As a business owner, you desperately need a website that showcases your products or services, advertises your website, and increases its ranking on the first page of Google search, which are essential factors for a company’s success. SEO (Search engine optimization) is now an important aspect of any business marketing plan.

You may not know:

  • 93% of all Internet users start with a search engine.
  • More than 33% of them chose the first result displayed.
  • 75% of them don’t even click on the second page of search results.

Now, let’s talk a little about an essential innovative tool called live chat that every online business must have right now! Live chat is one of the valuable tools in recent times for selling online. Many companies have significantly influenced their CR conversion rate on the website, marketing support, and outstanding customer care. 

So, how can you improve your website’s search engine rankings? Let us show you how live chat can improve your website’s SEO ranking.

How to Effectively Use Live Chat on the Website?

When you add content to your website, put yourself in the user’s shoes. You want people to visit your website and spend time there, making it understandable to everyone.

Live chat is an updated version of text messaging, a tool that allows live conversions between many users at once. It also instantly assists you with advice and customer support with direct messages.

All your communication should be clear and eye-catching for people to find. Otherwise, in the worst-case scenario, someone will report your website as unreliable because you don’t have an immediate solution for visitors. And this will crush your SEO ranking.

Increase convenience for customers; what’s better than asking questions immediately, no need to bother redirecting from one page to another every time customers need support. It would help if you remembered that: fast, convenient, and instant also increase customer loyalty.

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So is Live Chat Important for SEO?

The answer is yes. Statistics show that about 53% of customers would instead connect via chat on a website than call because it provides many valuable features; moreover, it is faster, more convenient, and more efficient than calling, emailing, or other means of communication.

Besides, it also brings business efficiency. Because it changed the way sales are approached, turning leads into direct customers, that number is about 51%—another advantage for your SEO statistics.

The Benefits That Live Chat Brings.

  • Increasing profits, as mentioned above, can turn leads into direct customers. Returning clients will be highly beneficial to your conversion rate directly linked to your SEO. 
  • Keeping visitors on your website will positively affect your brand image. Customers want to feel that they’re a priority and being taken care of. If they are satisfied, they will return to your site organically.
  • To make content more useful and relevant, you can create more links to other pages on your websites for more insights that your readers can use. Linking CTA (call-to-action) buttons to relevant pages will not only increase content relevancy and reader time on your site, but it will also help send trust signals to Google and improve SEO rankings.

To Conclude

Search engine optimization is not a trend going out of fashion, and it is something your website needs to focus on and prioritize now and in the future. If you’re starting to focus on SEO especially international SEO, don’t worry; it’s not too late to implement live chat and other automation tools for convenience. Don’t forget to track your results to gauge the effectiveness of your strategy.

In most cases, factors that contribute to good usability also improve SEO rankings. Sometimes, you may have to strike a balance between more traffic from SEO and an optimal user experience. Don’t get caught up in comparing numbers such as visitors and page views. Traffic from SEO can give you more than 2x gains in the short term, but a better user experience can often lead to higher conversions ,so it may be wise to invest in professional UX design services.

For live chat, it’s essential and helpful to have as your go-to customer support tool, so you should install it for your online business. Although, depending on your needs and capabilities, you should explore which type of live chat is appropriate.

It won’t be long before you figure your way towards the top search results on Google. Who knows, maybe you’ll get the top spot within reach?