Let’s face it, it’s 2023, and it’s hard to believe anyone not having an Instagram account. Everyone from your best friend to your grandmother to your work colleague— posts at least a few photos on their profile daily. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s their lunch or the latest ugly Christmas sweater; everyone wants you to see what they are up to. But, when you watch someone else’s Instagram stories, posts, and videos, the social network gets to track your behavior, and people get to see that you saw their stories and posts. 

If you’re like most people, that’s something you’d rather keep to yourself. And keeping that in view, we’ve created fool-proof ways for you to snoop around without letting anyone know. 

Whether it’s your ex, you’d like to spy on or your kid who just told you he’s on a study night out with his friends, you’ll know exactly what they’re up to without fear of them knowing. 

So, keep reading to know how to chill out and watch everything on Instagram as an anonymous viewer—

How to Watch Instagram Stories, Highlights, Posts and Reels Anonymously – 3 Simple Methods!

It is evident that you are reading this post because you want to anonymously view Instagram Stories, Highlights, Posts and Reels but do not know the way forward.

However, worry not! 

While it is commonly believed that viewing or downloading Instagram stories anonymously is not possible due to Instagram’s privacy policies, it’s important to note that it is not as impossible as you may have thought.

Contrary to what you initially thought, there are methods available that can allow you to accomplish this task. And that’s why this post has been created—to provide you with the necessary information and guidance on how to anonymously browse Instagram Stories, Highlights, Posts, and Reels.

Disclaimer: Indeed, Instagram does not offer native support for viewing and downloading Instagram Stories anonymously. So, it’s crucial to acknowledge that using someone’s content without their permission is against Instagram’s policies and terms of service. Therefore, we strongly advise you to use Instagram in a responsible and respectful manner, while respecting the rights and privacy of other users.

Method 1 – Watch Instagram Stories in Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode.

When we talked about Instagram’s feature of preloading stories, this is where we were getting to. First things first, enable airplane mode on your device. This will allow you to view content without any internet connection. Remember that Instagram has a ‘Recent Activity’ tab where it shows the user’s timeline and all the recent stories from their followers – this is where we should start the viewing process. Scrolling down on this tab will bring up individual users’ stories, sorted by time of upload, and each story is accompanied by a video preview of up to 30 seconds duration or post date/time if it’s a photo post. 

However, note that the downside to this method is that you can only view “preloaded” Instagram posts and stories. 

Method 2 – Make A Secondary Instagram Account

secondary account

The other way to view Instagram stories, posts, and reels anonymously is to create a secondary account by using a different email address and phone number. This is one of the easiest ways to get around the spam on Instagram and also protect your privacy. You can create an anonymous viewer handle that doesn’t reveal your personal information but still lets you enjoy the content on Instagram stories with no one knowing who is watching it. 

This will free you of any worries about your identity being revealed. You can enjoy your time on Instagram as an anonymous viewer and view stories, reels, posts, and highlights without getting caught. 

Method 3 – Use of Third-Party Anonymous Instagram Stories Viewer Apps for PC, Android, And iOS

Last but not least, you can use a third-party ‘Anonymous IG Stories Viewer’. For those who may be unfamiliar, anonymous IG story viewer refers to applications that enable you to browse through other users’ Instagram stories, highlights, posts, and reels without them noticing your presence or activity. 

While there are many apps of this nature available online, let’s delve into some of the top Instagram Stories viewer apps (for PC, Android, and iOS) discussed below—



This app has been developed by a Ukrainian team that can anonymously view others’ Instagram stories without making them aware of your viewing them. The best thing about this insta stories viewer is that you don’t need to have an account on Instagram to be able to view someone’s stories, posts, or reels. You can simply put their username in the search box given on this app and put your best detective game on. 

Features of InstaStories.watch:

  • View Instagram stories and posts absolutely anonymously.
  • Be able to download old and new Instagram stories and posts directly to your phone or desktop in any format like MP4, JPEG, etc.
  • It is very easy to browse – Simple User Interface.
  • Seamlessly view and download IGTV Reels or live streams of any Instagram user (if the account is public).
  • Works swiftly on desktop browsers and your android, IOS, Mac, or Windows devices.
  • You don’t need to have an account on Instagram to view Instagram stories and posts.
  • It guarantees 100% anonymity. This means Instagram Viewers won’t be visible to Instagram users as the app does not store any data.
  • There are over 30 language options to view Instagram stories, posts, reels, and highlights in.

Instructions to View IG Stories, IGTV, Videos, Photos, Reels and Highlights Anonymously in InstaStories.watch:

  • Firstly, ‘copy the URL or link of the profile’ that you want to view anonymously.
  • Then, head to the ‘Instastories.watch website’ and there, ‘paste the link’ on the search box provided.
  • After that, when you click on the ‘Search’ button, you’ll be taken to the profile of the Instagram account you want to engage with anonymously.
  • There you can view Instagram stories and posts anonymously but, if you want to download a post or story, click on your choice, and you will find a ‘Download option’ at the bottom of the post.



This is yet another online app that lets you view IG stories anonymously without the need to use airplane mode or make a fake account. In fact, you don’t even need to have an account to be able to sneak around on this app. Has watching Insta stories, IGTV Reels, and posts anonymously been this easy? We don’t think so. Explore this incognito application which can work on your desktop as well as your mobile phones whether Android or iOS.

However, before that, to know more about what it offers, check out its features below—

Features of Storiesig.me:

  • Browse Instagram stories, reels, posts, and highlights anonymously without registering for an account.
  • Instantly download Instagram Stories, Highlights, and Posts from public accounts directly to your desktop or mobile phone.
  • View IGTV Reels, Stories, and Posts from any public account.
  • Swiftly watch Instagram Highlights (stories archive) from your browser (Instagram Highlights Viewer).
  • No need to have an Instagram account or be logged into your existing one.
  • The app is easy to use and doesn’t need any supervision.
  • It costs 0 money to use it.
  • There are multiple language options to view Instagram content in.

Instructions to View IG Stories, IGTV, Videos, Photos, Reels and Highlights Via Storiesig.me:

  • First of all, open ‘Instagram’ from any browser or launch the app.
  • Then, get the ‘username’ containing the story.
  • Next, paste your username in the ‘Instagram Highlights and Stories Downloader’ input field on Storiesig.me.
  • After that, click on the ‘Get Stories’ button.
  • Now, you can ‘Save’ IG stories to your device or simply view them anonymously.



The next anonymous Instagram story viewer that allows you to browse Instagram anonymously is none other than StoriesDown. In early 2020, StoriesDown went live, and today it has 7.7 million visitors per month. On this platform, you’re not required to create an account or enter your Instagram credentials. This means, it is free to read and download Instagram stories using the StoriesDown website. You just need to enter the profile you want to browse through and this platform will let you view Instagram stories and posts anonymously.

Features of Storiesdown.com:

  • No login required; you can view IG posts anonymously on this platform without having an account.
  • Your identity will remain anonymous as you are not required to register or create an account.
  • It not only allows you to view Instagram Stories and posts but also download and distribute them in various file formats.
  • You have the ability to request the Website to remove objectionable material from the platform.
  • You can browse using different languages, from English to Arabic.
  • It makes it possible to download IG Stories, Videos, IGTV, Photos, and Highlights in different MP4, JPEG formats.
  • It’s 100% free to use and you don’t need to make any purchase at any point of time.
  • Last but not the least, it also allows you to access post data like time, date and caption.

Instructions to View IG Stories, IGTV, Videos, Photos, Reels and Highlights Via Storiesdown.com:

  • On your respective device, visit the ‘StoriesDown official website.’
  • There in the search bar of the website, type the ‘Instagram username’ of the account you wish to follow and view content.
  • Then, hit the ‘Search’ button.
  • After that, click the ‘Download’ option to the right for viewing their story.



Second last on the list we have Instagram Navigation. This is a free service that allows you to view Instagram Stories without an account. Furthermore, what makes it one of the best IG reels is that it neither requires you to register nor log in at any point in your surfing and browsing. With it, you can easily track followers, likes, and comments and monitor Stories, streams, images, and other activities of any user on Instagram.

Features of Instanavigation.com:

  • You do not need to have a profile on its website, nor do you need to enter your email to enjoy its services.
  • It guarantees anonymity. Not only do they not share your information with Instagram but they also do not ask you to log in to your Insta account.
  • You can use this platform on a variety of devices, including iPhone or Android to view Instagram stories anonymously.
  • Most importantly, Instagram Navigation provides free services to its users to make the experience smooth and hassle-free.

Instructions to View IG Stories, IGTV, Videos, Photos, Reels, and Highlights Via Instanavigation.com:

  • First of all, ‘copy the URL or link of the profile’ that you want to view anonymously.
  • Then, go to the website ‘Instanavigation.com.’
  • There, ‘paste the link’ (that you have copied) in the given search box and click on ‘search.’
  • As soon as you do this, the profile of the Instagram account you want to access anonymously will open and there you can ‘view Instagram stories and posts anonymously.’
  • Now, click on your choice and then click on the ‘download’ option below the post to start the download.



Last but not the least, iStories is also one of the free services that allows you to view public Instagram profiles anonymously. Using this platform, you can secretly track stories, highlights, live broadcasts, postings, likes, comments, and subscribers on Instagram. You can also access Feed and Stories without even logging into your account. It’s simply because it is designed to view and download Instagram posts on iPhones and Android devices while remaining anonymous. 

Features of Istories.Site:

  • iStories does not require you to create an account, rather you just need to visit the website and browse.
  • You don’t need to enter any of your personal details as no login is required to view Instagram stories and posts anonymously.
  • It is compatible with various devices, so you can easily use this platform to view Instagram posts anonymously on Android, iPhone and PC.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, iStories is a free tool that allows you to browse without creating an account.

Instructions to View IG Stories, IGTV, Videos, Photos, Reels and Highlights Via Istories.Site:

  • To get started, go to ‘Istories.site’ and there, enter the ‘Username’ of the IG account you want to view and download content from.
  • After entering the username, press the ‘Enter’ button to view all the latest content of that IG account.
  • From the content displayed, choose what you want to save to your phone and click on it to activate the ‘Download’ button.
  • Now, simply look in your ‘download folder’ for the downloaded content.

Bottom Line

That is all! Hope with the explanation of different methods, we have made it clear to you how you can easily browse Instagram Stories, Posts and Reels without revealing your identity. Now, once you have read this article, it is up to you which of the above-mentioned methods you choose to view Insta Stories, posts and reels anonymously.


A: While Instagram offers a plethora of attractive and unique features, it is necessary to acknowledge that the platform has some limitations. For instance—

  • When you view someone’s Instagram highlights, they can also see who viewed them.
  • You’re not able to access stories anonymously.
  • If you view someone else’s story, that person will also be able to recognize you by your name.
This is because in order to protect users’ privacy on the platform, Instagram lets users see who is viewing their content.

A: Yes, it is now possible to view someone else’s Insta stories in peace without worrying about being discovered. In this regard, know that the most reliable way to view Instagram stories privately is to use airplane mode and an anonymous account. Furthermore, third-party anonymous Instagram story viewer apps also enable you to view other people’s stories without signing up or logging in to an Instagram account.

A: These are the 4 ways to view Instagram Stories, Reels, Posts and Highlights anonymously—

  • Turn on Airplane Mode
  • Create a New Instagram Account
  • Slide and View from Adjacent Stories
  • Use Third-Party Online Instagram Stories Viewer Apps 

A:  No, viewing stories anonymously is only possible for public accounts. This means, it is not possible to view Instagram Stories anonymously from a private account unless you send a follow request and get permission by the account holder.

A: There is no law that prevents people from downloading content from IG and storing it on their device. However, you are not allowed to reuse the content or share it as if it is your own.