QuickTrade is a forex brokerage online website that is licensed and authorized. The license is given by the finance services conduct authority. It is authorized in providing services about shares and other certificates.

It is a very reliable website. Most of the brokers are not obliged to participate in the compensation schemes. It provides a disclosure for the agreement and also gives a risk disclosure statement. This statement contains only general information about the objectives, conditions, or needs. 

If you want to open an account you must agree to all the policies. The policies are regarding the client agreement and legal policies. When you trade on this platform your investments are in a safe hand. In this article, you will read more about the features and services of the platform QuickTrade

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Features and Services of QuickTrade

  • Demo account availability – There is not any kind of specific information about the account available but before you open an actual account you can trade on a demo account. Account does not require any cash it has virtual cash limits in which you can learn to trade and then you can open an actual account.
  • Currency – It is a foreign trading account so there is no need of worrying about the currency. There can be all the currencies that you want to open your account with. You can trade in any currency across the globe. You may choose the option of changing the currency in case needed.
  • Application – The additional services of the platform include trading online. Applications for reading online are available on iOS and Android devices. This is a web trading platform so you can trade online through a website or app.
  • Commission charges – The commission is very low that is 2.0 for currency trading, 2.50 for commodities trading, 0.5 for equity trading, and 0.9 for indices trading.
  • Leverage rates – Leverage can be manually adjusted if the trade is lower. These options are available for people who trade on a marginal basis. The leverage rate can also be selected when opening a new account. You need to be careful while trading with forex because leverage levels can sometimes be high.
  • Deposits and withdrawals – The deposits can be done through any kind of debit and credit card for any digital wallet. Sometimes even the cryptocurrency is accepted. There is no minimum amount of deposit or withdrawal that is to be done. QuickTrade also provides information regarding deposits and withdrawals for any of the new customers using this platform for the first time.
  • Customer services – Customers can reach to QuickTrade anytime. Deccan contact using the phone number provided to talk to the executive. The other option available is emailing online on the website available and the reply will be given to them as soon as possible. Also, there is an online chat system that gives instant solutions on chat.
  • Bonus and promotion – The website has nowhere mentioned anything about any bonus or promotional offers, but it seems that they are not available. The social media pages of the company sometimes mention any type of contest that they organized.

This website uses a virtual computer system. The function of this computer is then independently just like a real computer in use. Hence, the usage of this website is very easy and makes it beneficial for young traders to trade hassle-free. The use of this technology helps forex trading to real-time investors. When every time you do trading you will also get the copies of your trades listed in your account.

Summing Up 

There are a few drawbacks of quick trade which include that it has limited trading assets and it is unclear about any kind of deposit and withdrawal method. The company has some key information missing on the website which they must work on.

For opening an account, you can open it directly on the website which redirects due to the opening portal. The process is very easy and it might take several days for the approval of your form. You might need to provide some personal information and financial is information along with describing your trading background. You also need to confirm your identity and citizenship with a few documents. This all can be done online just by uploading the ID proofs as required.

QuickTrade seems to be a very advantageous forex trading platform which provides great security and functionality in adjusting the trading.