Countless guides and tips claim to make your brand achieve international fame. While only a few can attest to some of these strategies, many believe one tactic remains superior. This tactic is search engine optimization – something business owners in this digital age are familiar with, no doubt.

Whether your company in New York is a startup, a corporation, or something else, it will do well in the global scene with the help of SEO services New York. Effective strategies will help your brand get ahead of the 2.2 million small businesses in the Big Apple alone and gain recognition among the more than 200 million companies worldwide. 

So, what comprises a foolproof global SEO plan?

Target Specific Regions and Adjust as Appropriate

Not all businesses succeed everywhere, which is why you need to target specific regions where your products or services are required. When you identify such places, you need to adjust your content accordingly. This means you need to translate to their local language.

If you noticed, ranking in your local New York area won’t require translations as English is the primary language. But suppose you market to other countries such as Brazil, Japan, or Italy. In that case, you need to adjust and translate your content to the national language so locals can understand your content better.

Redirect Users to the Right Translated Page

After translating your content, the next thing you need to do is redirect international users to the appropriate page. But how do you know what page to transfer them to? 

This is where data collected from users’ browsers becomes valuable. From the data gathered, your server will tell you the preferred language of the visitor, which will then automatically transfer them to the right translated version of the content. Redirecting does not mean users are transferred to the translated homepage. It has to be the exact page the user was browsing.

Do Keyword Research per Region

Keywords that work in New York won’t always work in other places. 

So, it’s essential to do effective keyword research in every region you want to saturate. You can do this the same way you look for the right keywords in New York – just change the language or country.

Use Hreflang 

Using multiple languages in your website requires you to know and take advantage of the hreflang attribute. While hreflang can be challenging, it can also be quite rewarding. And you can automate it, making it easier in the end.

Hreflang is an Html attribute that allows you to specify the language and target place of your website. Using it lets Google know which version of your page to offer online searchers.

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Use AMP where Necessary

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP helps increase traffic. It may not be popular today, especially in New York and other first-world places, but AMP can improve your website’s traffic by up to 32% for those in developing countries.

When your SEO services in New York leverages AMP, your users can enjoy a great experience, and your business gains numerous benefits that will prove to be useful for success.

Optimizing your content for your New York audience increases your business’ success locally. But if you want global awareness, you’ll need a different tactic.

Additionally, increasing brand awareness globally is not an overnight success. It takes time. But when you follow the strategies above, time goes by much faster. In a couple of months, you will see your site climb up the ranks in search result pages all over the world.