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These days, there are numerous streaming options for TV shows, football matches, and other content. Many of these streaming websites and channels, meanwhile, are restricted in some areas. With the development of technology, using a VPN when streaming has removed this problem. You can now find out how to use iTop VPN to unblock geo-restricted content and stream from famous websites.

Consider Netflix as an example; it offers a variety of shows and movies depending on the country. It has the feature of Netflix download that lets users save their favorite shows offline. Even though the US library is large, certain shows are still missing. 

Thanks to a VPN’s global VPN servers, you can access various Netflix libraries to view the movies and TV episodes you enjoy. A trustworthy VPN would enable you to bypass this issue and be free to view anything, even though Netflix promises to block VPN IP addresses.

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With the help of its 1,800 optimized streaming VPN servers, iTop VPN enables you to remove these geographical restrictions from any location in the world. It will let you hide your IP address, move, and stream from the nation of your choice, all while staying cyber-secure when you binge-watch online.

How to Use iTop VPN to Access Geo-restricted Content?

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Step 1. Download the iTop VPN software for Windows, Mac, and iOS from the official iTop website. Run a standard install process and install the app on your device.

Step 2. Choose a 24-month, 12-month, or 6-month subscription plan and sign in to your iTop VPN account. Choose and connect to a streaming VPN server for Netflix, Disney+, and more based on your needs.

Step 3. Go to the streaming website, and access the channel you wish to watch.

Step 4. Your chosen channel will launch with a fast connection speed, allowing you to see any content.

Step 5. If you have a limited budget, no worries, iTop VPN provides a free plan and you can connect to Pluto YV, Sling TV, etc streaming websites and you don’t need an iTop VPN account.

You can unblock popular streaming websites, restricted apps, and video games by purchasing an iTop VPN subscription, which costs as little as $1.66 per month. For 24 months, 12 months, 6 months, and even one month of subscription, you will receive a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can try it risk-free.

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Popular Websites that iTop VPN Can Access

With iTop VPN, you can use a unique function to quickly access a selection of well-known websites. This function involves a variety of well-known websites, like Netflix US, Disney+ US, and others, with the largest content libraries in the world.

But iTop VPN doesn’t offer free access to these streaming services. It only helps in unblocking websites for which you have paid subscriptions so that you can stream privately without disclosing your IP address.

Bandwidth caps can cause severe neck aches. When you reach your bandwidth limit, you might not be able to download or stream your favorite programs. Fortunately, iTop VPN enables unlimited bandwidth web streaming, and you are free to enjoy any shows with no speed limit. Moreover, if you are a business owner, you might know how much VPN is important for businesses. Plus, you can use them to organize a movie break for the employees. 

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Top 4 Streaming Websites iTop VPN Access

Popular websites are listed by iTop VPN and can be accessed by clicking on them. The most popular websites in the world include Netflix, Disney Plus, and others. See below for a list of the top four websites that iTop VPN lets you unblock material on.

Netflix US

Netflix US

Netflix US provides the largest selection of content, and it provides a wide variety of TV shows, movies, and documentaries. You can watch geo-restricted Netflix content and binge-watch thrilling shows in Canada, Africa, or anywhere with the help of iTop VPN.

However, Netflix can be slow on VPN but iTop VPN does not make it slow and you can watch your favorite shows without any interruption.

Disney Plus US 

 Disney plus 

Thousands of hours of family-friendly content, including all previous Disney and Pixar movies, are now available thanks to Disney Plus. Additionally, within a year after its first debut, it added all of its new movies on Disney Plus. You can access thousands of TV episodes, the majority of them on Disney cable networks.

Crashyroll US 

Crashyroll US 

The world’s largest licensed anime library, as well as comics, games, and well-known Asian dramas, are all available on Crunchyroll. 

With the help of iTop VPN, you can safely stream Crunchyroll from any location, including public and school Wi-Fi networks, allowing you to watch anime and play games at no speed limits.



The best movies, TV series, and live sports are available on Hotstar. The streaming service is geo-restricted, offering a varied library of content based on the nation from where you are viewing it. 

You’ll need a Hotstar VPN to obtain an Indian IP address if you want to access the greatest selection, and iTop VPN may be of help in this regard.

Best iTop VPN Streaming Capabilities

If you want to access streaming websites, iTop VPN is the finest choice. With global VPN servers, you can stream online shows with large bandwidths, which makes it a fantastic option for streaming.

Some cutting-edge features, including clearing your browser’s history and blocking browser ads, might be particularly useful while streaming when using iTop VPN. 

These functions stop websites from using sensitive data like your IP address. These features are designed to safeguard your internet surfing activity and protect your privacy when needed.

Simple User Interface 

When attempting to learn the VPN interface, most individuals can become frustrated. When tweaking a VPN for a particular device you intend to use, it can be much more difficult.

The user experience is improved with iTop VPN. It has an easy-to-use UI that is clear and intuitive. The goal of the developers was to make everything as simple as possible.

Features of Security and Privacy

iTop VPN provides the best encryption and ISPs, governments, and any third-party advertisers cannot intercept your data. For you, iTop VPN creates a secure connection without slowing down the download speed. You can watch HD videos and play games without lag thanks to a fast connection.

With the Security Reinforce function, iTop offers anti-malware protection that blocks harmful URLs and advertising and removes any remaining browser traces in Firefox, Waterfox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, and Edge.

The data is protected by iTop using Salsa20 (chacha20) 256-bit encryption and the HTTPS, UDP, and TCP protocols. The company’s privacy policy states that they don’t keep a record of your online behavior, including your browsing history, the amount of bandwidth you use, or how long you spend connected to VPN servers.

The Kill Switch feature of iTop VPN stops your device from making unsecured connections. Your connection to the remote server is continuously monitored by it. The iTop VPN Kill Switch disables internet connectivity for your device if it unintentionally drops.

By protecting your sensitive information from unintentional exposure, Kill Switch makes your internet traffic safer. It serves as your VPN’s final line of defense.

Until the encrypted tunnel is opened again or you turn off the VPN Kill Switch, your connection is restricted.

Last Words

iTop VPN’s worldwide streaming VPN servers and quick connection speeds make it a great option to view your streaming content. 

With only one click, you can access Netflix US, Disney US, Crunchyroll US, Hotstar, and many more. iTop VPN also offers a free plan to access websites like Sling TV, Pluto TV, and others.

It’s perfect for browsing the Internet as well thanks to its advanced security features and simple user interface.