Everyone is reviewing their memberships as the price of living continues to rise and choosing which ones should be kept and which ones should be canceled. The same is true with streaming platforms, which are now numerous, yet two platforms continue to rule the market, i.e., Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

So, which one gives a better value for the money? Even though it is now canceling several of its shows, Netflix has its original programming, whereas Amazon typically has a more extensive selection of films and television programs. Here’s our Amazon Prime review, which explains five reasons to cancel Netflix and subscribe to Prime Video today!

Reasons to Cancel Netflix and Subscribe to Prime Video

If you’ve been going back and forth about opting out of Netflix and pledging loyalty to Amazon prime video, we’ll make your decision easier. Of course, it would be best if you got your Prime Video subscription, and here are 5 reasons why you must cancel your Netflix this month.   

Price, and Plans

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When comparing the prices of each provider, an Amazon Prime Video subscription (without Amazon Prime) is $8.99 less expensive than even the most affordable Netflix binge-watch plan. Additionally, you receive more benefits for your money, such as different streams and better video resolution.

For Netflix-like features, you’d need to purchase the Standard or Premium plan, which costs $15.49 or $19.99, respectively. Even the basic Amazon Prime membership, which comes with Prime Video, costs $14.99 or $139 annually (an average of $11.58 per month). So, it is reasonable to conclude that Amazon wins the price war on all fronts.

Usage of the App

Even though Amazon’s user experience is undeniably less appealing than Netflix’s, Alexa and the Echo speaker perform exceptionally well when using the Amazon app. In addition, Amazon manages your additional streaming apps, like HBO GO, Netflix, CBS All Access, and more, whether you are streaming through an Amazon Fire TV Stick or viewing on a mobile phone.

In contrast to Amazon Prime Video, Netflix provides consistency across devices. The Amazon platform offers a robust interface for the company’s core contents but works well for other apps. The variety of channels and apps provided by the Amazon Prime Video app is another of its best features.


Five different profiles on one Netflix account can be customized. Each account can be given parental control by needing a unique code to access adult-rated content.

Creating profiles for Amazon Prime Video requires a bit more effort. You can link your subscription with your partner’s membership if you both have Prime. Your digital wallet and library are accessible to everyone through Amazon Household.

Using an iOS or Android device, you can access the Amazon Prime Video features by clicking the Settings symbol under My account. 



Amazon Prime Video lacks DVR storage, unlike Sling TV, despite being a premium streaming platform. Although Netflix does not have DVR space, it does allow you to save series and movies for offline playback, much like Amazon Prime Video.

Depending on your plan, Netflix allows several devices to stream simultaneously. However, only one device may be streamed at once with the Basic subscription. The Standard package comes with two streams, while the Premium package comes with four. 

On the other hand, Prime Video allows you to watch one screen on two devices simultaneously and up to three videos simultaneously.

Superior Video Content

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video offer different types of digital content. While Netflix leads regarding quality programming, which builds good relationships between your family, Amazon Prime Video features a far more extensive content library. 

If you like to watch episodes and movies that are difficult to find, Amazon is an excellent option. Several HBO programs, including Succession, Deadwood, The Wire, and Sopranos, are accessible through Amazon Prime Video.

The Final Cut

The two top video-on-demand streaming services are Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Regarding content selection, Netflix is unmatched, while Amazon Prime Video has an enormous selection of original programming. 

Both are excellent choices, but if you are currently subscribed to Netflix, you might select Amazon Prime Video and stop using Netflix. In addition, a free version of Amazon Prime Video is available for 30 days. So, you will have a lot of time to check out that service and evaluate it against Netflix.