Instagram has only been around since 2010. However, the rise of Instagram influencers and other tools like Instagram Stories has made it a major player in the marketing world. More than 500 million of Instagram’s 1 billion monthly users log in at least once daily. Seventy-one percent of companies in the United States utilize social media to communicate with their customers.

Instagram may not be the most popular social media network (that title goes to Facebook), but it is by far the most effective medium for influencer marketing. Today’s social media landscape cannot function without Instagram’s ubiquitous presence and influence.

With Instagram’s meteoric rise in popularity, companies of all sizes are collaborating with influential users to increase brand awareness and boost sales. So how can you choose the most effective Instagrammers to collaborate with on promotional endeavors?

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Where to Look for Influencers in Your Niche

Aware of Who You’re Addressing

Learning more about your present clientele is the greatest approach to attracting new ones. It’s possible that among the customers you’ve previously served are key opinion leaders in your area. Next, review the fan base and identify influential people who might help spread your message. Are there any of them attracting more than a thousand loyal fans?

Even if most of their audience is unfamiliar with your business, exposure from someone with 1,300 followers is substantial. Therefore, communicating with them could be beneficial. Follower count is only one of several indicators that can be used to categorize your followers using a tool like SocialRank. Because you won’t have to go through everyone’s followers to identify those with a sizable following, this tool is especially helpful for popular companies with plenty of fans.

Create a Set of Standards

To proceed with your search for influencers, you must first define your marketing objectives. Then, it is much simpler to locate relevant Instagram influencers when you have a certain end.

Many individuals mistakenly believe that all they need to do is identify an Instagram influencer with close to a million viewers, and they will be set. However, things are not quite that easy. Find people with many followers; they will help spread the word about your business.

However, locating an appropriate influencer is of paramount importance. This is why it’s crucial to define what constitutes an influencer. Do this before you start your search. For example, the search might be narrowed down based on parameters such as the size of their engaged audience, the relevance of that audience to your business, and the kind of material they provide.

Let us pretend that an Instagram star with a million fans doesn’t stand out when it comes to engagement on individual Instagram posts. This demonstrates how disinterested they are in the topic at hand. A person with a million followers but poor engagement may not be as good as someone with 100,000 followers but excellent engagement.

Determine whether the influencer’s following is a good fit for your business. For instance, if your product is a headset for use with a computer game, you should seek an influencer whose followers also like playing video games. On the other hand, you will not go very far with your marketing efforts if the influencer that identifies is a star who is followed for advice on doing one’s hair and cosmetics.

To cap it all off, the influencer has to provide excellent content. In return, you will provide them with a service or something for promotional materials they create for your company. The quality of such material is crucial to you.

Look Into Trending Hashtags That May Be Useful for Your Brand

Recruiting Instagram users who are currently chatting about your business or items are more effective. They could become the next big thing to help spread the word about your product. Some investigation into the use of hashtags could assist with this.

Hashtags are equivalent to keywords when it comes to search engine optimization. There are a lot of terms in this piece. These are the top Instagram hashtags.

While they are pertinent, searching for influencers using these terms will be fruitless. For example, if you begin your search with the hashtag “#organic,” you will be required to sift through even more than 54 million postings. However, there are fewer postings when you explore long-tail hashtags.

Find Popular Instagram Users by Browsing the Explore Page

Check out the Explore feature inside the app if you want to locate Instagram influencers without spending money. You may discover new companies and businesses, potential collaborators, and influencers using the Explore page, even as the name suggests. You can also check out reelit which is an Instagram downloader which shows the latest reels by popular Instagram users.

Instagram employs an algorithm to determine which content to recommend in Explore based on your likes and recent page views. As a result, when someone visits this website from their mobile device, they see a unique version.

As you peruse, if you see Instagram profiles that may be a good match for your brand’s influencer marketing or social selling efforts, be sure to jot down their data.


Finding Instagram influencers for just a targeted marketing campaign may be challenging, particularly when resources are limited. The good news is that influencers are just as eager to boost their profiles by collaborating with businesses in their respective fields.

In certain cases, working together may benefit both parties. If your marketing with Instagram influencers proves successful and your business expands, you may even be able to form a lasting partnership with them.