Are you looking for a platform to watch your favorite cartoons? There are some great websites available that let you watch cartoons online, as online streaming platforms often offer a better experience than traditional TV.

You can discover various types of cartoons, both classic and new ones, on these sites. Just remember, that while some are free, others do need a subscription to stream cartoons online.

However, the big question remains: what are those websites where you can watch cartoons online? So, within this guide, we’ll explore the best websites where you can stream cartoons and all your other beloved animated shows. 

Having said that, let’s get ready to find the websites where you can dive into a world of cartoons that you’ll enjoy immensely.

List of Best 20 Free Websites to Watch Cartoon Online

You can explore a whole world of awesome cartoons by checking out these top 20 websites! They’ve got an incredible lineup for you to watch cartoons online for free—

WebsitesContent VarietyUser Interface
1. YouTubeVaried Cartoons, including user-generated contentEasy to navigate
2. AnimeFreakPrimarily anime series and moviesUser-friendly layout
3. WatchCartoonOnline.ccWide range of cartoons and animeSimple interface
4. SupercartoonsClassic cartoons and animated moviesBasic interface
5. CartoonitoCartoons for preschoolersChild-friendly interface
6. ToonJetClassic cartoons and animated showsIntuitive navigation
7. GoGo Anime TVAnime series and moviesMultiple language options
8. AnimeUltimaLarge library of anime and cartoonsOrganized categories
9. KimCartoonDiverse selection of cartoonsSearchable, categorized layout
10. WatchCartoonsOnlineRange of cartoons and animeStandard interface
11. ToonGetMix of cartoons and anime seriesBasic, easy-to-use
12. KissanimeExtensive anime collectionDetailed categorization
13. Cartoonson.netAssorted cartoons and animated filmsBasic layout
14. XangaioCartoons, anime, moviesSimple interface
15. WatchSeriesTV shows, including cartoonsAd-heavy but functional
16. WCOstream.tvVarious cartoons and animeSimple design
17. 9animeVast anime collectionFeature-rich but ad-supported
18. CartoonCrazyCartoons, anime, and animated moviesUser-friendly design
19. AnimeToonAnime and cartoonsEasy navigation
20. ToonovaCartoons and anime seriesSimple layout


YouTube Website

Website Link:

YouTube is one of the best platforms that offers a diverse range of cartoons, from classic episodes to user-generated content.

Its vast library caters to various tastes and age groups, providing both free and paid content to watchcartoonsonline. However, note that despite the site navigation being user-friendly, finding specific episodes might be challenging due to its expansive nature.

Overall, the platform’s strength lies in its accessibility and community-driven content, making it a go-to for nostalgic classics and modern animated series.

Key Features:

  • YouTube presents a wide array of cartoons, spanning from classic Tom & Jerry to contemporary, new age anime.
  • You can also explore user-contributed content, where cartoons are uploaded by users.
  • You can interact through comments and also have access to the sharing feature.


AnimeFreak Website

Website Link:

AnimeFreak is all about anime and has tons of shows and movies to choose from. The website is easy to use, making it simple to find and explore all the animated content on the platform.

Apart from that, what users really like about AnimeFreak is its updated content and variety of genres. However, what they might not like is that there might be quite a few interruptions from ads.

Importantly, the platform is known for its emphasis on anime. This ensures a continuous stream of new episodes immediately after release, and this makes it a favorite destination for people to watch cartoons online for free.

Key Features:

  • It specializes in anime series and movies.
  • You can enjoy a wide selection of anime with English subtitles.
  • Driven by community reviews and ratings.

WatchCartoonOnline cc Website

Website Link:

Watchcartoononline boasts an extensive collection of both cartoons and anime, making it a top destination for fans of these genres to watch cartoons online.

Besides that, its user-friendly interface simplifies navigation through various categories and a search option, allowing easy access to a wide range of content.

Furthermore, it is notable for providing both dubbed and subbed versions to suit different preferences.

While using this site, it’s recommended to use ad blockers because of the frequent pop-ups and ads. However, overall, despite the odds, this site remains a solid choice for cartoon enthusiasts to watch cartoons for free.

Key Features:

  • It has an extensive library containing a wide array of cartoons and anime series.
  • You can explore cartoons in multiple genres to suit your varied preferences.
  • It is regularly updated with the newest episodes, so there’s always something new to watch.


Supercartoons Website

Website Link:

SuperCartoon is an excellent platform dedicated to classic cartoons and animated films, providing viewers with a nostalgic journey.

Its collection contains beloved shows from the past, and that makes it perfect for those in search of retro content.

In addition to that, Supercartoon has an easy-to-use interface that lets you quickly browse through different categories.

While Supercartoons might not have the depth of newer or more diverse content, it shines by staying dedicated to timeless classics, attracting those seeking nostalgic journeys and a trip down memory lane.

Key Features:

  • You can enjoy your favorite classic, timeless, and nostalgic cartoons.
  • You can easily find content by character and series.
  • No sign-up is required; you can watch cartoons for free without creating an account.


Cartoonito Website

Website Link:

Designed specifically for preschoolers, Cartoonito is considered a safe haven for young audiences. It offers a blend of entertainment and learning, with a focus on educational content and favorite characters. Other than this, the platform features engaging games, videos, and activities to help kids be creative and learn as they grow.

Key Features:

  • It primarily targets younger audiences with preschool and educational cartoons.
  • It provides a safe and child-friendly environment to watch cartoons.
  • It offers interactive games and activities related to the show.


ToonJet Website

Website Link:

ToonJet is another great site that focuses on classic cartoons and offers a curated collection of timeless animated series and movies.

Its user-friendly interface makes searching fun by showcasing a blend of popular favorites and hidden gems.

Though it might not offer as many options as some platforms, its commitment to top-quality content attracts viewers who love nostalgic classics.

Furthermore, the absence of ads ensures a smooth watch on ToonJet and makes it an ideal platform for reliving childhood favorites without any hassle.

Key Features:

  • It is home to classic, timeless, and vintage cartoons.
  • It lets you connect with fellow cartoon enthusiasts.
  • You can enjoy cartoons on the platform without creating an account.

GoGo Anime TV

GoGo Anime TV Website

Website Link:

This is another website that specializes in anime. It caters to cartoon enthusiasts with a wide collection of series and movies. 

GogoAnime TV is particularly famous for its vast collection, which includes both popular, well-known titles and hidden treasures.

With its high-quality streams and regular updates, it creates an addictive binge-watching environment. Furthermore, by offering multiple language options, it unites a global community that is passionate about animated storytelling.

Most importantly, it’s worth noting that despite users encountering occasional ad interruptions, GoGoAnime TV remains the go-to place for cartoon fans thanks to its free access and fantastic shows.

Key Features:

  • You can explore a diverse range of anime series and movies. 
  • You can enjoy subtitles in multiple languages for your convenience. 
  • You can engage with community feedback and user ratings.


AnimeUltima Website

Website Link:

Last but certainly not least, Animeltima as a Kisscartoon alternative, earns its place on the list. It’s a fantastic website where you can find all sorts of animated shows. From classic favorites to brand-new hits, they’ve got it all. 

Additionally, the site is super easy to use, making it a breeze to discover new cartoons in action, romance, fantasy, and more. But it’s not just about streaming; it’s also a cool place to chat with other cartoon enthusiasts like you, share fan theories, and make new friends.

All in all, cartoon enthusiasts prefer Animeultima and its alternatives because it provides an extensive catalog of both anime and cartoons. However, it is worth noting that there might be times when you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for.

Key Features:

  • You can explore a wide range of anime series and movies at your fingertips.
  • You can dive into user-created content.
  • You can engage in lively discussions on the forum with passionate anime fans.


KimCartoon Website

Website Link:

Famous for its huge library of cartoons and user-friendly interface, KimCartoon offers a diverse collection of cartoons and anime. High-quality streaming allows users to navigate and find classic as well as trending cartoons easily.

Key Features:

  • It mainly includes cartoons and animated series.
  • You can stream in HD for better quality.
  • It includes download option for some cartoons.
  • It also gives updates on the latest episodes and series.


WatchCartoonsOnline Website

Website Link:

Well-known for its extensive database, WatchCartoonsOnline offers a wide range of cartoons, including old classics and new releases. Its user-friendly design, regular updates, and various genres make it a popular choice for cartoon lovers.

Key Features:

  • It offers a huge collection of cartoons and animated series.
  • Users can report if episodes don’t work or are missing.
  • It provides both old and new cartoons for meeting different interests.
  • There’s also a comment section for users to talk and provide feedback.


ToonGet Website

Website Link:

ToonGet is another website known for its simple yet effective layout and wide collection of cartoons and anime. Not only this, but it is also appreciated for its quick updates – which make the latest episodes available to users immediately after their release.

Key Features:

  • It offers a lot of cartoons and anime series to choose from.
  • There’s a search bar and categories to find things easily.
  • Users can make accounts to keep track of favorites and watched episodes.
  • It also provides multiple servers for smooth watching without interruptions.


Kissanime Website

Website Link:

While the website primarily focuses on anime, it also has a significant collection of cartoons. Furthermore, Kissanime’s streamlined interface, HD streaming options, and diverse content attract a large user base despite occasional pop-up ads.

Key Features:

  • It has a huge library of anime content including series and movies.
  • Users can choose between subbed and dubbed versions of their favorite cartoons.
  • It has different video quality options for best streaming.
  • There are also discussion forums for users to chat and share ideas.

Cartoonson net

Website Link:

A website dedicated to cartoons, hosts an extensive library of free cartoons. It has an intuitive interface that allows users to search easily by series, characters, or genres. Additionally, the site constantly updates its content to ensure a steady stream of beloved classics and trending cartoons for audiences of all ages.

Key Features:

  • It boasts a huge collection of classic and contemporary cartoons.
  • It offers a user-friendly interface for easy navigation and streaming.
  • You’ll always find details on upcoming episodes and new releases.


Xangaio Website

Website Link:

Xangaio offers a mix of classic and contemporary shows. With a user-friendly interface and a large library of cartoons and anime, it is quite popular among the masses. Additionally, it is also known for its simplicity and ease of use, offering a broad range of titles to suit different tastes.

Key Features:

  • It offers a range of cartoons and animated series to caters to different tastes.
  • It has an easy-to-use interface for smooth navigation.
  • It allows users to request for specific content.
  • Users can also interact on the website and give feedback.


WatchSeries Website

Website Link:

WatchSeries is a great platform for watching TV shows and cartoons online. Its cartoon section is well-organized so it’s easy to find your way around the cartoons section with classics and modern options. Moreover, what makes it ideal for cartoon fans is that you can easily explore various genres and seasons on the platform.

Key Features:

  • It allows users to create accounts to manage their cartoons and animated shows watch-list.
  • It is easy to find specific episodes or series using its search function.
  • It also includes streaming links for different episodes from various sources.

WCOstream tv Website

Website Link: is also a great platform for offering a huge range of cartoons. It has a user-friendly interface and a diverse collection of cartoons of different genres. If more to be mentioned, it offers high-quality streaming, allowing users to navigate easily and watch their favorite cartoons without any hassle.

Key Features:

  • It has a huge variety of cartoons and animated series for users to view.
  • It offers multiple streaming server options.
  • The interface of is straightforward to use.
  • It also includes a request feature for users to ask for missing or desired content.


9anime Website

Website Link:

Although primarily focused on anime, 9anime contains a good collection of animated shows, including cartoons. With a sleek design and an extensive library, it offers dubbed and subbed options, ensuring broad audience appeal. Its streaming quality and updated content make it a favorite among cartoon enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • The focus of the website is on providing a vast library of anime content.
  • Users can enjoy HD streaming for most of 9anime content.
  • It allows users to create accounts and customize their preferences.
  • It also provides a schedule for upcoming episodes of ongoing series.


CartoonCrazy Website

Website Link:

CartoonCrazy is a dedicated platform for cartoons that excels in its extensive catalog. It features both classic and brand-new episodes while maintaining an easy-to-use interface for simple browsing. Additionally, it offers different streaming resolutions to users with different internet speeds.

Key Features:

  • It has a diverse collection of cartoons and animated series.
  • It offers a search function to find specific episodes or shows easily.
  • Users can request for specific cartoons if not available.
  • It also allows users to discuss cartoons and share opinions on forums.


AnimeToon Website

Website Link:

Animetoon is a promising platform that not only offers anime but also has a commendable collection of cartoons. It has an intuitive layout, making it easy for users to find specific shows or new shows. Overall, with a focus on user experience, AnimeToon offers a seamless streaming experience for cartoon lovers.

Key Features:

  • It has a huge collection of both cartoon and anime series.
  • For easy navigation based on genres and popularity, it provides categories
  • You can create an account on AnimeToon to enjoy personalized features.
  • It also includes a comment section for users to chat.


Toonova Website

Website Link:

Last but not least, Toonova is a treasure trove for cartoon lovers, with an extensive collection that includes cartoons from various eras and genres. The site offers smooth streaming and easy navigation, which enhances the overall viewing experience. Furthermore, its organized layout and regular updates make it a reliable source for both classic and modern animated series.

Key Features:

  • It offers a vast library of cartoons and animated series for users.
  • It provides various streaming options to enjoy watching cartoons in different video qualities.
  • It also allows users to report issues or request for specific content.

List of Best 5 Paid Websites to Watch Cartoons Online

Although the websites listed above are great, don’t forget that ‘free’ websites come with risks, so choosing a paid and legal platform is always a safer option. So, if you want to choose safe, high-quality options, you can find premium cartoon content on these top 5 paid websites—

WebsitesContent VarietyUser Interface
1. Cartoon NetworkShows from Cartoon NetworkFamiliar layout
2. Disney JuniorDisney’s original content for kidsChild-friendly design
3. Hulu CartoonVarious cartoons and some exclusive contentStreamlined interface
4. Voot KidsKids’ shows and cartoonsDesigned for younger viewers
5. CrunchyrollExtensive anime libraryFeature-rich, organized

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network Website

Website Link:

As the name suggests, Cartoon Network stands out as the ultimate destination for cartoon enthusiasts to watchcartoonsonline. 

On the platform, you’ll find a diverse range of cartoons, from original series like “Adventure Time” to classic favorites like “Tom and Jerry.” Essentially, with its huge collection of animated shows ranging from iconic classics to cutting-edge originals, Cartoon Network brings entertainment that suits everyone, no matter how old you are.

Not only this, but its user-friendly interface ensures seamless access to a wide range of cartoons (to cater to diverse tastes), making it a go-to site for families and individuals alike.

Overall, with its blend of humor, adventure, and creativity, Cartoon Network is celebrated as a prime hub of quality animated content for delivering joy and nostalgia while constantly introducing new favorites to its dedicated audience.

Key Features:

  • You can legally access shows from Cartoon Network’s official source.
  • You can dive into exclusive channel content through original series.
  • You can engage in gaming fun and explore ‘extras’, i.e., additional content.

Disney Junior

Disney Junior Website

Website Link:

Tailored for younger audiences, Disney Junior provides a plethora of beloved Disney shows and movies.

Its colorful layout and interactive features keep kids engaged while offering safe, educational content.

To be specific, the platform’s curated content showcases a rich collection of iconic Disney cartoon characters ranging from Mickey Mouse to Doc McStuffins to create an environment that seamlessly blends entertainment with educational value. Additionally, Disney Junior offers a range of beloved Disney cartoon character names to choose from.

Furthermore, with a user-friendly interface, it creates a safe, family-friendly environment where good stories and good values ​​come first.

Overall, the site’s accessibility across all devices makes Disney Junior the go-to destination for rich, engaging, and timeless cartoon experiences for kids around the world whenever they want.

Key Features:

  • You can access timeless Disney classics suitable for all ages.
  • The content is child-focused and tailored specifically for young audiences.
  • It ensures a secure viewing experience for kids.

Hulu Cartoon

Hulu Cartoon Website

Website Link:

Next, Hulu can be your ultimate cartoon wonderland! Hulu’s cartoon section includes a wide array of animated content, from classic series to recent releases. 

It has all the good old and new cartoons you can think of, from shows like Adventure Time and Bob’s Burgers to Rick and Morty. 

On the platform, subscribers can access a mix of high-quality original shows, anime, and cartoons from various networks.

Ultimately, Hulu’s seamless interface, HD streaming, and personalized recommendations make it a haven for animated escapades. Imagine a place where you can laugh, feel all kinds of emotions, and explore crazy new worlds through cartoons—that’s Hulu! So, for anyone who loves cartoons, this is the perfect place to binge-watch and enjoy all the animated entertainment you can imagine.

Key Features:

  • It boasts an extensive collection of cartoons and animated series.
  • You can enjoy top-notch quality streaming via subscription.
  • It enables cross-device accessibility to ensure seamless access across multiple devices.

Voot Kids

Voot Kids Website

Website Link:

Voot Kids is another popular platform that offers a curated collection of cartoons and educational content suitable for kids. To be specific, it provides a safe and ad-free environment for ensuring a child-friendly experience. In addition to that, this platform also includes parental controls so that parents can easily monitor and manage their child’s viewing habits.

Key Features:

  • It has a colorful and safe interface, specially designed for children.
  • It has a mix of cartoons, children’s shows, and movies.
  • It provides settings for parents to set viewing restrictions and monitor activity.


Cruncyroll Website

Website Link:

While primarily known for anime, Crunchyroll also hosts a diverse collection of animated series, including cartoons. It caters to anime enthusiasts and cartoon lovers alike by offering both subbed and dubbed content. Overall, with high-quality streaming and a huge library, it is considered a paradise for fans who want a mix of classic and contemporary animated shows.

Key Features:

  • It mainly caters to anime fans with huge collection of anime series and movies.
  • It presents episodes immediately after being broadcast in Japan.
  • It provides a platform for users to engage in discussions about anime.

Bonus: Why is a VPN Essential for Watching Cartoons Online?

Using a VPN for watching cartoons online ensures privacy, security, and unrestricted access.

It encrypts your internet traffic and safeguards your sensitive data from potential threats.

With a VPN, you can also bypass geo-restrictions to access cartoons available only in specific regions.

Note: This is especially beneficial for users wanting to watch content from other countries.

Additionally, it prevents your internet provider from slowing down your connection so you can stream without interruptions.

Ultimately, by hiding your IP address, a VPN lets you browse privately and keep your online actions private. This enhances your online experience and helps you feel more secure when accessing a wider range of cartoon collections without any worries.

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Bottom Line

That’s it! Finding the best websites to watch cartoon online opens up lots of choices for animation fans. 

From classic favorites like Cartoon Network and Disney Junior to streaming giants like Hulu Cartoon and Crunchyroll, the list spans platforms offering an extensive range of animated content. It’s like a treasure trove of cartoon entertainment, featuring your favorite characters and stories that never get old.

With additional recommendations highlighting lesser-known yet promising free cartoon websites, this comprehensive guide provides cartoon enthusiasts like you with an array of choices for immersive cartoon entertainment.

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Ans: To watch cartoon movies online for free, there are various platforms available, such as Crunchyroll, Crackle, Popcornflix, and AnimeUltima, that offer free access to cartoon movies online.

Ans: You can watch Cartoon Network shows on cable provider apps or subscriptions services like Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, or on the Cartoon Network app.

Ans: You can legally watch cartoons on online streaming platforms like Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and HBO Max.

Ans: You might find 90s cartoons on free streaming services such as Crunchyroll, Pluto TV, and Tubi. Also, you can check out YouTube or specific streaming apps that sometimes have classic cartoons available.

Ans: The legality of streaming cartoons for free on certain websites can vary. Some sites may host content illegally, infringing on copyrights. So, it’s advisable to use legitimate streaming platforms or services that have obtained proper licensing for the content they offer to avoid legal issues.

Ans: While there aren’t dedicated platforms solely for classic 90s cartoons, services like Paramount, Hulu, or HBO Max often feature curated collections or dedicated sections showcasing these nostalgic shows. Other than that, specialized channels on platforms like Pluto TV also focus on airing 90s classics.