The Internet is more like oxygen than technology. Everyone is dependent on it from the beginning of the day until the end. Whether it be browsing the internet casually, researching a topic for an assignment, scrolling through books for reference, streaming for entertainment, or gaming for pleasure, our lives are occupied all day long. 

With technological advancement, the internet has improved drastically. When the internet was introduced, the dial-up network was commonly used offering speed up to a few Kbs. But with the passage of time, the technology improved and we have seen a gradual increase in the speed. 

With the passage of time, the dial-up network was replaced with cable, DSL, and fiber internet. Satellite internet is worth mentioning, but it is only available in rural areas. Fiber internet is top-notch and delivers speed up to 1Gig. While cable and DSL internet deliver speeds that are optimal for daily internet activities such as downloading, socializing, streaming, and gaming. 

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You can take the complete guide for boosting the internet speed.

But not every day is a Sunday, and your internet might not work as well as it used to be. Here are a few steps to take when you face a speed issue with your internet. 

Set a Password on Your WiFi Network 

Internet is needed by everyone and we cannot live a moment without it. The majority of internet users most likely connect their devices through a WiFi network. If you go to the admin settings of your WiFi, you will find some of the devices that you may know. But you may find other names as well that you don’t recognize in your home. 

It might be a person or your neighbor using WiFi without your permission. The reason is that your WiFi network is not password protected and can be accessed by anyone nearby. If you have not set a password on your network, it is the right time to do it before any hacker or scammer breaks into your system and steals all the confidential information. Make sure to set a strong password that includes alphabets, numeric, and special characters. 

Give Rest to Your Router  

The moment a technician installed internet at your home, your router might not have taken a rest since then. Slow-speed internet can be easily and quickly fixed by resting your router for a while and restarting it after a minute or two. 

The best way is to unplug the cord from the back or simply push the power button given on the back of the device. After resetting your router, you will find a decent improvement in the speed of the internet, which might not require calling any customer support representative. 

Check Your Data Limits 

Data limits are huge culprits and can ruin the speed of your internet. If you have subscribed to any of the internet plans with a limited data cap, then at one point you might end your data cap. Without putting yourself in a struggle, it is important to opt for an internet plan that offers an unlimited data cap. 

Some of the internet activities require high bandwidth, which includes 4K streaming, downloading heavy files, and gaming. Make sure to find a service provider offering an unlimited data cap or limited data cap that suits your monthly requirements. It all depends on the number of people in your home along with their internet activities on daily basis. 

Relocate Your Router 

If you are using a WiFi router in your home and placed it in a close space, you have to relocate your router. The reason is that when you place your router where there are several obstacles, you need to change it so that the signals can reach throughout the home. 

By relocating your router, you will find a huge difference in the speed of your internet and you will be streaming as normal as you were doing before. Make sure to place it in the center location of your home in an open space for more signal coverage. 

Install Antivirus 

If you are facing slow internet speed, you might have a virus or malware in your system. Using the internet on regular basis sometimes injects viruses into your system from documents and links that you may not know. 

Installing antivirus on your system will help you keep your system disinfected and away from any harmful viruses. Moreover, it will also make it possible for internet users to enjoy internet speed at an optimal level. 

Call Customer Support 

When none of the above tricks work, the last resort to fix your internet speed issue is to call customer support. You don’t have to wait for long hours to speak to the customer representative, as there are other channels through which you can do such as live chat and social media or sometimes email. 

Summing Up

Internet problems are common and there is no need to be upset as it requires only a few tricks and hacks to fix. If you want to enjoy optimal internet speed, it is also recommended to disconnect other devices, especially when you want to stream on 4K resolution.  

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