Experienced traders face many issues when trying to find a brokerage service that provides as many features as they need to make the best out of their trading business. 

Terra Markets is the perfect platform to fix those problems, as it features enough assets to support enormous transactions between many users. It aims to provide a professional service in more than 220 countries, and it has dozens of cryptocurrencies to choose from. 

However, although this platform is oriented toward experienced users, it has introduced new educational features to help new traders understand more about the crypto world and increase their performance.

Nonetheless, this Terra Markets review is meant to illustrate all the fantastic features that can be found on this broker and how it can help big traders buy and sell crypto more effortlessly.

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Terra Markets Overview

Opening an account in Terra Markets is relatively easy, and brokers don’t need to fund it right away. Moreover, its straightforward interface allows traders to effortlessly navigate all the options and menus on all possible devices, including desktop and mobile platforms. 

All versions of this broker have the same usability, as its team of tech experts designed it to be as intuitive as possible and allow its users to find all the options they need without too much hassle.

Aside from trading assets, this broker allows its users to view real-time data in charts and tables. Moreover, they can research the latest crypto news in its news section, which gathers information from the most relevant sources for crypto enthusiasts.

In addition, traders can link several devices at once to control all of their watchlists and subscriptions no matter where they are. Still, some of Terra Markets’s most relevant features are the following.

Spot, Futures, and Margin Trading

Terra Markets features two main markets where traders can buy and sell assets depending on their individual needs. These markets are the spot and the futures markets, the most popular ones among crypto traders.

Moreover, if someone’s strategy is focused on diversity, they may choose the several options that spot trading can provide. However, it is always good to keep in mind that no one should be afraid to experiment when investing, and trying futures trading can give fantastic benefits.

In addition, this platform recently included another fantastic feature that can be used to increase the potential of each strategy. This is margin trading. It offers some leverage on the most popular currencies on the brokerage platform.

Nonetheless, it is crucial to be aware that margin trading can give fantastic results, but it also increases the risk of losing money. Therefore, doing extensive research and understanding how each trading type works is fundamental before investing.

Stock and ETF Screener

This is an incredibly useful tool, as it allows traders to search for their desired assets among several markets based on specific customizable criteria. Traders can use one of the several predetermined filters created for this screener or create one themselves, but they must remember to save it on their account if they want to use it continuously.

It also provides data that allows the traders to understand the full picture of the current market trend, which helps them make better decisions.


Although this broker is aimed toward professional traders, it also features a comprehensive educative program that anyone can use to sharpen their skills. It offers a curriculum that covers all important trading subjects, and it is meant to turn anyone into an investment professional who is ready to begin a career in trading.

Some of the methodologies used in this program include learning objectives, quizzes, and tests. Moreover, each student is allowed to progress at their own pace and study the subjects they prefer. This section includes both general investment knowledge and tutorials on how to use the platform.

In addition, users can enjoy daily webinars from experts that allow them to interact and get their questions answered in real-time. However, if, for some reason, someone can’t make it to the live session, they have thousands of recordings available on the platform.

Mobile Apps

Everyone is aware of how mobile apps have made people’s lives easier. They give direct access to several tools no matter where the user may be. That’s why Terra Markets decided to create an efficient app available for Android and iOS in which traders can get access to all the features they need to control their investments through their phones.

Terra Markets Bottom Line

Professional traders deserve a broker that provides the quality service they need to boost their trading business. That’s what Terra Markets aims to do with its several top-notch features. However, the best way to check this out is by experiencing it on their website.