• The availability of the best streaming platforms has opened varied and international channels for Canadians. 
  • Online subscription channels like Discovery+, Netflix, Apple TV+, Peacock TV, and Amazon Prime Video have a huge library that can be enjoyed by adults as well as kids.
  • Besides cost, other factors like device compatibility and geographical location availability should be considered. 

Streaming platforms have changed the way we enjoy TV shows and movies in this digital era. These web series and online movies have become the go-to place for entertainment if you’re looking for thrilling TV shows or suspenseful mysteries. 

Canada has completely embraced the online watching trend, with multiple platforms accessible for people to watch their favorite movies and TV shows. In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best streaming platforms, you can enjoy watching while living in Canada.


Discovery+ has a Huge Library Content of Documentaries and Movies

Discovery Plus, despite being a newly launched broadcasting platform, quickly established a reputation for providing a wide selection of thrilling TV shows, or movies. 

Discover Plus is necessary for those who enjoy watching thrilling documentaries and movies because of its huge library for watching multiple popular networks like Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC, HGTV, and more.


Netflix is the Most-watched streaming Platform Worldwide

Netflix is one of the biggest streaming services, running throughout the world. It continues to influence the industry with its huge library of original and licensed content. 

When it comes to thrilling shows, it differentiates itself with its library of Netflix originals such as Stranger Things, and The Crown. 

You can also subscribe to its subscription plans ranging from basic to premium. With its easy-to-use interface, Netflix makes sure you can enjoy the shows without any hassle.

Apple TV+

Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is an ad-free on-demand platform owned by Apple and is available in around 150 countries. The Apple TV+ can be accessible through different Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. With original shows, this streaming service has quickly established itself despite being launched in 2019.

Peacock TV:

Peacock TV

Peacock TV is an American OTT streaming platform, operated by NBCUniversal and launched in 2020. This platform offers an extensive library including shows, originals, and most live sports. 

If you want to watch Drama, comedy, reality Shows, or True crime, it has all that you want to watch. It is available to stream in different regions like the United States, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy. 

However, Watch Peacock TV in Canada cannot be streamed without a VPN, due to the geo-restrictions imposed by the owner. 

Amazon Prime Video 

Amazon Prime Video, also known as Prime Video, is an American video-on-demand OTT online broadcasting and rental service owned by Amazon. 

Its features include benefits like express shipping, ebook access, and other content like Amazon Music Prime, and Prime Gaming. 

Prime Video is available in more than 200 countries including its accessibility in Canada. It has a huge library that caters to all kinds of thrill enthusiasts.

Factors to Consider when choosing a platform 

Choose a Streaming Platform According to its Features and Your Preference

Deciding to watch the best streaming service while residing in Canada involves considering multiple factors that can impact your viewing experience. 

Due to continuous transformation in this industry, these factors have become vital for deciding the platform that suits your needs and choices.

Content Selection:

When picking an online broadcasting platform, the main consideration is the quality of content. Each platform has its distinctive library of TV shows, movies, and originals. Some of the platforms specialize in particular genres, such as comedy, thriller, documentaries, and family-friendly genres.

Price and Subscription Plans:

Another major factor to consider is the cost of subscriptions and plans offered by the online subscription provider.

Different brands offer different packages for subscription from basic plans to premium packages, which offer additional features and benefits. 

It is vital to consider the cost, your budget, and what benefits you receive with each plan. Therefore, some online companies offer free trials that allow you to explore different web series and movies.

In April 2020, Netflix had 183 million subscribers worldwide. It was because of the COVID-19 pandemic that 16 million new subscribers joined the giant streaming service.

Device Compatibility:

It is also one of the considerable factors when making a choice of a streaming platform on various devices for a smooth viewing experience. 

Explore the compatibility of broadcasting platforms on different devices including Smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and many more. 

Those online websites and apps that support multiple devices assure you that you can enjoy watching your favorite online series.

Geographical Availability:

Geographical restrictions are one of the factors that impact the accessibility of various platforms or specific content within your country. 

When picking a platform for streaming, make sure that it is available in Canada, and that the program that you want to watch is available to stream in your region. 

However, some brands have different online libraries based on geographical location and content licensing agreements.

The Growth of Subscription Video Service Users in Canada


In today’s digital advancements of streaming online, Canadians have a wide range of options for online broadcast. Even if you’re looking for documentaries on Discovery+ originals on Netflix or thrillers on Peacock TV and Apple TV+, there are a variety of options available. 

All these platforms offer a huge range of shows such as crime dramas, mysteries, or supernatural adventures. Consider factors such as content selection, pricing, device compatibility, or geographic availability as you explore the fascinating world of streaming services to find the ideal platform for your binge-watching experience.