You are in a competitive spot and operate an eCommerce business or are looking to set it up. 

This means you’ll need to reconsider your strategy and discover ways to expand your eCommerce store. The positive side is that technology is readily available; paired with the expertise of users and the assistance of WordPress and affordable WordPress Hosting, you can start an online store and maintain it.

The article discusses some of the most effective ways and strategies to assist you in achieving your goals!

1. Develop a Deep Sales Funnel

To increase the number of customers on your WordPress eCommerce site, you must know how to attract your customers right from the very first time they visit your site. To achieve this, you’ll need efficient sales to funnel to change them from potential buyers to customers.

People follow the sales funnel process from when they click your site until they complete the purchase process. Your sales will differ depending on the particulars of the user’s journey in your online store. You must define every point of contact that influences customers to purchase your product.

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In the world of eCommerce, there are three main phases of the funnel for conversion:


The point at which people first find their online stores. In this stage, they visit your site and begin to understand who you are and what you’re offering.


They look through your website and the items you provide and then start making a purchase decision. Most sales funnel interactions take place at this moment.

An Acquisition:

purchase decision is taken here, and the users are now ready to visit PayPal.

To begin creating your sales funnel for eCommerce, start by identifying the current user journey on your website. Knowing how customers browse, locate the site, visit it, and ultimately decide to buy is crucial when you know how to improve and tailor your site to increase sales.

The customer journey in eCommerce is entirely about UX and customer behavior frameworks. If you are mapping out sales funnels, it is crucial to keep in mind the following KPIs for eCommerce:


Number of visitors who have come to your website through an individual channel.


Are the number of pages customers have viewed while browsing your site.

Average Time of Visit

What is the average time for a visit? How many minutes do visitors visit your website?

Bounce Rate

How many users left your website after viewing just one page?

Abandonment Rate

The percentage of users who quit the site without adding any products to their carts.

Cart Abandonment Rate

Customers who have added products to their cart but didn’t purchase.

The Conversion Rate

Number of clients who’ve entered the acquisition phase.

It is possible to create an approach to bring customers into your sales funnel with WordPress and you can use sales funnel templates to create eye-catching pages on your website. It is essential to create targeted content specific to each phase within the sales funnel. You must define the circumstances in which users become qualified prospects.

2. Improve Your SEO Game

When users look for a specific item on search engines like Google in addition to the ads that are often not seen, they are directed to a SERP with organic results. 

The higher your online store is ranked on Google, the more natural traffic you will receive. 

To improve your SEO strategy for your online business, be sure to keep these SEO tips in your head:

Find Relevant Keywords

What keywords are your customers searching for on Google? Make sure to focus on the product and not the usage guidelines for the development. For example, if you are looking to purchase underwear, they’ll not look up “How to wear underwear”. Instead, they’ll look for “Men’s Underwear”. You can also utilize Google and Amazon to locate relevant keywords that consumers are searching for.

Choose the Most Relevant Keywords

Concentrate on the most suitable keywords. Choose those that have significant search volume and low competition. The less competition there is for the search term is the higher your chance of appearing on the initial page of Google results.

Improve the Structure of Your Website

The way you structure your web pages could impact your website’s ranking in search results and user experience. The simpler users can locate a specific product, the more valuable the website’s ranking is. Every page should be just one click away.

3. Produce Content Regularly

Once you have your keywords set, you should add them to your website. Of course, adding them to the product page and description can affect SEO. But you’ll never increase sales for your online store unless you create regular posts around these keywords and your blog.

The content that makes it to the top of Google search results has an average of 1,890 terms. It’s impossible to have a description over 2000 words in length. Therefore, you’ll only be ranked well in search results with relevant and long-lasting content.

Your blog allows you to establish your own internal linking plan. These links will direct your viewers to your other pages of content and products. Other websites can also decide to incorporate any of your articles into their content strategy, which will improve your backlinking tactics to boost your ranks. This combination of internal links and backlinks will help your SEO skyrocket!

To help your content marketing become more efficient, you need to know the type of content that works best for your specific niche. Then, take the following steps:

Make Use of User-Generated Content as Social Proof

Reviews from customers and testimonials are social proof for your customers. They can aid in convincing customers to buy. It is also possible to ask customers to take pictures of the item they purchased and share them on social media.

Utilize Product Videos to Show Your Most Popular Products Through the Help of a Video

You can create demos or how-to videos. When viewers view the video, they will see the benefits of your product. It is possible to include videos on how-to on your landing pages, as well as social media posts.

Create Visually Appealing Material for Your Social Networks

Visual content can be the most captivating kind of content available on social media. Eye-catching visuals are crucial to grabbing the attention of prospective customers on the internet. You can upload photos or images promoting new products. You can also show your products in action or make short videos that entice your customers. You can also use a WordPress tables plugin to add lovely looking dynamic tables and charts.

4. Use Social Media Effectively

Social media could be one of the significant factors that drive the growth of eCommerce. It’s all about making connections, building relationships, and dedication. If social media users have good interactions with your online brand, they’re more likely to purchase from you or recommend your brand to someone else.

Social media is about connecting. It is essential to begin conversations and keep the conversations running. The users must know that they can interact with the platform’s creators.

Suppose you want social media to be effective for your online business. In that case, it is essential to increase your following and be different from the rest. But, it’s not as simple as it sounds. Many competitors are trying to reach the same more sophisticated customers just like you. For the best results, use social media to promote your online store and learn smart strategies for SEO and social media marketing via the integrated eLearning platform SeekaHost University in the

Have A Fast Payment Process

The payment procedure should be quick and straightforward. An extended checkout process is likely to deter your clients. That’s why things like multi-page listings, especially on your site’s mobile version, are something you need to avoid at all costs.

First, ensure you have the “Add to Cart” button prominent on each page and that it is visible enough that users can see it. Suppose someone comes across a product which they are interested in. In that case, they’ll seek out the “add to cart” button, therefore ensuring that it’s available for them.

The verification process can be slow and requires customers’ personal details to place an order. This is why you require excellent business web hosting for the best loading speed and secure data processing with an SSL certificate available for free in the 

You can also offer customers a progress chart or a bar to satisfy their desire to be patient. Human brains tend to react best when they know the length of time, they must wait rather than something general such as “almost there. “


The steps above are just the start, a small part of what you can do to scale your WordPress eCommerce website. If you haven’t implemented them yet, be sure to start immediately because by now, you probably know you’re in a competitive niche. Deliver value, cultivate customer loyalty and happiness, have a sharp web experience, and watch those product orders grow along with your sales numbers.

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