The notion of cybercrime is far broader than you think. People often associate cybercrimes with malware. They are right, but cybercrimes touch not only computers but also people and sometimes the whole network. The main aim of cybercrime is not always to gain profit. This criminal activity often aims at disabling a computer or system or getting access to personal information. The frequency of such crimes increases; that’s why it’s called an ongoing threat. We hope you understand the importance of being aware of cybercrimes and are ready to learn how to protect yourself from them. It’s a big mistake to think that cybercriminals prey only on famous people who have a high income and certainly know the information that can be useful for these criminals. 

You may be surprised, but your smartphone or computer can be attacked even when you download something or order it online. It’s not a secret that college students use online assistance to tackle homework. In case they do it from an unreliable service, they may lose all their money and even get malware. Please, check the reputation of each service you use attentively and avoid cooperating with companies having bad reviews. Keep it in mind even if you just want to download samples or examples. Get geographical essay examples from reliable websites, and make sure you get a high grade for this paper, and stay safe. It’s great that modern students can get free term paper example on management or any other discipline and be free.

Prevention of cybercrimes is a primary task of police, but it doesn’t mean that Internet users shouldn’t care about their safety. Here are effective ways to do it:

Avoid Public WiFi Networks

How often do you connect to WiFi at college, coffee shops, and other public places you visit? The majority of people know nothing about the risks associated with using public WiFi networks. If you enter your personal information on websites connected to WiFi, open bank apps, and use the mobile phone to access other confidential information, you may risk losing your money and valuable information fast. The biggest drawback of public WiFi networks is the lack of security measures, letting cybercrimes successfully commit their crimes through public networks. It’s also easy to get your smartphone or computer infected with malware. If you have faced it at least once, you know how difficult it is to get rid of the malicious software.

That’s why we ask you not to connect to these networks or do it only in extreme cases with VPN enabled. However, if you don’t know which VPN service to use then, consider reading about NordVPN reviews to make your mind.

Change All Passwords

If you belong to this small percentage of people who were aware of the dangers the Internet poses to users from the very beginning, you probably have good passwords. All other people don’t even think about the risk of being hacked and don’t consider it important to have a strong password. Moreover, many people set one password for all the websites they use. It’s the biggest mistake any Internet user can make. What is a strong password? It’s a long (at least eight characters) combination of letters and numbers, having nothing in common with username or email. A sequence of letters is also not the best option. Many good free password generators help people save the time they spend on creating passwords. It’s a perfect software for users lacking imagination.

Be Careful on Social Media

Thinking that your social media profile isn’t interesting for someone besides your close friends is a big mistake. You can’t even imagine how many people can monitor your page to get some valuable information. As you know, many websites ask users to answer some security questions. And these questions often presuppose you tell the pet’s name, mother’s surname, or other personal information. Criminals who may want to hack one of your accounts will start keeping an eye on your social media to find out everything they need. That’s why we ask you to be attentive to what you post there. The fewer people know what you do, the better for you.

Use Licensed Antivirus Software

It’s so difficult for us to pay for digital products. And even when we understand that a good antivirus is our key to security, we still prefer to download hacked software versions from the Internet instead of paying for them. But what does the file contain? You can’t be sure of the quality of the software that has already been hacked by someone. Moreover, there’s no guarantee that the person who did it had no criminal aims.

Purchasing high-quality antivirus software and keeping it updated also guarantees protection from the newest types of malware.

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Criminals are constantly working on improving their software, so the outdated antivirus can’t protect you from it. This approach applies to everything you download from unknown sources. If it’s possible to purchase the official product, do it. 

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