Social media management tools are high in demand. Over the years they have become crucial in formulating an Instagram growth strategy. These tools help you to get Instagram followers through organic methods.  The range of functions that these tools have is massive. You can create as well as monitor content using their tools. In this article, we have compared Sprout Social and Hootsuite to help you find the best software /app like Insfollowers to boost your Instagram presence.

1. Engagement

Sprout Social

Sprout Social’s tools are well suited to give you great engagement. Engaging with your Instagram followers and other social media accounts is an important part of growth on Instagram. Liking and commenting on posts in the same niche helps you to boost your Instagram presence. With their tools, you can automate this process. They conduct the engagement on your behalf. This allows engagement to be done in a fast and efficient way. They engage with accounts that will help you to grow on the platform. They have message spike alerts. This feature informs you when there is an increase in the volume of messages allowing you to respond quickly to the situation. 


Hootsuite offers multiple engagement tools to its clients. Their tools are some of the best that are available. With their tools, all of your messages are compiled in a single database. You can reply to them or assign team members to deal with messages. Their chatbots emulate human conversations well and when used adds a human touch to the conversations. Using their tools helps you to get back to your client much faster. Recurring replies can even be saved. You can use these replies to answer recurring questions with a few clicks. Their engagement software makes the entire process of gaining engagement very simple. 

2. Scheduling

Sprout Social

Having a good scheduler helps to relieve pressure. You do not need to be stressed about having to post at accurate times. The tools do the work on your behalf. The scheduler by sprout Social has integration features. This helps it to publish on several social media platforms simultaneously. You have the option to prepare posts in advance. Using their calendar you get a blueprint for your content publishing. The tool gives you the option to schedule the exact date and time for posting the prepared content. You could even use their software to suggest the best time to post. This tool is sure to help you gain real Instagram followers and likes


Hootsuite boasts of a powerful scheduler. It allows you to map out content over time. Their composer helps you to create content using their software. This tool optimizes the content based on the specifications that Instagram has. Using this tool guarantees you that you will have highly optimized content every time you post. The tool enables you to work with your team members in real-time. You can work seamlessly on the same piece of content which promotes better collaboration among the different members of the team. They have an approval feature as well. The stakeholder of the account will have to approve the posts before they are published. This provides an additional check to ensure only top-quality content gets posted. 

3. Analytics

Sprout Social

Sprout Social has a simple interface on its analysis tools. All of the analysis functions are listed on the screen and make it easy to use. They provide you data of the present as well as past for the different social media platforms. It is provided on a color-coded graph to make it easier to read and understand for their clients. You can select the period and the tool shows you the key data for that period on the graph. As they have integrated various social media platforms, you can compare them on a single screen. This helps you to draw out a comparison to analyze which areas you have made improvements in.


Hootsuite uses a combination of numerals and graphs to display its data. The data is organized and easy to interpret. They weed out the unnecessary data to show you the figures that matter. They allow you to set benchmarks and monitor the changes you have over time. Their complicated mechanisms simplify the data for your use. When you start using their analytic tools you understand their quality. They have left no stone unturned to provide you with almost 100% accuracy and help you increase real Instagram followers.

4. Pricing

Sprout Social

You can try all the features sprout Social has to offer for free in their 30-day trial offer. They have a variety of paid packages that will meet all of your needs. Their starter package costs $89 per month. You can add 5 social profiles and get access to the majority of their tools. This is a great package for an individual using their tools. The second package costs $149 per month. You can add 10 social profiles along with all of the tools in the earlier package. You get access to competitive reports, trend analysis, and more. The largest package costs $249 per month and contains everything from the professional package. You also get additional features such as message spike alert, suggested and saved replies, automated link tracking, and more.


They have an assortment of packages to boost your Instagram presence via buying active Instagram Followers. They have a free trial option available. Their paid packages start at $19 and go up to $599 per month. These packages differ in the number of accounts you get to manage and the features present. You can avail of their Enterprise package where they curate a plan according to your needs.

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Hootsuite and Sprout Social are huge competitors in the field of social media marketing. Both of them have tools that perform exceptionally well. Hootsuite can provide a few additional tools. These tools are impactful and will have a significant effect on your account. Sprout Social makes up for their lack of tools by offering a lower price.

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