SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a practice done by various digital marketers to rank their platforms as well as they can. To rank on Google’s search results, your website should be well-optimized. SEO can be divided into 3 major parts, On-page, Off-page, and technical SEO. Each of them is different from the others but shares only one goal, which is to reach more and many customers as possible. 

Speaking about automation, some of the SEO practices can be frustrating and redundant if done manually. Things like creating SEO reports, tracking the website traffic, analyzing and monitoring issues, getting keyword updates, etc., can be a pain in the body. Therefore, here are the tools. These tools do these tasks for you to save you valuable time and attention. Some of them may be free, or some might charge you a small fee for their services. However, nowadays, the use of these tools has increased, and they have become a crucial part of the whole optimization process.

Rush Analytics is an SEO tool to make your online experience easier. Easy user interface that allows you to track the websites, analyze your ad campaigns, do keyword research, etc. Similar to Rush Analytics, in today’s article, we will tell you how with some tricks and online SEO tools, your business can slay on the internet in terms of ranking. 

Tips and Tricks: Make your Website the King of the Internet

To promote your website, a number of steps and criteria prompted by the search engine must be followed by you to match the algorithm. 

Following are those criteria and tips that help in ranking the website.

Good SEO-Optimized Content

The content is the platform’s most crucial component. Everything that is uploaded on the web can be called content. A well-optimized material always keeps up with the algorithm. To make your web material SEO optimized, follow the given guidelines:

Keywords: Keywords are the key. Keywords are those searches that are trending on the browser. They are ranked on the basis of their numbers. If you integrate a high-volume keyword, the platform will experience a higher reach.

Meta Description: Meta description is an element that serves the purpose of summarizing the whole content. It is considered a plus point to integrate the main focused keyword into the meta description. It is shown under the Title of the blog.

USP: USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition or Unique Selling Point. Your matter should have its own USP, which can help it stand alone in the crowd of various monochromatic matters or information available on the internet.

Easy and Clean URL

For those who don’t know what a URL is, the URL, also known as Uniform Resource Locator, is a kind of address to your website. Your URL gives the first impression of your website to both, Browser and the user.

Your URL should be clean and specific to the product or services that are going to be provided on that particular page. This means there should be no hashtags, no special symbols, and no page ID, and it should be straight to the point.

let us understand this with an example; let us suppose that you run a company that provides the service of pre-wedding photoshoots. In this case, the domain name of your URL would be This address will allow the user to visit your page. Now to move further with the website, the URL will keep changing concerning the service provided—for example,


Alt-texts are entered to make it convenient for the internet. Almost every wen content has images in it. We all can see and process those images in our minds, but how would a non-living thing like a computer or the internet process that?

As a solution for this problem, an alt-text is given to every image so that the browser or the search engine can easily process and understand the image. The length of the alt-text should not be more than a few words.

If an image does not have any identifiable thing in it, then it does not need an alt-text. For example, if there are just shapes and patterns or some image that will be used as background, it does not need any alt-text.

Anchor Text: 

Anchor texts are those blue-underlined texts that you might have seen on the web. These texts are the clickable hyperlink texts that redirect the user to the next page. It becomes easier for a user to consume or research a topic.

Anchor texts make the article more relevant and increase the reach of the website. The anchor text should exactly match the relevance of the next page. Creating an appropriate and proper anchor text is essential.

To link a web address to a text, select the text and click on the Link button. If you do not find this button, you can use a shortcut, i.e., ctrl + K, to make an anchor text.

Stay Consistent and Observe: 

By staying consistent, we mean that do not get started with SEO just if you are carried away by the idea of it. The process takes time, and you need to play this game like a tortoise but like a hare.

The results take their own time. The output completely depends on the quality that you provide and the trend or behavior that has been going on with the users. Sometimes, it may take months to get your website ranked.

And most importantly, your primary goal should be to stay in the race rather than to win the race. Therefore, just stay consistent with your decision. Provide regular and high-quality output for the users and see your platform gradually gain its rank.

These are some tips and tricks to follow that can help you increase the data traffic on your web address. But these things are not enough. You must have to check the regular progress that your online portal is experiencing and whether there are any gains or not. For these analytics, you may need some easy and effective tools.

Tools to Track your Website Performance

These tools can also be called SEO tools. We did some research and have found some great effective tools for you that can do the analysis for you.

Google Analytics/Google Search Console

Fees: $0
Role: Analyse the website performance

Google Analytics or Google Search Console is a platform offered by Google itself. Unlike other SEO tools, it is a completely free platform that is comfortable for people from beginners to experts level. Both GA and GSC are well suited for their roles.


Fees: $49 per month
Role: develops tools that make Search Engine Optimization easy

Rush Analytics is a cloud-based SEO platform that helps businesses and digital marketers monitor their website’s search engine rankings for specific keywords. It provides a comprehensive overview of keyword rankings, visibility, and competition, enabling users to track their website’s performance and make informed decisions about their SEO strategy.

Rush Analytics helps businesses to stay ahead of the competition by providing daily updates on keyword rankings, making it easier to track the success of their SEO efforts and identify opportunities for improvement.

The platform is user-friendly, and its intuitive interface makes it easy for users to access the information they need quickly and easily.

Additionally, the platform offers a wide range of reporting and analytical tools, making it an essential tool for businesses looking to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of search engine optimization.


Fees: $170 per month
Role: Content optimization

Clearscope is another alternate famous among digital marketers. Content optimization becomes very easy with clearscope. It ensures that the content you are going to post is perfectly optimized according to the algorithm on the basis of word counts, readability, engagement, etc.