Technological adoption and digital transformation makes your business future ready. The recent pandemic has further accelerated the need to meet these objectives. And, according to a recent survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, productivity in the business sector has consistently declined since 2007. 

It was also during this period that the modern-day smartphone rose to prominence, becoming a core part of our daily lives. This raises the question: “Is technology responsible for the sharp decline in productivity over the past decade?”

Although some might argue that banning technology can enhance focus and productivity, but, the truth is exactly the opposite. With the effective implementation of technology, a business can simplify and expedite many of its tasks. Thereby focussing more on important tasks and improving their efficiency.

In this guide, we will discuss the advantages technological implementations can have on a business and how you can effectively implement them.

How Does Technology Enhance Business?

Use Project Management Services

Business owners and leaders leverage technology to effectively track time, and progress, and remain up-to-date with their projects. Web-based project management tools like Basecamp, Manymoon, and Podio facilitate seamless collaboration and document sharing within teams.

Roambi, an app capable of analyzing trade data and generating reports in graph format, is specifically designed for iPad users. Apple offers Keynote, an application that is similar to PowerPoint, tailored for creating presentations.

Incorporate Automation Tools

Discover tools that automate various tasks, such as scheduling, bill payments, email responses, and contact updates. Also, you need to incorporate apps that digitize manual processes like list-making or gift-giving.

Top technologies that have already begun to be implemented by businesses.

One of the best tech tips for business is to use a PDF scanner app to digitize documents. Paperless processes are more efficient and allow for easier data analysis. 

If you install the ID scanner app, you can convert a physical document into a digital one in seconds. Just check this out and install the application. A useful feature of the document scanner is the ability to protect digitized data using a password or FaceID.

Measure User Engagement

Google Analytics is a valuable tool for small to medium-sized organizations to measure user engagement and loyalty. It provides insightful statistics to gauge the level of engagement and loyalty among active user readers, enabling you to enhance your conversion rate.

Moreover, you can utilize this tool to specifically target audiences from your competitors’ fan base, attracting and converting your competitors’ customers to fuel your business growth.

Web-based Payments

Businesses thrive by utilizing web-based payment systems to send and receive payments online. It is specially the best financial tip for small business owners because of its flexibility and wide range of payment options. These payments has enabled businesses to attract new customer segments. 

By offering multiple web-based payment options, enterprises can cater to a larger customer base that prefers specific payment methods.


Tech prioritizes education due to its importance in understanding the efficient and secure functioning of relevant technology. 

Volodymyr Shchegel, VP of Engineering at Clario, emphasizes the significance of basic tech and cybersecurity literacy and hygiene as a means to prevent avoidable data breaches and security incidents. 

These breaches not only jeopardize operations, trade secrets, and brand identity but also undermine the trust of consumers and staff. As a cybersecurity professional, I always assert that human error remains the number one threat to an organization’s security.

Big Data Analytics

Data plays a major role in business. Companies may deal with a massive amount of information every day. This is where big data comes in. Companies have started to use big data analytics to handle business and customer information.

90% of the world’s data was generated between 2019 and the present.

It enables them to record, organize, and secure data. It also allows them to forecast and predict. This is why investing in big data analytics software can be very beneficial for a company.


Many enterprises are increasingly concerned about cybersecurity. The digital transformation during the pandemic has made network security and data privacy very important. Cybercriminals can exploit about 93% of business networks, indicating a significant vulnerability.

Regrettably, security executives openly acknowledge their lack of preparedness for future threats. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in cybersecurity technologies to combat cyberattacks. Companies no longer view cybersecurity as merely an IT-related matter. It now encompasses the entire organization. 

C-Suites must reassess the potential consequences of cyberattacks and develop a robust cybersecurity plan for 2023 onwards. Globally, organizations and CEOs prioritize cybersecurity as their top technology focus beyond 2023, which is highly commendable.

Sustainable Tech

Sustainability has gained significant attention in recent times. It involves operating and growing a business while conserving resources and protecting the environment. It is advisable to embrace sustainable technology from now on. 

For instance, consider opting for an eCommerce business instead of establishing a physical store. Besides, transition to a paperless environment by utilizing digital tools. Lastly, promote remote work to mitigate vehicle pollution and reduce the carbon footprint.

Intriguing Fact:
Global online sales are predicted to reach 22% of all retail sales in 2023.

The pandemic has driven many companies to embrace the digital realm, and a significant number of them do not plan to return entirely to the office. Therefore, optimizing communications within these digital environments is necessary to enhance digital workplace efficiency.


The integration of technology into the business environment is a natural process that is designed to increase the productivity of employees and the entire business. There are other tasks, such as protection against cybercriminals or data analysis. 

All this will benefit the company if implemented by it. Even though you won’t be able to integrate all the tools at once, just set your priorities and move towards your goal step by step.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Besides reducing the employee’s workload, automation improves processing speed and efficiency.

Ans: Technology also improves workplace productivity by simplifying time-consuming tasks. For example, the use of document management software replaces tasks such as manual file retrieval, data entry, and filing.

Ans: From customer service to supply chain management, AI-powered tools can streamline operations, reduce manual labor, and minimize human error.