Facebook has been a constantly growing platform across the world. According to a study conducted by Forrester, 22 percent of the world population uses Facebook, and more than 73 percent of male and 83 percent of female internet users use Facebook. This goes to the lengths to tell you how important it is for you, as a brand, to know how to market and grow your business on Facebook. That is exactly why we bring to you this article, which is going to tell you about how you can increase your Facebook engagement in five simple ways. If you are e beginner Facebook marketer, then a simple way for you to get more engagement is to buy Facebook followers. It gets you more organic reach and hence is beneficial for the account in the long run. But more on that later. Before jumping onto the tips we’re going to talk about a few basics of Facebook.

Facebook is a platform that is used to build communities and friend circles. Because of this, it got humongous popularity. However, growing on Facebook can get difficult if you don’t have a guide. A simple way to engage with people on Facebook is to reply to their comments. This makes people feel prioritized and hence gets you more engagement. Also, you can try posting behind-the-scenes clips, as video content is loved by Facebook users, and so on. Now that you understand a few things about the platform, let us jump right into the tips for today.

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1. Give Some Value Through Your Content

The only savior of yours in the social media industry is your content. If you don’t have good content, people are not going to stick around. This is why we put this tip on the top. Creating content that gives people value is what makes you engaging on Facebook. Now, value can be of any kind. It could be educational, entertainment, informational, and much more. But the most important thing is to put effort and research. If you can make content that is liked by people, you have a chance of going viral on Facebook, after which you wouldn’t even need to worry about engagement for a few days. However, to reach that level takes time and effort. Also, it helps to have good camera gear, because people are subconsciously drawn towards better video quality and hence having a good camera helps. Although smartphones nowadays have a great camera, having a professional setup adds a flair to your content. These tips are going to take your content from level 0 to level 50 in an instant.

2. Research on Your Audience

Now when you are making good content, people are going to come in. This collective group of people that are ready to see your content is known as your audience. Having good knowledge about your audience is very helpful in bringing more. However, where do you get this knowledge from? Well, this is where analytics come to play. Even if you ignore Facebook analytics, go to websites like Edgerank checker and check how your page is performing. This is going to give you a brief idea about what your consumers like and what they don’t. And when you know that, you can create content that converts, and hence you have the upper hand in the game. It doesn’t require a piece of content to be liked by everyone in your audience, but as long as it’s the majority, it’s fine. You must find the best time to post on Facebook because it will help you in increasing engagement on the page.

3. Keep It Short

Nobody likes to waste their time on long paragraphs talking about boring brands they have already heard of. This could be a serious buzzkill for your brand if you do so. Keeping it short means keeping it simple. Whenever you’re hosting a campaign, don’t let the writer inside you get carried away and write only what’s necessary. Let the poster carry most of the information and deliver everything you can through visual content. People easily get distracted while reading long paragraphs and hence you should avoid doing so. We know there isn’t a word limit on Facebook, but it doesn’t mean you have to write an entire book in there. Short and simple does the job and has proven to bring in more engagement over time.

4. Buy Facebook Followers

A lot of people don’t know this, but buying Facebook followers can be beneficial for your account in the long run. This is because Facebook followers bring in more organic engagement. This happens as people think that the piece of content liked by other people must be liked by them as well. This is why they feel inclined to follow or like your Facebook page, after seeing the number of followers you already have. This is called peer mentality and hence you can capitalize on it if you buy Facebook followers. This gives you a massive head start as compared to your competitors and hence allows you to shine. However, buying from unreliable sources can be risky, hence you should only buy from websites like, Viralyft and GetViral which give you high-quality engagement, and timely delivery.

5. Take a Look at Your Competitors

Keeping an eye on the competition is the way to grow in any walk of life. When it comes to Facebook, to be aware of your niche trends and act upon them in time, you have to be aware of the competitors. You don’t have to look through hundreds of different pages for it, just keep a few big pages to keep a check on. This will help you get content inspiration, ways to tackle future problems and in general will strengthen your Facebook marketing game. Since the audience type is similar you can use their account’s analytics to grow your own and hence become a successful Facebook marketer.


In this highly competitive environment, having a guide to help you through your Facebook journey is going to give you a massive head start. Following the tips mentioned above is going to help you clear the fundamentals and hence help you build a strong social media presence. Now, that might not happen overnight, but if you give it some time and work on the content you’re creating, then there’s no stopping you from becoming the next biggest influencer in your niche.