Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. According to statistics, among failed small to medium-sized enterprises, 60% cited cash flow as a cause.

 Being able to accurately track the flow of this vital facet of a business can bring several unexpected benefits. Being able to do this now has been made far simpler with the advent of cash management software with many developers being able to provide an automated solution. The automation aspect itself has another layer of benefits for the business owner. 

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Saves Time

There are several great ways a business can decrease time to cash scenarios. Possibly the best is using cash flow management software with a strong emphasis on automation. Software like this streamlines both the accounts payable and accounts receivable processes. Payment approvals are handled electronically, meaning that there is no need to spend large portions of the day approving payments and signing physical checks. Further, all payments can be viewed remotely from mobile devices adding an extra level of control over cash flow. The time this saves can be better put into developing a business strategy that will see the business into the future. 

Greater Monitoring

As all records are stored electronically and can be viewed in real-time, business owners have an added level of insight into how cash moves within and out of the business. Many experts advise that easily being able to monitor the flow of cash is mission-critical to success. Cash management software certainly provides this ability and often with an easy-to-use dashboard that can display all paid and outstanding payments. Further, businesses have been able to reduce overcharges from suppliers and other billing-related issues from cropping up.

Improve Customer Relations

Often an overlooked benefit of cash management software is the ability to improve customer relations. Customers can be billed automatically along with options to easily pay the bill via an online portal. Providing customers with easy and convenient ways to pay cannot be underestimated when fostering good relations with new and old customers. As invoicing is automated, time can be spent analyzing buying habits and patterns. This in turn can allow for better customer engagement.

Using Data to Make Informed Decisions

Automating your cash flow management helps to centrally store all facets of the business’s cash flow. Being able to easily access all this data allows for business leaders to make better decisions in plotting the path forward. The data can be used as a predictive tool and help analyze patterns within the business where time and money can be saved. The data can also be used to determine what was successful or not free from the bias we humans will inevitably exhibit at certain points.


The drive to automate tasks is seeing rapid adoption across multiple economic sectors. For business owners being able to track cash flow easily while automating the repetitive time-consuming tasks, it is easy to see why such software is becoming a favored tool.