It’s no secret that the perceived trustworthiness of a user is directly related to online design. Customers tend to remain loyal to firms with clean, professional, and speedy websites. The same applies to virtual wallets and other websites that accept crypto payments.

According to the most recent data, the number of cryptocurrency users has risen to 417.5 million by 2023, reflecting a 36.88% year-over-year increase. It also revealed long-ignored issues with cryptographic UI/UX design. 

Initially aimed at a technologically knowledgeable audience capable of navigating a complicated application, blockchain trading services concentrated their efforts on excelling in backend engineering and cryptography, disregarding the user experience aspect.

We’ve collected some great tips for your crypto website that will improve the interface by focusing on user comprehensiveness. Start planning the perfect crypto design today!

Common UX Challenges with Crypto Wallet Design

According to Statista, only 9% of traders are pleased with the crypto exchanges they use.

User research, the backbone of UX design, has never been preferred or adequately applied in virtual currency projects. 

As a result, we witness Bitcoin exchange sites with absolutely broken UX that are nearly impossible to grasp for anybody other than blockchain experts. 

  • Financial statements. There is seldom a definition of cryptocurrency distinctions that identify their nature and usefulness above the others. Services rarely allow customers to acquire all virtual currencies in a single transaction. 
  • Security and privacy. Blockchain apps encourage widespread use but fail to notify traders about the basic safety guidelines that must be followed when using their systems. This is a severe UX problem, especially when the platforms fail to notify their consumers about the possible consequences of this option. 
  • Onboarding is another underappreciated aspect of user experience. Most virtual traders onboarding irritates users; the know-your-customer (KYC) and registration procedures frequently take more than a day to complete. It leads to a high rate of product abandonment.
  • Transactions and purchases. There should be a lesson on how to use an e-wallet, as well as instructions on how to use private and public keys and what they stand for. A newcomer must realize that not all virtual currencies can be acquired using fiat (ordinary USD or EUR) and that many transactions require ETH (Ether) to be present in the e-wallet to pay transaction fees, etc. 

While designing a creatively accessible interface, follow the same branding trends with futuristic themes in gold, silver, and blue that are also seamless and functional for the customers.

The Main Features to Consider in Crypto Web Design

A good Bitcoin site design extends beyond visual appeal. However, that is equally relevant for a better user experience. The importance of easy navigation, logical flows, extensive explanations, great performance, and hacker-proof security cannot be overstated.

1. Easy navigation

When building a crypto site, one of the first things to consider is navigation. It is simple to get effortless navigation if you consider the following:

  • The appearance of the bitcoin website’s UI components
  • Features that make navigating easier

Crypto website UI features that facilitate navigation are significant for assisting visitors in navigating your website or web wallet. However, this is not enough; every step should be intuitive.

2. Intuitive processes 

If you’re creating a digital wallet application, make it compatible with the other trendy coins. As the majority of wallets are dedicated to separate coins, your audience will appreciate such diversity. 

Moreover, a user-friendly way of entering an e-wallet address will earn you extra points. Don’t forget to create an easy payment flow with trackable transaction status.

3. Explanations

Users will make mistakes while navigating the website or during transactions. An informative blog can assist your consumers in getting the most out of your Bitcoin web solution and avoiding blunders. 

Explanatory prompts can also be provided by hovering over information, buttons, or menu elements. An automated chatbot with basic information is an efficient way that save a lot of time and help users instantly. 

4. Mobile version

Modern visitors will not wait long for a website to load, especially if they profit from minute-to-minute pricing variations. Given that, a quick load time is another necessary component of a strong Bitcoin web UX. 

Remember that we live in a mobile-first world. Therefore, make sure your solution functions flawlessly on mobile devices as well.

5. Security

Your crypto web design should send a secure message that traders can easily trust for a seamless experience. In addition to a secure backend, your online solution should include two-factor authentication, biometrics, and email verification. 

Set up IP address tracking to receive notifications whenever an unexpected device or location signs in. Moreover, suggesting a two-factor authentication while customers are logging into their accounts will help increase safety. 

Hiring a software engineer with expertise in cybersecurity can go a long way in applying the latest monitoring tools as well as regular maintenance of the system. 

Take a look at the graph below that shows the top ten cryptocurrency theft incidents that impacted the world from 2021 to 2022. Robust software is therefore necessary while designing a crypto website. 

Top Ten Cryptocurrency Theft Incidents by Amount Stolen in 2021 to 2022

Alt Tag: Top Ten Cryptocurrency Theft Incidents by Amount Stolen in 2021 to 2022. 


According to Finder, more than half of financial professionals believe Bitcoin will surpass fiat currencies by 2050. If this is even half true, then developing blockchain solutions for expert users will no longer be a viable business strategy. 

However, because of the complexities of blockchain operations, reaching the needed degree of usability, security, and performance is much more difficult.

If you want to increase the number of your consumers and contribute to better levels of crypto adoption, you must consider your user experience from the beginning. That is the key to success with various sectors of present and prospective clients.