Captain USA Steve Lights out 
The end is near Death wish Half past 
Nightmare The Dark Knight Rise of the machines 
Batman Peter Parker Rock star  
Thug life Gangster Dude perfect 
Shark attack Bad boy Terminator 
Pokémon Shark bait The big one 

Aesthetic TikTok Usernames

Dreamy daisy Angel eyes Cutey pie 
Rockin robin Miss sunflower Pretty in pink 
Pretty eyesPrincess Girly stuff 
Miss precious Lovable lamb Hot stuff 
Stylish swaggy Handsome hero Believer 
Radiant star Glamorous girl Sunshine smile 
Cute cupcake Glowing goddess Sweet candy 
Potato bite Perfectionist princess Miss beauty 
Sleeping beauty Handsome man Bubblegum 
Cute bunny Silly lamb Funny dwag 
Funky monkey Cuddly bear Adorable panda 
Rainbow Unicorn Pumpkin pie 
Butterfly Beautiful mistake Maroon 6

Cool TikTok Names

Skull queen Shy kid Unseen hero 
Steve rogers City slicker The cool dude 
Punk princess The cool dude Mr. cool 
Your hero Twinkling star Dazzler 
Country boy Hitchhiker Dazzling darling 
The glamorous geek Trendsetter Superstar 
The femme Mystic Grylls Damon 
Family guy Mr punk Cutting edge  
Hipster chick Tomboy Street chic 
The free spirit Ghost The creative one 
Urban princess Badass babe Sassy starlet 
Fashion fever Hip-hop honey Sneaky Lil babe 

Funny Usernames for TikTok

Chocolate milkshake Happy hippo Bumbling bee 
Playful panda Roaring lioness Silly skeleton 
Playful panda Smiling sunflower Laughing lemon 
Jumping jelly bean Silly girl Marilyn 
Messy Poopy puppy Joker 
Batwoman Crazy cat Kooky 
Mr. Bean Giggling gorilla King Kong 
Doodly Laughing doggy Swagger dog 
Butter fingers Nutella girl Ladybug 
Talk to the hand No time for this Nice one 

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Creative TikTok Names

Naruto fanatic Anime girl Anime guy 
Bleach lover DragonballZ Sailor girl 
Sailor moon Super fanboy Naruto lover girl 
Tokyo ghoul fan Ghoul Tokyo drifter 
Death note freak One piece junkie Attack on Titan fanboy 
Fairy tale lover Ender’s game fan Sword art lover 
Madok Soho girl Up for a drink 
Konosuba addict Gate lover Soul eater 
Madoka magician fan Ghibli lover Soul collector 
Nanatsu Inuyasha follower Yu yu hakusho 
Naruto fan girl Fullmetal Attack on titan boy 

Unique TikTok Usernames

Dope zone Mamma Mia Double trouble 
Leg breaker Trouble maker Dope Dora
Dora the explorer Your Queen Killer queen 
Missy Serpico Baddy girl
Nasty girl Creepy guy Savage mode 
Boss mama Grayman  Nasty woman 
All yours Wild thing Queen of the night 
Punk princess Punk daddy Bad bunny 
Soldier Rockstar Rebel king 
Cookie monster Smiley face Monkey funny 
Souped up hottie Cute but psycho Your wildest dreams 
9 rings Crazy cat lady Honey burger 
Wild child Watch it Freak 

Cute Usernames for TikTok

Magnum boy Flower girl Snowie 
Hissing gaze Torch of fire Volcanic earth 
Flames of flame Bing ice Ice-cold 
Electric storm Iced coffee Metallic tiger 
Sonic boom Radiant Like fire 
Hella nice Eternal ray Ray of sunshine 
Nova blaze Timeless Lost the track 
Dazzling stars Luminous sky Shining moon 
Hip hopper Moonlight Infinite cosmos 
Unending journey Far away Savage beast 
Dragon lord Throne of ice Loner 
Lone wolf Phoenix fire Daredevil ninja 
Savage king Kingpin Spaced out 
Throne of ice Throne of games Tregasauras 
Juicy fire Swagger king Prince fine 

Clever TikTok Names

Bad captain Captain Steve Dodger 
Stewie Vanilla sky Darth Vadar 
Dorothy Invader Spaceships 
The night king Winter is coming Deathstroke 
Bored panda Polar bear Valar Morghulis 
Butterfly queen Dragon lady Emoji master 
Gummy bear Crazy eyes Beardo 
Weirdo Beard king King of kings 
Ice queen Laughing ninja Hatori 
Master yoga Country girl Country guy 
Family guy Too late Late night show 
El Chapo Mexican rock Dragon slayer 
Devilish diva Daredevil Cool dude 
Master Diamond princess Dessert 
Ms. Evil Flaming lips Fierce king 
Big poppa pump Dr. Evil Lady land 
Ice cube Lord McGill Killer clown 

Hilarious TikTok Names

Cringe lord Miss and missy Crackhead 
Devil’s advocate Ghetto barbie Foodie 
Sassy skeleton Snotty snail Wet willy 
Mamma Rosita Trailer Trash can 
Taco bell Ghetto king Weed whacker 
Don’t judge meLive and let live Gas station 
Happy slapper Hot mess Fashion disaster 
Hair disaster Messy Lazy susan 
Life of Larry Paty Kary Insane wolf 
Miss thang No filter needed Not so innocent 

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Catchy Usernames for TikTok

Lip sync princess Funny girl Crook 
Queen of the internet Musical genius Creative talent 
Dancing queen The entertainer Creativity on point 
Best of web Hilarious king Liar lawyer 
Singing star Secret star TikTok queen 
TikTok queen Pop culture Super icon 
Entertainer Comedy goldmine Musical masterpiece 
Dancing girl Hardy Bois Fat bros 
Diva Empress Social media star 
Party girl Art lover Silent writer 

I guess this solves your query of ‘what are good TikTok usernames’. I assembled all the categories of names I could find for your TikTok profile. Pick one and see your followers’ reactions.