It is fun when we play a game and can set our names the way we want. We have all the freedom in the world, we can copy the name of our favorite celebrities and gamers, or even better, we can create something out of our own imaginations. 

Just like that, Steam is a famous gaming platform that lets you set your player name completely as per your desire. It is basically an online library of games. Users can browse, purchase, and download unlimited games from here. So if you are looking for some funny Steam names or maybe some inappropriate Steam names, you will get it all here. Here, I have accumulated all such categories of names one can set on Steam. Let’s have a look. 

How to Come Up With a Unique Steam Name?

Coming up with unique and attractive Steam account name ideas isn’t something that would require a lot of brainstorming. But if you tend to change your name quite frequently you may find it a little difficult to come up with one all the time. You can even lookup on the internet for the same and you will find plenty of them. But first, you need to decide what sort of name you want for yourself since there are lots of categories of names; funny, cool, dank, offensive, inappropriate, and whatnot. 

Since I’ve mentioned how you landed at the right place for it, here you will get it all. Here, you will find everything, from hilarious Steam names to dank Steam names. But first, let’s have a look at some tips to pick the right name so that you won’t be confused while picking one. 

Picking the Right Steam Name

Choosing your real name as your Steam name can be a little too tedious. You already use your real name all the time, so why not go with something you always wanted to be? 

However, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind while picking the right Steam name, you wouldn’t want to set a name so exotic that your friends won’t even recognize it.  

Have a look at some tips given below that might help you pick the appropriate Steam name:

  • Pick a name that suits/matches you– You should pick a name that matches your persona and fits right with you because otherwise, even your knowns won’t be able to identify you. 
  • Pick a name that is easy to remember– Obviously, you wouldn’t want your friends and fellow gamers to forget your name, so make sure you pick a name that is memorable. 
  • Avoid unnecessary symbols and numbers– You can pick your birthdate or something easy but make sure you avoid using unnecessary symbols and too many numbers. 
  • Keep it short- It isn’t mandatory that you have to pick something long and lengthy to make it meaningful. You can easily pick something short and crispy to make it unique. 

So these are some tips you can keep in mind while picking a name for your Steam account. Let’s now get to know how you can change your name on Steam.

How to Change Your Name on Steam?

Follow the below-given steps to learn how to change your name on Steam:

  • Launch the Steam app on your device and simply click on your username present in the top right corner. 
  • Then, from the drop-down menu, click on ‘View my profile’.
  • There, click on the ‘setup Steam profile’ button. 
  • And then, click on ‘General’, and from there, you will be able to change your Steam username.
  • Once done, scroll down and click on ‘Save’

So this is how you can change your Steam name within a few minutes. Now that you have comprehended pretty much all about changing the names, let’s hop on to the list of some best Steam usernames. 

Funny Steam Name

Here’s a list of some hilarious Steam names that you would like:

who_am_iButt stallion Real_name_hidden
im_a_bananaDoja dog Big_black_clock
Call me daddy Kiss my ax Anonymous 
Petrol bomb Butterface say_my_name
Ninja Fart breathe bros_before_hoes
Turtle Drunken master sisters_before_misters
Poop shot Sausage Intelligent_zombie 
Eat-shift Slmy_slug Shit for brains 
Taco bell Sir lion a lot Poo 
Ima wrecka Tickle me Dorothy gale 
The tooth fairy Bob the builder Gandalf 
Karma Dopey the dwarf Dobby 
Scooby dooCaptain underpants Thor 
Tweety bird Iron girl Miner 
Dnkn donuts iloveyou3000ironman77
Mspiggsy Joey doesn’t share food Eatinpizza 

Cool Steam Names

After funny, we have some cool Steam name ideas, let’s have a look; 

Death’s angel No mercy here Deathwish 
Unforgiven The dark night Freaking oblin 
Woo wooAbra ca dabra Ghost here 
Vengeance Rock your hand Rock paper scissor 
Lawofsecrets House of thrones Your master
Granny’s tuna Beg for mercy Hail to your king 
Red testament Crazy mind Angry groceries 
Disaster mind The grim reaper Angry frog 
Angel of death The walking dead The dark lord 
Master of evil King of terror Your princess 
The gorgon Dragon Phoenix 

Offensive Steam Name

Some people also like to set their names that are slightly offensive. These names can be offensive to some and inoffensive to some. They can be a little harsh for some, racist, or even sexist sometimes. Let’s have a look:

Period blood Oprah windy fury Final solution 
Ben dover Goddess of war Master chef 
Sinister chill Wolverine Dead pool 
Zesty dragon Godowar Wooden man 
Suck my popsickle Thot patrol Google me now 
My name is in use Pig benis ass_ass_in
I killed cupid I love my mommy Your daddy 
Naughty queen Yellow menace Joker 
Deportation Blue ragoon Pony slaystation 

Dank Steam Names

Some people might confuse dank with something inappropriate or nasty, but dank is actually something funny, weird, and cool at the same time. So if you want something funny, cool, and weird at the same time while looking for Steam account name ideas, here are some options for you:

Malicious mutant Spooky dude Cookie dude 
Ross the divorce force Pootis powMaster chief 
Sniper Wolf Vampire gang 
Voldemort Your lord Milhouse 
Danklord Dank Memes here Robotnik 
The cookies monster Man on jungle Dank master 
My dank side Oh dank King danky
Danky donkey Sir danksalot The dank knight 
Prince danky Daddy danky Skywalker 
Admiral dank General dank Captain dank 
Jedi master Jedi dankster dankiee

Good Steam Names

Since you are aware how hard it can be to come up with some good names, especially when it comes to picking a username for your next game. This is why here’s a list of Good usernames for Steam that you may like:

The nameless one No name found Dark knight 
Silent assassin Death dealer Master of disaster 
One man army Destroyer of the world Say my name 
Call me daddy Your master Slayer 
Sinking swimmer Sexy unicorn Bad boy 
Bitch mafia Incredible Soul killer 
Death stroke Banana hammockCowgirl 
Your next president Crazy cat Hulk 
Epic fail Dark shadow Mother of dragon 
Tin foil hatJohn snow Walking dead 
Latest zombie Fire bloom Master mafia 
Heartless alcoholic Action hero Gunner bomb 
Man killer Box fort Code war 

When it comes to some good Steam account names. There are literally endless possibilities. You have the freedom to pick anything you want. You can take the name of a famous hero or even a villain, or you can create something on your own. Just like picking a Kahoot name or a username for your Discord account. 

Aesthetic Steam Names

With aesthetic pictures and poses, aesthetic names are also in high demand amongst Gen-Z. This is why here are some aesthetic Steam names for your Steam account: 

Gods of warWhack knight Born 2 kill 
Swedish maid Masrhmellow Romantic torpedo 
Never gonna giver you upNever gonna let you down 404
On your left On your right Up and down 
Latest Super stalin Puttin tin 
Adolf yeetler Lavender poop Rossie 

Famous Steam Names 

Unfriend now I killed cupid Assasin 
Shadows Following you Right behind you 
Ben dover Jack Sparrow 
Five Darklord Infernal heir 
Who is your master Call me Oprah wind 
Google me Catch me Try me 
Boba fett Cupcake Audacity 
On patrol Serpico Mexican boy 
Thor Ragnarok Loki 
Master Thor’s sister Doc 

Clever Steam Names 

Swedishchef Belgian chocolate Pewdipie 
Beast I am a joker Smile 
Dank memer I tell jokes Batman 
Super the man Always here The name I chose 
I invented it God gifted Who cares 
I need a better name Suggest me something Rager 
Ima quit Stinky Pig 
Power ranger Spider Magic fetus 
Hanging there Teag bags Sloppy master 
Wet pants Protect ya neck Thats it 
Buff smasher Pokemon Pikachu 
Here you are There I am Butt smasher 

Original Steam Names 

Angry bird Doctor oteckar Reynolds 
Death stroke Master stroke Donald 
Duck Forrest Gump Grumpy 
Boston boss Tea party Kitty party 
Miss chanandler bong Joseph tribiani Brooklyn 99 
Just for laughs 3 and a half men Belle and ball 
Belle ame Arctic wolf Duck dodgers 
King arthur Dumb and dumber Optimus 
Octavia Crazy taxi Candy saga 
Captain hazel Fawkes Best in show 

Random Steam Names 

Banana hammock Anastasia Grey Lord of the Rings 
John snow Daenerys Targaryen Flash gordon 
Luke sky Skywalker Nightwalker 
Annie  Get back here Winter is coming 
Deadpool Colonel mustard Flash gordon 
Colonel Mustang guy Up for a ride 
Girl with wheels Tony spark Arya stark 
Xavier Savior Tyler 
Monster Thing Gunner 
Mistletoe Smokin hot Wonder man 

Awesome Steam Names

Boggling Fantastic swimmer Toxic avenger 
Slovakian king The mask Pizza face 
Catch me if you can Phantom Kill4 fun 
Kill bill Watchb me Sniper 
Dota Twilight Damon 
Mr klaus Tankrider Tinkerbell 
Anabell Adorable Cutie potato 
Magic feet Just some dude That guy 
Your favorite Legendary Savage 
Beast Queen gambit 007 

Weird Steam Names 

Harry Poterhead Mar taco bell 
Ima bird Petal princess Killer tomato 
Spanish girl Gabenewell Trump 209 
Crazy 9 Imaginary friend I am the one 
Dont kill me Let’s go Vamos 
Messi Goat 10 Unicorn 
I watch Doodles I love this game 
Mondler Anime 4 life Funniest guy 
Blaze What is this Move ahead 
The right direction One directioner Swiftie 

Dumb Steam Names 

Zodiac killer I can see you Kicken burg 
Coolest ponytail Horse storm A55 king 
Give me my gun Be aware Poop finger 
Whacknight Sum az whole Confused girl 
Sum dum fuk Lumsum Poopy 
Toy soldier Toy story 9 Angels are real 
Elves Death squad Soccer player 
Can you see meSilent wrath Mind reader 
Tankrider Born2kill Supernova 
Casanova Picasso Skywalker 

Old Steam Names

Coolest girl Your homie Kitchen boy 
Fisting sloth Google was my idea Mark’s twin 
Hitler Zero deaths Living 
Better than you You can’t beat me Bob ross 
Kanye east Haruka nanse Darth vader 
Attack on titan Titanic ship James bond 
Hulk Bill clinton Iron man 
Dark shades Cloudy Gordon ramsey 
Breaking bad Doctor who Elsa 
Chrissy Wake up Lady gaga 

Great Steam Names

George R.R. Martin Elsa Goku 
John M cena HAL 900 Kobe 
Deadpool Joseph Quinn Jack 
Brady Edward Snowden Ghostbuster 
King Kong Elon Musk Holden Canfield 
Root I belong here Charles Darwin 
Che Guevara Kurt Cobain Captain crazy 
Swag pilot Mr. President Lil wayne 
Master thief Heart thropper Jedi 
Rambo MAGA Trump 

How to Delete The Previous or Last Name on Steam?

Now that you have learned how to change your name on Steam and had looked at a variety of it, let’s also learn how to delete the previous one:

  • Launch the Steam app on your device and simply click on your username present in the top right corner. 
  • Then, from the drop-down menu, click on ‘View my profile’ just like while changing the name. 
  • Then, in the top right corner, click on the drop-down menu appearing right next to your username, there you will see a list of all the previous usernames that you have used. 
  • And then, simply click on ‘Clear old names’ and you will have all of your previous names deleted. 


Here are some frequently asked questions about Steam and the categories of names you can set up on it:

Ans: Steam is an online store, where one can purchase, play, discuss, and even create PC games. There are thousands of games in various genres available there.

Ans: Yes, it is possible to change your name on Steam anytime. However, it is quite not possible to change your Steam account ID once you have created it. 

Ans: To change your name on Steam, all you have to do is visit the ‘Username’ selection of it and then visit the ‘View my profile’ section, and just from there, you will be able to alter your name as per your desire.