Modern time demands modern ways of making money. Many people, being left without any income during the pandemic, started figuring out new ways of earning a living. Some have been doing freelance or transferring into entrepreneurship.

But the majority of people prefer to apply for a loan and solve short-term problems in such a way. We want to give you proven advice. Now, people spend a lot of time on social media. So, why not spend this time with benefits and turn wasting hours on social media into real profit?

Some are still browsing the internet in search of quick ways of getting extra cash. Spoiler alerts: there are no ways to get money quickly, but borrow personal unsecured loans on PayDay Say, but if you put a little time and effort into a couple of online YouTube money channels, you will be able to make decent money in the long run.

1. Monetizing Your Social Media Account

If you have a successful blog but haven’t used the advantages of having a big audience, here’s your chance. Instagram and Twitter are the two most common platforms to allow their users to monetize their social media presence or earn money via advertising. If you post great content and attract followers, companies may contact you for cooperation.

2. Become a Translator

If you know a foreign language, it’s simply a crime not to use it to make money. Translating companies for individuals or companies has become highly demanded as social media business is getting bigger. YouTube, for instance, hires people to interpret close captions. You can find such vacations on the Freelancer website.

3. Editing Videos

Editing takes up the biggest part of video content production. Online businesses, streamers, and YouTube influencers usually look for help with the editing process. Have the skill? Go for it.

4. Making Video Content

Have an idea for engaging video content? Got at least, 1K followers? Start earning money through the YouTube partner program. Having a big and loyal audience can serve as an income for years. But even without being a famous influencer, you can contact companies yourself and post reviews on their products. People do love those “unpacking videos”.

5. Streaming Games

If living in the video games reality is already a part of your daily schedule, start streaming and growing your audience. You will only need a webcam and a headset for this endeavor. Xbox One or PS4 users can stream live through their console.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing works if you own a blog, a social media page, or a website. Affiliate marketing works via links that you post in your captions or texts. To smoothly put the link of a referral website into the text, you have to review the product and recommend this to your readers. This strategy can work if your blog or page gets at least 30K hits a month. Each time someone buys the product or uses the service, you get your percent.

7. Loan Affiliate Program

This particular method of affiliate marketing involves companies that issue loans. You can share your experience of money shortage and the help you got from alternative lending institutions on your page. 

8. Using an Email-Marketing List

When you have your own website, you can target people directly and send them special offers and discounts. Bloggers advertise their online books and online courses.

Not having a website or blog doesn’t mean less money for you. You can create an email marketing list and send out affiliate deals and special offers.

9. Blogging

Before making money via a blog you have to establish one. Find a niche of your interest but that will also be exciting to read to others. You can find something new or even give a new vision to long-discussed topics like AI or Bitcoin.

10. Building a Forum for Discussion

Even competing with social media for popularity, blogs can be a huge getaway for many people in search of advice and personal communication. Earning via forums can be achieved through banner ads and sponsored ones from partners. Private discussion forums, in particular, have an entry and a monthly fee. For people to sign up and bring the funds you have to offer them something special on your forum.

11. Podcasting

Podcasting is just another way to provide content. Apart from writing in a blog, you can provide audio or video content. Topics usable for podcasts are boundless: sports, music, politics, entertainment, interviews with interesting people, and more. If you start a podcast from scratch you can use your smartphone for recording or purchase special equipment for a better quality of image and sound.

Money earned on podcasts comes from advertisements, selling services and products.

12. Writing an E-Book

Books of any genre can find their audience on the Net. You just have to find a gripping, entertaining, or socially important issue to write on. You can write from your computer or even from a smartphone, then upload it to a bookstore and wait for the benefits. You can post bits from your book on social media and promote via social media accounts as well.

13. Establishing an Online Course

Everyone has a skill they can boast about or teach others. You can make a profit using your skills and educating others. People value the personal experience and are ready to pay for successful life stories and knowledge on exclusive topics. You have to be ready to post a selection of articles and use visual aids (images and videos).

14. Working as a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants help people manage their social media presence and promote their trade or service. If you’re savvy with social media you can write posts, create visual content, and do reposts, engage in discussions with clients, and another business-vital social strategy.

15. Selling Stock Videos and Photos

Travel bloggers have discovered this method of earning money while enjoying beautiful views and relaxing at the beaches. Photos from your vacations don’t have to collect dust on shelves or be a burden to your computer drive for eternity. You can upload them to special services and earn money on your precious memories.

16. Inserting Links in Texts

This is one of the methods of earning money via affiliate marketing. If you’re keen on writing posts, you can post reviews on products and services and insert links to companies providing these products. Don’t use this method in your writing too soon not to drive the audience away.

17. Selling or Promoting Products

You can use your social media account as a platform for promoting your or someone’s products. Whether it is a tutorial, an online course, a product, or a service, you can make it happen if you set yourself a goal.

18. Posting Reviews on Products

You don’t have to lie or write just about anything. You can choose a company to work with and write about their products if you enjoy using them. Simply share your user’s experience and help other customers.

19. Advertising Via Facebook

3 billion users on Facebook can become your auditory for purchasing your products or accessing your website. Various examples show that you can triple the money spent on ads in profit.

20. Purchasing and Reselling Websites

There are about 1.7 billion online. Countless websites are going out of business every second. You can purchase those that don’t attract business, fix and improve them and then resell them to small businesses or individuals.

21. Teaching English to Foreigners

People who want to succeed in life know they need to learn English to promote their skills and expertise. Help them move their business to English-speaking countries. Your social media page can become the source for your own English-teaching business.

22. Getting Money for Your Expertise

You don’t have to make your own courses online if you don’t have the strength or equipment. You can just sell your skills to companies who look for experts working for them part-time.

23. Testing Websites and Apps

Making the fullest of your online presence can become very lucrative. Test new apps and websites and report back to their owners with your feedback. While doing so, you can even come up with a profitable idea.

24. Answer Survey Questions and Make Money

Retailers value real people’s opinions and are ready to pay for feedback. Search for such questionnaires online and get the money during your free time.

25. Become an Influencer

Influencers are really trendy these days. Just about anything can pick you up onto the wave of fame and make people listen to what you have to say. Influencers can become popular on any platform. Those platforms where you can monetize your presence are few. First, you get famous just doing some stupid trend, then you can engage your audience with some more exciting topics. Finally, companies contact you for advertising purposes. If your audience trusts you, you can earn decent money.