WordPress eCommerce plugins that process payments are vital to any successful eCommerce website. From handling subscription payments and accepting credit card payments to enabling recurring payments, these plugins can help boost conversions, increase revenue and establish trust with your customers. While you can integrate any payment gateway plugin into your website, we have compiled a list of features of the eCommerce WordPress payment plugin to help you in your quest for an efficient payment solution.

WordPress Payment Plugin Definition 

WordPress payment plugins can offer your customers online services, like online payments, retail and subscription management, billing services, etc. Integrating a payment plugin into your WordPress online store can offer these services. You can connect a payment plugin to your WordPress store with a few simple steps. You need to choose the right WordPress payment plugin to suit your business needs and requirements and make sure it is compatible with your theme and existing website. Once your payment plugin is ready, you can begin accepting payments from your readers.

What are the Features of the WordPress Payment Plugin?

  1. Secure payment is a term that means making sure that a person’s bank card information is kept safe. This means protecting sensitive data like credit card numbers, PINs, and email addresses in a website environment. It also means providing the best possible user experience while preventing unauthorized access to your site’s server. Secure payments are one of the things which become critical to choose a reliable WordPress payment plugin. It can be anything from an automated billing system that allows you to sell products online to a simple eCommerce plugin that makes it easy for customers to make purchases.
  2. Multiple gateways are one of the most critical things when choosing a reliable WordPress plugin. Multiple gateways will allow you to collect multiple payments from your customers, which will help you avoid situations where you only collect one payment from the customer. The best way to know if a plugin has multiple gateways is to check the checkout page first. If there is only one option for collecting payments, then that means it only supports one gateway. If there are multiple payment options, it is most likely an advanced payment plugin that can support multiple gateways.
  3. Alerts and Notifications are a great way to engage your customers in your business. You can use them to send out important announcements and provide a way for customers to request certain services. Using this feature, you can build trust between you and your customers. A good plugin should allow you to set up alert templates that will notify your customers when they reach certain milestones or amounts of money have been successfully transferred. You can also customize the notification messages sent out to your customers, so they fit your brand and feel more personal. Some plugins will also allow you to set up regularly scheduled email reminders, ensuring that customers never forget about their payments. Overall, these features are key for building trust and driving customer engagement. They’re also a great way to keep customers informed about the status of their orders, which is crucial for any business owner who wants to ensure the smooth flow of their transactions.
  4. Tracking of Payments – As the WordPress platform grows, we see more and more plugin developers wanting to build add-ons to help improve the experience. However, there are some things that you should keep in mind when it comes to payment plugins. Payment plugins can do so many different things, but one of the most important ones is tracking payments. You must know exactly how much money you bring in from each transaction. You can’t just rely on “estimates” or “automatic” payments; you need to know with 100% certainty who paid what, when they paid it and how much they paid. Until you have this information, you won’t be able to report your income or expenses accurately.
  5. Refunds are one of the vital things which you will have to consider while choosing a reliable WordPress payment plugin. In this case, a refund can be a critical part of your business. You will want to make sure that your software is reliable, secure, and easy to use. And that it provides quick and easy refunds if needed. It’s important to choose a plugin that offers all of these things. Refunds are an important part of running any business. You’ll want to ensure you have a reliable, secure, and easy-to-use system. And that it provides quick and easy refunds if needed.


Choosing the right payment plugin for your business is important to success. The most crucial factor that makes a WordPress payment plugin successful is its integration and compatibility of it with your website. Using the Nimbbl WordPress payment gateway allows you to offer various payment options to fit the different needs of your customers. You can provide many payment options, making it easy for your customers to pay for your products and services. As you use a WordPress payment gateway plugin, it will be necessary for you to set up an online payment method that you wish to integrate into your online store. The online payment method will allow your users to pay for their purchases. The eCommerce store owner should decide which payment option they wish to integrate into their website.