Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services in the world, but its speeds can vary depending on your location. For instance, if you’re trying to watch Japanese Netflix in US, you might find that it’s much slower than usual. This is because Netflix blocks users from watching content that isn’t licensed in their region. 

But there’s a way to get around this restriction by using a VPN service. Although VPNs can be used to improve Netflix speeds, many people find that they still don’t work as well as they should. So why is Netflix so slow on VPN? Read on to find out.

Exceeding Data Caps

Once you reach the monthly data limit, internet companies like CenturyLink and Comcast reduce your full internet speed. Now pretend you are watching a Netflix streaming video, but it takes a while to load. You repeatedly attempt to reload it but encounter the same problem.

The internet speed appears to be enough, although there is a delay when accessing streaming content. From here, it is evident that despite having a good internet speed, you encounter poor speed when streaming Netflix.

When the user’s data allowance hits its maximum, ISPs impose data caps; consumers must pay a fee for additional data. Additionally, it is the law that users who go over their data limits will be taxed at a higher rate. However, the ISPs began slowing down the subscribers’ speed instead of charging them.

Most ISPs do this and users can choose an expensive subscription plan. One of the simplest tricks any service provider may employ to annoy customers is this one.

Netflix Throttling 

It is true that Netflix significantly slows down your connection. A study reference reveals startling facts concerning Netflix throttling to support our argument. Additionally, there were rumors of Netflix’s service being faulty throughout the lockdown period.

Users of Netflix experienced a temporary outage in March that lasted for around an hour. Users across the US and Europe were impacted. To stop people from using the internet excessively during the shutdown, Netflix decided to reduce the streaming quality throughout Europe.

Netflix users’ speeds are still throttled by the provider in Europe, while nothing is done in the US. From this, it should be evident that Netflix may occasionally throttle its users, which may account for any sluggishness or buffering you encounter when viewing.

You may, however, always take certain precautions to avoid such problems. The use of a VPN is the best option.

ISP Network Congestion

Let’s say it’s time for your preferred Netflix program. At the same time, you and your neighbors are all using the streaming website. You will fight with your neighbors for the same bandwidth throughout the course, but this competition is impossible and causes network congestion.

If the problem persists, your ISP’s only remaining choice is to throttle your speed. They do this to clear up the network, but it greatly influences how you browse. When an ISP wishes to reduce traffic, Netflix’s speed will be slower. Your video either pauses while playing, loads slowly, or buffers while playing. All of this interferes with your ability to stream Netflix, and you are left with no choice except to lash out at your ISP.

You clearly have no influence on what your neighbors do online. But you can keep in mind a few tips to guarantee a Netflix experience without buffering. Try, for example, to watch your preferred television programs and motion pictures when the network isn’t overloaded, such as during off-peak hours. Additionally, in the worst-case scenarios, search for a different service provider with fewer customers so that you won’t experience any performance issues when streaming Netflix.

How to Optimize VPN Speed for Streaming on Netflix

If you’re using ExpressVPN to stream Netflix and find that the speed is less than satisfactory, you can take a few troubleshooting steps to try to improve the situation. Follow three five troubleshooting steps to improve your experience.

Update Your Software

Another method of resolving the Netflix slow speed issue is by updating your software. One of the simplest and least expensive approaches, it doesn’t cost extra. While updating hardware costs money and takes time, updating software only takes a few minutes. Make sure you’re performing it frequently.

Update not only your software but also your graphic card and online browsers. Any harmful data or caches that disrupt the connection are removed by updating them. Additionally, it resolves security holes and guarantees a secure streaming environment.

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Switch Off Hardware Acceleration

When you’re streaming on Netflix, obsolete hardware can occasionally be a major cause of buffering and sluggish loading times. Turn off hardware acceleration in Adobe Flash Player by changing the settings if your hardware is the major issue. 

Turn off the “Enable the hardware acceleration” option. You may watch Netflix videos quickly and without buffering when you turn them off.

Change Your Router Device

When utilizing the internet, the quality of your gadget is crucial; a sluggish internet connection stems from an outdated router. Additionally, you encounter weak WiFi signals that make it difficult to load Netflix and degrade the quality of your video viewing.

Your streaming experience will suffer the weaker the WiFi connections are. Therefore, it’s crucial to switch out your router device occasionally. Every six months, the device should be replaced. You can also choose a wired connection on your desktops since these are best for streaming video.


In conclusion, ISP throttling is still functional and has almost all well-known names behind it. Excellent services like Netflix throttle the connections of their subscribers. Users thus encounter sluggish performance and buffering during their streaming experience.

One can always stop the throttling by utilizing a VPN. Use a trustworthy VPN if you’re having severe issues watching Netflix content. But occasionally, outside factors can make Netflix load slower. Hopefully, you now understand everything said above and know how to stop Netflix from buffering.

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