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The world of online trading is a pretty chaotic place to be, and finding an online broker who can help you navigate this chaos is even harder.

In this article, we will get more familiar with one such platform.

ArbiTrustCapital has been making waves in the online trading community recently.

So, What is ArbiTrustCapital?

Simply speaking, it is a new type of online trading platform that has a huge library of features that can easily match the preferences of any kind of trader.

It is a one stop shop to make trading wisely.

With access to multiple global markets, traders can now pretty much diversify their portfolios into a much larger pool of assets.

Plus, the platform is jam-packed with features that have something that both new and experienced traders can use.

Aside from this, the platform has a range of account options for traders of different skill levels and investment capacities.

Also, ArbiTrustCapital is pretty committed to giving fast and quick customer support.

This means that any queries or issues raised by the traders will be answered without much delay with satisfactory solutions.

Looking at ArbiTrustCapital’s Trading Assets


Well, the main appeal of the platform is that it offers traders the ability to trade in more than 200+ different types of assets.

For Forex, you have a pretty expansive selection of currency pairs to choose from.

The traders can choose from a selection of any major, minor, or exotic pairs of currencies.

This allows for a broad range of strategies they can use to find opportunities to make a huge profit. 

And with other options like crypto pairs, stocks, and indices, traders can very easily round out their investment portfolio with a variety of options. 

Key Insights into the ArbiTrustCapital Trading Platform

This platform is designed so that both beginners and experienced traders can use it with ease.

The platform is pretty user-friendly and easy to navigate.

With its minimalistic user interface, it balances simplicity with advanced functionality, giving traders an environment where they can focus more on trading without being confused.

Here are some of the key features of this platform:

Fast Executions

Speed is pretty much everything in the world of trading.

ArbiTrustCapital gives its users pretty fast and near-to-real-time order executions.

This feature is especially important for traders who want to make it in the Forex market, where every second counts.

Fully Customizable  Interface

Traders are also able to customize their interface to suit their trading preferences and needs.

They are also able to create some pretty custom charts and tables so that they can easily identify trading opportunities.

When people talk about stock exchanges, they talk about the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or the NASDAQ. These two are the biggest stock exchanges in the world. But there are over 60 stock exchanges in the world.

Understanding the Different Trading Account Types

ArbiTrustCapital has a multi-level account system that is made with the different skill levels and investment capacities of traders in mind.

This means that traders can easily find an account type that fits in with their trading style.

There are basically four different types of accounts offered by ArbiTrustCapital:


It is a great option for beginners who are looking to step into the world of trading for the first time.

With access to over 200+ assets, regular market reviews, and flexible leveraging of up to 1:100, traders can easily get comfortable with trading and gain more confidence.

The minimum balance requirement for this account is $250, making it easy for anyone to start trading easily.


This is a little bit more advanced of an option for experienced traders.

It comes with a dedicated senior account manager who will give the traders personalized guidance and support.

Aside from this, the traders get increased leverage options up to 1:200.

They also get better analysis tools as well as some good risk management options that can help them protect their assets from major losses.

Plus, the members of this account get access to monthly webinars, financial planning services, and priority withdrawals.

This account needs a minimum balance of $25,000 in the trading account.

Wealth Architect

This is an account designed to cater to the pros in the field.

With best-in-class features like leveraging options of 1:300, the traders can get more position scaling options.

Plus, they get the option of better trading and analysis tools with even faster withdrawal options.

The minimum balance for this account is around $100,000.

Exclusive Membership

This is one of the most premium options available on the platform and access to it is only available by invitation as of now.

Traders get leverage up to 1:400 with almost no latency.

They get full access to all the tools, webinars, and in-depth market analysis available to them at any time.

They have the topmost priority in withdrawals, exclusive access to VIP events, and a special gift worth around $5000.

Evaluating its Customer Support

Customer support is the core of any online trading platform.

ArbiTrustCapital gives traders a pretty smooth experience in this sector.

Customer support is accessible through multiple channels, with the most popular being the live chat option.

Traders can easily get on the live chat and get connected to a customer support rep in little to no time. 

If their account level is high, they also get a dedicated support rep that will help them with all their needs.

From solving issues to helping them access important trading resources, ArbiTrustCapital is pretty committed to providing the best in class customer support that any trader could ever ask for.

Online Trading Platform Market size

Online Trading Platform Market size was valued at USD 8730 Million in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 13485 Million by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 4.9% from 2022 to 2030.

TL;DR: The Review

AbiTrustCapital is one of the few online trading platforms that gives its users access to a pretty diverse range of trading services.

It has redefined what online trading is. Plus, it also comes with more than 200+ trading options available.

And with its multi-layered account options, traders of any skill and investment capacity can find the best options for them on this platform.

Plus, they are also pretty committed to giving an excellent customer support experience for all tiers of the traders.

On a scale of 1 to 10, ArbiTrustCapital has earned an overall score of 6.5/10,This score is based on Trust, User Experience, Withdrawal Speed, and Customer Satisfaction Rates.