With the inception of the internet in everyone’s life, the language of ads has significantly changed. Further, now the trend has shifted to streaming content like HBO Max or other platforms.

Every other person has subscribed to a streaming service where they watch movies and shows especially on their favorite streaming platform HBO Max, whenever they like. People even go the extra mile to get HBO Max outside US and access the American content library in their region.

This rise has also affected advertisers and changed the dynamics. A finding from the study reveals that customers are more attracted to streaming platforms ads than social media ads. Let’s find out how they are drawing them and why they are better than social media ads in this article.

Ad Placement Directly in Scene

Generally known as in-scene placement, these ads are not placed as a commercial but in the primary content. Brands set the agreement with the content creators and add their products to their movies and show scenes. Even there are times when the product itself becomes a part of the storyline.

With that, viewers instantly catch the product. They then desire to use the product in real life, which the character used on the screen. It amplifies brand engagement, resulting in big profits.

Video Ads get Easily Shared

In today’s age, we instantly share anything which we find interesting within our network. And video is the most common format among them. A video ad allows the brand to create a convincing story through which users can relate and connect with the product.


In these Click-to-contact ads, either the streaming service or the client monitors the data related to the placement. Besides, a viewer enters the marketing funnel voluntarily and may convert into a customer.

CSAI (Client-side ad insertion) allows room for more personalized and interactive ads. In contrast, SSAI (server-side ad insertion) enables a consistent and smooth experience across all platforms and network conditions. Content providers must select the appropriate data strategy based on historical data and gathered feedback.

Streaming Allow Advanced Targeting through Ads.

The brand does not have to rely on intuitions and generalize its approach to take a chance, nor do they have to guess about the customer’s demands. All this gets solved by the 1-to-1 vector approach on streaming platforms, allowing the brand to target its potential customer regardless of location.

They also don’t have to worry about the platform the user is using to watch or what he is watching. A streaming platform collects user data about what they like to watch and what action they take. It allows advertisers to target only the relevant audience based on their behavior and preference. 

There are many streaming services available worldwide, but some of them are the most hyped platforms. Check the top 5 Streaming services in the United States.

Dynamic overlay

With evolution, the advertising future is more towards personas to create customized attention. Another word of dynamic overlay is frame ads, which are like the bordered content, which serves as an advertisement around the primary content.

The best example of dynamic overlay is live cricket streaming. The small videos on the screen capture viewers’ attention immediately. However, to place these overlays, brands have to be generalized and spend smartly, as there are chances that many people are not aware of their product. Also, check whether HBO Max with Ads is a good deal.

OTT Advertising Acts like Gum

Streaming platforms have revamped the advertisements experience. Whenever an ad appears during streaming, a viewer cannot skip it and can see the countdown clock to know exactly when it will end. Therefore, this experience does not irritate them, and in fact, they find this experience more palatable.

Advertisement Delivery at the Right Time to Your Potential Customers

With advanced technology and intelligent algorithms, streaming platforms deliver ads to viewers at the right time. The automated system automatically detects the spike in activity. For instance, if the viewer watches something at midnight, the system will serve them with ads.

Final Thoughts

The increasing engagement of people with streaming platforms like HBO Max has reshaped brand advertisement placement. They can now reach their targeted audience more effectively than social media ads and influence them to buy their product.

If you are a marketer and want to grow your business to the next level, you now know where to place your marketing ads. Many brands have already started to rely on streaming platforms for their ad placement and are facing massive growth. The time has changed, and social media days are now past.

Besides, this streaming trend shows no sign to stop anywhere in the future but will increase even more. Content creators give something new every second, which thousands of people watch. So, promoting a brand on these spots brings growth beyond imagination.