In the world of Asian entertainment, Kissasian once stood as a popular online hub for viewing a wide array of cartoons, movies, and TV shows, all for free. However, it ran into trouble due to copyright concerns.

So, if you’re struggling to access Kiss asian and want to know what happened and where else to find similar content, you’re in the right spot! Here, you’ll find all the answers you need to keep enjoying your favorite entertainment.

This guide discusses everything about Kiss asian—how it started, got into legal problems, and eventually had to shut down, affecting lots of people who loved binge-watching Asian shows on the platform.

Additionally, it lists 11 Kissasian alternatives you can now go to stay cyber secure while binge-watching Asian movies and dramas legally since Kiss Asian closed.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into the details—

What is Kissasian? An Overview!

KissAsian Website

For those who are unaware of it or know little about it, Kissasian was a popular website that provided free access to Asian dramas, movies, anime, k-dramas, and a variety of other Asian shows.

It catered to a global audience by offering subtitled content in multiple languages. On the platform, users could stream a vast collection of Asian entertainment, ranging from classic to contemporary titles.

To mention more, its user-friendly interface allows seamless navigation through its rich library of content from South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, and other Asian regions.

Additionally, the platform enabled cultural exchange by allowing audiences around the world to explore and appreciate the richness of Asian cinema and television.

Most importantly, a key aspect of Kissasian’s appeal was its reach and extensive catalog, which fostered a passionate community of viewers eager to immerse themselves in the vibrant storytelling and unique narratives that Asian media has to offer.

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What Happened to Kissasian?

Kissasian encountered various copyright concerns and legal issues related to licensed content, leading to its frequent takedowns and disruptions.

To be precise, the main reason for its shutdown was probably that many videos and content on kissasain were uploaded without permission. Furthermore, technical issues with servers and hosting and concerns about user safety added to the website’s closure in many countries.

The news about the closure was initially shared on the r/Kissasian subreddit on August 14, and an official confirmation came from the Kissasian Discord through their support team.

So, Kiss asian, like other pirated sites like Stream2Watch and KissCartoon might be blocked in your country, and accessing it (even using a VPN service) could be risky and tricky.

However, it’s important to note that the owners of Kissasian are making significant efforts to keep the website operational, and for this, they are using various Kissasian proxy links, some of which include the following—


Note: In case you weren’t aware, Kissasian also has a mobile app. If you’re adamant about using Kiss asian, you might want to try using the app.

Is Kissasian App Safe?

No. Unfortunately, the safety of the Kissasian app or website remains uncertain due to its status as a free streaming platform. Users have reported occasional issues such as intrusive ads, pop-ups, and exposure to potentially malicious content.

Using the app or visiting the site may expose you to harmful ads or viruses, which might also affect your device’s safety. Additionally, the site’s legality raised concerns regarding user data privacy and copyright infringement.

  • Tip 1: To enhance your online safety and security, it is recommended to use ad blockers and trustworthy antivirus software.
    Overall, it’s important to be cautious when streaming content from such platforms due to the potential risks associated with unofficial streaming sites.
  • Tip 2: You should check for recent security updates or opt for a legal streaming platform to ensure a safe viewing experience.

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Top 11 Kissasian Alternatives and Their Features

Since is an illegal website and has a lot of issues with availability due to government restrictions, many users have started seeking alternative legal streaming platforms for Asian shows and movies.

You should check out these 11 awesome sites similar to Kissasian, each with its cool features that make watching Asian shows and dramas even more exciting!

Note: While exploring these Kissasain alternatives, consider your streaming preferences for languages, subtitles, and the specific range of content available on each platform to find the best fit!

Viki or Rakuten Viki

Viki Kissasian Alternative

Website Link:

Rakuten Viki as one of the best legal and diverse streaming Kissasian alternatives offers an extensive collection of Asian content, including Asian dramas, movies, and TV shows, with both licensed and user-submitted subtitles.

With licensed content and community-driven subtitles, Viki ensures a legal and engaging viewing experience for users. 

Its user-friendly interface and polished layout provide seamless navigation, while the community-subtitling feature widens language options. 

Moreover, as a legal platform, Viki focuses on authorized content, thus setting itself apart from kissasain who’s known for hosting pirated material.

Overall, Rakuten Viki serves as a reliable and diverse streaming hub for those who want to watch Asian entertainment legally.


  • Multilingual subtitles.
  • Diverse collection of Asian shows and movies.
  • Subtitle contributions by users.
  • Engaging community features.


Netflix Kissasian Alternative

Website Link:

Netflix, a global streaming giant, contains a huge collection of Asian dramas, movies, and series from different regions. Essentially, it offers an extensive library of Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and other Asian content, including original series and films with multiple language subtitles like Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and others.

Not just known for its high-quality originals and diverse content, Netflix also stands out for its user-friendly interface and seamless streaming experience. 

Furthermore, its commitment to international content, combined with its exclusive productions, makes it the top choice for those looking for legally licensed Asian entertainment while enjoying the convenience of a single, all-in-one platform. So, you can definitely consider satisfying your binge-watch with Netflix download.


  • Original content.
  • Broad range of international shows with multiple subtitles.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Offline viewing option.

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Crunchyroll Kissasian Alternative

Website Link:

Well-known among many, Crunchyroll also serves as a compelling Kissasian alternatives. It specializes in the legal streaming of Asian drama, anime, and manga content.

Although the website’s primary focus is on anime, it also has a growing library of Asian dramas and live-action adaptations.

Furthermore, with a user-friendly interface and regular updates, Crunchyroll offers seamless access to a diverse range of Asian entertainment.

What is most important to highlight here is that by offering a huge library of licensed shows, it guarantees a legitimate viewing experience for its viewers. So, its emphasis on authorized content differentiates it from, which has a track record of hosting pirated content.

Overall, Crunchyroll’s commitment to legal streaming, vast collection of content, and community engagement make it a trusted and popular choice for fans of Asian drama and anime looking for legality, variety, and quality content.


  • Extensive anime collection.
  • Simultaneous episode releases.
  • Manga library.
  • Ad-supported and premium plans.


DramaCool Kissasian Alternative

Website Link:

Next, we’ve got DramaCool on the list. It is considered as one of the prominent Kissasian alternatives by offering a vast catalog of Asian dramas, films, and entertainment with subtitles. 

The website’s user-friendly interface, extensive content library, and regular updates meet the needs of a global audience looking for subtitled dramas from different genres and countries.

Furthermore, with options to stream or download content in high quality, Dramacool provides a great platform for fans of Asian dramas, like those from Korea, Japan, and China, to enjoy a captivating viewing experience.

However, it’s still crucial to respect copyright and legal considerations while enjoying these shows on Kissasian alternatives like DramaCool.


  • Extensive catalog of Asian dramas and movies.
  • English subtitles.
  • Various genres are available.
  • Search and filter options.


ViU Kissasian Alternative

Website Link:

VIU is another popular alternative to that offers a huge range of Asian dramas, Korean dramas, movies, and variety shows with English subtitles.

It is noteworthy that its high-quality streaming and timely updates on the latest episodes are what mainly attract Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and other Asian entertainment-seeking audiences. 

Moreover, with a user-friendly interface and a diverse range of content from different Asian countries, VIU as Kissasian alternatives offer users both free and premium subscription options.

Not only that, ViU often includes subtitles in multiple languages to enhance accessibility for global audiences. 

So, all in all, the platform’s interactive features and seamless playback make it a preferred choice among fans of Asian entertainment seeking a reliable and diverse streaming experience.


  • Wide range of Asian dramas and variety shows.
  • English subtitles offline viewing.
  • Premium content access.
  • Region-specific availability.


OnDemandKorea Kissasian Alternative

Website Link:

OnDemandKorea also serves as a strong Kissasian alternatives due to its comprehensive collection of Korean dramas, variety shows, movies,mmk7 and even news. 

It offers legal, licensed content with high-quality streaming for people worldwide.

Furthermore, OnDemandKorea has an easy-to-use interface and a large collection that gets updated often. In addition to that, it gives options for both free and premium access to guarantee the latest Korean entertainment.

Overall, its diverse subtitle options and seamless playback enhance the viewing experience, making it a reliable choice for fans who want legal and up-to-date Korean content. 


  • Variety of Korean shows and dramas.
  • Subtitles available.
  • Live TV streaming.
  • Limited free content; subscription for full access.


AsianCrush Kissasian Alternative

Website Link:

AsianCrush has emerged as a remarkable platform that offers a diverse collection of Asian movies, dramas, and anime, like others on the list.

With a focus on legally licensed content, it offers high-quality streaming across a variety of genres and languages.

Other than this, the platform’s user-friendly interface, free and premium options, and a wide range of titles cater to a global audience looking for authentic and engaging Asian entertainment.

In essence, its emphasis on licensed content ensures the credibility of the platform and supports the creators of shows and movies.


  • Extensive collection of Asian films, dramas, anime, etc.
  • Free with ads.
  • Diverse genres.
  • Limited content selection.


WeTV Kissasian Alternative

Website Link:

This platform stands out as a strong alternative to kissasain with its extensive collection of Chinese, Korean, Asian, Thai dramas, and a variety of other shows with subtitles.

WeTV, along with offering licensed content, ensures high-quality streaming and timely updates to attract audiences globally. Its user-friendly interface, multiple subtitle options, and free access with a premium subscription make it a preferred choice among the masses.

In short, WeTV focuses on legal content to provide a reliable platform for those who are looking to stream diverse and fresh Asian content.


  • Chinese, Korean, and South East Asian content.
  • Subtitles available.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Exclusive shows and movies.


iQIYI Kissasian Alternative

Website Link:

iQIYI is a great streaming platform that offers a diverse range of Asian entertainment, including dramas, movies, and variety shows. It hosts a huge collection of content from China, Korea, Japan, and other regions with subtitles in different languages ​​for international audiences. 

To mention more, the platform is easy to use, its videos are high-quality, and it serves as a legal alternative to watching cool Asian shows instead of using sites like

However, to access popular and exclusive Asian content, you’ll need to pay a small fee to join the platform—similar to getting a library card. Once you’re in, you can watch as much as you want without worrying about breaking any rules.


  • Chinese dramas and movies.
  • VIP membership for exclusive content.
  • Variety of genres.
  • Multilingual subtitles.


Kocowa Kissasian Alternative

Website Link:

This is considered another top alternative to Kissasian due to its focus on officially licensed Korean content, including dramas, variety shows, and K-pop.

By providing timely uploads of popular shows with high-quality subtitles in multiple languages, Kocowa ensures legal access to the latest Korean entertainment.

Overall, its user-friendly interface, vast library, and exclusive content partnerships make it a preferred choice for fans seeking authentic, up-to-date Korean programs.


  • Korean content with English subtitles.
  • Simultaneous broadcast episodes.
  • Variety of genres.
  • Subscription-based service.


My Asian TV Kissasian Alternative

Website Link:

Last but not least, we have MyAsianTV on the list. MyAsianTV stands as a compelling alternative to KissAsian, offering a diverse array of Asian entertainment.

It offers a wide range of dramas, from romantic stories to historical epics, appealing to audiences’ different tastes. Additionally, with its focus on deep storytelling and character development, it connects with audiences around the world who are looking for immersive experiences.

So, it’s fair to say that MyAsianTV shines as it showcases local cultures, values, and traditions, offering a glimpse into diverse Asian societies. Not only that, it benefits from its large collection of K-Dramas, as they have wide popularity and appeal.

All in all, the platform offers a fun variety of shows alongside Japanese anime to attract a wide range of entertainment fans with its innovative and high-quality content.


  • Diverse genres: dramas, rom-coms, reality shows.
  • Compelling storytelling and character depth.
  • Reflection of local cultures and values.
  • Global popularity of K-Dramas.
  • Japanese anime’s diverse themes and styles.
  • Innovation in content and technology.

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Bottom Line

That’s all you need to know about Kissasian, which made a significant impact by connecting global audiences to captivating Asian content. However, its closure emphasizes the importance of using legal and safe sites.

As fans look for new platforms to watch Asian dramas, movies, and shows, these above-discussed 11 Kissasian alternatives offer not just entertainment but also serve as a gateway to different cultures.

Using these platforms means enjoying shows in a manner that supports the creators and allows us to delve deeper into the lively world of Asian entertainment media.

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Ans: Kissasian faced issues related to copyright infringement, which led to its shutdown. Needless to say, posting copyrighted material without proper authorization has led to legal challenges, takedowns, and disruptions.

Ans: Kissasian operated in a legal gray area, offering free access to copyrighted material without proper licensing, and accessing copyrighted material without permission may pose legal risks. So, this raised legal concerns for both the website and its users.

Ans: No. Watching content on Kissasian wasn’t safe. Doing so carried potential safety risks. On the site, some ads and pop-ups could potentially expose users to malware or adware. Additionally, the legality of the content raised concerns about user data privacy and security. Therefore, choosing a legal streaming platform ensures you have a more secure viewing experience.

Ans: Watching Kissasian could lead to malware through ads and pop-ups. Also, viewing copyrighted content without permission raised concerns about user data privacy and legal consequences for viewers.

Ans: After the closure of KissAsian, several legal streaming platforms emerged as alternatives, offering a wide range of Asian dramas and movies. These platforms, like Viki, Rakuten Viki, and Netflix, host licensed content and ensure a safer as well as legal viewing experience for fans of Asian entertainment.