Hey, it’s 2024, and the world is pretty much following the AI bandwagon these days.

The introduction of artificial intelligence has brought about great change across many industries and the same is true for content creation.

From automating simple tasks to generating content, AI has revolutionized our content creation journeys.

And, the same can be said for video marketing too.

If you’re a video content creator, you know just how much work goes into creating good, engaging videos that your viewers will enjoy.

In this blog post, we will see how AI is revolutionizing the video marketing scene forever, what its benefits are, and why you should use online tools like Vidnoz AI to create professional videos within just a couple of clicks.

So, What Exactly is Video Marketing?

Well, you know how there used to be commercial breaks with ad after ad in between TV shows? 

Well, video marketing is just that.

It is basically a way for brands and companies to visually promote their products and services to a larger audience and convert viewers into paying customers via online promotions.

Customers aside, brands can improve their brand awareness among their audience with videos too.

 More than 84% of consumers say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or use a service after watching a video.

How can AI help in Video Marketing?

The introduction of ChatGPT in late 2022 pretty much revolutionized the whole content creation industry.

It was the first publicly accessible AI that made content generation feel like a breeze and while it was still limited in its functionality, ChatGPT opened up the floodgates for the AI tools we see today.

But, what exactly does AI have to do with marketing and video creation?

As we’ve stated above, since the launch of ChatGPT, many new AI platforms have entered the scene, with AI video generators being one of them.

With the use of AI in marketing, these tools make video content creation a breeze and now creating stunning-looking marketing videos only takes a couple of clicks.

The Benefits of AI in Video Marketing

Here are a couple of features of AI video generators that are pretty helpful for video marketing.

Coming Up With Video Ideas

We all know just how hard coming up with new video ideas can be.

You can easily sit around for hours and have no idea about what your next video should be about.

But that can all be solved with AI in marketing.

With just a couple of prompts and a few keywords, you can get video ideas and AI generated content that will last you a millennium.

It Can Write Your Scripts

Hey, it’s not easy to write a compelling and engaging script for videos.

You need to hook your audience into watching your whole video within the first couple of seconds.

So, how do you do that?

AI generated content has your back.

You can easily write a novel-like script for your video that will even give professional writers a run for their money.

And, with the natural language processing capabilities of AI, the content it spits out will feel no different than any human-written content.

Video and Audio Generation

AI video platforms like Vidnoz AI and Synthesia have tons of templates and audio samples for all your video needs.

So no matter what niche or type of content you want to generate, you can easily get good results within seconds.

And that is not all, you can directly share your generated videos with any of your desired social connections, like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and even Reddit.

Where Can You Create AI Videos?

If you want to create videos with the help of AI, then there are a ton of online options available to you.

Some are good, some are bad, and some feel like they are outright alien.

The ones that stand out the most are Vidnoz and Synthesia.

They are both AI video generator platforms that allow users to easily create stunning-looking videos in just a matter of seconds.

Which AI Video Generator is Better?

Well, there is no question Synthesia is a good video generator, but Vidnoz AI comes out on top.

Why, you ask? 

While Synthesia is paid, Vidnoz AI is free to use, and that too for a lifetime.

Here are some other features that make Vidnoz the go-to choice for content creation.

Login From Any Account

You know, what makes Vidnoz stand out the most is the number of login options you get when you sign up on the platform.

So no matter what account you have, be it Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Microsoft, you can easily create an account on this platform in just a matter of minutes.

Vidnoz AI Login Options

It’s Fast and Free

Vidnoz AI is fast and free to use for video creation.

You know, while other platforms will only give you a couple of minutes of trial video generation, Vidnoz gives you 3 minutes of video generation time every day.

This means that you can keep using the free version to create 3 minutes worth of videos every day for a lifetime.

Plus, you can create a beautiful and engaging video with just a couple of clicks.

So, if you are into creating Instagram reels or YouTube shorts, your choice should be pretty clear. 

You Can Save On Costs

Vidnoz can create videos at less cost.

If you compare Vidnoz to the likes of other video generation platforms, Vidnoz is much more cost-effective.

Well, this is because creating a video on those platforms can cost you anywhere upwards of $2.2 per minute, while Vidnoz only comes in at around $1.5 per minute.

More AI Avatars Than You Can Count

Video Avatar options in Vidnoz

If you are a shy person and do not want to be the face of your videos, Vidnoz gives you access to more than six hundred AI avatar templates.

Plus, these avatars are advanced and can easily mimic realistic human motion, so your videos won’t feel fake, which happens a lot with other video generators.

Tons of Video Templates

Tons of Video Template options

With so many templates and backdrops to choose from, no matter what kind of video you want to create, Vidnoz will allow you to easily create a video.

Plus, with high-quality graphics and animations, the videos will feel like they were shot in a real studio.

Massive Voice Samples Library in Different Languages

Massive Voice Samples Library in Different Languages

After all that work, you do not actually want the videos to feel robotic, right?

Vidnoz has a library of voice samples in different language accents so that you can even have Steve Harvey or Morgan Freeman do voiceovers for your videos.

This gives your marketing a sense of realism that other video generators fail to achieve.

Premium Has More Options 

And, if you decide to go the premium route, you can get access to all the premium features with one single payment.

So, what do you get with the premium?

Well, you get access to all the features plus some extra options like creating longer, higher-quality videos and much more.

Access to Fun Bonus Tools 

Extra Tools and Features of Vidnoz AI

Aside from all the options and features that come prepackaged, Vidnoz also offers 10+ extra free tools like video translation, face swapper, voice changer, script generator, etc.

This means that you can easily do a lot of other fun things with your videos that no other tool allows.

For example, you can swap a person’s face, change their voice, and much more.

And if you want to dub your videos into another language, these tools can help you do that too.


With the use of AI in marketing efforts, content generation has become a breeze.

Video generators have made creating professional-looking promotional videos a breeze.

At a time when videos are the main source of content for many, AI has become a pretty indispensable tool that will even rival the quality of work from movie studios.